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The attack on Changsheng Genoa Airport became the focus of Italian media coverage that afternoon.

Violent attacks on football coaches, and it’s in public.
This shocked Italian football.
Soccer people have issued condemnation of nonindoctrination.
Even Lian Ping and Chang Sheng don’t deal with AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus … Even the Rome club has come out to talk about Chang Sheng.
Adriano Galliani, vice president of AC Milan Club, said, … this is a very bad criminal incident! Today, such a frenzied event happened in Italy! This is simply a shame for Italian football!
Roma coach Claudio Ranieri The football field confrontation can’t be solved in such a bad way! We must strongly condemn this kind of violence!
President of Inter Milan Moratti I’m sorry to see such a thing … it’s always right for Lazio to fight against extreme fans. If a team wants to make great progress, it has to throw away those bad things. It’s also necessary for a league to develop healthily …
I’m shocked! If we put up with such things, who will dare to say anything about purifying the football environment after that? This kind of crime must be severely cracked down!
Even the media always wins this time.
Gazzetta dello Sport is also always better at talking.
Of course, Pacheco kept silent …
Soon, not only the Italian media but also the whole European media paid attention to this matter.
Changsheng is not a pawn, and his influence in European football is increasing day by day, which is very important.
He is a coach who can win the championship and his football is very good.
Everyone knows that he is deeply appreciated by UEFA President Platini.
Nowadays, this young coach almost died on the away road!
This is not bad?
European football is all fried.
The major media articles lashed out at the incorrigible.
At the same time, it also criticized the Italian football environment by drawing down the unruly football hooliganism.
Many media have expressed that Italy has always been unable to get worse and worse for so many years.
Because there are too many such violent incidents.
What will be vertical?
People who are injured and killed are fans.
It’s different now. The injured and dead people may be the head coaches, general managers and presidents of all Serie A teams!
This is what they did to the fans’ riots and the violent incidents of football hooligans, which led to today’s incident.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) specially made a special program to talk about this matter. They extended from the attack on the winning team to talk about the difficulties faced by Italian football and the solutions.
Of course, in the end, the British did not forget to laugh at an Italian.
The guests spread out their hands and said, We have said so much, and we all know that Italy will definitely not change … If it did, they would have changed! If we can change them, they are not Italy …
Platini also personally expressed his concern about this matter, and said in an interview with reporters, I am glad that I have not been injured often, otherwise it would not be the loss of Lazio fans, but also the loss of Italian football and European football! We hope that Italy can investigate this matter …
This overwhelming public opinion offensive has a feeling of dark clouds pressing the city.
Of course, this feeling belongs to the nonindoctrination school.
In fact, Toflo had heard the news long before the media condemned the incorrigible faction.
So he called all the managers to the headquarters for a meeting to discuss countermeasures.
The media have begun to condemn them.
However, what the media condemns? Everyone usually sees it too much and is not too relieved.
Toflo didn’t think it was good because he smelled danger.
Just like when the storm and rain are coming, there will be a little earthy smell in the air.
He asked his assistant Albiti, Let’s ignore the media reaction. We can go to Senator Alberto and he should try to help us …
Just then, another assistant, Pixiteli, came in, still holding a mobile phone in his hand.
Seeing him come in, everyone turned their attention to him.
Pity terry looked at the inside face some … Not so good.
What’s the matter? Toflo asked.
Pixiteli hesitated. General … I just got a message from Congressman Alberto that he …
He was suddenly speechless because he didn’t know how to tell the boss …
Come on, what happened to him?
约茶Tophro waved some impatiently.
Pixiteli swallowed water and began to say, Congressman Alberto, he … he asked us to solve this problem ourselves …
He didn’t go on because his face was wrong when he saw the boss.
The general fell silent.
Then, shaking his hands, he took off his nose bridge eyes and whispered, The regional commander stays with him … and goes out.
His tone is very calm.
People in the office looked at each other in succession, and many people opened the door and went out.
In the end, there were twelve people left in the office, and two of them were Toflo’s deputies, Albiti and Pixitri.
Everyone has gone out and the door is closed.
Tophro chair looked up at the group of middle managers and senior managers in front of him.
Many of them look grim.
Because the general did not fly into a rage after hearing the news, but his tone was unexpectedly calm.
What does this say?
This often says that the general is out of anger!
It’s before the storm, and it’s bound to be a storm!
Sure enough, Toflo broke out behind the door.
Alberto that old bastard abandoned us! Damn it! Do you realize the seriousness of the problem now? Attack often? Whose fucking idea was this? ! Do I have such an order? ! Did I? ? Find someone to attack that China at this time? Your brains are full of shit! This is not to give them a fucking chance! Asshole! Damn bastard!
Albiti had to interrupt Toflo’s words. The general may not be one of us. They planted us …

After the league, Ajax’s first team flew to Monaco two days before they were ready to go.

