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Otherwise, what would you do? Besides, you don’t know what kind of person your son is, Shao Qian said.

In that case, why are you being secretive and asking Xuan Xuan not to tell Xiao Ge that your brain was squeezed by the door? Looking at one side, Qiao Yueshan tried his best to wink at Shao Qian.
It’s not crowded. Shao Qian put a piece of pork ribs in Gu Ge’s bowl. It tastes good for my wife.
I just have to do it myself, Gu Ge said lightly.
You eat first, I’ll see if Xuanxuan wants to add rice. Then Qiao Yueshan got up and walked away.
Sitting there, Shao Qian took Gu singer’s chopsticks, then held her hand with both hands and looked at her with eyes fixed. Wife, do you believe me?
Just looked at him for a long time didn’t speak Gu Ge is nodded his head.
I knew my wife was the best. Then Shao Qian kissed her heavily on the forehead and handed her chopsticks again. Come and eat quickly.
I picked up chopsticks and ate it silently, but for the first time I felt what it meant to eat something that I didn’t know the taste, but I couldn’t feel a little taste when I chewed it in my mouth.
Wife, I accompany you shopping, ok? Shao Qian asked, looking at her.
What do you want to buy? Without looking up, Gu Ge asked lightly.
I’m going to clean up a nursery, and now it’s time to start preparing. It’s quite solid when I look at it, that is, it will pass in the blink of an eye, Shao Qian said
Well gu song nodded his head.
By the way, I heard that there is a new movie in the cinema tonight. How about going to see a movie after dinner? What kind of movie do you like?
No, I’m a little tired. I want to go back to sleep after dinner, Gu Ge said.
You’re still angry with me, aren’t you? Shao Qian looked at her and said, That woman named Lisa was my classmate when I was studying A in the United States. We haven’t seen her since I left the United States. I’ll introduce you to her some other day. She is a bit like Xin Tian.
Swallow the last bite of rice in the bowl. I’m full, you eat slowly. Then she turned and left.
Wait until Gu Ge left Qiao Yueshan and pulled open the door and came out. According to Shao Qian’s back, it was a hard slap. What did you say about your dead child? Tell me the truth. What did you do that day? Why did Xuan Xuan see it?
Mom even you don’t believe me Shao Qian frowned.
Then you say what did you do? Qiao Yueshan looked at him.
We had dinner together that day and then she accidentally sprained her foot on the steps, so I gave her a hand. Who knows how it happened that Xuanxuan saw it? Shao Qian said that she just didn’t swear.
You guys don’t let me worry about it one by one. Stop eating and go and have a look. Xiao Ge is pregnant now, and it’s time to be paranoid. Don’t let her feel any pressure, Qiao Yueshan said
Know and Shao Qian got up and went out.
In the living room, Gu Ge is watching a variety show in which people burst into laughter, but her face has no expression at all. If she doesn’t feel anything in her heart, it must be a lie. Even though there are more waves in her heart, her face is still light.
Does the wife eat fruit? How about I get you a fruit salad? Shao Qian, sitting next to her, asked with a flattering face, putting his arm around her shoulder.
You go to work, I’ll go to bed as soon as I see it, Gu Ge said. Don’t worry, I’m really not angry with you, I just want to sit alone.
Look at her, Shao Qian holds her face in both hands. If you are really not angry, smile for your husband.
Stop it. Get his hand off Gu Ge. I’m really not in the mood.
Every day, I say that I am narrowminded. I think you are narrowminded. Well, I swear that I will never see her again. Will all female creatures eliminate me one meter away from now on? Shao Qian vowed.
Come on, little poor. Gu Ge barely squeezed out a smile. I’ll take a shower first. You can take Xuanxuan later.
Well, you don’t care about the smelly little things. Looking at her, Shao Qian immediately followed up, encircling her waist and lips from behind and bringing thick heat to her ear. Do you want me to help you wash it?
Don’t Gu Ge shook his head.
Alas, I’m really disappointed to see the beauty coming out of the bath. It seems to be disappointing again, said Shao Qian and shook his head.
See his one eye Gu Ge turned to the floor.
Finger pressed between the eyebrows Shao Qiannai sighed, alas, it was really old, and even the man’s plan was gone. He took a look at the floor and sat down on the sofa. Forget it. It’s time to clear up.
The next Saturday, Shao Huaxuan got up early in the morning because Cheng Qianqian was going to participate in the competition. After getting dressed, he knocked on Gu Ge’s door. Mom is up.
桑拿网Smelly little what are you yelling about? Your mother hasn’t woken up yet. Come here. Shao Qian quickly came over and put a hand over his mouth.
Dad, did you make mom angry last night? Shao Qian Shao Huaxuan asked, looking at coming out of the room.
Do you know that you have finished washing more? Shao Qian asked.
Well, I have to hurry or I won’t be able to come later, Shao Huaxuan said.

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After finding out about pregnancy, Nite was happy that Jingsa was naturally no longer worried about her condition and was sent back by her. It was this time that she almost killed Jingsa.
I want to take you to Jingsa for the family dinner today, ok?
Embrace JingSa waist suspection.i night put JingSa JianWo this man tube coquetry JingSa has been used to warm breath around her neck so that she can shrink her neck.
Family dinner. Your family has never heard you say it.
Smelling her body and smelling it well, he found that he was really getting more and more inseparable from this woman. It seemed to be the most beautiful thing in the world to hug her to sleep every night.
It’s not really a matter of family Jingsa white roses. Should you consider us?
They JingSa look at people in the mirror at that time but don’t know what to say.
You mean
I take you to this occasion just to tell others that you JingSa is my woman, and that you are my suspection.i night woman.
This man is really persistent. a href” arge”bnk Three Kingdoms Batman dominates the road.
桑拿按摩This birthright is so important.
She winked at him and smiled at him. Although she had a plan in her heart, she just insisted that Doby finish the calculation.
Of course it’s important to me.
JingSa turned around like a snake with his arms on his shoulder.
Well, since you want it so badly, I’ll give it to you.
Her answer is to let suspection.i night one leng.
Are you serious?
His arm around her waist was tight for fear that she would go back on her word. This interesting reaction made JingSa laugh.
What’s the matter? I said yes and it was wrong.
Looking at her smile suspection.i night at that time I don’t know how to react to him.
You finally promised me. You finally promised me Jingsa haha. I’m your man now, right?
Watching him smile like a child, Jingsa felt that his heart was warm and comfortable in the sun. This man really attached great importance to her. He was so happy when he heard this sentence. He looked like a fool.
I am so happy to be my man.
Holding her face, he was smiling from ear to ear, and he didn’t know what to do to express his joy. It felt so great that he was so happy for the first time, and he had never felt so happy and happy from the outside.
Of course, of course, I’m happy, Jingsa. I will be good to you. I will give you everything you want.
Although this sentence is not very melodramatic, it really doesn’t say anything. I love you to death. But it’s just a sentence that I will be kind to you, which has made Jingsa’s heart warm. If a woman like her is sincerely kind to her, it’s really a luxury and happiness. During this time, Huangfu does everything in her eyes, and she thinks that if she gives him another chance, it’s good to give herself another chance.
It’s hard for suspection.i. Night to get a chance from me. You should know that the most unbearable thing is not to believe me. No matter what happens in the future, it’s not easy for me to do it even if you threaten me with a knife, but I will never admit it. I want to tell you that I don’t want to be wronged. I hate others to wronged me the most in my life, you know?
Suspection.i night hug her, her body is sweet and soft embrace really comfortable.
Knowing that I won’t cheat, if I dare, I guess you will chop up my little penis and turn me into Li Lianying.
His words provoked JingSa to give him a powder fist.
I’m serious, don’t make a mistake. I don’t have a chance to cheat and cheat. And even if you have thousands of excuses and reasons, even if the truth comes out, I won’t forgive you, you know? I can’t stand the most disgusting thing. I’m definitely a woman who can afford it.
Every malicious word she said made Huangfu night’s mouth wide open, because it said that she accepted him from the heart, and the more she said that she paid more attention to it, the more happy he was to come.
Don’t worry, if you don’t like me, I will never do Jingsa. I will try my best to make you inseparable from men, whether in bed or elsewhere.
He whispered in her ear that JingSa pushed him away and then JiaoChen glared at him. a href” arge”bnk read the galactic boundary text.
Don’t talk so disgusting. Who needs me to prepare anything after eating late?
Nothing. I wish you had gone alone. One is my nominal father, the other is his wife and his son.
Well, it sounds like a small threeyearold family going to recognize their ancestors and return to their ancestors.
suspection.i night you
I know what you want to ask, but I don’t want to say anything disappointing on this beautiful day. I’ll tell you something later. Anyway, remember that there is no good person in this family except me.
Saya nodded after saying this. Well, it doesn’t matter what his origin is anyway, even if he is a murderer, he has already loved himself and has no tricks.
Will they eat me if I go?
Dare to eat them? A narrow eye reveals a sharp light.
If they dare to eat you, I will kill them.
Looking at him like a puppy, Jingsa giggled.
Well, I’m kidding. I’d be surprised if they were so bold. No one dares to bully me yet.
Jingsa didn’t know how uncomfortable this meal would make her tonight. It was like falling from heaven to hell.
Mrs. Tong in Tong’s duplex building hid out early when she knew that she was going to entertain Huangfu at night. She didn’t want to look at some unsightly place where she went.

