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Facing the ground, the fierce fourlegged Qin array jumped directly with the ball without slowing down.

The waist retraction does not directly trip the two midfielders.
Stopped by four teammates, I couldn’t run after him any longer. Qin array could watch him raise dust and blast the ball into the gate.
The referee blew the final whistle 5956.
I spit out a hot breath from the sky, and my vision was full of white fog.
Qin array sprawled on the ground, panting heavily.
Everyone is relieved. The first move is not to leave or highfive each other, but to sit on the ground.
I looked around at the scenery of Zhao. I’m not familiar with it yet …
Are you leaving soon?

A little calm breath I saw the host Du Ji stepped on a mound everyone be quiet! Now it is announced that the final winner of the Zhao Football League is … er, a battalion, a brigade and a queue to invite Ma Daren to Taiwan.
I dialed the messy ends of my hair, gathered up my skirt, stepped onto the mound and looked around. The audience had not dispersed, and most of them were young faces.
品茶Please talk to Ma’s adult Du Ji seems to have the wrong word. There is no talk when awarding prizes!
I cleared my throat and said slowly, The soldiers of each camp and the villagers of Zhao have to thank you for your strong support before this event can be so successful and powerful. Two hundred thousand villagers in five counties under Zhao’s jurisdiction are extremely enthusiastic about this event … Although there is no reward, it is very unexpected to attract thousands of people to participate in my organizer …
Some people in Taiwan smile.
It’s no surprise that my team won the championship. After all, I played football for the longest time. Don’t think about it if you were defeated by my feet. I smiled and looked at a group of losers.
Qin array twist a head to avoid my eyes Xu Huang and Cheng Wu are untouched.
Gongsun Zan An Ruosu Pang Gan and Jia Mu are a face of nai.
Taiwan, most of you are my brothers in the barracks. I must have heard that I am going to be transferred to Liaodong to be a satrap. I slowed down a little and raised my voice to ensure that the audience can hear clearly. Liaodong is a bitter winter. There are many Huaisi brothers in our army. I’m afraid I can’t stand the winter there, so I will never force you to stay with my actual brothers for a year in the north. The name of Ma is already very grateful! After all, I didn’t give you a copper in a year … Brothers, please be worshipped by Ma Chao! The more I think about it, the more I feel that these brothers are really too kind to me. They bend over and give me a deep bow on the spot.
My Lord! Du Ji some’re to call a.
Master, get up!
Adults have broken brothers!
The noodles are also noisy and called into a ball.
I accepted the etiquette and continued to speak. The imperial court has also ordered the withdrawal of the banner of Tiger and Leopard Camp this time. If you want to go home, I have asked Du’s adult to count that each returning brother will receive two hundred yuan for two months’ rations … I will promise twice as much. You can take away the horses if necessary. I forcibly resisted the idea of detaining the horses.
Du Ji moved a step to me, and my eyes stopped him. Of course, if a brother respects me, Ma Chao is willing to stay and give me a hand. I am grateful, but as before, I have nothing to repay you. Maybe I can’t even guarantee 30 yuan a month, and I can’t be promoted … I suddenly feel that I really shouldn’t say this because I don’t even have my own confidence!
There is no sound on the TV, which makes me feel a little relieved.
I’m going to Liaodong, where I don’t belong to the big fellow. I quickly broke free from the tragic atmosphere and looked forward to a future. The north is different, where Gongsun Du has occupied three counties, and the military forces are less than 30,000 to 50,000. If I want to take office, I must settle him and take back the people of the big fellow counties. Therefore, there must be a fierce battle. Please be prepared first.
Brothers have 20 days to choose whether to leave or stay. I smiled at the Taiwan soldiers. I will return to Luoyang tomorrow and come back to Handan 20 days later. At that time, I will … lead my brothers to the north.
More than ten thousand people suddenly dispersed.
I feel my heart suddenly.
1 The army is so demanding.
In the evening, Du Ji kicked my door with a handful of bamboo slips.
Bohou? I pulled out a stout bone from my mouth and reached out to greet him. Surely you haven’t eaten yet? Why don’t you sit down and have a bite?
He put a roll of Jane in front of me. Adults should read this Jane first.
What is it? I tried to wipe the rag with two hands and took it.
The initial number of people returning home from each camp He also casually sat crosslegged and took the bowl and chopsticks handed by Xiao E to pick up the dishes directly from my casethis kind of thing happened less than twenty or thirty times in the last two years, so he was already a little uneasy.
It was counted so soon? I consciously licked my lips and looked at the rough bamboo slips.
The pen is like a knife, and the knife is engraved in my heart.
One battalion and one brigade are temporary; The second brigade is temporary; Ten people in three brigades; Four brigades and three people; Six people from five brigades; There are five people in the six brigades and twentyfour people in the right camp.

I can come out here and naturally I can’t fake the huge difference between advanced and superlative features and abilities. I want you to know that I don’t want to say more.