April 21st
During the day, Qin Xiong not only waited for the evening game in the hotel, but also watched the friendly match in Barcelona by video.
China: 40 defeat at Barcelona Club.
Qin Xiong was deeply touched by this game.
In fact, Barcelona certainly didn’t do its best, which is a bit like a commercial competition.
After all, the season hasn’t ended yet. What’s the puzzle in a friendly match?
Qin Xiong thought of Ali Han chatting about the construction of China’s home team, including what style Ali Han hopes the national team will play in China’s national team by displaying his personal football concept.
Qin’s ambition gave rise to doubts.
Does China have the strength to pursue advanced football concepts and styles in the world football?
Even if the most advanced football concept represents its success, the realization of football style depends on fewer players, especially 11 players!
In other words, all coaches know that there is a football concept in today’s football that is the craziest and will be comparable if it can be realized.
That is, Dutch football once triggered a tactical revolution in the football world!
As michels said when explaining his football concept, I have a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and a striker! How can we not be strong?
But the core of the problem is how many players in the world can switch between the three roles of defender, midfielder and striker and their ability has reached worldclass level? Moreover, it is necessary to have one less player and be able to work together tacitly.
Once the theoretical state is put together, such players form a team, and they are undoubtedly the strongest in the world!
But the reality is impossible!
All the Dutch themselves will not pursue the ultimate offensive and defensive reality, and the ideal of not crossing the gap is not changed by people’s will.
Is it appropriate to transplant a technical and tactical formation that is the most common in European football and is taken for granted by fans to the China national team?
On the whole, football is not about defense and attack.
Can China’s national team put on the same technical and tactical body as the top five teams in the world ranking? Although football is not logical reasoning, it also has the most basic strength. It is an unshakable truth that the strong must win but win more.
Qin Xiong figured out one thing less.
桑拿会所He can pursue his ideal in his club career, play the football style he yearns for and choose the club, but in the national team, the double pressure of honor and responsibility, personal pursuit must be forgotten and promoted to the whole team. It seems that what is popular in the most advanced world may not be what the national team needs.
The national team lost a warmup match, and the loss will not bring Qin Xiong too much psychological influence. When his teammates went to Louis II Stadium by bus, he stopped thinking about the national team.
Louis II Stadium has a high standard, but it can’t accommodate nearly 20 thousand fans.
After Ajax arrived at the stadium, the players changed their clothes calmly in the locker room and entered the stadium step by step to warm up. There were almost no Ajax fans in the stands, and there were very few tickets for the visiting team.
After the warmup, the players returned to the dressing room. This is the first time this season that Ajax will be different before the strategy of taking the guests first in the knockout stage.
Coleman emphasized two things in his prematch training.
The first is the mentality, even if you lose the ball away from home, it doesn’t matter. Don’t panic.
The second is that Ajax will strive to win away from home! Even if you can’t win, you have to get a draw with a score.
This will bring greater advantages for them to return to the home game.
The firstteam players nodded calmly. Before leaving the dressing room, they cheered each other up, then with firm belief, they knocked on the dressing room door and strutted into the players’ aisle to wait for the Champions League semifinal! to be continued
[Text 197 Passion and Wild Monaco]
The French team did not play an important role in the history of the Champions League. Up to now, Marseille has won the top of Europe 11 years ago, and the number of times to reach the finals is very few.
Monaco belongs to the French team. Strictly speaking, Monaco is an independent country. Deschamps led Monaco to reach the semifinals of the Champions League, which can be said to be writing a new history of Monaco football.
It is conceivable that Deschamps and his team were supported, and even the royal family of Monaco came to the Louis II Stadium to cheer for the team.
When the players from both sides lined up at the scene, the live camera was aimed at the VIP box, where members of Monaco’s royal family were applauding.
The first leg of the semifinal of the 2324 European Cup is coming from Monaco in France to meet Ajax from the Netherlands at the home of Louis II Stadium!
Many conservative fans have lost their interest in the final stage of the Champions League season. Let’s take a look at Ajax, Monaco’s Porto La Coruna, the top four team in the Champions League.
There isn’t a big and powerful team in the contemporary top league!
But I think this is the charm of football. Football is not a game of comparison or logical reasoning.
Football needs fresh blood, new history and new roles to create brilliance and leave us with new memories.
No one was optimistic about losing 41 to San Siro La Coruna, but defending champion A Milan was beaten 40 by La Coruna on the road!
Should La Coruna be in the semifinals?
What is there to doubt?

Before Shuiyunjin, there were three dark-faced seven-year-old children lying on the firewood pile. Their eyes were closed and their breathing was weak, and their external faces, hands and feet were clearly visible. The abscess had festered and the infection was very terrible. Fortunately, the weather was not very hot, otherwise it would be really hopeless.

