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I don’t know why these two aunts are cold. They think they have to ask when they look at others. They have to look at her.

The normal situation is this. The abnormal situation is that Shang Tang Lotus Children’s Shoes are calm enough, and it is so natural to be stared at by two snake diseases.
Shang Tang lotus good advice, why are you looking at me so much?
Crash, Shang Tang Lotus just sat up and the children’s shoes fell down again. This is simply a dialogue between gods. This Shang Tang Lotus is really interesting.
Gu Liang, with a round face, didn’t have the same idea as everyone. When I heard Shang Tang Lian ask this question, Ma couldn’t hide herself. We really admire you so much. You are so amazing that you can learn it in one year. Oh, my God, are you talking about a genius?
Shang Tang lotus smell speech is smiled without being confused by the roundfaced girl’s words, but said, Most of my classmates are better than me. I’m just lucky. It’s not worth your admiration for me. There is still a lack of genius in our school. You flatter me.
Shang Tang Lian said this from the bottom of her heart, and it is also Shang Tang Lian. If it were not for her previous life foundation or her previous life, Shang Tang Lian would not be able to achieve such a good exam result in one year, and her previous life knowledge was broader than that of the children. She was able to do so well by living a generation longer than others.
There are children in the place, and they are all downtoearth step by step. There are also many achievements. The exam is very good and there is no difference between Shang Tang Lotus. This is really amazing. This is the real thing.
Unlike Shang Tanglian, there is such a sharp weapon because of disadvantages.
The one next to the roundfaced girl said, That’s not the same. They are geniuses, so you are just a genius. It’s really amazing to get this result in one year, and I heard that you skipped the grade before. You are only 16 years old today, right?
Yes, but what’s the difference between this? The older we get, the smaller the age gap becomes. Shang Tang Lian said lightly. Suddenly, she was impatient. Who kept pulling hatred for herself, even though she meant it, she would be impatient.
The girl with a good round face and the girl with a cool face are estimated to have seen it. Instead of talking about the performance of Shang Tang Lotus, she is enthusiastic about Shang Tang Lotus. Shang Tang Lotus, you don’t know me yet. My name is Yan Xian. My name is Yan Color. Yan Xian is a woman who is leisurely and carefree. She is called Yan Xian.
My name is Tang Tiantian. Tang is a Tang poem. Sweet is sweet. Tang Tian said.
Some people couldn’t help laughing when they spoke. No wonder these two people became good friends as soon as they appeared. Just by listening to their names, they knew that it was easy for them to be named by their parents.
There is a boy who is bold enough to shout out directly, Haha, we also know that sugar is sweet. Don’t talk about it, Yan Xian. Well, don’t talk about it, we also know that salt is salty. He laughed again.
Everyone can’t help laughing when they smell it. These two names are really funny. One is Tang Tian and the other is Yan Xian. Everyone knows that sugar is sweet and salt is salty. At the beginning, their parents didn’t know how to name them.
Tang Tian and Yan Xian looked at each other without being angry, but blushed slightly. Then Yan Xian shouted at the boy who spoke, Yes, yes, not only you know, but we also know what this says, saying that our name is philosophical.
Yes, yes, Miss Yanxian said it was too philosophical. Oh, I knew your parents must be great men when I heard your name. Otherwise, how could I have such a philosophical name? I really admire it. The boy staggered with joy
Even the others couldn’t help laughing. At that time, the class atmosphere began to be active.
Everyone’s dissatisfaction with Yan Xian and Tang Tian has also dissipated. You will know that these two gu Liang are generous except for two points.
Even Shang Tang Liandu couldn’t help smiling with her lips. She had never heard such an interesting name. She had heard people call her a little red, a dog left with a flower and so on, but she had never heard such an interesting name.
It’s not at all vulgar to say dirt. Let’s say it’s nice. Well, it’s really nice, but it’s easy to think of him. I don’t know how these two parents came up with such an interesting name.
Shang Tang Lian is also impressed by the performance of Tang Tian and Yan Xian. The two girls are not angry because of others’ teasing. Their temperament is not bad.
Shang Tang Lian smiled at them. Tang Tian and Yan Xian, right? Nice to meet you. My name is Shang Tang Lian.