The head smiles to say
It will be much better to have the highest level of unity and ability to capture the castle. People with unity and ability will make contributions when capturing the castle. Naturally, many people will want to come to other consortia. They want to let their own people have the ability to capture the castle, but if the characteristics and ability do not reach the highest level, they will decide to choose Lyon.
Lyon if you can’t help it.
After a slight commotion in the conference room, the heads of various consortia have made a decision.
In fact, we can capture two or three castles in one breath if you want.
Lyon, head of the consortium smiles to say
Don’t be too greedy. Take a castle first.
Good. Don’t discuss things later.
In the face of this meeting, the head of the rest of the consortium is looking cold.
They’re not stupid. If we let Lyon capture more castles, almost all the contributions will fall on Lyon. They’ll waste their efforts.
The efficiency of the major consortia is not slow. After making a decision, more than 700 people gathered near Castle No.6 later on the same day.
Compared with all the major consortia, more than 700 people are really nothing.
品茶论坛But most of these 700 people know each other.
After getting together, many people nod and say hello to each other.
They got the same prop in Kirishima a few months ago before the silence.
With that prop, all of them gained a special ability called unity after three turns.
This is a special characteristic ability, and at the same time, the more people have unity ability, the greater the effect of unity characteristic ability.
And one person’s ability can be selected, which can mainly make many people use it, and can greatly increase the main person’s characteristic ability
By virtue of this ability, various consortia are developing quietly in the dark, thinking of laying a good foundation and recruiting three players to make a lot of contributions in one fell swoop when they finally capture the castle.
But people are not as good as the sky, but their plans are broken by the sudden appearance of ancient cities
Now they have to unite to make unity.
The main reason is that Lyon didn’t expect that guy to have raised his ability to the highest level.
Florence, bloody knight and Charles III get together and Charles III looks a little gloomy and says.
We have worked hard to get to the top, and there is still a long way to go. I don’t know how Lyon did it, but it’s a pity that even if we ask him, he can’t say.
The bloody knight thoughtfully.
If we can raise the unity ability to the highest level, it will be of great benefit to their future development, and the fighting capacity will increase by not a little bit.
Where do you need to ask Lyon? It is the Nordic Goddess Consortium. Except Lyon, even an advanced ability obviously makes the magic scroll class consume props.
Charles III cold hum said.
Charles III has a bad attitude, but Florence and others know that what he said should be good.
Everyone is almost here. Next, please try your best to cooperate when our major consortia capture Castle No.6!
He is Leon.
In the discussion, a young man walked out of the crowd and looked at the people with a cool expression and said
Stop talking nonsense and do it quickly!
Someone obviously dissatisfied with Lyon attitude hum a way
good! Unity ability!
Leon really didn’t talk nonsense. He was the first to activate the unity characteristic. A blue aperture appeared on his foot.
The rest of the 700odd consortium players saw this, which was also a sign of unity.
Apertures merge with each other after everyone’s feet appear and their respective apertures are connected with those of other players.
The ambassador applied!
After everyone started to unite, Lyon launched a skill instruction.
Aperture players agree one by one
In a flash, Lyon bloomed with a dazzling blue light.
More than 700 messengers of the highest unity characteristic ability don’t know how Lyon will change its attributes and abilities!
Looking at Lyon, which is shrouded in dazzling light, many people can’t help but think of it.
The unity characteristic ability not only enhances the player’s attributes, but also allows the player to temporarily acquire various powerful skills, even extra characteristic abilities.
There are more than 700 people, and he blessed Lyon. At this time, the attribute doubt reached a horrible situation!
The third is to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Castle No.9
Ha ha ha ha ha! This state! Too powerful!
Looked at the body that a variable | state attributes and skills Lyon carefree laugh wildly.
Threeturn skill death judgment!
The highest characteristic ability eternal blood!
The most advanced characteristic ability savage anger!
Threeturn skills thunder shadow!
The most advanced feature ability is sharp!
The most advanced characteristic ability destroys the hand!

Gao Zhiqiu nodded.

"Sorry, my name is Huang Xiaoyu, and I want to discuss with you, but … you haven’t come over, so I moved here first."
Gao Zhiqiu blinked "Oh".
"Did you sleep in the bunk?" The girl asked again
People who reach out and don’t smile are even worse. She lives in a solid place. This is the first day of school and can’t affect the feelings of roommates.
So Gao Zhiqiu smiled and said "No"
Huang Xiaoyu immediately said, "That’s very kind of you. By the way, I’ll fix your mosquito net. I’ll help you clean up a lot."
"No," said Gao Zhiqiu.
She doesn’t want or like to trouble others.
"No, everyone is a roommate. Let me help you."
When packing, Huang Xiaoyu looked at the piano box in surprise. "Can you still play the sogeum?"
Gao Zhiqiu was embarrassed to nod "I am music"
"Wow, no wonder you are a talented woman in music because of your different temperament."
Gao Zhiqiu smiled and boldly asked, "What’s your major?"
"Oh, I am a journalism major. I want to be a news anchor in the future." Huang Xiaoyu smiled and asked, "Where are you from?"