Shuiyunjin squats with both hands and caresses three children’s pulse. When food is insufficient, qi and blood stagnate and heat causes fire poison to form abscess, which is already so serious, but people pay attention to it. No wonder Huangfu Kai is so impulsive.
"How can they be saved?" Huangfu Kun took some urgency.
Shuiyunjin nodded and told the two men to act separately, while the three children cleaned up and changed clothes themselves.
It was not until it was dark that Shuiyun Hibiscus heaved a sigh and stood up and squatted. I don’t know how long it took her to get up and follow Gu Yan to help her quickly.
HuangFuYun looked at ShuiYunJin tired eyebrow eye corners of the mouth slightly pulled face a little uncomfortable "your medical skill is not bad, thank you this time."
Shuiyunjin saw that he was unnatural and smiled. "I have to work hard for you to give me that hat."
Writing this chapter is related to the fact that Shuiyun Park will meet a mysterious person who is the owner of Yousheng Pavilion in the introduction:
Chapter 47 Identify yourself
Huangfu Yun coughed shyly, "They are all right."
"Keeping the clean ointment and granulation powder applied continuously for ten days can naturally recover," Shuiyunjin replied.
Huangfuyun was still surprised. He found many doctors in the biggest shops in Beijing, either unwilling to come or casually grabbing some medicine for him. He felt that the three children would not live, but it was such a coincidence that he met her.
She looks like a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old, but she doesn’t look like this next year’s Yangcheng family. She is more cunning and clever than those delicate ceremonial women, and she has a lot more eyes than the average person. He couldn’t help wondering, "How come I have never seen you in Beijing?"
Shuiyunjin saw his one eye and walked away. "Since you have the heart to save people, pay more attention to their diet."
"Don’t worry little ye won’t starve them" HuangFuYun followed out of the room.
Shuiyunjin walked into the hospital and saw that it was getting late. She left the hospital without a pause.
"Where are you going so late? I can walk the whole city with my eyes closed. Do you want me to show you the way?" Huangfu Kuai quickly followed Shuiyun Park’s eyebrow eye and was obviously in a good mood.
Shuiyunjin ignored him and walked straight.
"Why don’t you treat me to dinner? I’m hungry anyway."
"Hey, I never invite people to dinner. You are really ungrateful."
"Just don’t eat, forget it, save it for little ye."
"Hey, what do you have with that waiting house?"
"What do you want to do with somebody else’s account?"
For a long time, there was a buzzing sound in the quiet alley, but I think he was angry again.
"You can’t find it if you don’t say little ye?"
"Stupid woman, you are so stupid that you can’t sneak out."
After walking for a long time, I finally saw some lights. At this time, the streets were still very busy, and the shops were crowded with people. Listening to the voice that kept going all night, Shuiyunjin finally couldn’t help but frown. "Have you been long-winded?"
"Don’t you dare to abandon small ye you you who let you ignore small ye" Huangfu Yang face is also discontentedly staring at Shuiyunjin.
"I helped you save people, and it’s even. Go ahead." Shuiyunjin’s eyes are light.
Gu Yan couldn’t help it long ago. I’ve never seen such a talkative and difficult person. Even he couldn’t help but want to shut Huangfu Yun up.
"Stupid woman, you are malicious." Huangfuyun took a hard look at Shuiyunjin with a calm face and turned and strode away
Shuiyunjin felt that the whole world was quiet when he left, and turned around and walked slowly.
After a long time, Gu Yan suddenly said, "The Lord is still behind."
品茶Shuiyunjin nodded, and she knew that it was not so easy to get rid of Huangfuyuan’s plan to go back to the office, and she changed her mind again.
When I came to Liuli Lake, the moonlight was refreshing, and the evening breeze was blowing gently. There were still many men and women clinging to the flowers in the lake on both sides of the lake. The boat was still rippling in the middle, and there was a gentle breeze blowing, and the moonlight shadow lights were scattered on the shore to decorate the luxury shops. The lights were thin and light, and the lights were exquisite.
"You really know where to choose, but the scenery here is the most worth seeing in Beijing."
The quiet glass lake suddenly became less beautiful because of this sound.
"It’s you again. You’ve been following us all the time. What do you want?" Before Shuiyunjin spoke, Gu Yan couldn’t help glaring at Huangfuyun.
HuangFuYun cold hum a "who want to follow you little ye is to enjoy the scenery, but it’s also a coincidence that little ye will take you on a night tour of Liuli Lake."

The steam castle had already fled here in an instant when Storm King appeared. More than 30 fleshandblood puppets were used as bait to finally make Storm King not pay attention to them.

With a wind blade like a giant door panel, the hardshell siege fighters and bloody warriors can stop the chains and even the flesh and blood puppets can escape.
The selfexplosion also made the chain shake slightly and restored calm.
This root method resists supernatural forces and soon reverses the defeat of mankind.
Unfortunately, due to the summoner’s strength, the storm king appeared in less than a few minutes and his body became unstable.
It may be a pleasure for him to stay in the main material world for a while, but there are a few regrets in his eyes when he looks at the stormy king with flashing runes crossing the fortress and chasing those halfdemons who have escaped.
I don’t know how many times more colorful it is than the pure element world.