Before Shuiyunjin, there were three dark-faced seven-year-old children lying on the firewood pile. Their eyes were closed and their breathing was weak, and their external faces, hands and feet were clearly visible. The abscess had festered and the infection was very terrible. Fortunately, the weather was not very hot, otherwise it would be really hopeless.

Shuiyunjin squats with both hands and caresses three children’s pulse. When food is insufficient, qi and blood stagnate and heat causes fire poison to form abscess, which is already so serious, but people pay attention to it. No wonder Huangfu Kai is so impulsive.
"How can they be saved?" Huangfu Kun took some urgency.
Shuiyunjin nodded and told the two men to act separately, while the three children cleaned up and changed clothes themselves.
It was not until it was dark that Shuiyun Hibiscus heaved a sigh and stood up and squatted. I don’t know how long it took her to get up and follow Gu Yan to help her quickly.
HuangFuYun looked at ShuiYunJin tired eyebrow eye corners of the mouth slightly pulled face a little uncomfortable "your medical skill is not bad, thank you this time."
Shuiyunjin saw that he was unnatural and smiled. "I have to work hard for you to give me that hat."
Writing this chapter is related to the fact that Shuiyun Park will meet a mysterious person who is the owner of Yousheng Pavilion in the introduction:
Chapter 47 Identify yourself
Huangfu Yun coughed shyly, "They are all right."
"Keeping the clean ointment and granulation powder applied continuously for ten days can naturally recover," Shuiyunjin replied.
Huangfuyun was still surprised. He found many doctors in the biggest shops in Beijing, either unwilling to come or casually grabbing some medicine for him. He felt that the three children would not live, but it was such a coincidence that he met her.
She looks like a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old, but she doesn’t look like this next year’s Yangcheng family. She is more cunning and clever than those delicate ceremonial women, and she has a lot more eyes than the average person. He couldn’t help wondering, "How come I have never seen you in Beijing?"
Shuiyunjin saw his one eye and walked away. "Since you have the heart to save people, pay more attention to their diet."
"Don’t worry little ye won’t starve them" HuangFuYun followed out of the room.
Shuiyunjin walked into the hospital and saw that it was getting late. She left the hospital without a pause.
"Where are you going so late? I can walk the whole city with my eyes closed. Do you want me to show you the way?" Huangfu Kuai quickly followed Shuiyun Park’s eyebrow eye and was obviously in a good mood.
Shuiyunjin ignored him and walked straight.
"Why don’t you treat me to dinner? I’m hungry anyway."
"Hey, I never invite people to dinner. You are really ungrateful."
"Just don’t eat, forget it, save it for little ye."
"Hey, what do you have with that waiting house?"
"What do you want to do with somebody else’s account?"
For a long time, there was a buzzing sound in the quiet alley, but I think he was angry again.
"You can’t find it if you don’t say little ye?"
"Stupid woman, you are so stupid that you can’t sneak out."
After walking for a long time, I finally saw some lights. At this time, the streets were still very busy, and the shops were crowded with people. Listening to the voice that kept going all night, Shuiyunjin finally couldn’t help but frown. "Have you been long-winded?"
"Don’t you dare to abandon small ye you you who let you ignore small ye" Huangfu Yang face is also discontentedly staring at Shuiyunjin.
"I helped you save people, and it’s even. Go ahead." Shuiyunjin’s eyes are light.
Gu Yan couldn’t help it long ago. I’ve never seen such a talkative and difficult person. Even he couldn’t help but want to shut Huangfu Yun up.
"Stupid woman, you are malicious." Huangfuyun took a hard look at Shuiyunjin with a calm face and turned and strode away
Shuiyunjin felt that the whole world was quiet when he left, and turned around and walked slowly.
After a long time, Gu Yan suddenly said, "The Lord is still behind."
品茶Shuiyunjin nodded, and she knew that it was not so easy to get rid of Huangfuyuan’s plan to go back to the office, and she changed her mind again.
When I came to Liuli Lake, the moonlight was refreshing, and the evening breeze was blowing gently. There were still many men and women clinging to the flowers in the lake on both sides of the lake. The boat was still rippling in the middle, and there was a gentle breeze blowing, and the moonlight shadow lights were scattered on the shore to decorate the luxury shops. The lights were thin and light, and the lights were exquisite.
"You really know where to choose, but the scenery here is the most worth seeing in Beijing."
The quiet glass lake suddenly became less beautiful because of this sound.
"It’s you again. You’ve been following us all the time. What do you want?" Before Shuiyunjin spoke, Gu Yan couldn’t help glaring at Huangfuyun.
HuangFuYun cold hum a "who want to follow you little ye is to enjoy the scenery, but it’s also a coincidence that little ye will take you on a night tour of Liuli Lake."

This hotel is likely to have their surveillance. "

"Ah?" Wang Zheng big eyes surprised and immediately turned around and checked around the house.
White night "…"
After sighing, Bai Ye got up and slowly lifted his feet and went out.
Suddenly, the footsteps stopped the boy, looked up and immediately shouted, "Big Brother, why are you going?"
I thought we agreed not to go out.
Throw a sentence "Go out for a walk" in the white night.
The door was touched by Wang. Forget it. He bent down to continue his work.
There are few people at the entrance of the hotel because of the late night.
Bai Yesi looked at his eyes and took out a cigarette and lit it before leaning on the column to smoke.
It’s the first time he’s been here in this city. It’s the end of February, but it’s still cold and bitter, and the streets and lanes have a faint atmosphere of Spring Festival.
After the first successful transaction tonight, what he has to do now is to sit tight here and wait for the money to arrive before making a second bigger transaction.
At that time, it was the best time to wipe out Wang’s drug gangs in one fell swoop.
Playing the ash in the white night, there was a sudden sound of a couple in the silent night.
"Huanyan Huanyan, are you sure you don’t want to stay?"
"Oh, well, well, don’t force you to look at it and scare you … can you kiss me?"
"Come on, go to sleep after the kiss. Then talk nonsense … I won’t come out to accompany you."
"I’ll go to your house if you don’t come out!"
"Don’t you dare!"
"How dare I? Anyway, you are my girlfriend … "
"Okay, okay, I really don’t say it. The bus is coming. I’m leaving."
"Don’t go …"
A flurry of footsteps passed in front of me, and after a white night, I looked up and saw a young girl in red rushing past my face, with long hair and waist, and there was a fragrance that seemed to be there.
Deep vision, she stayed for a second, and then he continued to lower his head and took out a second cigarette and lit it.
Just put it on his thin lips and took a drag. The young man’s voice sounded again and seemed to pick up the words.
"Tingting, can I help you?"
"Didn’t I tell you that I am now worshipping the city to accompany my girlfriend? Can I wait until I get back?"
"I’ve told you many times that our time was an accident. My favorite thing in my heart is smiling …"
The man’s voice faded away, and Bai Ye picked his eyebrows, where he finished smoking the last cigarette in his mouth before turning and walking in.
A month later, d city
After attending the celebration dinner in the bureau, Yu Yu finally went home after three months.
It was already more than nine o’clock in the evening, but the Yujia villa was still lit. As soon as I entered the villa door, I found that everyone was sitting on the sofa, and their eyes were full of all kinds of bitterness.
"The gentleman is back," Wu Sao reported loudly.
品茶"You still know to come back!" Old lady Yu shouted angrily, "Come to my room with me!" "
All "…"
Five minutes later, the first floor
Old lady Yu sat in a plush chair and took a sip of tea to moisten her voice before she said, "My horse will be ten years old this year."
The second brother Yu Chengyan is also a calm face, and only the third brother Yu Yuting blinks at once, and then his eyebrows are tangled and wrinkled.
Sure enough …
"Yes," said the old lady Yu, looking at Yu Yu’s mouth for the nth time. "When will you solve your personal problems?" Your grandmother Han said that if a man is over 30 years old, he will be a leftover man. Now you are 33 years old. You are a leftover man in a leftover man and a fighter! "
"poof!" Someone couldn’t help laughing.
"What are you laughing at!" Old lady Yu immediately stared at Yu Yuting. "You are 29 years old and your horse will become a leftover man. How dare you laugh at your big brother?"
Yu Yuting’s mouth was busy and said, "Grandma, I’m wrong. I’m wrong. I really don’t laugh. Go on talking about big brother."
Yu Yu "…"
Madam Yu is too white to look at Yu Yuting once again. "Yes, you are the oldest bachelor in our Yu family. Do you know that I am embarrassed to go out every day and tell others your name? I dare not look at it and even dare not hug it, otherwise people will say, Alas, old Yu, since you like children so much, why don’t you let your grandchild get married and have a baby at once? Aren’t you too old? Tell me how I can answer this question? "
Yu Yu "…"
The old lady Yu waited for a while and looked at Yu Chengyan and Yu Yuting. "You two are the same. When are you going to get married?"