Seeing Shang Tanglian like this makes them feel better. They are all excited to reach out and shake hands with Shang Tanglian and sigh, Wow, Shang Tang Lotus, I think you not only have good grades, but also have beautiful skin. Your hands feel soft.
Shang Tang Lian saw that Yanxian had to talk for fear that she would say something else. By the way, do you know which base to go to? Shang Tang Lian Shi didn’t really want to know which base even if he changed the subject.
Shang Tanglian said that her voice is not big, and it doesn’t mean anything in her world, except that it means that you have a loud voice and need a loud voice to cover it up. What she really rely on is that imposing person.
Yanxian shook his head. This is not clear. This time we went to the base and heard that it was very confidential. No one could find out.
Tang Tian also said, Yes, we inquired about it before. I heard that it used to be the 217 base, but this time it seems that the place has changed and it is still very mysterious.
At this moment, the boy just spoke and came to Shang Tang to ask questions. The other party didn’t hear him, but he heard Tang Tian talking to Yan Xian.
So I heard him say to Tang Tian and Yan Xian, Tang Tian and Yan Xian, do you want to know which base we are going to today? Hey, hey, I really know that you want me to tell you, but you have to tell me if you have any brothers or sisters.:
Chapter 46 Funny than parents
Shang Tanglian’s wonderful idea. What is the swelling of this kind of thinking?
It is said that Shang Tanglian feels that she can’t do without these children. If you want to think about it, you can’t think of it.
There are good and bad things in real life once again. It is good to go back in time and keep the experience, which saves people a lot of time and life. The bad places are also obvious. Even if the appearance changes the heart or the imagination, it will not really start again. Rich thinking has been fixed by rules and regulations.
桑拿会所Tang Tian and Yan Xian were curious at first, but when they heard each other’s back words, both of them faded, and the same two people gave them a bad look with some anger.
The fact is not only that this boy heckled Shang Tanglian. I remember that this boy named Li Aibian and that boy named Sun Bo Li Ai finished speaking, and Sun Bo followed suit. Yes, yes, hurry up and tell me if there are any brothers and sisters named sugar salty or salt sweet or what sugar is too sweet and salt is too salty.

Tao zhi ling was dumbfounded, but she could also crustily skin of head and run after him.

"Hey, you are not very can play? Why not compete with them! " Tao Zhi Ling gasped as she ran, but she couldn’t remember how many years she hadn’t run like this.
Cai Tianqi didn’t good the spirit tunnel "please! Why do so many people fight? I’ve practiced my magic skill if I can’t win. This is the highest martial arts realm for martial arts learners! This time is the most appropriate. "
☆ Chapter 66 His first love
Run magic if you can’t win? Or the highest martial arts realm? What nonsense! However, no matter what, good men don’t suffer immediate losses. If they touch hard this time, maybe the final result will be to collect his body themselves.
After running for a long time, the gang stopped chasing them, and they stopped to breathe out. Tao Zhi Ling felt that her lungs were about to exhale.
Finally, I can stop. Cai Tianqi took it and added, "Momo Tao will accompany me to a place!"
"Where to?" Look at his sudden serious expression. Tao Zhi Ling swallowed nervously.
"You will know when you arrive!" Say that finish before TaoZhi twill have resistance Cai Tianqi a pull her forward.
He would ask himself to go back and get reinforcements, and then beat up those people just now. However, it was unexpected that he took himself to the box to sing and drink a lot of wine.
Is this man mad or not? Even now, you are still in the mood to sing?
"Hum hash quickly make nunchakus! Hum, hash, make nunchakus quickly. "
The tone is not voice heard TaoZhi ghatpot chicken skin all grow out, but he also thick-skinned tunnel "Momo peach I sing well! Applause quickly! "
Tao Zhi ling can only endure tunnel "please stop singing, will you sing so ugly that your fans won’t hear you?" I don’t even know how you won the prize for that song angel love last year? "
"haven’t you heard of spending money to buy a list? When recording, you need to find a better place. Andhadhun guarantees that crows can sing a heavenly voice. "
Tao Zhiling was startled. "What will you do if you want to sing live?"