Looking at the huge storm, the old witch struggled to hold herself up and prepare to fold the army.
ah! ! Adult, your face can also move with this alarm. Everyone’s sight falls on the old hag’s face and she takes a deep breath.
Blowing bombs can break delicate skin wrinkles, sallow and ugly skin forms a fresh contrast, because there are many damaged places in the camouflage mask of the old witch who just killed the enemy and forgot herself.
Just now, everyone was so busy that no one paid attention. Now they finally drove away the halfmagic man, and they immediately exclaimed.
The old witch quickly disappeared in front of everyone, burying her face in her face, but her white and ruddy face remained deeply in everyone’s heart.
Looking at the fortress, which was almost recovered, Master Shan also breathed a sigh of relief.
If this fortress, which has been expanding, is occupied by halfmagic people, the form will be very unfavorable to mankind and will have a bad influence on many plans of Master Shan.
Turn around and cast a glance. Master Shan, who has been trained, thinks he should do something.
Frost dragon, senior wizard, banshee, tenvictory stone statue and a large number of lowlevel arms.
I checked the situation of each building for a month, and the priest still had one day to finish the training. There was no big gain in the rest of the buildings, but the slaughterhouse found a chaotic soul with good strength
ding! Is it found that the chaotic soul body of intensity 22 is captured?
ding! Capturing the chaotic soul consumes 5 experience points!
Chaos soul body training abhorrence base element. A large number of corpses together can train * * with strong defense.
The body is easy to say. Master Shan has already set aside a piece of land in the forest to place the body.
However, after looking at the introduction, Master Shan found that he had never paid attention to the fact that the meat grinder also needed corpses and wood to be trained.
Besides being able to attack from a distance, the meat grinder can also carry a large number of bodies, which is a good means of transportation. After all, it is a little uncomfortable for Master Shan to always leave the bodies in the mountains.
Training two meat grinders, one hate
In the main system, he quickly bought highgrade wood, and Grandpa threw the bodies with more than 30 pieces into the slaughterhouse and waited patiently.
After a day, it has been quiet, and there is a sudden burst of loud and beautiful sacrificial songs in the base.
A beautiful image appeared in the center of the altar with the soulshaking sacrifice song.
The emerald elite light armor is wrapped in a large number of mysterious patterns, holding a hardwood long bow and a thick green bow. From time to time, how many Yingying droplets are blown up. How much is Aurora like a tall and ferocious white tiger behind him? Two amber vertical pupils are vigilant and look around.
Forming an instant priestess turns over the tiger. Even without saddles, the priestess still sits firmly on the white tiger’s broad back. The white tiger bows up and its feet flash across a layer of pale white aperture. It is the priestess who slams the aura.
Master! The priestess’s pale green eyes stared at Master Shan turning over and kneeling on the ground.
桑拿按摩The white tiger also hung its proud head and prostrated its forelimbs, showing enough ministers.
Looking at what the priestess Shan Ye looked at.
Thin eyebrows and red lips are somewhat like Aurora. She is tall and tall, and her long legs diverge at her belly button.
Get up! Master Shan saw the priestess’s attributes and skills as soon as his eyes were fixed.
Upgrade to one level and one more skill. The initial skill randomly chooses to slam the aura.
Moonlight arrow, tiger roar and big move, stars fall.
Feeling the halo effect of a strong blow, Shanye nodded with satisfaction. What’s your name? Slightly thoughtfully, Master Shan decided to call her Tigress, who let her ride a white tiger?
Name? What do you mean, be strong enough? You can call her Moonlight Goddess.
I took Tigress to familiarize myself with an environment and planned to talk to Tigress, so I gave her some past life experience and fighting skills.
Tigress was not dissatisfied with this country name, but accepted it gladly. It was really a code name for her.
I’m almost ready. Master Shan left the base with a large number of arms.
Instead of starting the worm, it turned into a purple black cloud and quickly went to the human fortress.
The old witch has just returned home and has not put on her mask again. A large number of human soldiers and several people have arrived at her home without battlemage.
Looking at that beautiful face, everyone was stunned and immediately crustily skin of head. A senior mage said, Dear Master Commander, please welcome! Sound with how many fluctuations obviously some apologies.
The old witch or Vivian frowned tightly. What do you want with me? Shouldn’t it be time to close the army and maintain law and order?
The senior mage lowered his eyes and dared not look at Vivian’s dazzling and delicate face. I’m sorry, my Lord, I’m an official and I don’t know why.
Vivian set her eyebrows and wore a new mask to follow the crowd away.
Vivian felt a little wrong halfway.
People around you look at their eyes full of complicated emotions, which makes Vivian a little surprised. When they arrive at the headquarters, this anxiety becomes more and more intense.
The tall and fat commander is negotiating with the vice president of Quick Province at this time. What expression seems a little tangled?
When Vivian arrived, they turned to face the heroine who almost saved the fortress.
What’s the matter? I want to restore my magic. If I have something to say, Vivian has always been highly effective, and her eyes have crossed.