Gao Zhiqiu nodded.

"Sorry, my name is Huang Xiaoyu, and I want to discuss with you, but … you haven’t come over, so I moved here first."
Gao Zhiqiu blinked "Oh".
"Did you sleep in the bunk?" The girl asked again
People who reach out and don’t smile are even worse. She lives in a solid place. This is the first day of school and can’t affect the feelings of roommates.
So Gao Zhiqiu smiled and said "No"
Huang Xiaoyu immediately said, "That’s very kind of you. By the way, I’ll fix your mosquito net. I’ll help you clean up a lot."
"No," said Gao Zhiqiu.
She doesn’t want or like to trouble others.
"No, everyone is a roommate. Let me help you."
When packing, Huang Xiaoyu looked at the piano box in surprise. "Can you still play the sogeum?"
Gao Zhiqiu was embarrassed to nod "I am music"
"Wow, no wonder you are a talented woman in music because of your different temperament."
Gao Zhiqiu smiled and boldly asked, "What’s your major?"
"Oh, I am a journalism major. I want to be a news anchor in the future." Huang Xiaoyu smiled and asked, "Where are you from?"
"It’s a coincidence that I’m Fangjiang and I’m not far from worshipping the city."
Half a person of hometown suspected that the distance between the two people was closer. Gao Zhiqiu and she chatted and cleaned up, and soon everything in the east and west was well organized.
Near evening, others came back in twos and threes in the dormitory. It seems that they all went to visit the campus, and all faces were smiling.
We introduced each other for a long time, only to find that everyone in this dormitory has it. Except for her and Huang Xiaoyu’s major in literature and art, several of them are relatively cold in science and engineering … It is estimated that the school makes do with it.
"There will be military training the day after tomorrow. Have you all bought sunscreen?" Huang Xiaoyu suddenly asked
"I bought it."
"I haven’t bought it yet."
"Well, what brand do you buy?"
"I bought …"
Gao Zhiqiu listened and silently remembered that brand of sunscreen, although … she had never heard of these things.
"Zhiqiu, I’m going to go shopping outside with Lily at night. There is a big shopping mall next to the school. Why don’t you come with us and buy sunscreen?" Huang Xiaoyu suddenly said.
Gao Zhiqiu thought, "No, I’m not afraid of the sun."
"How can you not be afraid of the sun? You don’t know, this time we are all going to military training in the army. It’s mid-levels and the sun is shining. If you don’t wear sunscreen, you have to take off at least three layers of skin. "
Gao Zhiqiu was surprised. "Going to the army?"
Or mid-levels?
"Yeah, don’t you know? Oh, by the way, you didn’t even teach the Lord when he came at noon. "
Gao Zhiqiu took a sip of her lips, okay?
"How about going together and having dinner just late?" Huang Xiaoyu advised again
桑拿论坛  title=Gao Zhiqiu nodded and can go.
the other side
At five o’clock in the evening, Yu Jinchuan returned home from the army by car.
As soon as I entered the gate of Yu’s courtyard, I saw three little guys looking dignified and strong hiding in the corner, plotting something furtively.
He frowned, but the three men had seen him pull each other at once, and then respectfully and grandly began to shout.
"Hello, uncle"
"Hello, uncle"
"Uncle Yu is good."
Two shorter ones, wearing shirts and shorts of the same style and different colors, are his twin nephews Yu Chengyan and Yu Yuting, who just turned five 2.
Section 714
The other one, wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt with watermelon head’s facial features, is a good friend, Han Zheng Minger Han Shu, who is only six years old and just in the first grade of primary school this year.
Although everyone called him uncle, actually Yu Jinchuan was seventeen years older than Han Shu and ten years older than his twin nephew.
The reason for this situation is very simple. My brother Yu Dongchen is ten years older than him, and if he gets married early, his children will be born early. Especially when he is nine years old, his nephew is fourteen years younger than his uncle …
"What to do?" Yujinchuan looked at three people and didn’t forget that they were just sneaking around or posing as elders.
Yu Chengyan shook his little head desperately. "It’s okay."
"Yes, it’s okay. Bye, uncle." Yu Yuting also smiled and said.
Yu Hanzhen’s big-eyed grandmother asked angrily, "Is Uncle Yu fun as a soldier?"
Yu Jinchuan looked at him. "Did you do your homework today?"
Han Yan continued to blink his eyes and "finished"
Yu Jinchuan nodded. "Then go home for dinner."
"But the meal isn’t ready yet," Han Shu immediately added.
Yu Jinchuan also wanted to say something. Suddenly, there was a loud cry next door, "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, go home for dinner."
"Your mother called you home for dinner," Yu Yuting said at once.
Han Dong "…"
After Han Shao left, Yu Jinchuan walked into the gate with two radish heads. His father Yu Zhengzhong was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. "Why did you come back today?"
Yu Jinchuan said, "I’m going to report to the camp when the military training starts tomorrow, and I’ll just come back today."
In the middle of Yu Zheng’s speech, he pointed out that "you should keep an eye on nothing every day for this month"

Even in La Liga, when have they ever been treated like this?

The more impatient Villarreal players are, the more disorganized they are, despite their fierce offensive.
More often, when they found out that France had broken through Passareira, it was a longrange shot directly outside the restricted area
This longrange shooting threatens Pablo to guard the goal.
Villarreal players, who are getting impatient, simply put more troops into the attack in order to break Hertha’s goal. Their central defenders are almost in the middle circle, and the two fullbacks have directly become wingers.
Although Hertha was suppressed very hard, Chang Sheng saw what he wanted.
Villarreal is huge and vast behind him!
Fight back once is enough!
Harvey Sanchez doesn’t believe in evil. Today, he fought with that young rookie. He must break through this rookie and stomp on him completely, otherwise it will be hard to get rid of his hatred.
So he looked at his teammates and raised his hand to him for the ball. He took the ball and I don’t know how many times he rushed to Passareira.
Then he was intercepted by Passareira.
Passareira moves quickly and without violence, but his hands don’t move much, which is to get stuck in the position and force the attacker to delimit the scope of his activities, and then look at the right time to make a decisive kick, so the ball was stabbed off.
After breaking Harvey Sanchez’s ball, Passareira quickly overtook him to chase the football and gave it directly to his former friend Carlos Campo.
He has been in the first team for less than a week, and he is not familiar with many people. The only person in this team who has a tacit understanding with him is his good friend Carlos Campo.
Give Campo all his bases.
Campo let the football pass sideways, and the Villarreal player who was going to break the ball got stuck behind him, and then he didn’t hesitate to be one foot long!
Target is directed at frontcourt center Balado!
In a flash, Hertha changed from being beaten with her head into an assassin who stabbed the enemy’s heart with a sword!
The changes of these two images quickly make the onlookers feel dumbfounded!
As soon as Carlos Campo came to the backcourt at the same time to help the wingers defend, Popovich and Kaiku turned and ran to the frontcourt.
At this time, the two of them were specially strengthened in the training, and the effect was reflected.
Two people come quickly, Popovich [speed] is 75, while Keku is 70.
The two of them started to race against the football.
It was not long after Balado received the football that they all reached their positions.
Except for these three people, no one else in Hertha crossed the center line.
This scene is very strange in the eyes of spectators.
But now they don’t care to study this phenomenon, and all eyes are locked on the three people in the frontcourt.
Balado gave the football to meet Popovich.
Villarreal has two centrebacks left in the defence.
Three strikes two again!
Once the same situation appears, it is called accidental appearance twice. How can you say that this dog is lucky to appear three times?
Whether it’s Villarreal fans in front of the camera or Hertha fans in the stands, whether it’s reporters waiting to see Hertha jokes in the media gallery or surprised commentators, whether it’s the chaotic party in the stands that are exiled by the constant victory or the head coach of Villarreal.
At this time, they all remembered a game between Hertha and Osasuna …
Almost exactly the same!
Hertha fans shouted loudly that Popovich kicked the ball!
The football bypassed to defend him, and the Villarreal defender fell to another man defending Keku’s foot!
What comes next is simply too easy for a 75yearold striker!
Keku swung his foot and shot the football, which flew past the goalkeeper of Villarreal and hit the net!
Hertha shoots for the first time in the 23rd minute … Goal!