"It’s a coincidence that I’m Fangjiang and I’m not far from worshipping the city."
Half a person of hometown suspected that the distance between the two people was closer. Gao Zhiqiu and she chatted and cleaned up, and soon everything in the east and west was well organized.
Near evening, others came back in twos and threes in the dormitory. It seems that they all went to visit the campus, and all faces were smiling.
We introduced each other for a long time, only to find that everyone in this dormitory has it. Except for her and Huang Xiaoyu’s major in literature and art, several of them are relatively cold in science and engineering … It is estimated that the school makes do with it.
"There will be military training the day after tomorrow. Have you all bought sunscreen?" Huang Xiaoyu suddenly asked
"I bought it."
"I haven’t bought it yet."
"Well, what brand do you buy?"
"I bought …"
Gao Zhiqiu listened and silently remembered that brand of sunscreen, although … she had never heard of these things.
"Zhiqiu, I’m going to go shopping outside with Lily at night. There is a big shopping mall next to the school. Why don’t you come with us and buy sunscreen?" Huang Xiaoyu suddenly said.
Gao Zhiqiu thought, "No, I’m not afraid of the sun."
"How can you not be afraid of the sun? You don’t know, this time we are all going to military training in the army. It’s mid-levels and the sun is shining. If you don’t wear sunscreen, you have to take off at least three layers of skin. "
Gao Zhiqiu was surprised. "Going to the army?"
Or mid-levels?
"Yeah, don’t you know? Oh, by the way, you didn’t even teach the Lord when he came at noon. "
Gao Zhiqiu took a sip of her lips, okay?
"How about going together and having dinner just late?" Huang Xiaoyu advised again
桑拿论坛  title=Gao Zhiqiu nodded and can go.
the other side
At five o’clock in the evening, Yu Jinchuan returned home from the army by car.
As soon as I entered the gate of Yu’s courtyard, I saw three little guys looking dignified and strong hiding in the corner, plotting something furtively.
He frowned, but the three men had seen him pull each other at once, and then respectfully and grandly began to shout.
"Hello, uncle"
"Hello, uncle"
"Uncle Yu is good."
Two shorter ones, wearing shirts and shorts of the same style and different colors, are his twin nephews Yu Chengyan and Yu Yuting, who just turned five 2.
Section 714
The other one, wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt with watermelon head’s facial features, is a good friend, Han Zheng Minger Han Shu, who is only six years old and just in the first grade of primary school this year.
Although everyone called him uncle, actually Yu Jinchuan was seventeen years older than Han Shu and ten years older than his twin nephew.
The reason for this situation is very simple. My brother Yu Dongchen is ten years older than him, and if he gets married early, his children will be born early. Especially when he is nine years old, his nephew is fourteen years younger than his uncle …
"What to do?" Yujinchuan looked at three people and didn’t forget that they were just sneaking around or posing as elders.
Yu Chengyan shook his little head desperately. "It’s okay."
"Yes, it’s okay. Bye, uncle." Yu Yuting also smiled and said.
Yu Hanzhen’s big-eyed grandmother asked angrily, "Is Uncle Yu fun as a soldier?"
Yu Jinchuan looked at him. "Did you do your homework today?"
Han Yan continued to blink his eyes and "finished"
Yu Jinchuan nodded. "Then go home for dinner."
"But the meal isn’t ready yet," Han Shu immediately added.
Yu Jinchuan also wanted to say something. Suddenly, there was a loud cry next door, "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, go home for dinner."
"Your mother called you home for dinner," Yu Yuting said at once.
Han Dong "…"
After Han Shao left, Yu Jinchuan walked into the gate with two radish heads. His father Yu Zhengzhong was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. "Why did you come back today?"
Yu Jinchuan said, "I’m going to report to the camp when the military training starts tomorrow, and I’ll just come back today."
In the middle of Yu Zheng’s speech, he pointed out that "you should keep an eye on nothing every day for this month"

"It’s good that you know, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s them who should be worried." Shuiyun’s eyes flashed sharply

"If we uncover the truth fifteen years ago, Prime Minister Liu Zongling, the first thing to deal with is that you, moreover, the emperor’s uncle, also has to take care of their present status. I’m afraid how many ministers have been secretly ensnared by their favor in the DPRK over the years, and the ministers in the DPRK will excuse them one after another. At that time, half of the courtiers will kneel at the golden palace and beg for help, even if the emperor’s uncle is angry, he can’t go against everyone’s wishes. How can he let you easily get rid of the three people who have supported him the most?" Huangfuda analyzed
Shuiyunjin frowned slightly, but she thought about everything, but she didn’t expect Huangfuda, the minister of the DPRK, to say that once the emperor had scruples, he wouldn’t be driven to extinction, which would make him even more ill-fated or let them give themselves away or kill each other.
Huangfuda looked thoughtfully at Shuiyunjin and knew that her heart was white. "Shuihuaiquan knew that it was Bu Rezi, and it was bound to think that everything was meant by Prime Minister Bu. The two people were separated and would never believe each other again."