Although he was puzzled in his heart, he still nodded with a smile. "I didn’t see that Second Mistress should be home when she went out."

Fang Jin Wen Dian nodded, "Please help me report one."
"Ok," the doorman replied cheerfully and turned around and went into the guard room to talk to the main house.
Yun Qian Xue learned that Fang Jinwen had come, and Qiao Ying, who was sitting next to her, saw her strange and asked, "What’s wrong with Qian Xue? Why did Fang Shaoshao suddenly come to see you? "
Yun Qianxue didn’t come to tell her family about her life experience. Now Fang Jinwen suddenly finds a home, and she doesn’t know how to explain to Qiao Ying. "I don’t know. I’ll go and have a look."
She guessed that Fang Jinwen had come to tell her the result, and she was not really looking forward to it. If there was any hope, she also hoped that she and Fang An were not father and daughter.
Compared with the rich family like Fang Jia, she still likes simple family, and mother Cixiao doesn’t have so many fights.
Fang Jinwen’s car drove in slowly. As soon as he entered the hospital, he saw Yunqianxue coming towards him. After seeing Yunqianxue, he stopped the car. Since Yunqianxue didn’t want him to enter the house, he just didn’t want others to know what they respected her decision for the time being.
Fang Jinwen opened the car door and strode towards Yunqianxue. Soon they met.
Yun Qianxue saw him and asked faintly, "What can I do for you if you zoom in less?"
"Sister" Fang Jinwen saw her and called a cloud of snow softly. She was slightly stunned by his elder sister’s sentence, but she didn’t know what to say. She should, shouldn’t and shouldn’t be.
Fang Jinwen, the elder sister, has told her in vain that she is Fang An’s daughter. Although she was prepared in the heart, she really proved that she was still caught off guard.
Fang Jinwen saw her gawking and continued judo. "You are my father and daughter, my sister, and we are brothers and sisters."
Fang Jinwen took out a report from the envelope and handed it to Yun Qianxue. "The report has come out and you can see it yourself."
Yun Qianxue took the report from his hand with trembling hands. When she read the report clearly, the whole person was dizzy for a moment, and the feeling of hope made her feel very uncomfortable.
Yes, that’s right. I just hope that she has been holding out a glimmer of hope that the results will prove that she is not Fang An’s daughter, but contrary to expectations, she is really Fang An’s daughter.
Cloud thousand snow 1 vigorously shook his head "how did this happen? How come? I already have a father, I have my own home, and I don’t need … "
She doesn’t need another father. She has enough now. Suddenly having another father will make her feel a burden.
Fang Jinwen looked at her judo. "It doesn’t change the fact whether you need it or not."
Fang Jinwen’s voice is warm and pleasant, and his face is smiling. At this time, the sun shines softly on his face in the morning, making his face smile more shining.
I don’t know how to respond to Fang Jinwen’s repeated call for her sister Yun Qianxue. At the same time, she was shocked by Fang Jinwen’s generosity. Most people know that it is unacceptable for their father to have a daughter, but Fang Jinwen seems to accept this fact easily and call her sister generously.
On the other hand, she couldn’t accept this fact at the moment, let alone call Fang Jinwen’s brother. She looked at Fang Jinwen’s lips and closed them for a long time, but finally she couldn’t say a word.
Fang Jinwen seems to have lost her mind. He continued, "Sister, I know you can’t accept this fact for a while. I can understand that I came here today mainly to tell you the news, but I didn’t force you to admit that my brother and father are still in the hospital. I hope you can visit him sometimes. I think he should want to see you very much."
Fang Jinwen’s impression of his father is generally calm and collected. He has never seen him panic-stricken, but when he spoke early today, he obviously noticed his voice trembling. How excited he should be to become like that.
"I don’t think my mother wants me to know this." It took a long time for Yunqianxue to spit out this sentence.
She Bai Chunlan doesn’t want her and Fang An to be Joseph, or she wouldn’t be so alarmed when she heard that she was coming to G City. She wouldn’t be so rude when she heard Fang An’s name. Maybe this generation of mothers are not going to tell her the truth, but now she knows the truth. She doesn’t know that when her mother knows this, she will be like her. She really doesn’t want their quiet life to be disturbed.
Fang Jin Wen Dian nodded. "I can understand, but it’s not too unfair to you if your generation is kept in the dark and none of them know that your father is not your own father."
At least in terms of Fang Jinwen’s understanding, Yun Qianxue knows his own life experience instead of living in such a muddle.
Yun Qianxue shook his head. "If I can, I’d rather be kept in the dark for a generation."
When Yunhao’s daughter is very good and happy, she is very satisfied, and there is nothing wrong with not knowing it. At least she thinks it is very good.
It’s a pity that she finally knew what happened and it was finally proved, so she had no choice.
Fang Jinwen looked at her carefully and said, "Now that I have confirmed that you are a father and daughter, it is only a matter of time before you go back to Fangjia to confess your ancestors. You’d better find a time to communicate with your parents."
Yun Qianxue said, "I don’t want to go back to my ancestral home. I like my present home. I have my own father. He loves me since I was a child. He is the best father in the world. I am satisfied with having that father."
Fang Jinwen immediately spoke to him and understood Yun Qianxue’s idea. On the contrary, he was a little envious of Yun Qianxue’s ability to live like that. Families should know that although he is a rich man, he looks glamorous and secretly suffers more than people.
However, Yun Qianxue thinks that his father may not agree, but Fang Jinwen didn’t say this sentence. He looked at Yun Qianxue and smiled, "Sister, I’m glad to have you as my sister. I’m going to class. Think about it yourself."
Fang Jinwen said this sentence and turned away. Yun Qianxue watched him leave before turning back to the house.
When Yun Qianxue walked into the living room, Lin Shu Wan was playing with Yan Yan to pile up carpets. At this time, they were piling up a castle. The castle wall had been piled up. Xiao Yan Yan’s little face was smiling with joy. Yun Qianxue came in and she didn’t pay attention.
It was Lin Shuwan who found Yun Qianxue first. She looked at Yun Qianxue and asked, "Qianxue heard that Fang Jinwen came to see you?"
Lin Shu-wan is really curious about how Fang Jinwen suddenly came to Yunqianxue. Yunqianxue and Fang Jinwen can’t hit each other. Although Fang Jinwen and Yunqianxue met at many banquets, she didn’t see her. Fang Jinwen said a word to Yunqianxue, but suddenly she came to Yunqianxue. It is difficult for her not to be curious.
Yun Qianxue looked at Lin Shu Wan and suddenly didn’t know what to say. Sooner or later, Lin Shu Wan had to know that she really didn’t know how to say it.
Lin Shu wan looked at her hard and hurriedly said, "It’s okay if you don’t want to say it. Mom is just curious and just ask."
Yun Qianxue shook her head. "Mom, I don’t want to say that I don’t know what to say."
"What’s so complicated?"
"This thing is really complicated."
Section 241
"oh? What’s the matter? Why don’t you say it and let mom analyze it for you? "
Yun Qianxue took a deep breath before looking at Lin Shu Wan’s tunnel "Ma Fang ‘an is my biological father" word by word.
Lin Shu-wan, who was stacking castles for Yan Yan with building blocks, suddenly froze. The building blocks in her hand were smashed and piled up. The castle collapsed when she dropped the building blocks.
Today, ten chapters will be updated, with about three thousand words in each chapter. Dear friends, have a good time reading the article.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen She is very happy.
Yun Qianxue looked at Lin Shuwan’s reaction and couldn’t help sighing in his heart. It’s hard for anyone to accept such a sudden thing, isn’t it?
Lin Shuwan still looked at Yun Qianxue in wait for a while. It was a long time before she intermittently said, "Qian Qianxue, are you kidding?"
Lin Shuwan, who has always been eloquent, stuttered. You can imagine how shocked she was when she heard the news. This news is simply shocking. Her daughter-in-law from an ordinary family suddenly turned into a miss Fang. What is this?
Yun Qianxue smiled bitterly. "I wish I was joking, but the pro-appraisal has come out. I can’t admit it."
Lin Shu-wan didn’t care about piling up wood with Yan Yan. She was trying to digest the news. It took a long time for her to say, "Qian Xue, no matter who your daughter is, you are my wife now. This will not change the fact, even if you accept it for a while, you need to think too much."
Although I was shocked at first, Lin Shu-wan tried to digest the news as soon as possible and realized the mood of Yunqian Snow for the first time. This really deserves to be the super good mother-in-law of the cosmic enemy.
Lin Shu-wan speaks just like An Chen. They are really worthy of being a mother. A warm current slowly flows through Yunqian Xuexin, warming her flustered heart.
But she was so flustered that she couldn’t say how confused she was. She always felt that Fang Jia and An Jia were not that simple. The three families had been fighting for hundreds of years, and now she suddenly became Fang Jia’s daughter. What would be involved in this? All this made her feel at a loss and panic
Lin Shu’s gentle words suddenly reassured her a lot. She looked at Lin Shu and said softly, "Thank you, Mom."
Lin Shu-wan laughed. "Fool, we are a family. What do you say thank you? I don’t want to hear this. No matter who your daughter is, you are you. You will always be my good daughter-in-law. I don’t beg you to be so in love with Chen forever."

