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Song Qingcheng came back from washing his hands and saw Yu Tingchuan drinking tea under an umbrella. I couldn’t help thinking that it would be nice if I could meet his business acquaintances here, so I could make headlines again sometime.

When she sits down, the dishes are coming one after another.
Looking at those chickens, ducks and fish, even if they are chic, the whole Song Dynasty can’t afford to eat. I feel very greasy and disgusting. She barely ate half a bowl of rice until the clerk brought a plate of tomatoes and scrambled eggs, and saw that Yutingchuan didn’t move chopsticks. It seemed that she had specially accompanied her to eat this meal.
After dinner, I left the courtyard and the sun was already west.
After the car, Song Qingcheng suddenly bowed his head and took out his men’s watch from his bag and put it on the instrument panel. "I wanted to return it before, but you always didn’t remember it."
Yu Tingchuan glanced at her wrist watch with deep eyes and then looked at her. "Always with you?"
Song Qingcheng didn’t have a summer-planting chat to see the street view outside.
All the way
Land Rover opens a wide road, Song Qingcheng looks at the retrogressive scenery on both sides. When the man’s joints are divided into big hands and gently puts her white thighs, she holds her fingers and tightens her legs. She feels that her skin burns badly and her thoughts are somewhat absent-minded
Some developments are not what she expected, nor are they planned.
As an egg mistress, she never considered …
The whole Song Dynasty tried to push away his sweaty little hand, but was firmly held by Yutingchuan, who brought some thin cocoons to make her heart beat more and more disordered.
Soon Song Qingcheng found that this was not the way back to Shen Che’s residence.
"I want to go home," she whispered.
Yu Tingchuan said, "Since you are going to get married, try not to spend the night with friends of the opposite sex."
The whole song dynasty heard trance and didn’t huanguo to god at the moment.
At this time, the car also stopped at the entrance of a high-end residential area, and the security guard brushed the card before releasing it.
Yu Tingchuan drove the car to the underground parking garage.
Following the thoughts of Song Qingcheng in front of an apartment building, I gradually gathered and stepped into the 150-square apartment. Looking around, the layout and furnishings were very elegant, and there were traces of exquisiteness everywhere. She looked at the sofa in the living room and there were several magazines, financial cars and so on.
Including the coffee table and some cigarette butts in the ashtray.
Give her the spare key. Yu Tingchuan received a message and left something.
The whole song dynasty looked foggy, and she sat stupefied with lights in the living room. Everything came too suddenly, although it was what she expected, the result still felt incredible.
When Shen Che’s words came, Song Qingcheng just sorted the magazines and poured cigarette butts into garbage bags.
"Why don’t you come back?" Shen che asked
Song Qingcheng didn’t hide "My City Star"
Where do the rich like to live in the fine community of the city star south city?
Shen Che asked, "Are you with Yu Tingchuan?"
"He just left on business."
"… what is he going to do with your baby?"
Song Qingcheng slowly said, "Is it surprising that he made me born and said he would marry me? I feel like a dream until now?"
However, the other end is silent.
桑拿会所Song Qingcheng smiled. "You won’t be happy and silly for me, will you?"
"I’m glad you’re too big." Shen Che almost died of vomiting. "God, a wily businessman like Yu Tingchuan is definitely not willing to do compensation business. Don’t you think it’s strange that you said he would agree to marry you?"
"As far as I am concerned, what can he calculate? He is more disadvantaged."
Shen Che asked after a while, "Are you going to move in with him now?"
"Without this suite, he rarely comes here near Hengyuan. Sometimes he works too late to sleep for one night." Song Qingcheng said and paused. "And I’m going back to Lujia tonight."
☆, Chapter 95 Heart-warming.