Grab the sofa coat and he strode out of the room!

Alice ran out and felt a deep grievance in her heart! Out of control, squatting on the side of the road and crying!
The driver david drove out of the hotel and saw the woman crying on the side of the road. She couldn’t help but say, "Sir, is this really not true, Miss Alice?"
The man shouted impatiently, "Drive your car!"
The woman in the slanting eyes squatted there with her shoulders stirred up.
Force yourself to look away and order "drive faster!"
After the car pulled out of the intersection, the driver could not help but speak again. "Sir, I watched you grow up together. I have never seen Miss Alice cry so sadly. Do you really care?"
David frowned but didn’t answer.
Is she sad about him? What’s wrong with him? He’s the one she designed, okay? !
Such a sinister woman, she is sad about him! ?
But what …
The driver in the ear kept talking about the part where the woman tried every means to please them after they quarreled as children.
Once the memory gate is opened, even if he doesn’t love that woman, he still loves her.
In case that woman can’t get over it, won’t he want the whole generation to owe her?
David finally closed his eyes and said, "turn around and go back!" "
The driver was ordered to immediately adjust to the U-turn section, but when he returned to the original road, the woman was no longer seen on the roadside!
David looked for the road between the car and the driver again and again, but there was no sign of him. He hesitated, but she lost her phone!
The man’s heart is faint and begins to feel uneasy!
Recommend "The Military Master Loves His Wife with Degree"/Round Call Small Meat Bag.
This is a cool, warm and overbearing military wedding! Kiss hard, pounce hard and don’t talk!
Three years ago, she resolutely divorced him. Three years later, she fell in love with him at first sight and chased him generously!
When the domineering side leaks, the military master touches the belly and is fascinated by the girl’s daughter, such as-
Ye Jinrong "Hey, why are all these things in your house? It’s far from my home. "
Ye Jinrong: "This thing has some history. It’s almost moth-eaten."
Ye Jinrong: "How long ago has this fairy tale been lost?"
Duan Qionglou: "Do you want to go home because you look down on it?"
"Who said this meant praising your nostalgia?" Ye Jinrong retorted, "You are a good person for me, and your place is good. I won’t pick it."
Duan Qionglou "…"
If you like it, go and collect it ~ Dear Mr. Li, you will benefit these two days ~
spa会所☆ 143 A man who learned the truth about his marriage and was turned over.
Alice called Lin Ya in grief and despair and took a taxi directly after knowing that she had moved back to Muchuan.
Western suburb villa
Lin Ya was really shocked when she looked at the people with red eyes and covered in embarrassment and the traces of her body!
"What’s the matter with you? !” Did she flash the worst in her mind and then grab the humanitarian "call the police?" !”
When she said this, Alice just stopped crying and couldn’t stop. She sat on the sofa and shook her head.
Tears flow uncontrollably with runny nose.
Lin Ya pulled out a paper towel and wiped it for her while anxiously asking, "What’s the matter?"
Well, Mrs. Mu went out to buy food with Xia He early this morning, or she wouldn’t know how to explain it if she saw Alice like this.
Alice took the tissue from her hand, wiped her nose and choked, "It’s david."
"Ah?" Lin Ya couldn’t help being surprised. According to david’s resolute attitude, how did they develop into this?
Alice began to explain intermittently, "We were all drunk last night, but he took the initiative and said I set him up!" "
"I love him very much, but Yaya, I swear I have never done anything like that! It is he who takes the initiative! "
Linya frowned and ignored what she said and then seemed to be white.
Get drunk and have a one-night stand …
God, this can happen. There is nothing more shocking than this news for these two people!

Hat trick

Bell scored a hat trick and fell behind three times, and Tottenham equalized three times.
"Bell, the great Welsh genius, scored twice in a hat trick against Lu Wenbin."
"this is a game in which Bell is famous in the world."
Indeed, if ex-Bell is a talented star of Tottenham Hotspur, the first hat-trick in the head-on confrontation of Inter Milan Lu Wenbin in the Champions League stage will probably make him a world-class star in Europe.
Bell was so excited that he couldn’t help rushing to the sidelines to celebrate with a passionate kneeling, and then he was crushed by his emotional teammates to celebrate.
It was not until the referee intervened that the Tottenham players ended. They celebrated their return to the field and continued their game.
Bell stimulated three times to fall behind three times to equalize the score, and Tottenham’s morale was greatly boosted.
They not only want to equalize, but also want to reverse the victory and take three points from Meazza Stadium.
品茶But Lu Wenbin soon let them know whose territory this is.
In the third minute, the morale was high. Tottenham attacked Lennon with a line pressure, but Sadie broke the ball.
The front of the forbidden area in Stafford got Sadie and kicked him to Lu Wenbin near the center line.
Lu Wenbin stuck his back to the attack direction behind him, and Janus, the midfielder of Tottenham Hotspur, stopped the ball, but his toes rolled the ball and picked it up and flew over his head and Janus’ head.
Then Lu Wenbin turned around and chased the ball from the other side with Janus on his own, crossed the middle line and killed Tottenham at half-time.
Janus was caught off guard by Lu Wenbin’s passing the ball. Before he finished turning around and began to chase, Lu Wenbin was already two or three meters away from him, and he couldn’t pull it.
Because of the attack of Tottenham Hotspur, two central defenders, Basson and Gallas, are not far from the center line. After passing Janus, Lu Wenbin has to face the defense of these two people.
Bassoon and Gallas retreat to defend and prepare to slow down Lu Wenbin and wait for his teammates to return to defense.
But Lu Wenbingen didn’t give them a chance to pass the ball directly from the two men and then try to speed up the sprint.
Bassoon and Gallas were frightened to death. The ball has rolled past them, but Lu Wenbin hasn’t passed yet.
Therefore, the two men leaned toward the middle one at the same time and wanted to pass the ball, but they stopped Lu Wenbin even if they stopped the foul.
However, Lu Wenbin reacted faster than them.
When two people are about to finish the door, Lu Wenbin also rushed to the front of two people, and three people severely bumped into each other.
However, Lu Wenbin, with his strong body, pushed aside Bassoon and Gallagher’s defense and abruptly squeezed past them.
Then Lu Wenbin threw off Bassoon and Gallas and got a single-pole chance to get a monthly ticket.
Chapter 4 Future Quantity
Lu Wenbin chased the ball outside the forbidden area after squeezing Basson and Gallagher to form a single knife.
Goalkeeper Gomez rushed out of the small forbidden area and formed a one-on-one confrontation with Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin took two steps to adjust the pace and the position of the ball, and then the line of the forbidden zone started to volley.
Gomez Buffon’s ability is still far from perfect.
Lu Wenbin kicked the ball and went straight to the far corner. Although Gomez fell, he didn’t touch the ball. He could twist his head and watch the ball go into the net from the dead corner of the goal in despair.
Lu Wenbin also scored a hat trick and had an assist to help Inter Milan take a 43-point lead at home again.
At last, the fans of Inter Milan can enjoy themselves. Inter Milan and Lu Wenbin cheered "Lulu Lulu" and shouted into the sky.
Bell scored a hat trick, which was very good, but obviously Lu Wenbin was better. He not only scored a hat trick, but also helped Eto ‘o score a goal to help Inter Milan lead Tottenham 43.
By this time, it was already the third minute, and what was left for Tottenham Hotspur?
Hope for victory
After Lu Wenbin scored, Mourinho changed two players, Cambiaso changed Eto ‘o to play double back, and then Materazzi changed Mai Kong to strengthen the wing defense.
The score fell behind Tottenham Hotspur again, and naturally he was unwilling to lose. In the next few minutes, he launched a crazy attack and tried to score another goal.
Bell also took his speed to the extreme and wanted to get a chance on the other side.
Materazzi is a little old, but he was physically worried and experienced just now.
There is also a substitute midfielder, Cambiaso Inter Milan’s defense strength has increased a lot
Gabel’s physical exertion is not small after running the whole race, and his control of the ball is not so precise.
Sometimes, although people broke Materazzi, the ball was too big to control and went straight out of the bottom line or was cleared by Cambiaso and Lucio.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.
With Lu Wenbin’s hat trick and assists, Inter Milan beat Tottenham Hotspur 43 at home and scored three points to firmly secure the first position in Group A.
He also scored a hat trick but still lost. Bell akimbo Stadium looked depressed.
Tottenham teammates went to comfort him in the stands, and Tottenham fans also gave Bell a hand.
Lu Wenbin also took the initiative to shake hands with Bell and exchanged jerseys. However, his teammates went to the sidelines to celebrate the victory with Inter fans.
After the game, the process, score and result of the game quickly spread all over Europe and became the last game in the third round of the Champions League group stage.
Two hat-tricks in a game are rare, and it is an important game like the Champions League.
It’s not news that Lu Wenbin led his team to win with a hat trick, but it’s big news that Bell scored a hat trick in this game mainly by breaking through and winning, and he was not good at shooting.
Facing the super giants like Inter Milan and the world’s top defender Bell like Mai Kong, this game is world-class.
Although the team lost the game, Bell’s performance was praised by all the media and fans.
In the third round of the Champions League group stage, Inter Milan won 43 Tottenham Hotspur at home, and Lu Wenbin and Bell both scored hat tricks.
Inter Milan Hotspur Strong Dialogue Lu Wenbin Bell hat trick tit for tat.