The words first paused for a while, and then a magnetic and unfamiliar young voice sounded "Uncle Jing"

Jingmuchen one leng
This sound … Yes?
"jiujiu is with me," the voice continued. "We agreed that I would not return to China or take the initiative to contact jiujiu in five years. Now that five years have passed, jiujiu will be ten years old. Should I be able to have a boyfriend?"
Say that finish a low smile and then the words were hung up.
Jingmuchen watched the phone screen gradually darken for half a day … and there was no response.
"Husband!" Su Ruo shouted twice late and finally pushed him violently. "What happened to you? Who called?"
Jingmuchen looked up at his wife for a second and pushed the door and car directly.
The parents of the students at the gate have dispersed almost. Jing Muchen strode past with long legs in a black suit, and the whole person looked at the school gate with bright eyes and kept talking with his mobile phone in one hand.
"Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily connected to sorryyou…… …"
After two calls, it will directly become "Sorry, the number you dialed is out of service …"
Jingmuchen "…"
This smelly little!
"Husband!" Su Re chased out on high heels late. "What’s the matter? What happened? "
Jingmuchen clutched his mobile phone for a long time before saying "smelly boy is back"
桑拿论坛Su Re late "…"
I have always regarded you as my girlfriend.
Continue chapter after chapter
Han Mobai directly pressed "machine" after hanging up.
Then he lifted his feet and walked out of the business hall.
The sunset outside is just right.
The golden sun shines on the white suv, and Jing Anjiu is holding the bag and being quiet there.
She was wearing a pure white short-sleeved shirt, revealing a slim white arm shirt with a pale yellow petal pattern. The slim waist and legs were outlined in the skirt, and her feet were standing on a pair of flat-bottomed white shoes. The net height was about 1.65 meters visually.
Although I still look thin, I already have a girl’s beautiful curve. At first glance, it is pleasing to the eye, and there is another kind … I can’t tell you how beautiful I am.
The little girl grew up …
Han Mo’s heart is moving, but he still doesn’t show the landscape. He walked over and said, "I called Uncle Jing."
Jing Anjiu looked up. When she saw this charming face in front of her again, she felt puzzled and felt like she was still dreaming …
Half an hour ago, after she finished the last exam, she walked out of the examination room easily. She just walked near the school gate and was blocked by a person.
I looked up and saw a boy in front of me.
Dressed in a casual white shirt, the sleeves are half-rolled, and she can’t see clearly because of the low head and the light behind her back. His facial features can vaguely see the angular outline and the thick eyelashes hanging half upside down, which faintly shows the handsome temperament.
At the age of ten, I already know that men and women don’t naturally know … what it means for a boy to do this kind of business.
But this kind of thing has not happened less in recent years.
JingAnJiu is slightly one leng then bowed their heads and want to go next to.
Who knows …
The boy continued to move aside and blocked her way again.
Jing’ an Jiu frowned slightly and looked a little unhappy.
She looked up and was about to speak …
The man "jiujiu" spoke first and called her nickname with a low voice, which was very nice.
Jing An-jiu’s eyebrows suddenly puckered tighter. The first feeling was that … This boy was too reckless. She didn’t know him, did she?
The former boys are very polite to call her "Jing’ anjiu classmate"
So she hugged her bag and lifted it. She was going to have a righteous refusal with him …
"Really forget me? Or … Don’t know me? " Han Mobai provoked a heavy eyebrow expression, but it seemed to bring some regrets in the ponder sound.

Yi Chen awkwardly ducked and vomited an apology. "Don’t hit me. I’m sorry. We didn’t know she was your sister. We apologize …"