"The estrangement is caused by Yi Shui Huai Quan’s cruel temperament. How can you swallow this tone? He is prepared for Prime Minister Lib to get rid of me. I want us to kill each other so that he can take advantage of it. He knows that Prime Minister Bu and I will definitely have one side to hurt each other, and he is willing to see either side." Shui Yunjin thought of Shui Huai Quan’s idea, and her heart was cold and turbulent
"He will be wishful thinking." Huangfuda’s eyes are deep.
"Who said it wasn’t? Before I went back to the office, I had asked Lin Han to throw a letter to the case of Prime Minister Bu, asking him to transfer Shuixinru as soon as possible." Shuiyunjin would like to see who is better than these two old thieves, even if Prime Minister Bu was so heavy that Shuihuaiquan would go on the rampage. After all, he is missing now, but his daughter.
Huangfuda’s heart is so simple, but it makes two people feel dark hatred. Only this little woman can think of it. Prime Minister Lieb can hide some things from him, and it will not easily let him know that he has become suspicious of him, so that Prime Minister Bu will let Shuixinru disappear completely, and it will not make public that Shuihuaiquan is doomed to be trapped this time. "So they will fight first."
Shuiyunjin picked her eyebrows and said, "One is dead, one is missing."
Huangfuda corners of the mouth tick tick slightly lower the head thin lip print Shuiyunjin Shuirun lips smile thick praise way "I am a smart woman".
Shuiyunjin left the pie mouth, not because she was clever, but because Shuihuaiquan was too arrogant. If he hadn’t been aggressive and had to calculate her at the end, she would definitely let him fight with Prime Minister Bu now.
"I want to sleep."
"You can sleep when it’s not dark." Huangfu Da smiled at Shuiyun Park.
桑拿会所"You don’t bother me, I can sleep naturally." Shuiyunjin gave Huangfuda a warning.
Huangfuda smiled in a low voice, like a continuous drizzle falling jade. "I won’t make any noise. Can you have dinner first?"
"If you are not good, you should sleep now." Shuiyun Park closed her eyes and sounded soft.
"It’s really like a child, but it’s cute. I like it." Huangfuda thinks that Shuiyunjin looks so soft that he can’t help but want to tire her.
"You grew up drinking honey, didn’t you?"
"What do you want to drink honey?" Huangfuda raised her eyebrows.
"Sweet mouth, you can say many disgusting words." There is a slap in the tone of Shuiyun Park.
Huangfuda smiled wryly. "You dare to make fun of me after I told you all my love stories."
"I’m praising you," Shuiyunjin said softly and casually.
"Then I have to thank you." Huangfu Dainai especially felt that Shuiyun Park’s beautiful little face expression was still vivid with his eyes closed, and he just looked at his heart and his love became stronger and hotter.
"It’s up to you, then. I didn’t force you." Shuiyunjin was already overjoyed.
"Little woman, this mouth really owes to tidy up." Huangfuda’s eyebrow eye fluttered and bowed her head, and her thin lip print was moistened and her mouth was bitten.
Shuiyunjin "hissed" for fear that this person would haunt her again. She quickly opened her eyes. "If you don’t want to sleep, you should go and find out what Liu Tongling Tianhong is plotting. They have a close personal relationship."
"Don’t want to move" Huangfudi closed his eyes and looked like he didn’t want to move.
"Then how can you have the strength?" Shuiyunjin looked at him funny.
"If you feed me, I will have the strength." Huangfuda is determined to carry Lai through to the end.
She doesn’t take him seriously, and he won’t really care anyway.
"It’s time for me to have no strength to feed you, so you still have no strength."
Said the water cloud park away Huangfu da.
Huangfuda conveniently slipped to the big hand and locked Shuiyunjin in his arms. Two people really closed their eyes and slept in the past. When they woke up, it was sunny again.
When they were still having breakfast, they listened to Ruqin and said that it was General Gu who came to visit with Gu Chenxi. At this time, he was sitting and talking in the old report court.
"ChuChengXuan" ShuiYunXi asked with a smile.
"Chu has long been with the past" Ruqin also smiled from ear to ear.
Huangfuda scoffed at the smile on the corners of her mouth. "It’s also interesting to ask Miss Gu to come and sit there and listen to Grandpa and General Gu."
"It’s a handmaiden. I’m going." Ruqin retreated briskly.
"Chu Wangfu is now a lot of peace." Shui Yunxi thinks that Chu Chengxuan also has Gu Chenxi’s warm and harmful treatment, and even his own father can get it.
"Tiger Wolf many first Chu Chengxuan is the only one, but there are more than a dozen rooms over there." Huangfuda was pale.
"King Chu is brave." Shui Yunjin sincerely admires women and children. Most of them don’t come. Can he serve them?
Huangfuda frowned slightly, which seemed to make him unhappy that Shuiyunjin praised other men for their bravery.