He bowed his head again when he couldn’t hold back. This time, she kissed her lightly on the forehead, then put her hands tightly around her and asked, "How did you feel just now?"

Jing’ an Jiu wait for a while looked at him and still had some problems.
Han Mobai was touched by her innocent eyes and her heart was hot. Her soft waist was gently pinched and she asked again, "How did you feel when I kissed you just now?"
Jing’ an Jiu blinked and looked at his handsome and charming face. The tie said, "Not bad."
Not bad?
Han Mobai immediately smiled more enchanting. After all, it was the first time that he was satisfied with this answer.
So he picked his eyebrows and agreed that "well, this kind of thing really needs more practice."
Jing Anjiu "…"
Haven’t react Korea ink white has bowed their heads and kissed her for the second time again.
This time, it is no longer as superficial as it was just now.
First he licked her lips repeatedly for a while, then the tip of his tongue dipped into her lip and gently picked it.
Jing’ anjiu seemed to have been pushed open, and she had already loosened her teeth without realizing it.
A fiery satiny instantly entered her mouth.
Jing Anjiu was just quiet, and her heartbeat was instantaneous and "bang bang bang" kept jumping. When the tip of his tongue touched himself, he was numb and strange, and it was like a flood of crazy coming to her, which made her tremble slightly out of control.
Han Mobai couldn’t resist a scalp crisp, but then he began to attack the city. Her mouth was crazy and she didn’t let go of her shyness and sweetness
Where is the previous gentle and gentle appearance?
Jing’ an Jiu couldn’t think after he kissed him. He felt like he was deprived of oxygen, and his bones were even softer. If he hadn’t held him, I’m afraid he would have fallen directly to the ground.
品茶论坛I don’t know how long it took Han Mobai to finally leave slowly.
Xiaoqiao two people still hold together, one tall and one short, and stick together. The lake on the side of the reflection has a lingering taste just looking at it.
After each other’s breathing slowly and steadily, Han Mo’s white voice also slowly sounded in the dark, "Will jiujiu be my girlfriend?"
Jing’ an Jiu’s face is still burning and he hasn’t come out of that deep kiss just now.
His lips and teeth were stained with his breath, and he licked it with a faint mint taste.
Just now, Xiao Bai was in love with her …
Jing ‘an nine scalp pins and needles, low head ashamed to say anything.
But Han Mobai immediately continued, "I gave you my first kiss. You don’t want to be irresponsible to me, do you?"
Jing Anjiu was also shy and timid, and her little daughter’s mind was instantly stirred up by this singling out tone.
The atmosphere turned red without her, bit her lip and said, "That was my first kiss, too."
"I know"
Jing Anjiu "…"
"So are you willing to be responsible or not?" Han Mobai asked
Jing Anjiu was ashamed and resentful, holding a small fist and saying, "You kissed me first."
What makes her responsible?
"Well," Han Mobai seemed to think seriously and then said, "Well, now let you kiss me first, just like just now … Is this the head office of french kiss?"
Jing’ anjiu couldn’t help raising his fist when he smoked the corner of his mouth, and he lamented on his chest
The strength is very light, which also makes Han Mobai immediately have to stretch out his hand and grab her little fist to break his fingers and then twist his fingers.
Dim light projected from the surface to Jing ‘an Jiu looked down at the two men shaking hands together.
His hands are long and beautiful, and his fingers are slender and delicate at the joints. Because of his white skin, he also reveals a trace of elegance, as if he were crafted by an artist.
Holding her hand like this makes her hand look too small, which also reflects his strong masculinity.
Jing’ an Jiu corners of the mouth can’t help but become warped, just like knocking over the peach blossom-flavored honey, which is light and sweet.
"jiujiu" Han Mo whispered in her ear to urge "speak".
"Say what?" Jing’ an Jiu also asked in a low voice.
"Say if you want to be my girlfriend" Han Mobai said patiently.
Jing’ an Jiu bowed his head and said with some embarrassment, "Didn’t you say that before?"
No matter in front of her or her elders, he was so overbearing when he met his classmates this afternoon. He announced his identity as their boyfriend and girlfriend and kissed her twice just now …
But Han Mobai said, "I want to hear it from you."
Jing Anjiu "…"
"Say," said Han Mobai, rubbing her palms gently with her fingertips.
JingAn nine wriggle along while finally low said "I … willing to"
When she said it, she finally relaxed and was not as nervous as before.
And Han Mobai finally breathed a sigh of relief. He held up the two men shaking hands and bowed his head. She kissed the back of her hand lightly, which was an approximate promise that "I will be good to you."
"I know" Jing Anjiu responded with a smile.
She really knew a long time ago that he would be good to herself.
When they were children, they never liked to talk to other girls except Han Mobai. It was always cool and cold.
Later, when he grew up, he transferred to another school and came back to Sean Chen and advanced placement … Every noon, he would come to have lunch with himself, even if it was stormy, even if he had to walk a long way, and he would take himself for a walk and chat on campus after dinner.
Looking back now, those years were really wonderful. Two guesses were tacit.
She is also very glad that the two met again after five years of separation, but they feel as familiar with each other as before.
Although he has changed a lot, in her heart, he is always the one who will talk to her and be good to her.
That’s enough, isn’t it?
Urban Hua fu Rui yuan Jing Zhai
"Sorry, the call you dialed is temporarily answered by someone sorry …" When this tone was heard in the microphone for the third time, Muchen frowned and put down his mobile phone to dial Jing Saixixi dialect.
Su Re came out of the shower late and heard him talking over there. "YanYan jiujiu didn’t come with you? Why didn’t anyone answer when I called her? "

Just when the table words rang, Song Xiaoshou immediately waved and left.