"I’m sorry … I’m sorry …" Jiang Wu also vaguely for mercy
He Lianyin saw that they were all black and blue and could not bear to confess that "you hit my injured hand"
He moved with HeLianYin propaganda, however.
All eyes were cold and pulled over her, leaving a sentence in her suffocation: "Chen Xi went to the guidance office to help her ask for leave and I took her to see a doctor."
It’s still quiet around
If there is anything left, it will be like pumping.
This one
He Lianyin and He Lianyin became famous.
He Lianyin’s name is nothing more than lifting the peak color. He has always been personable and noble. He Lianyin actually started a fight and said such swearing-greeting his mother.
Funny thing is that it didn’t affect the prestige of He Lianyin. Compared with Yi Chen and Jiang Wu’s evil dramas, more people think that He Lianyin didn’t do anything wrong. His arrogance and domineering is to safeguard his sister’s belonging to the justice guard, which fully conforms to the romantic fantasy of boys and girls about hero idols.
For a long time afterwards, the students talked about the war situation that day, and they were lucky enough to witness that the students braved the worship of stars to regard him as a rare "beautiful angel"
桑拿会所And Hector even Yin identity also opened with the campus …
It turns out that HeLianYin is his sister …
Chapter 17 put on guard
Out of the classroom, He Lianyin didn’t take a leave of absence. He used to climb over the wall at ordinary times and forgot the patient.
It was not until he was stopped by the guard’s uncle that He Lianyin reacted like a rude awakening. He told his uncle for a long time that he always disagreed with the rules of famous schools and acted strictly according to the rules. If there was no note, he would not accept all special circumstances.
Perfect from ruin type
He Lianyin’s face sank and he was angry at his ability. He wanted to sneer at a few words and was stopped by He Lianyin.
Her unhurt hand and his slender five fingers were tightly twisted with the sun, and her white face was blurred. She whispered, "Forget it, don’t go to the hospital."
He Lianyin didn’t agree with his jaw stretched tightly and took a look at the guard uncle. He looked cold. "You wait here for me to go back and get a leave of absence."
He Lianyin’s eyes were worried and he said softly, "Brother, I’m really all right. It hurt a little when I hit it just now, but it doesn’t hurt now. I don’t think it’s a problem."
He Lianyin was blown to the head by this brother, as if his ear had a thunder, and all consciousness was blown to pieces and floating in chaos.
After a long time, he also calmed down the thunder in his heart like ripples in circles.
She admits that she loves him, and it is precisely because of this that he can’t allow her to make mistakes.
"Bone injury is serious. We must go to the hospital."
"I’m really all right. If you don’t trust me, I’ll go to the doctor’s office."
He took a tough line and ordered Hector even Yin to wait aside, while he turned and ran away.
Soon he brought a leave of absence, and dragged He Lianyin to the hospital all the way. When the bandage was removed, his wrist was swollen. The little ghost of He Lianyin cunningly stuffed a red envelope for the doctor and went to the registration waiting.
See wrist swollen HeLianYin also some worry about the first large-scale hospital, she seems a little confused, angels in white from the side in a hurry to let her see too much.
The doctor touched her bone carefully and asked, "Is it painful or sour?"
"A little" Hector even Yoon answered calmly.
"Preliminary determination of inflammation" The doctor put her handwritten case list and handed it to He Lianyin. "Let’s take a picture."
He Lianyin looked confused. Didn’t the doctor say he was inflamed? What do you want to shoot? How much will it cost?
Her thinking fell into the eyes of He Lianyin and became a coy teenager. She didn’t have the patience to take away her case list. "Why are you still sitting? Go to the studio. "
She should be together with He Lianyin and come to the studio.
filament lamp
Silver medical instruments seem lonely.
The doctor in a white coat told her to lie down until the machine light scanned her arm and was photographed.
Back to the orthopedic surgeon, he carefully looked at the film and mused, "It’s nothing serious. It’s just inflammation. Have an infusion bag or bottle?" Otherwise it hurts. "
How can two children know that this is a means of cheating money in the hospital? Seeing more and more tests, is it so serious that He Lianyin’s heart is getting more and more guilty? Have done so many tests.
He Lianyin hesitated a little, but he didn’t resist.
She knows that He Lianyin’s temper, according to the constellation analysis, belongs to the lion, which is very overbearing and masculine, and is also very good. If you listen to him, you can get back his sincerity and gentleness. Her brother is so kind to her, and she doesn’t want to provoke him. Let’s wait until the right time.
Then it’s infusion
The nurse hung the bottle on the silver hook.
The needle went into the back of HeLianYin’s hand.
Permeable liquid flows quietly in the infusion tube.
There is a long waiting chair with Hector Lian Yin alone, and she is resting with eyelashes hanging down.
He Lianyin went to get the medicine
When I came back, the sunset glow had turned red.
At the end of his line of sight, a girl quietly looked at the front as if sitting in the spring, petals alienated, temperament half squinting, snow-white clothes, and a faint smile on her mouth seemed to be casual but beautiful, which made people look away.
He Lianyin stupefied with the wind blowing his skirts, and the sky was blue outside the window, and the world was extremely moving.
His faint smile eyes were dye black with absence.
He sat beside her gently and opened a can of plaster. Even Yoon froze and grabbed his arm.
"Are you hurt?"
On that day, he smiled at her obsequiously, but the slight frown and the imperceptible stagnation in the smile showed that he also endured the pain.
At that moment, He Lianyin felt that he was like a lonely child who was on guard against loneliness. The energy was secretly accumulated with the years buried in the bottom of those evil eyes, and finally generate became strange and beautiful.
Her heart beat suddenly.

Song Qingcheng picked up Taotao and washed his hands.