"lip-synching asks you to walk around the stage alone-who cares if the sound is true or false?"
God! It seems that there are a lot of hypocrisy in this entertainment circle.
See her a face of incredible Cai Tianqi eyebrows suddenly interrupted a wrinkly "? Do you really believe that I am such a weak star? I’m kidding you. How could I be so poor? "
"But you sing really badly now!"
A listen to this Cai Tianqi eyes suddenly angry stare "dare I sing ugly? Then come and sing for me! I’ll beat you if I can’t sing well. "
Is this guy drunk? Why are you so unreasonable? It’s really crossed into the bone!
Tao Zhi Ling wanted to play devil’s advocate with him, but after thinking about it, he was in a bad mood today and didn’t care about it with him. He went over and picked up the phone and sang, "Accompany you to watch the meteor shower fall on my earth and make you cry on my shoulder."
"card! Who told you to sing this song for a change! The horse sings a song! "
Tao Zhi Ling gave him a look and thought about it, but she refrained from opening a song "You laugh at me for being stupid, and I admit that I have no talent for loving me".
"No, no, change another song!"
Take a deep breath Tao Zhi Ling suppressed her dissatisfaction and ordered another song, "It’s because I got into the play too deeply, but I ended up in the same place and I couldn’t change it. Who can understand how hurtful those vows are?"
"Kaka Kaka! I don’t like this song! "
"Hey!" Endure endure TaoZhi ghatpot a microphone to jilt to "you and I are a singer? Do you want to listen or not? " After that, she turned around and tried to grab the door, but Cai Tianqi pulled her back and said, "Are you angry so soon?"
Tao Zhi Ling didn’t give him a hard stare. Cai Tianqi handed a bottle of beer and said, "Don’t say so much about being brothers, just accompany me for two drinks."
"no! I won’t drink! "
"Don’t drink, just learn for me! Don’t forget that you are going to step into the entertainment circle in the future. How can you get along in this circle if you can’t drink? " Without saying anything, he stuffed the jar into Tao Zhi Ling’s hand. "Fuck!" Then he drank it in one gulp.
Tao Zhi ling gave him a plaintive look and finally closed his eyes and poured a glass of wine.
Wow! It tastes terrible! Bitter and astringent! I don’t know why these men love to drink this stuff so much!
"Ha ha ha! Not bad! " Cai Tianqi clapped her hands for joy and stuffed another can "come! Another drink! "
"Still coming?"
"Call you drink you drink! Cut the crap! "
Tao zhi ling saw his one eye and thought that he had helped himself and finally put his heart into a horizontal way "good! Drink and drink! " Say that finish grunted and dry a mouthful.
However, she couldn’t help but "wow" when she was only halfway through this can.
"Ha ha ha ha! Look at your poor capacity for liquor! " Cai Tianqi laughed and looked like a fool. There is no star to be graceful!
Tao Zhiling glared at him bitterly and was about to scold him back when he suddenly pulled his hand. His eyes were full of blurred tunnels. "Hehe, you’d better not make you angry again after me. Don’t be angry with me, okay?"
"Who is your dear? Don’t recognize your relatives here! " Tao Zhi Ling tried to push him away, but suddenly found that the light on Zhang Jun’s face actually had a "river flowing" footprint. Is that wine or tears?
At that time, Tao Zhi Ling was dumbfounded!
When the music is playing and the lights are shining, Cai Tianqi looks like a poor family.
Poor thing? Why did you suddenly think of such words to shape him? Even if he can’t die, ten thousand people hate Xiaoqiang, but I don’t know what this Xiaoqiang looks really pitiful, which makes people feel sad inexplicably.
Cai Tianqi didn’t seem to hear what she said just now, so she leaned her head against Tao Zhi’s shoulder.
"hey! You "this guy must be drunk by drinking to take advantage of yourself! No way.
At this time Cai Tianqi suddenly murmured tunnel "Wan Ting".
What? Wan Ting? Who’s Wan Ting? Is it his sweetheart seven years ago? After so many years, I didn’t expect him to forget that the infatuated man like him has long since become extinct. This is also a freak.
Suddenly TaoZhi ghatpot some to push him away.
