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Song Qingcheng came back from washing his hands and saw Yu Tingchuan drinking tea under an umbrella. I couldn’t help thinking that it would be nice if I could meet his business acquaintances here, so I could make headlines again sometime.

When she sits down, the dishes are coming one after another.
Looking at those chickens, ducks and fish, even if they are chic, the whole Song Dynasty can’t afford to eat. I feel very greasy and disgusting. She barely ate half a bowl of rice until the clerk brought a plate of tomatoes and scrambled eggs, and saw that Yutingchuan didn’t move chopsticks. It seemed that she had specially accompanied her to eat this meal.
After dinner, I left the courtyard and the sun was already west.
After the car, Song Qingcheng suddenly bowed his head and took out his men’s watch from his bag and put it on the instrument panel. "I wanted to return it before, but you always didn’t remember it."
Yu Tingchuan glanced at her wrist watch with deep eyes and then looked at her. "Always with you?"
Song Qingcheng didn’t have a summer-planting chat to see the street view outside.
All the way
Land Rover opens a wide road, Song Qingcheng looks at the retrogressive scenery on both sides. When the man’s joints are divided into big hands and gently puts her white thighs, she holds her fingers and tightens her legs. She feels that her skin burns badly and her thoughts are somewhat absent-minded
Some developments are not what she expected, nor are they planned.
As an egg mistress, she never considered …
The whole Song Dynasty tried to push away his sweaty little hand, but was firmly held by Yutingchuan, who brought some thin cocoons to make her heart beat more and more disordered.
Soon Song Qingcheng found that this was not the way back to Shen Che’s residence.
"I want to go home," she whispered.
Yu Tingchuan said, "Since you are going to get married, try not to spend the night with friends of the opposite sex."
The whole song dynasty heard trance and didn’t huanguo to god at the moment.
At this time, the car also stopped at the entrance of a high-end residential area, and the security guard brushed the card before releasing it.
Yu Tingchuan drove the car to the underground parking garage.
Following the thoughts of Song Qingcheng in front of an apartment building, I gradually gathered and stepped into the 150-square apartment. Looking around, the layout and furnishings were very elegant, and there were traces of exquisiteness everywhere. She looked at the sofa in the living room and there were several magazines, financial cars and so on.
Including the coffee table and some cigarette butts in the ashtray.
Give her the spare key. Yu Tingchuan received a message and left something.
The whole song dynasty looked foggy, and she sat stupefied with lights in the living room. Everything came too suddenly, although it was what she expected, the result still felt incredible.
When Shen Che’s words came, Song Qingcheng just sorted the magazines and poured cigarette butts into garbage bags.
"Why don’t you come back?" Shen che asked
Song Qingcheng didn’t hide "My City Star"
Where do the rich like to live in the fine community of the city star south city?
Shen Che asked, "Are you with Yu Tingchuan?"
"He just left on business."
"… what is he going to do with your baby?"
Song Qingcheng slowly said, "Is it surprising that he made me born and said he would marry me? I feel like a dream until now?"
However, the other end is silent.
桑拿会所Song Qingcheng smiled. "You won’t be happy and silly for me, will you?"
"I’m glad you’re too big." Shen Che almost died of vomiting. "God, a wily businessman like Yu Tingchuan is definitely not willing to do compensation business. Don’t you think it’s strange that you said he would agree to marry you?"
"As far as I am concerned, what can he calculate? He is more disadvantaged."
Shen Che asked after a while, "Are you going to move in with him now?"
"Without this suite, he rarely comes here near Hengyuan. Sometimes he works too late to sleep for one night." Song Qingcheng said and paused. "And I’m going back to Lujia tonight."
☆, Chapter 95 Heart-warming.

Shuiyunjin saw that he had recovered to a heartless appearance so quickly, and his mouth smile deepened. "I didn’t expect him to be so affectionate."