In a short time, I listened to the outside talk, and the husband and wife let go of the wet handkerchief and got up and walked out of the drawing room.
"Seen the county king princess" Gu Chenxi saw two people slightly blessed.
"Miss Gu doesn’t have to bother." Shui Yunjin’s words haven’t finished yet, but she saw ChuChengxuan help Gu Chenxi. "You’re welcome to make this place your home. Anyway, we are all one of our own."
Gu Chenxi’s face turned red
Shuiyunjin looked at Gu Chenxi’s eyes and inadvertently revealed what was white in his heart. "He’s right. Anyway, he has never been an outsider. Does Chenxi want to be a stranger?"
Gu Chenxi suddenly looked up at her eyes. It seems that she didn’t expect Shuiyunjin to call her Chenxi. She smiled and nodded.
"Let’s go and sit in the courtyard. Yunjin, aren’t you tired today? I brought my piano." Chu Chengxuan never forgot to learn from the phoenix.
Shuiyunjin smiled. "Then go."
ChuChengXuan proudly blunt HuangFuDa eyebrow.

"I knew I wouldn’t die." Zhuang Guifei’s voice was hoarse.

Shuiyunjin looked at her coldly. "If I don’t come, you won’t find a physician."
"You won’t let his mother princess die easily because you have Adai in your heart." ZhuangGuiFei seems to know everything.
"She’s your sister, too." Shuiyun Park couldn’t help but raise it.
"The palace doesn’t have a younger sister like that. She is a base criminal minister and daughter. What makes the palace equal?" Zhuang Guifei’s pale face was furious.
Shui Yun-jin curled her hands tightly. Isn’t she her first sister?
"You think it’s strange. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your father, Huangfuqing, and you know it, but the palace is not white. She is humble and mean. Everyone is towards her. She deserves to die a thousand times, which is not enough to solve my heart hate." Zhuang Guifei’s face was deformed by anger.
Shuiyunjin knows that Huangfuqing is her father, but she doesn’t want to hear how wronged and resentful Zhuang Guifei is. "You hate her so much, but you haven’t made moves to her because of your grandfather and father, but now you don’t want to endure it. Is it me or not? You stabbed yourself, and the princess also hurt."
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Chapter 57 Vinegar
The whole bedroom hall echoed with Zhuang Guifei’s unbridled and arrogant smile, which contained too many emotions, ferocious, gloomy and scarred resentment, which meant destroying everything and making people feel cold and desperate.
"It’s too easy for the palace to let a person die, but isn’t it too cheap and too interesting to let her die like this?" At this time, Zhuang Guifei was almost crazy and the whole person fell into a kind of revenge pleasure
"What on earth did you do to the mother princess?" Shuiyun Park twisted her eyebrows. She always wondered what Zhuangguifei had done to the mother princess. The palace was not poisoned and not hurt.
Zhuang Guifei’s dim eyes suddenly shot a light. "This sounds familiar and seems to have been heard."
Shuiyunjin looked at her with a smile and a deformed face and frowned deeply. Suddenly, she felt that this woman had already gone crazy.
"The palace wasted so much effort and finally attracted you. I will tell you not to worry. Did you bring the painting?" Zhuang Guifei seemed to see that Shuiyunjin’s look finally stopped laughing so seepingly.
Shui Yunjin took out the painting from the table behind him and spread it out in front of Zhuang Guifei. Seeing her smug smile, Shui Yunjin put away the painting "Let’s talk about it now."
"The palace knows that you can’t wait for the palace to die in your heart, but today the palace will wake you up. The palace has hurt her and died. She will be buried with her, and she will suffer thousands of times more pain than the palace. Even if she dies, she will die a natural death." Zhuang Guifei’s eyes suddenly coagulate and her face is dark, and she can’t see the slightest smile.
Shuiyun Hibiscus is like listening to a vicious and bitter person, and Zhuang Guifei is the vicious demon. Even if she goes to hell, she will drag her mother princess with her. "What does that mean?"
"Have you ever heard of the twin mother method" ZhuangGuiFei heavy openings.
Shuiyunjin’s eyebrows are tight. She has never really seen the method. I heard that southern Xinjiang is rich in method insects and can be planted in human bodies. As the name implies, the method means that both the mother princess and her body are in the method and the mother method can control the method. Then she stabbed herself and felt the same way.
It’s a pity that she can do it by such vicious and cruel means. As she said, a person doesn’t even care about his own life. What can others beg her for?
"It’s because the mother princess was killed by you that even your grandfather took you for being so unforgivable to the world. Instead, he had to obey you in everything. You are really cruel to the medicine."
"You are very clever at this time, and you can still think of these things. It is many times better than Gong Na’s stupid and good-natured sister. I don’t waste the ghost door. My father really knew that even Huangfuqing knew that he couldn’t take me. Gong told him that he would regret it. Sure enough, he was angry and knew that the palace had poisoned his son, but he couldn’t do anything. He regretted that he forbeared me. I just wanted him to struggle painfully. The more painful he was, the more excited I became because he would be deeply white. It was his biggest mistake not to choose me."