Cai Tianqi gently raised his head and stared at her. At the moment, the distance between them was three or four centimeters, and Tao Zhi’s silk face warmed up as soon as it was brushed.
He doesn’t think of himself as his dream lover, does he? What does he want now?
When she became speechless, Cai Tianqi’s face suddenly got closer and closer. Poor Tao Zhi Ling had shrunk into the corner and could retreat and close her eyes in fear.
Section 3
Is he going to kiss me? What should I do now? Kick him away, but will it hurt his fragile heart?
What about when Wan Ting body double let him kiss himself?
桑拿☆, Chapter 67 Solitary men and few women coexist in one room.
No way! Boss, if you know, you have to pay him 1 million yourself!
What should we do? Is it kicking now? Still not kicking?
Brain instantaneous short circuit heartbeat also suddenly accelerated Cai Tianqi face indeed as expected closer together closer together but two lips almost touch a piece of time.
"Ah, I’m going to throw up!" He suddenly "wow" and spit it out!
Poor Tao Zhi Ling was stunned for a minute before she came to her senses. At this time, her body was already a filth vomited by Cai Tianqi.

Long time no see

At this time, the goodbye scene is somewhat embarrassing, but even so, Zhang Leran’s heart is full of joy and gratitude
Gao Shenran smiled Long time no see
Say that finish to Wang Yue huan three of them are partners since childhood, no reason cousin don’t know Zhang Leran.
It’s my eyes. Cousin looks a little strange.
Huan Jie
Zhang Leran called Wang Yuehuan a Huan elder sister, not young, but when three people played together since childhood, Wang Yuehuan was always very creative. That person showed respect and everyone was willing to call her a Huan elder sister.
This longlost name shows Wang Yuehuan’s spirit from the mouth of the man in front of him, and he is embarrassed to sip his lips.
Le Ran, long time no see
The women around Zhang Leran followed Zhang Leran from G city to D city for many years, and the years passed by their fingertips. She has heard more or less that Zhang Leran and Gao Shenran are comparable to stories, but they also have wonderful history.
After listening to her childhood friends, she later came to a key conclusion by her own speculation and psychosexuality. Wang Yue liked Zhang Leran, but Zhang Leran liked Gao Shenran.
So the three of them are doomed to be impossible to achieve a favorite couple.
What’s more, Wang Yuehuan got married early, Gao Shenran is getting married soon, and Zhang Leran’s side hinders him except his own heart.
She is much more at ease about this. She always thinks that sooner or later, he will turn around and find himself and discover her.
But when her mind was sharp, she suddenly felt that she had made a serious mistake. Wang Yuehuan secretly loved Gao Shenran without knowing it.
Gao Shenran noticed Wang Yuehuan’s eccentricity, but instead of poking him, he asked Zhang Leran politely about his marital status.
My name is Fang Qing Xiao Ran. Hello
Jessica Fong Ching was generous, but she didn’t answer from Congcong that she was Zhang Leran’s girlfriend. It was not good for her to offend Zhang Leran.
I heard that you are getting married. I don’t know if I am lucky enough to attend your wedding.
With Zhang Leran, his beloved married the groom, but it’s not the most painful thing for himit’s necessary to accompany her personally at this time.
Who knows Zhang Leran doesn’t appreciate a cold look? Jessica Fong Ching’s face is stiff and stiff with laughter.
Since you touched us to eat, have you eaten?
See you again after Wang Yuehuan broke the deadlock for many years. Zhang Leran is not as moved as he was when he was a child, but he feels at ease.
Probably because everyone grew up together and knew each other’s habits too well, but they felt like relatives that he was the kind of person who could give people strength and support.
Zhang Leran was driven out by his mother at noon to date Jessica Fong Ching. At three o’clock, he sat outside the cinema for a while, but he couldn’t reverse his emotions. He got up and left, but the ladder touched Gao Shenran.
Bad things turn into good things. He’s a little excited. No together?
Say that finish and tell Jessica Fong Ching to let her go first.
Gao Shenran stared in surprise and just wanted to say that she was not a girlfriend, but she just met someone new. Maybe in the future, their girls will become good friends.
But Jessica Fong Ching readily promised to block the original words.