"Then you may see that my mind is deeper than his." Huangfuda’s eyes are sticky with water clouds and beautiful faces, and her eyebrows are slightly raised.
Shuiyunjin looked back at him with a glance. "I’ve been with him for fifteen years. Are you sure you want to compare with him?" "Naturally, it’s better than but not better than being bitter." Huangfuda raised her eyebrows.
Shuiyunjin blinked, suddenly smiled and nodded heavily. With the strength of Huangfudi’s palm resting on his arms, the years were quiet and quiet.
After listening to the waterside pavilion for a long time, it was finally quiet. Shuiyun Park suddenly sighed, "I want to live in the waterside pavilion, too."
"Lovely, let’s move there when he gets tired of living." Huangfuda smiled softly.
"I moved there. You stick to Yunge. You can’t cross the border without permission, but it’s white." Shuiyun Park corrected the beautiful scenery of the waterside pavilion. She wanted to take over.
"White that is who also don’t move" HuangFuDa said tasikmalaya picked up ShuiYunJin goes to the room.
Shuiyunjin was dissatisfied with his perfunctory thinking that this man had entered her room openly and had not struggled. Several people had been carried into the room by him, and then an important exit was blocked. This man was really thinking about entering her room.
The next morning, the couple were having breakfast when someone reported that someone was coming to the palace and asked them to enter the palace immediately.
The original Shuiyunjin also plans to enter the palace today, but I didn’t expect that the two so anxious emperors naturally called her ZhuangGuiFei and naturally wanted to see Huangfuda, and the couple’s mind had to say that it was exactly the same.
In the carriage, Shuiyunjin leaned against Huangfuda’s arms and looked at him with a smile. "Is Zhuang Guifei too good for you and you have nothing to say?"
Huangfuda smiled shallowly. He never asked such a question himself. Zhuang Guifei is sometimes far better to him than her mother princess. Whether right or wrong, she will be towards herself, just like when she was a child, even if she overturned the palace, she would be happy to hold it.
But slowly, he found that this kindness was not love, but fear. She wanted him to live forever, sheltered her, and wanted to be inseparable from her and obeyed her very much.
What is the purpose of this hidden selfishness? Every time he thinks about it, he feels like a Jedi. From a very early age, he knew to hide his emotions. He still behaved as if she wanted to see what was wrong. In all these years, she never doubted that she would leave Beijing against her will. She must be dissatisfied. After all these years, she should also expose her purpose. He has been waiting.
"What did you think of again?"
"It’s not a royal secret, is it?" Shuiyunjin Gherardini.
Huangfuda frowned and rubbed her head casually. "I’ve seen too much recent history, right?"
"Don’t you think it’s strange that she doesn’t even trust herself, but she loves you dearly?" Shuiyunjin’s mouth smile is dim.
"There is no doubt that I am the second male of Lanwangfu."
Huangfuda raised her eyebrows. "Because of her, she is thoughtful and rigorous. Over the years, no one has ever caught anything wrong. She is deeply hidden and can be known. To say that she is selfish, I am afraid that only a grandfather can know a thing or two, but he has kept his mouth shut about this matter. I have also asked questions but it has never been successful. Over the years, Huangfuhang has been antagonistic. I know that he hates me. He may know the reason."
"What’s more? Then you haven’t asked the mother princess." Shuiyun Park felt that Huangfuda had something to say and that was what she wanted to hear.
Huangfuda’s mouth smiled, but he knew he couldn’t hide it from her. "The mother princess was too well protected by her grandfather and she wanted to hide it from her. How can she tell? I know that all this is caused by my father and my father is the most alike."
"Father, father, mother and princess are deeply in love. It is because of their love for father that Zhuang Guifei has to turn this heart to you. She is now an imperial concubine and her father has already had how much she is."
Shuiyunjin is also surprised. It doesn’t seem that there is much vibration. When she first entered the palace, she already saw some clues. This is the case. Zhuang Guifei suspected that she was crazy and married, but she was obsessed with the dead. With that enthusiasm, it would transfer.
"I have secretly tracked down everything about my father, mother, princess and her, but it seems that there is always someone who will erase all traces faster than me and let me start looking up." Huangfuda raised her eyebrows.
"Who do you suspect?" Shui Yunjin asked.
Zhang Jingcai is coming.
Today’s editing notice frame was scheduled for May 23rd.
At that time, I beg your sisters to give me a first reservation.
Yao Yao da:
Chapter 35 Heart sinister
"Grandfather" Huang Fuda’s eyebrows are slightly condensed. "He knows everything but refuses to say anything, unlike deliberately being partial."
Shuiyunjin twisted her eyebrows and heard from her mother princess that she was happy when she was a child, and that her parents loved and worried. If so, then my grandfather had to hide what happened in those days. What is there to hide? It’s nothing more than that two daughters like the same man. More seriously, Zhuang Guifei’s identity is hidden in her heart, and she must not let the emperor know. Otherwise, no one can bear the consequences. Is it necessary to erase all traces?
Isn’t it more suspicious to have three hundred and twenty pieces of silver here? However, now that my father died early, everything dissipates with time. It’s so crazy since I checked it out. Can Zhuang Guifei be willing to hide for a generation? When will she want to control Huangfuda? Maybe this love is from the heart, but after all, it stems from her selfish desires. Huangfuda can’t stand it.
"Now there’s nothing we can do, so we can wait for her to mess up, grandfather and Huangfuheng, but there’s nothing to find out. Fortunately, there’s no hurry."
桑拿会所"I’m not in a hurry. You have to ask." Huangfu Dainai chuckled.
"I’m curious, aren’t I? Who knows there are so many involved?" Shui Yun’s eyebrows slightly raised and her tone slightly Chen.
"When you put me in your head and heart, I will be satisfied." Huangfuda rubbed her head again, and her eyes were full of spoil.
"I’m full of you now, and then I’ll pretend that I don’t even have my own land. This is a robbery." Shuiyunjin looked at him discontentedly
"Robber well" Huangfuda smile thick eyebrows slightly raised to see Shuiyunjin’s eyes very dangerous feeling that the carriage stopped. She immediately got up and got into the carriage without waiting for help.
Then Huangfuda lifted the curtain and came out with a pale face. Two people entered the palace door in tandem, and it was not long before they were blocked by the oncoming father-in-law.
"The old slave paid homage to the second princess, and the emperor asked the old slave to come out to meet her. This is not the right thing to do." Father-in-law Gan looked at the two men with a smile on his face. The princess is now very precious.