Gao Xiaoxiao picked up the words and heard the sound of the front desk "Xiaoxiao’s front desk."
Come here. "There’s a young lady at Xiaoxiao’s front desk looking for you."
Miss Shi? Gao Xiaoxiao’s eyes suddenly jumped. Do you want to be so close to the north in the afternoon? This afternoon, Time Pu will come.
"Can I talk to you for a while? I’m not interrupting your work, am I?" Time Pu is wearing a white sweater with a radiation protection for pregnant women. At first glance, she is very kind and virtuous with a coat in her hand and a beautiful face.
But Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t recognize that she really came to chat with herself. She couldn’t forget that Time Pu had been trying to alienate Han Minxia again and again. Although she was a daughter, it was not a good thing, especially when she visited the north …
Wanted to think to take her into a small conference room.
After sitting in the chair, Time Pu looked around with her eyes on her belly and said, "Is your company new to this building? It’s hard to find a long time before I know it’s this one, but … It’s well decorated here. "
Gao Xiaoxiao looked around at the woman and said directly, "What can I do for you?"
Time Pu withdrew his eyes and said directly, "I heard that your company has a relationship with Gu, right?"
"Right?" Gao Xiaoxiao replied faintly.
Time saw Gao Xiaoxiao’s perfunctory attitude and suppressed his temper and said, "Well, I’ll tell you straight. I’m Gu Bei’s wife now. You may not know it. I just found out that I’m pregnant. Everyone in my family is very happy, and my husband is also very happy. We are all looking forward to the baby being born safely …"
"What does this have to do with me?" Gao Xiaoxiao suddenly interrupted her.
品茶As time went by, he immediately raised Ba’s expression and said, "I hope you won’t work here again and resign."
Gao Xiaoxiao quietly looked at her heart and suddenly wanted to laugh.
What’s the rhythm? The husband and wife just keep coming over to persuade her to resign.
Time Pu suddenly bowed his head and took out a check from his famous brand bag and pushed it to Gao Xiaoxiao. "I already know that five years ago, you were right, but your family did something wrong. Although you are married to Han Dage now, life is also very good, but anyway, things were also responsible for going north. Do you think it is enough for me to make up for breaking up with you in the north? If it’s not enough, I can make up the money again. I hope you’d better resign and not work here, okay? Han Dage is so rich that he doesn’t need you to come out to make money … "
Gao Xiaoxiao reached for it and looked at the check. A series of figures suddenly counted, totaling seven figures.
Time Pu looked at Gao Xiaoxiao’s eyes and quickly crossed a trace of contempt. It turned out that marrying Han Dage should be the money. It’s silly to be so obsessed with your first girlfriend in the north …
Who knows that Gao Xiaoxiao’s move has completely changed her expression.
Gao Xiaoxiao actually picked up the check and tore it into pieces. Before she could react, she got up and threw the scraps of paper into the trash can. "You go, I will pretend that nothing happened today."
Time’s face suddenly turned red and white again. She got up and looked at Gao Xiaoxiao, gnashing her teeth and said, "If you don’t have money or money, please don’t meet my husband again, okay?"
"In this case, you tell me that there is nothing wrong with you, so let Gu North stop running here!" Gao Xiaoxiao blurted out a way
"You …" Time Pu didn’t expect Gao Xiaoxiao to be so straightforward and blocked.
Gao Xiaoxiao was too lazy to ignore her and opened the door directly and left.
Time pu got up and wanted to chase it to the corridor and suddenly stopped.
Although she had an impulse to slap her in the past, reason kept her in control.
Anyway, Gao Xiaoxiao is from Korea now, and Han Guhe Yu’s family friends … but she’s so unwilling to hold her hands and refuse to go there all the time.
Past employees look at her from time to time, and finally, if Yu Xiyuan didn’t call to urge Time Pu, it is estimated that she would have to be there for a while.
Being harassed by this couple back and forth, Gao Xiaoxiao’s mood plummeted, and his work was out of mood.
I packed my things and left the company at 1: 30 to 5: 30.
When I got to the building, Han Yuche had not sent a message saying that she should wait for a while, so Gao Xiaoxiao simply went to a nearby decoration shop.
This area is full of high-end office buildings, while the ground floor is almost full of restaurants or boutique shops. When she comes out for dinner at noon, she will occasionally visit here.
After shopping for almost half an hour, Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t see anything. He was holding a pair of mobile phone cases to see it when the news came.
She simply took the pair of mobile phone cases to check out and then trotted to the side of the road.
After getting out of the car, Han Shu reached out and took a bag from behind "for you as a wife"
Gao Xiaoxiao took it and found a yellow skirt inside.
The depressed mood cleared up in an instant after a whole day. She touched the chiffon yellow gauze skirt and boasted, "It’s beautiful."
"Do you like it?" Looking at her face, Han Yan unconsciously brought a smile.
"Like" Gao Xiaoxiao nodded. "How did you think of buying me a skirt suddenly?"
"I passed a store just now and saw that it was beautiful, so I bought it."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Is that why you’re late?
After Han Shao drove the car out, Gao Xiaoxiao suddenly thought of the phone case he had just bought and said, "I have something for you, too."
"…" Han Shu picked his eyebrows. "What a coincidence?"
Gao Xiaoxiao took out the two mobile phone cases. "Let me help you install them."
"Good" Han Shu nodded.
Contour Shinohara smiled when she installed both mobile phone cases.
His mobile phone case is white, he is black, and the pattern behind it is the same with love and stars …
Although it’s a complete set, I think it’s too girlish in any way, which doesn’t match the image of Han Shu on weekdays.
The thought of a big man talking with this mobile phone and surrounded by business elites and big bosses is so weird!
Han Shan took one look at the end of her eyes and didn’t say anything. Let her toss about.
After returning home, Gao Xiaoxiao took the skirt and tried it on with great interest.
The beige chiffon dress is very close to the skin color, and the style is also relatively slim, which highlights her slim and slim body line. At first glance, it is more flamboyant than usual.
Section 26
Gao Xiaoxiao thinks it’s a little too gorgeous. It’s not her usual dress style, but Han Shan is satisfied and nods frequently. "It’s fine. Let’s wear this to grandma Yu’s birthday."
Han Wei, it is also intentional to buy such a gorgeous skirt ~
It’s Mrs. Yu’s birthday soon, dear friends. Be calm ~
☆, 222 lend you a shoulder to lean on.
Gao Xiaoxiao thinks the dress seems a little too gorgeous, which is not her usual style of dressing, but Han Shan is satisfied and nods frequently. "It’s fine. Let’s wear it to grandma Yu’s birthday."
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao paused for a second. "Do I have to go?"
"Of course, who shall I take if you don’t go?" Han Shu got up and walked behind her, took the scissors and cut off the tag, and said, "Besides, Grandma, they all went there, and I have already prepared the gifts."
Gao Xiaoxiao lowered his eyes and looked at the eyelids quietly and didn’t talk there.
Han Shu reached out and held her hand and said, "What are you worried about with me?"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"

Recently, I have been well raised, and I like her better than the fragile figure before. Although I am still thin, I feel the flesh everywhere, and I feel very good when I touch it.

"…" As if a pot of cold water was poured on Gao Xiaoxiao, she felt too ashamed. For the first time, she had the cheek to declare that he was so flirtatious and ambiguous to feedback herself.
Reached out and knocked off his hand, straightened his clothes, got up and turned his back on him and said, "It’s getting late. I’m going back."
Han Han listened to her serious tone and her eyes smiled deeper. Then she got up and put her arms around her from behind and said, "What are you going to do?" Didn’t you bring me food? I haven’t eaten yet. "
"Go to heat yourself!" Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t good the spirit said
"…" Han Shan low cough a good gather together her ear and said "really don’t understand amorous feelings, I say … don’t be hungry"
Said somewhere with her real grinding.
Gao Xiaoxiao is like being roasted by fire, and his whole body is soft. With his eyes closed, he can spit out the words "shameless" with shame and annoyance.
"Ha ha" Han Shu chuckled behind her. "Look at you, I’ll ask you if you express your love to me, and you will lose your temper and ruin the good atmosphere."
Gao Xiaoxiao whimpered. Who ruined the atmosphere? Now you’re so shameless about sticking to yourself?
Han Shu gradually tightened her hands and pressed her thin hot lips against her neck. When she spoke, she vomited all the warm breath on her skin. "Wife?"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
"Do you think that you can’t look at all the men in this world except me?" Han Shu shameless asked 1.
Gao Xiaoxiao felt a quiver in her heart, and her waist was tighter. Her thin lips slowly rubbed down her neck to her earlobe, and her deep and hoarse voice continued to ring "Say it."
"If you won’t say it, do it." Han Shao didn’t force it. Anyway, he heard it just now.
So Gao Xiaoxiao felt that the sole of his foot was in a daze and he picked it up and walked into the lounge.
Hua fu Rui yuan Jing Jia Lao Zhai yuan Li
"Xiaobai, I picked a very, very big strawberry for you." Grandma was angry with the little girl and the sound rang inside the greenhouse.
"No, you can put it in your basket. I’ve picked a lot." So the old boy’s voice rang.
"But … I want to give it to you." Jing’ an Jiu’s soft hands were holding a big red strawberry and blinking at the special injustice and pity.
"Well, then," Gao Xiaobai agreed.
I glanced at my small laundry list, which was already full of strawberries, but this silly girl kept putting her small laundry list here, and didn’t put a few in it. Didn’t she want him to help her pick it at the end?
"jiujiu jiujiu is ready to eat. Take your good friend back quickly." Hui Yi, a servant at the entrance of Dapeng, lit up his stereo.
"I see," said Jing Anjiu, who immediately went to Gao Xiaobai’s side. "Aunt Xiaobaihui called us to have lunch. Shall we continue to pick it in the afternoon?"
"Good" Gao Xiaobai also got up and put the last strawberry in his hand in the laundry list. "I’ll take this basket back in the afternoon and I’ll help you pick it together."
"Good" Jing Anjiu simply didn’t even want his own basket. He reached out and grabbed his laundry list handle. "Then let me help you. It’s too heavy."
Gao Xiaobai "…"
When the two little guys came back to the villa scene with a laundry list of strawberries, Saixixi had already washed well and was about to rush to the restaurant.
"Wow, so many strawberries! I want to eat them!" Small fat hands quickly picked up one and stuffed it into the mouth.
Jing’ an Jiuji’s face turned red. "Brother, this is to let Xiaobai take it back to Han’s uncle and aunt. You are not allowed to steal it."
"…" Jing Saixixi squinted and swallowed all the pulp to be naughty and vomitted to small tongue. "What should I do? I’m finished!"
"…" Jing ‘an Jiu’s mouth was flat. "Mommy, look at my brother. He bullied me again."
Su Ruo, who had a big belly, came over late and made a rounder. "No, my brother just ate one. Let my brother pick it for you after lunch later, okay?"
"Not good!"
Gao Xiaobai and Jing Anjiu both refused.
I don’t want light bulbs and troublemakers to go
Su Re late "er …"
When the assistant asks, do you want strawberries or monthly tickets?
Jing Saixixi wants strawberries.
Gao Xiaobai wants jiujiu.
Jing’ an jiuyao xiaobai
Assistant, these three bear children are here to smash the field!
桑拿This decision is good for everyone.
In the lounge, the thin velvet was tightly hugged by Han Shao, and she kissed Gao Xiaoxiao again and again. Her face kissed her face and neck all over, and finally she fell on her shoulder and loved and pecked lightly.
Gao Xiaoxiao is lazy and prone on his body with his eyes half closed, and his mind is still a little muddled.
Just now, someone was too fierce, which caused her to be scattered all over the body. A little strength made her cheeks even more abnormal, which had the charm of Cao Xueqin’s pen "tears are a little bit breathless"
Looking at it, I feel that she is so charming now. Clever, lie still in your arms and do whatever you want …
Beautiful and deep peach blossom eyes suddenly flashed with a new broom and a new broom. As soon as she turned around and pressed her waist again, she exchanged thin hot lips and kissed all the way along her neck, and at the same time, her big hand reminded her that she wanted to do it again.
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao frowned slightly, and his arm pinched a soft and charming voice and said, "Don’t I have no strength."