Good Jessica Fong Ching smiled and promised to say goodbye to Wang Yuehuan and Gao Shenran in a particularly friendly way. Sister Xiao Ranhuan, we have a chance to see you again.
Gao Shenran
The biggest change of the three of them over the years may be Zhang Leran.
Wang Yuehuan didn’t speak, smiled and nodded Jessica Fong Ching.
Now that it’s a foregone conclusion, three people have found a place on the seventh floor to chat with each other. I haven’t seen you for years. Are you all right?
Thank you for voting, little angel. Why is there such an impulse to send Sister Huan and Brother Le Ran to the pile?
No is crazy
I’m nervous.
品茶论坛It was still a long time ago that Gao Shenran, the three of them, were all Wang Yuehuan’s penis.
Zhang Leran is gentle, kind and harmless. Gao Shenran’s cool words are not many, but he is very good at hitting the nail on the head, which often makes people angry and feel reasonable.
What Wang Yue can do to make friends with two people with such personalities is to welcome her to play the important role of balancing silence and chatter.
It’s still the same to see you again after many years. Setting up the identity of coordinator among Wang Yuehuan opened the topic for everyone.
Le Ran, how did you get to D city? I heard that G city is already a modest section chief. Why did you suddenly come to D city? Wang Yuehuan was curious about this.
Unlike Gao Shenran, who heard Zhang Leran personally say a long time ago that he would be transferred to D city after the eleventh, she had no idea about Zhang Leran’s many things.
Zhang Leran’s smile is as warm and gentle as it was many years ago, as if the other person was just cold and bored.
The class in our city has been three years.
When he answered, his eyes glanced at Gao Shenran.
Gao Shenran frowned, and Zhang Leran’s attitude made her feel a little sticky. She was already getting married, and two days after the wedding, didn’t he know?
And he knows that his cousin may have a crush on him regardless of the occasion. It is inappropriate for him to show his love for himself without hesitation.
Cousin, drink some peaches. Gao Shenran is getting closer to Wang Yuehuan. Some people are not only not enthusiastic but also a little indifferent to Zhang Leran.
Wang Yuehuan pursed her lips and smiled, You know me.
Gao Shenran laughed more heartily than her of course
What about you?
Obviously, Gao Shenran’s attitude towards Zhang Leran is a little cold and impolite, but the man is too difficult. Wang Yuehuan took the initiative to solve the embarrassment of not getting into the topic for him.
Zhang Leran’s eyebrow eye loss was so obvious that if it had been put aside many years ago, he would have been able to make Gao Shen move and sort out his own mistakes.
But now because of her decisive and neat personality, she really doesn’t like Zhang Leran, who is getting married. He seems to still have the feeling of Qian Qian.
It will make people misunderstand, and she is really, really annoying.
Zhang Leran took a sip of his lip. Remember?
No, it’s really answering Wang Yuehuan’s question, like asking two people and trying to make them feel the same as he did.
Gao Shenran’s heart breeds more impatient Wang Yuehuan, but secretly shakes her head. This girl is just too straighttempered and never knows how to detour with others.
Know the taste hasn’t changed
Wang Yuehuan rubbed her nose, and she was quite tired with Zhang Leran and Gao Shenran.

Small 2 at this time is careless, a pair of full sample also comforted her and said

Little madam, you can rest assured that Lu Shao will win.
Ten special forces can’t take the land, but there are four, although these four are quite strong:
Chapter 166 Beat the arch cabbage pig
Ten minutes later, all four people were lying down, and Lu Qing was still alive, but it seemed that he was barely hurt, and his eyes were like wolves. He stared at Jiu Ye intensely and said slowly.
Tao has always said that Nine Ye is very strong. Today I’d like to ask for advice \
Nine ye slow up didn’t look at him but look at the Qin Miao Miao light way
He’s going to challenge me. Do you think I’ll beat him half-disabled or disabled?
Qin Miao Miao resisted the urge to bowl. Why didn’t she see that her uncle was so bad?
Half-disabled or what?
She glanced at the angry Liu Qing also said a words slowly.
Uncle Jiu, he’s my husband. If you’re half disabled, I’ll be his crutch. If it’s disabled, I’ll watch him. Anyway, it’s up to you.