Zhuang Guifei’s expression is far away and her pale face overflows. She has never been angry and fierce.
Shuiyunjin looked at her and felt a twinge of chills. What kind of abnormal revenge is hidden behind her ferocious face?
"You’re wrong. Father regrets that he didn’t take care of his wife and children and put them in a desperate situation, but he felt pain because he couldn’t do anything. He didn’t recognize you as such a crazy person from the beginning."
"That’s like a palace. Like his father, he is blind and can never see who is the treasure and who is the mud. That palace will make them suffer inhuman torture and let them live like a palace. There will always be a thorn hidden in the dark heart. If you want to remove it, you will be bloody and miserable."
"Don’t you love your father? Why should he hate your guts?" Shui Yun’s voice was heavy.
"If there is love, there will be hate. He has eyes that despise me. What’s wrong with letting him hate me? But he died so soon and left nothing behind. I suddenly found that I don’t hate him. When he dies, he can no longer belong to that bitch. Do you think this is good? I always feel that he is so good around these years." Zhuang Guifei’s voice is unusually calm and his eyes are so obvious
"You’re crazy, and it’s hard to save the fairy. It’s really not worth it to let people like you hurt the mother princess and the world." Shuiyun Park looked at her voice and felt a little sad.
"It’s all that bitch’s fault. If you don’t go to her palace, how can you become fierce and vicious? It’s all her fault. She deserves to die."
Shuiyunjin gave her a faint look and lifted her feet to go.
"Living in Shuiyunjin Palace has told you so much that you can’t help but mean the White House." Zhuang Guifei stared at Shuiyunjin’s back and her eyes were as cold as poison.
"I’ve seen all your means, and it’s white. You have to keep this life well, or you’ll die if you rely on it again." Shuiyunjin didn’t turn back and the sound was extremely weak
"The palace will take good care of itself until you are all dead. You can rest assured that how can you reassure the palace?" Zhuang Guifei was aggressive.
"You just watch it." Shuiyun Park whispered.
"How long does it take for the palace to be impatient and wait for this injury? It’s not a year and a half. If something happens again," Zhuang Guifei said slightly.
"Don’t push me." Shuiyunjin suddenly turned and quenched her eyes and pointed them straight at Zhuangguifei.
"If you want to die, I will never stop you. It’s just that you and I value it."
ZhuangGuiFei face a tight soon laughed again "you won’t, you won’t let her die"
ShuiYunJin corners of the mouth pursed seems to never hide ZhuangGuiFei turned and strode out of the bedroom.
ZhuangGuiFei watched ShuiYunXi back disappear and her eyes narrowed. She was always in an invincible position, and no one wanted to ride on her head. Bitch can’t, ShuiYunXi can’t.
Shuiyunjin walked out of Lingfei Palace with her head down, as if her strength were failing, her legs were filled with lead, and her mind was as white as her soul’s out-of-body experience. She didn’t want to think about anything and felt that her heart had collapsed with cold.
Everything around has lost its color, and all the sounds have turned white.
Unconsciously, Shuiyunjin has walked out of more than half with familiarity. Suddenly, she bumped into a wall and looked up, but it was Huangfuhang’s face. At this time, she suspected that it was snow and frost. She glared at him in disgust and was about to cross him.
Huangfuheng, did she neglect to hold Shuiyunjin’s wrist with a big hand and pull her to the front? Her eyes were black as paint, and Shuiyunjin’s face was locked tightly. "What’s wrong with being so driven out?"
Shuiyunjin couldn’t earn his frown. "Are we familiar with Huangfuheng?"
"What did your mother princess say to you when you came out of Lingfei Palace?" Huangfuheng seemed unable to understand Shuiyunjin’s disgust.
品茶"I don’t care about you." Shuiyun Park really thinks that the mother and son are as annoying.

This remark to the capital is obviously a goad. At that time, all eyes are fixed on the Lan Wangfu. It seems that if anyone dares to fight, it is that he is afraid to fight and dare not meet them. Changyong is humiliated.

The root of this battle will no longer hit people’s hearts, and it will surely fail.
But now the old prince of Lanwangfu is old, and naturally he can no longer be armored. He has been weak since childhood, and his martial arts and archery are impassable. Only Huangfuda is left. Obviously Tianhong’s move is aimed at him.
On this day, Huangfuda entered the palace and didn’t return until evening.
First, he went to the old prince to accompany grandpa. I don’t know what to say. When he returned to the waterside pavilion, it was already dark.
There is no light burning in the room, but there is a little night in the bedroom, which is quiet and warm.
spa会所Huangfuda is dressed in white as snow. Elegance is outstanding and clear. The light eyebrows and eyes of Tsinghua’s ink jade color are better than his feet slowly entering the dormitory in the middle of the night
The dim night beads, water clouds and hibiscus are half lying on the soft bed. She is dressed in a nightgown, revealing delicate collarbone and fair skin. Her little face is beautiful and gentle, and her long eyelashes cast a shadow. She seems to be asleep.