Yi Chen awkwardly ducked and vomited an apology. "Don’t hit me. I’m sorry. We didn’t know she was your sister. We apologize …"

"I’m sorry … I’m sorry …" Jiang Wu also vaguely for mercy
He Lianyin saw that they were all black and blue and could not bear to confess that "you hit my injured hand"
He moved with HeLianYin propaganda, however.
All eyes were cold and pulled over her, leaving a sentence in her suffocation: "Chen Xi went to the guidance office to help her ask for leave and I took her to see a doctor."
It’s still quiet around
If there is anything left, it will be like pumping.
This one
He Lianyin and He Lianyin became famous.
He Lianyin’s name is nothing more than lifting the peak color. He has always been personable and noble. He Lianyin actually started a fight and said such swearing-greeting his mother.
Funny thing is that it didn’t affect the prestige of He Lianyin. Compared with Yi Chen and Jiang Wu’s evil dramas, more people think that He Lianyin didn’t do anything wrong. His arrogance and domineering is to safeguard his sister’s belonging to the justice guard, which fully conforms to the romantic fantasy of boys and girls about hero idols.
For a long time afterwards, the students talked about the war situation that day, and they were lucky enough to witness that the students braved the worship of stars to regard him as a rare "beautiful angel"
桑拿会所And Hector even Yin identity also opened with the campus …
It turns out that HeLianYin is his sister …
Chapter 17 put on guard
Out of the classroom, He Lianyin didn’t take a leave of absence. He used to climb over the wall at ordinary times and forgot the patient.
It was not until he was stopped by the guard’s uncle that He Lianyin reacted like a rude awakening. He told his uncle for a long time that he always disagreed with the rules of famous schools and acted strictly according to the rules. If there was no note, he would not accept all special circumstances.
Perfect from ruin type
He Lianyin’s face sank and he was angry at his ability. He wanted to sneer at a few words and was stopped by He Lianyin.
Her unhurt hand and his slender five fingers were tightly twisted with the sun, and her white face was blurred. She whispered, "Forget it, don’t go to the hospital."
He Lianyin didn’t agree with his jaw stretched tightly and took a look at the guard uncle. He looked cold. "You wait here for me to go back and get a leave of absence."
He Lianyin’s eyes were worried and he said softly, "Brother, I’m really all right. It hurt a little when I hit it just now, but it doesn’t hurt now. I don’t think it’s a problem."
He Lianyin was blown to the head by this brother, as if his ear had a thunder, and all consciousness was blown to pieces and floating in chaos.
After a long time, he also calmed down the thunder in his heart like ripples in circles.
She admits that she loves him, and it is precisely because of this that he can’t allow her to make mistakes.
"Bone injury is serious. We must go to the hospital."
"I’m really all right. If you don’t trust me, I’ll go to the doctor’s office."
He took a tough line and ordered Hector even Yin to wait aside, while he turned and ran away.
Soon he brought a leave of absence, and dragged He Lianyin to the hospital all the way. When the bandage was removed, his wrist was swollen. The little ghost of He Lianyin cunningly stuffed a red envelope for the doctor and went to the registration waiting.
See wrist swollen HeLianYin also some worry about the first large-scale hospital, she seems a little confused, angels in white from the side in a hurry to let her see too much.
The doctor touched her bone carefully and asked, "Is it painful or sour?"
"A little" Hector even Yoon answered calmly.
"Preliminary determination of inflammation" The doctor put her handwritten case list and handed it to He Lianyin. "Let’s take a picture."
He Lianyin looked confused. Didn’t the doctor say he was inflamed? What do you want to shoot? How much will it cost?
Her thinking fell into the eyes of He Lianyin and became a coy teenager. She didn’t have the patience to take away her case list. "Why are you still sitting? Go to the studio. "
She should be together with He Lianyin and come to the studio.
filament lamp
Silver medical instruments seem lonely.
The doctor in a white coat told her to lie down until the machine light scanned her arm and was photographed.
Back to the orthopedic surgeon, he carefully looked at the film and mused, "It’s nothing serious. It’s just inflammation. Have an infusion bag or bottle?" Otherwise it hurts. "
How can two children know that this is a means of cheating money in the hospital? Seeing more and more tests, is it so serious that He Lianyin’s heart is getting more and more guilty? Have done so many tests.
He Lianyin hesitated a little, but he didn’t resist.
She knows that He Lianyin’s temper, according to the constellation analysis, belongs to the lion, which is very overbearing and masculine, and is also very good. If you listen to him, you can get back his sincerity and gentleness. Her brother is so kind to her, and she doesn’t want to provoke him. Let’s wait until the right time.
Then it’s infusion
The nurse hung the bottle on the silver hook.
The needle went into the back of HeLianYin’s hand.
Permeable liquid flows quietly in the infusion tube.
There is a long waiting chair with Hector Lian Yin alone, and she is resting with eyelashes hanging down.
He Lianyin went to get the medicine
When I came back, the sunset glow had turned red.
At the end of his line of sight, a girl quietly looked at the front as if sitting in the spring, petals alienated, temperament half squinting, snow-white clothes, and a faint smile on her mouth seemed to be casual but beautiful, which made people look away.
He Lianyin stupefied with the wind blowing his skirts, and the sky was blue outside the window, and the world was extremely moving.
His faint smile eyes were dye black with absence.
He sat beside her gently and opened a can of plaster. Even Yoon froze and grabbed his arm.
"Are you hurt?"
On that day, he smiled at her obsequiously, but the slight frown and the imperceptible stagnation in the smile showed that he also endured the pain.
At that moment, He Lianyin felt that he was like a lonely child who was on guard against loneliness. The energy was secretly accumulated with the years buried in the bottom of those evil eyes, and finally generate became strange and beautiful.
Her heart beat suddenly.

I’m still familiar with the environment, so I have to cross a few streets and walk ten miles south to get back to where I lived when I was a child.

But I have no mind to remember and recall.
I wonder where Ye Xiangyuan is. Is he still safe?
It would be nice to have him around to walk around here with me.
I tried hard to remember, but I still had no clue.
Section 361
What exactly is he implying?
Then I went back to bed and fell asleep in a daze.
I don’t know how long it took before dawn, and suddenly a gun rang out outside.
I woke up with a start
I have a female bodyguard and a female special police officer to protect me. I am definitely Ann in the room.
But Lu Xun and Zhou Yi are out.
I have no idea what happened, and I’m a little anxious.
The gun went off for about half an hour. Lu Xun and Zhou Yi came back.
It’s a little quiet outside, but there are still intermittent guns coming.
Lu Xun said, "It’s just a few scouts. It’s okay. Go to sleep."
Where can I sleep?
It’s been 24 hours since Ye Xiangyuan disappeared. If something happens to him …
Lu Xun gave Zhou Yi a nai expression in his eyes.
Zhou Yi came to persuade me, "Yisow, don’t worry, think about it. Second brother is so powerful that he can handle it abroad. What’s worse, this is our own territory, and we can still make Han Qingshan dig out the sky."
I know that he is comforting me, and I know that I can’t add chaos to them at this time, so I try to endure my worries and plan to go back to my room to rest.
I took two steps, but suddenly an idea flashed through my head.
The idea was so fast that I almost couldn’t catch it, but I still had a clue.
I excitedly turned to Lu Xun and Zhou Yidao "Institute!"
Lu Xun and Zhou Yi all looked over.
喝茶约茶I said, "There are many anti-caves around Panjiang, which were later converted into arsenals and research institutes. Han Qingshan must find a hiding place. I can think of these anti-caves except the mountains … My dad and their research institutes were the largest one in the south of the city, which is more than ten miles away from here."
Lu Xun thoughtfully.
I am quite sure, after all, although there are mountains and rivers in Panjiang, the terrain here is steep and undeveloped. There are countless poisonous snakes and beasts, and miasma and mosquitoes will be fatal if they are not careful. Han Qingshan can’t take his hands to die
At the same time, I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t think of this crop earlier.
Ye Xiangyuan is so far away that I may have sex with my dad besides myself …
Lu Xun quickly said during the meeting, "I’ll immediately have a department to come over with the layout of the anti-holes … but as far as I know, these anti-holes were closed ten years ago …"
He remembers it well. My parents retired around that time.
I also know what he means. Before, there were officers and men stationed here. After the closure, the officers and men evacuated and completely sealed the hole. They couldn’t get in Han Qingshan.
But … How can we be sure that our judgment is wrong without trying?
Good Han Qingshan didn’t hesitate for long, so he decided to explore the road.
I said, "Then I’ll give my dad a message and ask him for a map of the hole prevention department."