Nine ye fundus across a cold light.
You’re threatening me.
Qin Miaomiao bared his teeth and smiled brightly.
No, I don’t think losing is necessarily my husband.
After she said this, Lu Qing, who was furious to kill people, froze her. What did she just say?
All the anger was instantly extinguished, and he was ecstatic. Without thinking about it, he immediately walked quickly towards her and hugged her.
Baby, say what you just said again.
Ha. What did she say?
Recalling a cough and feeling embarrassed, I will never say it again.
She bit his ear and said
You’re stupid. You’re hurt like this. What if you fight with Uncle Jiu and get hurt again?
Lu Qing’s ears itch a little, and his heart itches more. Although it hurts a little, it makes him feel better. His kannika nimtragol finally knows that he is distressed.
No, your husband, I’m strong.
Cut a man’s self-esteem
Qin Miao Miao has smelled his blood and stared at those men. Those people are really cruel and don’t know to leave some hands.
Still lying down, second child, third child, fifth child, sixth child, broken heart, little ancestor, can’t you see that we are all lying down?
Don’t you see this broken arm and leg?
Qin Miao Miao single-handedly hugged his waist and a face of serious said to nine ye
Uncle Jiu is not allowed to fight today.
Oh, you feel bad for him, that’s even more important.
Chinese cabbage that has been raised for many years has been arched once, and now it is necessary to witness being arched for the second time. Jiu Ye said that he was very unhappy and looked at Lu Qing with a bad look.
Qin Miao Miao muttered
How can there be such a ninth uncle? You can’t take advantage of this.
Nine ye smiled, which seemed a little cold. This heartless Chinese cabbage actually helped an outsider, Lu Qing, straighten up and take a step forward, and restored the cold eyes with a little confident smile.
Since Uncle Jiu wants to fight, I will naturally play along.
You’re shameless. You followed Brocade to call Uncle Jiu so soon.
Nine ye skin to smile don’t smile to say
桑拿会所Don’t call me uncle. I’m not as big a nephew as you.
Since you are the husband and wife of Miao Miao’s uncle, you are always my uncle’s elder. Should you be polite or have it?

Hat trick

Bell scored a hat trick and fell behind three times, and Tottenham equalized three times.
"Bell, the great Welsh genius, scored twice in a hat trick against Lu Wenbin."
"this is a game in which Bell is famous in the world."
Indeed, if ex-Bell is a talented star of Tottenham Hotspur, the first hat-trick in the head-on confrontation of Inter Milan Lu Wenbin in the Champions League stage will probably make him a world-class star in Europe.
Bell was so excited that he couldn’t help rushing to the sidelines to celebrate with a passionate kneeling, and then he was crushed by his emotional teammates to celebrate.
It was not until the referee intervened that the Tottenham players ended. They celebrated their return to the field and continued their game.
Bell stimulated three times to fall behind three times to equalize the score, and Tottenham’s morale was greatly boosted.
They not only want to equalize, but also want to reverse the victory and take three points from Meazza Stadium.
品茶But Lu Wenbin soon let them know whose territory this is.
In the third minute, the morale was high. Tottenham attacked Lennon with a line pressure, but Sadie broke the ball.
The front of the forbidden area in Stafford got Sadie and kicked him to Lu Wenbin near the center line.
Lu Wenbin stuck his back to the attack direction behind him, and Janus, the midfielder of Tottenham Hotspur, stopped the ball, but his toes rolled the ball and picked it up and flew over his head and Janus’ head.
Then Lu Wenbin turned around and chased the ball from the other side with Janus on his own, crossed the middle line and killed Tottenham at half-time.
Janus was caught off guard by Lu Wenbin’s passing the ball. Before he finished turning around and began to chase, Lu Wenbin was already two or three meters away from him, and he couldn’t pull it.
Because of the attack of Tottenham Hotspur, two central defenders, Basson and Gallas, are not far from the center line. After passing Janus, Lu Wenbin has to face the defense of these two people.
Bassoon and Gallas retreat to defend and prepare to slow down Lu Wenbin and wait for his teammates to return to defense.