Huangfuda gently walked over to the soft couch and settled for a moment. His mouth was slightly raised. For a moment, he caressed Shuiyunjin like a jade hand and lingered on his cheeks like porcelain.
Shuiyunjin didn’t open her eyes, but pushed her face with her hands.
"Why don’t you open your eyes when you’re not asleep?" Huangfudi looked at her with a warm and gentle smile.
"I was asleep and you woke me up." Shuiyun Park opened her eyes and gave Huangfuda a a look.
Huangfuda raised an eyebrow and sat on a soft couch and took Shuiyunjin in her arms. "You have to change your habit of sleeping on a soft couch."
Huangfuda’s casual love made Shuiyunjin’s heart tremble. She chose a soft bed because the bed smelled of him, but now it seems that she must change it.
"You’ve decided."
"It’s not a decision, but my brother Wang Fu should be conscientious." Huangfu Wendao said.
Shuiyunjin’s eyes suddenly darkened. When Tianhong’s words came out early, she knew that this day would definitely come, because it is already difficult to ride a tiger. If Huangfuda doesn’t go to this battle, Changyong will lose, and she will lose.
"Do you know that you have never been to the battlefield and never led a soldier? The battlefield is not a tournament, and no matter how high your martial arts are, it is difficult to stop hundreds of thousands of troops coming at you."
"I know that although I have never been to the battlefield, it is also the first time that my grandfather and father tasted the battlefield." Huangfuda insisted.
"Do you know that Tianhong has been on the battlefield for many years?" Shuiyunjin asked again.
"Familiar with the art of war is a necessary course for every royal brother. Even though he has been through many battles, he is more skilled than me in dealing with it."
"Do you know that Tianhong’s envoy dared you? He knew that Changyong’s honor and disgrace would definitely turn back. Do you know that he just set a trap for you or there are hordes waiting for you or he will never give you a chance to come back again?" Shuiyunjin looked straight at Huangfuda with sharp eyes.
Huangfuda finally became less determined. His arm slightly clung to Shuiyunjin in a low voice. "I know you said I know I’m not afraid of anything."
"I don’t say much about everything, but you still have to go because you have to go. Three hundred thousand troops are waiting for you. That’s what the emperor must mean. Even Grandpa knows how dangerous your trip is. He will still put up with all the worries and let you go, right?" Shui Yunxi said for Huangfuda that he didn’t speak.
Huangfuda sighed in a low voice, "I will definitely come back, I swear to you, I will definitely come back to see you."
"Then I also have a request." Shuiyunjin suddenly turned to a tone.
"What" Huangfuda Judo
"I’ll go with you to share weal and woe. This is what you said. A gentleman can’t keep his word." Shuiyunjin’s eyes are very serious and she doesn’t refuse to raise her face.
"Did you pretend to sleep until I came back?" Huangfuda asked.
Shuiyunjin nodded. "This is the only thing I can think of that is willing to let you go to France. Do you want to see me restless day and night and let me sleep on a soft couch every night?"
Huangfuda fondled Shuiyunjin beautiful and elegant with a soft eyebrow eye sound. "You know that the two armies should fight against danger, and I have to protect you from time to time. Besides, the army has never had family members to accompany it. If we all leave Lanwangfu, who will take care of the eldest brother and stay in bed for many years, there are many things that you can’t see clearly and thoroughly. Do you have the heart to leave Grandpa and them? Don’t forget."
"I can’t forget anything. You just don’t want me to go with you." Shuiyun Park interrupted angrily.
"Stay in the house and wait for me to come back. All the dark guards in the house will obey your orders and give you this home, so that I can feel at ease." Huangfuda softly coaxed.
Shuiyunjin left the pie mouth without saying anything. She just said that it was a delusion to know that it was impossible to know that this family had to keep one. She still hoped that Huangfuda would promise, regardless of how good it would be.
Huangfuda’s mind is white water, but he can’t. If the capital is dangerous, there is life and death, and all the dark guards in the house should be left. No one can hurt her.
"When will we start?" A long time ago, Shuiyun Park asked.
"Two days later," Huangfuda’s eyes locked tightly with Shuiyunjin as if to better reflect her heart.
Shuiyunjin’s heart must be pressed at this time, no matter how much she gives up. He is the younger brother of Lord Lan’s royal family, and he has his responsibilities, especially when the country is in crisis. But how can she not worry about being a wife, and she doesn’t know how many emergencies there are?
Shuiyunjin dare not think deeply. She leans on Huangfuda’s chest and sucks the clean and elegant taste that belongs to him.

Kuankuo pedestrian street

forest of high-rises
Red milk tea juice
Balloon colorful dream
The number of children blowing bubbles, pink and blue colors, floating and semi-dreamy, filled the whole world.
Raised his head to Yin.
Some looked blankly at the bubbles.
This scene seems familiar …
Bubbles float dreamily all over the world.
A bubble floated before her eyes.