The nurse just came back from chatting with someone on the fire escape. At this moment, she saw that the whole city of Song couldn’t help talking to the old man’s house and listening to the news of hexagrams. "Now, girls really need to watch out. Today, all the newspapers in Nancheng tell a story. A little girl in high school hooked up with the boss of a big company and even got pregnant, which is also a sin."
Through the door left unlocked, I heard the nurse talking. Song Qingcheng went to turn on the tap and moved it.
"Don’t the child’s parents care?" Grandma asked
"I think it’s not a serious family to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix these days." The nurse added, "The man is divorced and the children are very old. I heard that all have fiancee ready to remarry."
Grandma said, "That really shouldn’t be the case. A good couple shouldn’t get involved."
"Who said not? At what age, you should read your mind when you are seventeen. "
When the whole Song Dynasty washed the grapes and came out, the nursing staff had already eaten melons.
Grandma asked, "What did you want to say just now?"
"Nothing." Song Qingcheng smiled. "I just want to tell you that the grapes I bought today are imported and taste very good."
品茶论坛The nurse interjected "Granddaughter is really filial"
Grandma laughs
Then Song Qingcheng’s cell phone rang.
See to show that the whole Song Dynasty came out of the ward and went to a quiet corner to pick up the words.
Section 55
"Haven’t you had dinner yet?" Yu ting chuan yin lai
Song city well a gently.
At this time, she believed that it was true that they were getting married.
Some changes are still not suitable for her. Before the ice, Song Qingcheng casually asked, "Are you finished with your work?"
"Just finished the meeting preparation class"
The nurse in the aisle pushed the medicine cart past.
Yu Tingchuan asked, "No city star?"
"The hospital is with my grandmother"
"Which hospital?"
Song Qingcheng felt that there was no need to lie and truthfully said "City First People’s Hospital"
Yu Tingchuan said, "I used to pick you up for dinner."
"No" she refused.
When the words were exported, the whole Song Dynasty realized that it was too deliberate to return too quickly. "I have already bought a meal here to eat with my grandmother."
Yutingchuan didn’t say anything
Song Qingcheng held the finger of the mobile phone and clenched it slightly. "So … it’s nothing to hang up?"
"Let’s go eat."
Yu Tingchuan finished this sentence but didn’t hang up.
Song Qingcheng didn’t press the phone to stick his ears first. Listen, there’s a quiet tie. I’ll accompany my grandmother to eat at 7: 30 and I’ll wait for you in the inpatient building.
Back to the ward, grandma asked her who was calling
Song Qingcheng said he was a classmate.
Because of the words of the nurse, she couldn’t help Yu Tingchuan in front of her grandmother for the time being. Suddenly, she didn’t want her grandmother to have a bad impression on Yu Tingchuan because of those reports, and she didn’t want the old man to know that she was her granddaughter if she had no parents to take care of her children.
At 7: 10 pm, Song Qingcheng said goodbye to her grandmother and took the stairs.
As soon as she came out of the inpatient department, she saw the black Land Rover parked in front of the flower bed.
The comparison license plate is that of Yu Tingchuan.
Song Qingcheng began to slow down the small alarm clock in the ward and took out his mobile phone to watch it. It really hasn’t arrived at half past seven yet.
I walked over and found Yu Tingchuan in the car.
Drive the window down. He is smoking in his seat. He looks patient.

A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously

Now, Emperor Yu is incarnate, and four waves of water appear in all directions. Those four water waves are also the symbol of the perfection of Emperor Shun Han Hai Boxing. However, it is not so easy to realize the essence of Emperor Shun’s Juexue.
That’s …
A strange feeling welled up in my heart, unconsciously, Fang Yun has appeared in another strange place. And within the scope of his telepathy, impressively there is a spirit can’t penetrate into the box. Moreover, the restricted area is still very large.
wow! Water waves, Fang Yun shape a longitudinal, heavy water waves, toward the induction of flyby.
In the middle of the vast ocean, there is a dome-shaped space with a huge area.
In the dome-shaped space, it was dark. Through the darkness, you can see a stretch of primitive ridge. This huge ridge is very strange. Because the upper, lower and left sides of the ridge are all seawater. In other words, this dark ridge is actually suspended in the sea out of thin air.
In the middle of the dark ridge, a huge god, with eyes like lanterns, stubble beard and awkward muscles, lies quietly in the dark ridge. Its eyes are closed and motionless. And four bronze chains as thick as rivers locked its hands and feet respectively, and the ends of the chains were connected to the dome-shaped optical film and disappeared.
This is what Fang Yun saw when he arrive. Even though he was prepared and knew that it was extraordinary here, Fang Yun still felt an unparalleled shock when he really saw it.
Devil! Ancient fiend living real ancient fiend! !
Now that it has become a legend in ancient times, here is a living ancient fiend!
Fang Yun finally understood the meaning of eternal repression in the altar murals. San huang imperial edict, personally suppressed, is this ancient fiend!
Combined with the frescoes he saw before and the records in Modern Times, Fang Yun has almost understood the ins and outs of this place.
In the early days of ancient times, there was chaos. It was a time when many fiends ruled. These fiends can easily smash the stars three hundred thousand miles away, and can also easily pull up a mountain as a weapon.
Because of their bodies, they are very huge and strong.
Strong power, accompanied by strong self-esteem and desire. For fiends, the way to show their self-esteem and comfort their desires is to overthrow other fiends. So the ancient land, a war. The fiends’ terror destroyed the earth in ruins.
San huang was born, but it was after the fiends ruled the earth and chaos for a long time.
What is described in the murals is exactly what happened in the ancient mainland when san huang was born, fought in the north and south, and calmed down. At that time, many fiends were knocked down by san huang. And some powerful, refused to surrender, and hard to destroy the fiend strong, was sealed by san huang.
And this huge fiend sealed in the ridge, there is no doubt. It is such a fiend!
bang! Fang Yun took a long breath of cold, stupefied looking at the ancient fiend deep in the dark ridge ahead. This fiend’s body is covered with horrible scars, some of which are weapons and some are thunderous. There is no doubt that before the seal was here, this fiend also experienced war and was extremely strong.
In the small world of ancient times, there was such a living ancient fiend with a seal. Fang Yun didn’t know what it meant to the recent ancient times, whether it was Zongmen or the mainland.
Never suppress … no wonder to suppress forever! Such an ancient fiend was born, and I don’t know how big the waves will be!
Fang Yun look dignified.
The pattern of tigers eating dragons in the world is chaotic enough. If there is another ancient fiend, it is really finished. It is not a good thing for the cadres and the world.
Go in and have a look.
Fang Yun thoughtfully for a moment and immediately decided to enter this huge ridge comparable to De Huang.
The Universal Clock of Heaven and Earth can break all seals, but this one is banned by san huang’s seal fiend. Fang Yun also dare not careless, offering the universal clock of heaven and earth, and stepping into it. Then carefully into the black, huge dome ban.
Boo! Black covered the dome of the whole ridge, and a concave point was trapped, and then the universal clock of heaven and earth squeezed in little by little.
Master, this place, there are strange. I feel a lot of resistance!
Just go in, the voice of the universal clock of heaven and earth immediately sounded. Unlike imagined, this optical film is not just a thin layer, but extremely thick, at least tens of feet thick.