But Lu Wenbingen didn’t give them a chance to pass the ball directly from the two men and then try to speed up the sprint.
Bassoon and Gallas were frightened to death. The ball has rolled past them, but Lu Wenbin hasn’t passed yet.
Therefore, the two men leaned toward the middle one at the same time and wanted to pass the ball, but they stopped Lu Wenbin even if they stopped the foul.
However, Lu Wenbin reacted faster than them.
When two people are about to finish the door, Lu Wenbin also rushed to the front of two people, and three people severely bumped into each other.
However, Lu Wenbin, with his strong body, pushed aside Bassoon and Gallagher’s defense and abruptly squeezed past them.
Then Lu Wenbin threw off Bassoon and Gallas and got a single-pole chance to get a monthly ticket.
Chapter 4 Future Quantity
Lu Wenbin chased the ball outside the forbidden area after squeezing Basson and Gallagher to form a single knife.
Goalkeeper Gomez rushed out of the small forbidden area and formed a one-on-one confrontation with Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin took two steps to adjust the pace and the position of the ball, and then the line of the forbidden zone started to volley.
Gomez Buffon’s ability is still far from perfect.
Lu Wenbin kicked the ball and went straight to the far corner. Although Gomez fell, he didn’t touch the ball. He could twist his head and watch the ball go into the net from the dead corner of the goal in despair.
Lu Wenbin also scored a hat trick and had an assist to help Inter Milan take a 43-point lead at home again.
At last, the fans of Inter Milan can enjoy themselves. Inter Milan and Lu Wenbin cheered "Lulu Lulu" and shouted into the sky.
Bell scored a hat trick, which was very good, but obviously Lu Wenbin was better. He not only scored a hat trick, but also helped Eto ‘o score a goal to help Inter Milan lead Tottenham 43.
By this time, it was already the third minute, and what was left for Tottenham Hotspur?
Hope for victory
After Lu Wenbin scored, Mourinho changed two players, Cambiaso changed Eto ‘o to play double back, and then Materazzi changed Mai Kong to strengthen the wing defense.
The score fell behind Tottenham Hotspur again, and naturally he was unwilling to lose. In the next few minutes, he launched a crazy attack and tried to score another goal.
Bell also took his speed to the extreme and wanted to get a chance on the other side.
Materazzi is a little old, but he was physically worried and experienced just now.
There is also a substitute midfielder, Cambiaso Inter Milan’s defense strength has increased a lot
Gabel’s physical exertion is not small after running the whole race, and his control of the ball is not so precise.
Sometimes, although people broke Materazzi, the ball was too big to control and went straight out of the bottom line or was cleared by Cambiaso and Lucio.
Three minutes after stoppage time, the referee blew the whistle for the end of the game.
With Lu Wenbin’s hat trick and assists, Inter Milan beat Tottenham Hotspur 43 at home and scored three points to firmly secure the first position in Group A.
He also scored a hat trick but still lost. Bell akimbo Stadium looked depressed.
Tottenham teammates went to comfort him in the stands, and Tottenham fans also gave Bell a hand.
Lu Wenbin also took the initiative to shake hands with Bell and exchanged jerseys. However, his teammates went to the sidelines to celebrate the victory with Inter fans.
After the game, the process, score and result of the game quickly spread all over Europe and became the last game in the third round of the Champions League group stage.
Two hat-tricks in a game are rare, and it is an important game like the Champions League.
It’s not news that Lu Wenbin led his team to win with a hat trick, but it’s big news that Bell scored a hat trick in this game mainly by breaking through and winning, and he was not good at shooting.
Facing the super giants like Inter Milan and the world’s top defender Bell like Mai Kong, this game is world-class.
Although the team lost the game, Bell’s performance was praised by all the media and fans.
In the third round of the Champions League group stage, Inter Milan won 43 Tottenham Hotspur at home, and Lu Wenbin and Bell both scored hat tricks.
Inter Milan Hotspur Strong Dialogue Lu Wenbin Bell hat trick tit for tat.

"It’s okay to wean next month. It’s settled. Go and greet the guests with LaCrosse."