She can easily reach out and break the bubble. Her whiteness means that she looks back at He Lianyin with a slight leng.
He stopped in front of her.
The dark pupil emits a dull and lonely light.
And her thin face was so light in his eye.
That moment
It seems that she fell into a dream and saw a scene in which a teenager wore a red sweater and the acacia tree blew bubbles through her. He laughed at the evil spirit, so beautiful and pure.
Xiang Yin involuntarily closed his eyes and turned pale.
约茶Her eyelashes trembled slightly.
Head swelling and pain
"What’s the matter with you?" He Lianyin saw that her face was not quite right and helped her to the side of the road to rest in a chair for a while. After sitting down to Yin, she kept pressing her temple lip color as white as a layer of color that was knocked out.
Her body was shaking and her fingers were clenched.
"What’s the matter with you?" His hand just touched her arm and was startled by the cold touch. "Xiao Yin, why are you so cold? Are you uncomfortable? "
"Nothing," she replied with trembling eyelashes. She couldn’t let him know about her treatment. She clutched her handbag tightly and trembled like a dead leaf in the wind.
"What’s the matter? Your temperature is freezing like this. No, I have to take you to the hospital. "
"No …" She replied weakly.
For a second, she suddenly fell down with a stuffy hum. The veins stood out in Lianyin’s arms were constricted. "It hurts …"
HeLianYin stretched out his hand and caught her brow overflow worry "what hurts? Xiao Yin … Xiao Yin … "
She clutched his sleeve tightly and her head hurt so much that she couldn’t speak.
Chapter 194 Know the truth
City No.1 West Hospital
The sunset glow reflected the whole day.
At the gate of the hospital, a man entered the hospital with a pale woman in his arms. He put her in a snow-white hospital bed, held her hand tightly and followed the hospital bed to push her into the emergency room.
At this time, the woman was dying and sweaty, and her long hair hung quietly in the hospital bed. She was mentally pulled away from He Lianyin, holding her hand tightly, and her beautiful face had lost its former days from nobility.
"Dr. Lin? Where is he? Go and call him. "His stuffy stress came out of his chest.
The nurse knew He Lianyin, and quickly brought an oxygen bottle and pressed it to Yin’s mouth. "Dr. Lin’s horse is coming, Mr. He Lian, please don’t worry too much."
Xiang Yin turned extremely pale.
He Lianyin stretched his eyes and his pupils were dark. "Go and call him over."
"Yes" if the nurse is passive.
Soon the doctor came, and he asked the nurse to pull the curtain to lift the hospital bed to Yin. She shouted pain and pressed around her temple, and Yin breathed in slightly, and her face was pale.
"Take her to the brain department for a film," the doctor said to the nurse.
So Xiang Yin was pushed out of the emergency room and went to the brain department. During the whole process, He Lianyin accompanied her, put her hand on her shoulder and clenched her slightly. She hoped that she could give her refueling power.
Xiang Yin entered the room in a trance. At this time, she had no consciousness. She could see a few pieces of white clothes dangling in front of her eyes, which seemed to be busy. Then she was changed and scanned by a cold bed pusher. Then she lost consciousness and turned dark …
The afterglow of the sunset slowly dissipated.
Twilight four in one
There are two people, he and she, in the ward filled with sterilized water.
Lying in bed to Yin looked tired.
On her left is an infusion bottle.
On the right hand side is He Lianyin’s hand. He holds her hand tightly. The beautiful outline of the past is gaunt and beautiful and pale.
To Yin slightly opened his eyes.
At present, it is white.
Turn your head slightly
On the right is a sleeping face.
She looked at him in silence for a while and gently pulled her hand back.
Unexpectedly, this slight movement still woke up He Lianyin. His eyelashes shook slightly and raised his deep eyes, which were beautiful and complicated. He quietly looked at her for a long time.
"Have you had brain therapy recently?" His voice is tense.
As if being struck by lightning, Xiang Yin’s body suddenly stiffened, and her eye pupil looked at him blankly.
"Do you do memory therapy?"
Didn’t speak to Yin. Slightly curly hair, light shoulders and beautiful.
"No wonder you are hiding from me. You are hiding from Gao Ze’s room for secret treatment, right? Some time ago, we photographed Yu Ge outside Takazawa House. Is he your attending doctor? " He Lianyin froze her eyes, dark and fierce, full of complicated and difficult emotions.
To Yin low head twilight silhouette out her thick black eyelash radian.
She won’t say anything.
He Lianyin waited for a while to meet her, but she still didn’t want to tell herself with a sigh. She sent Song Jie the thermos, opened it, poured out the soup and handed it to Yin. "I don’t want to say forget it. I won’t force you Xiao Yin to have some soup. The doctor said that your brain has been under too much pressure recently, so you should rest more and eat more nutrition. After all, your brain is more tired than others’ coolies for three days."
Xiang Yin still didn’t move.
He Lianyin put the soup on the table and looked out the window. "I won’t force you after drinking. I’ll listen to you and make you happy."
Bite your lip to Yin.