Yan Nansheng’s "Ha ha" was clear and embarrassing, and the bottle was taken back.

"Wow, second brother, it seems that you are going to follow the example of eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law? How many are you going to have? " Feng Chen ‘an is young and Gao Xiaoxiao is shy, so he can say whatever he thinks.
Han Yan hooked his lip angle, and his eyebrows were proud, but he had to put on a modest gesture. "This kind of thing has to be two, three, four … I can do it."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
At the same time, in the balcony of Yuyan Hotel
Yu Dongchen’s 60th birthday should be a big party, but it’s the second child’s wedding in a few days, so he decided to simplify his birthday and invited his family and Korean family to have dinner together.
In other words, this is tantamount to a wedding banquet in disguise.
When Time Pu said that she would bring her boyfriend over, Yu Dongchen also agreed. Like the old lady Yu, she has always liked this excellent niece, and now she is getting married, and her heart is quite relieved.
In the middle of the meal, there was a beautiful gift box. "Uncle, this is a gift from me and the North. I wish you happiness as the East China Sea lives longer than the South Mountain."
Yu Dongchen took the gift box, glanced at the bronzing logo and nodded with a smile. "What are the Dumacheng family doing so politely?"
"These Four Treasures of the Study are all from the north, so I’ll give them to you. It’s also quite good to write in other ways. Oh, uncle, you can learn from him." Time Pu said that the corner of his eye was full of pride.
"Oh?" Yu Dongchen was surprised and raised his eyebrows. Looking at Gu northward, he asked, "I didn’t expect you to know the law in the north?"
Nowadays, in the internet age, there are not many young people who can use Chinese calligraphy. To tell the truth, he is really surprised, and he also appreciates Gu Bei more.
Gu Bei said with a faint smile, "I was ordered by my father to practice for a long time when I was a child, but I’m afraid I’m rusty now."
Time Pu frowned and told him that there was some dissatisfaction. It was a rare opportunity for my uncle to get close …
Yu Dongchen laughed. "No, no, none of my three sons are interested in Dharma. We can learn from each other when we find a time."
"Then I’d better do it respectfully." Gu promised to come to the north.
Time breathed a sigh of relief, looked after the north face and smiled more sweetly.
Han Minxia left the pie mouth and silently picked up a chopstick shrimp ball and bit it hard!
"Dad, this is a gift from Huanyan and me." Yu Yu also got up. It happened that he gave a good gift from Guangdong Province and Time Pu and Gu Bei, and some of them bumped into each other.
Yu Dongchen smiled and said, "Yo, why do you think of giving me this?"
Chang Huan Yan Yu met him quietly and didn’t speak.
Yu Yu directly said, "It’s a happy face."
Yu Dongchen looked at Chang Huanyan in surprise. "Do you still know this?"
Chang Huanyan smiled and said, "I don’t know how to ask the shopkeeper to help me pick out the hope that Dad likes it."
"…" Yudongchen specialty mat weight is enough to nod with a smile "good good all sit down"
Then the Korean family also sent gifts in succession, and naturally they included Gao Xiaoxiao and Han Shan’s share. Yu Minxia naturally had Yu Chengyan prepared the gift, which was a complete set of tea sets. Han Minxia didn’t understand it, but when Yu Dongchen smiled, he also smiled.
Yu Dongchen asked the servant to accept all the gifts, and the table behind him was happy from ear to ear.
Yang Xi could not help secretly topping Yuyuting’s arm and asked in a low voice, "Little Three, didn’t you?"
Mistress, didn’t you get your dad something? "
Yu Yuting took a sip of the wine, otherwise, "What gifts do I need when I’m here?"
It’s not like some people are hypocritical, flattering and filial!
"This child …" Yang Xi sighed and went with him for the most forbearing child.
After the banquet, Yu Yu took Chang Huan Yan directly and left by car first.
Several of his men drank a little wine one after another. It’s easy to have a driver, but no driver can find a driver or take a taxi.
Han Minxia drove the old ladies Han Zhengming and Zhong Yuhong away without drinking.
When the family and Gu went north, they also left in two trains.
So the last thing left is Yu Chengyan and Yu Yuting.
品茶论坛Before leaving, the old lady Yu specially said, "You two are not allowed to drive by yourselves. Come back with a taxi."
As a result, a taxi came and Yu Yuting strode past.
Yu Chengyan was just about to walk over and see what Yu Yuting said to the driver. The driver just stepped on the gas pedal and left.
"…" Yu Chengyan narrowed his eyes and disdained to sneer at a childish!
Yu Yuting, a taxi, glanced back at the entrance of the hotel. Yu Chengyan smiled and his mouth became a gourd ladle.

Grandpa interrupted me with a smile. "We have long expected to lose the case. Don’t worry too much."

But I still feel bad
Today, the whole scene was controlled by He Xinlong, and we barely fought back. How can I be content?
Grandpa said, "Money is a foreign object. If it’s gone, it’s gone. It just means that things are not at the end of their tether."
It’s all false to hear grandpa comfort me and say that I’m not moved.
Besides, I can hear that my grandfather’s family is rich and must not take these compensations seriously.
But nobody’s money comes from the wind …
At this time, Sister-in-law patted me on the shoulder for judo. "Don’t think too much. You should have a good rest after a tiring afternoon."
Grandpa also said, "Let’s eat first. My other little great-grandson can’t be hungry either."
I looked at my grandfather and saw that he was really not unhappy, so I felt at ease.
When my eldest sister-in-law sent me back to my room after dinner, she discussed with me and asked Xiaojin to stay at home with her grandfather these days.
I think this proposal is very good. Grandpa likes Xiaojin very much. It should make him happier to have Xiaojin with him.
For the next few days, I waited for news from Lu Xun while going back and forth between home and the company.
Everything is difficult without evidence.
In Ye Xiangyuan, he must have known the results of the first trial.
Every night, he will video chat with Xiao Jin, and occasionally Xiao Jin will convey his regards.
But I never talked to him.
Chapter 246 ChuFeiPeng suicide
I haven’t been in touch with Ye Xiangyuan since I hurried back and left for so many days.
Sometimes I think about how to get along with him in the future.
We have a contract, and I have the obligation to help him, but I have also decided to perform my employment and keep my distance from him.
It was that time that he came to my side in the middle of the night and disturbed my heart again.
Sister-in-law said that he was not a romantic, but took practical actions to prove to me that he did try to get close to me.
Should I face it like this?
Just go back to the old relationship mode?
But when Nannan heard Gu Changyu talking to him, I thought you weren’t fake. I know Nannan can’t lie to me.
How will Ye Xiangyuan react? Are you glad that Gu Changyu took the initiative …
That’s why I’m struggling. I’ve been trying not to contact him
Two months after the examination and approval, it was just the Spring Festival and Ye Xiangyuan should come back.
In this way, it has won a lot of time
Originally, I had to wait for news from Lu Xun and wait for Ye Xiangyuan to come back and take charge of the overall situation. I didn’t know that this issue had a big event.
It was drizzling that day, and I had just finished breakfast when I received Ye Wen’s words.
His voice is a little urgent. "Something happened to Ding Jie."
I seldom see him asking "What’s the matter?" when he is so eager.
桑拿会所Ye Wen said, "Chu Feipeng committed suicide"
I sat up straight.
Chu Feipeng committed suicide?
I haven’t taken care of him since I interrogated him this time, and he still holds the position of general manager of Chu’s ship.
What caused him to commit suicide?
A good person can’t commit suicide by fate …
Ye Wen added, "It was discovered by the general manager’s office."
I’m even more surprised.