Lan Jingyi sat there staring straight at the master. Suddenly she smiled at Lome Wei’s child. She didn’t care whether she gave it to others or not. But she really didn’t trust her. She leaned over and picked up Xiao Qinyi. She stood firm and said, "Sir, you admit that I don’t have a small job, but my daughter must take me with me. I’ll go first." Holding Xiao Qinqin, she walked directly to Jiang Junyue’s master. If it was something else, she would really agree, but she wouldn’t agree to die.
"Live" master a cold drink with a dignified.
"Sir, unless you agree to take this child with me, I don’t need to stay." Lan Jingyi turned to be supercilious and insisted.
"What about Xiaoxi?"
"Xiaoxi, I can’t control it." Although she loves the child, the thought that the child is Jiang Junyue and Lomevi makes her heart ache. By the way, she has to find someone to ask why Lomevi will leave quietly and give Jiang Junyue the position of his fiancee to her.
At this moment, Lan Jingyi still feels strangely strong and possessive. Something must have happened just now. She just feels that everyone looks at her in a strange way, but she can’t figure out what it is.
"All right, then, let’s leave Xiaoxi here. It’s settled. Then you mustn’t regret it." The master smiled and believed that Jiang Han had just spoken. This woman didn’t know Xiaoxi was her son. I really don’t know how his grandson thought of this time, but he still kept it from Lan Jingyi. But one thing he admired was that this woman seemed to have a child who would rather not marry Jiang Gu. He liked it.
"Dad … Dad, Dad …" Watched Lan Jingyi holding Xiao Qinqin to leave Xiaoxi, shouting and shouting, and a little face turned red. "Flop" A little thing was so anxious that it tumbled. "Wow … Wow …" Even if it was normal, it didn’t cry much, but at the moment, the little thing just cried. One was painful, and the other was that it didn’t want Lan Jingyi and Xiao Qinqin to leave.
That crying tugged at Lan Jingyi’s heart was so painful that it stopped her. It was someone else’s child, but she couldn’t let go of Xiao Qinqin’s side. She quickly picked up Xiao Xi’s "good sister, don’t cry, come back to play with you."
Lan Jingyi coaxed Xiaodong Xijiang LaCrosse to be attracted by crying. What happened here just now? He has heard Jiang Han say that some things can’t be hidden anymore. "Does Yiyi want to know where our son is?" He asked softly, but Lan Jingyi turned his head so fast. "Where is he?" She is so eager to know that her son has been missing for more than a month, and more than 200 days and nights are neither too short nor too short, but they are full of her worries.
Jiang Junyue was about to speak. The master actually walked up to Lanjingyi and said lightly, "Give me Xiaoxi."
"Oh," Lan Jingyi was confused and handed Xiaoxi to the master’s family’s great-grandson, but she didn’t give birth to her. Is there any reason to hold this child for the master?
The little thing is very good. Don’t cry when someone hugs it. A pair of big eyes lie on the master’s shoulder and turn to look at Xiao Qinqin. Maybe it’s a twins. He has a special liking for Xiao Qinqin. "LaCrosse, I’m tired. Go back first. I’ll take this child back to my old house and the nanny will follow me."
"Grandpa, I’ll take the old child." Jiang Junyue just thought they were going to have a family reunion tonight. At the moment, the master said that he would take the child away, and he naturally didn’t want to.
"Why are you afraid that I will abuse him?"
"Grandpa is not, I am not worried about your health. Let the grandchild take it." Jiang Junyue followed the master as he walked to the hotel gate, pleading with him sometimes.
"If you are worried about me, go home and live with me and take care of it" but don’t want to see him again tonight.
"Grandpa …" Seeing that the master is out of the door, there are still so many guests behind him. Jiang Junyue’s mantra is that I really don’t want to give Xiaoxi to him. "Grandpa somehow shows Yiyi the child."
"It was she who agreed that the child wanted me to take her and said that she took Qinqin."
"Grandpa, she didn’t know that Xiaoxi was born to her. If she knew that she must loathe to give up the child, she was stolen by Luo. Grandpa, you …"
"Come on, don’t say goodbye to a woman’s mother-in-law. If you really want her to live with Xiaoxi, just bring her back together."
"Grandpa …" Jiang Junyue is really don’t want to go back to my old house, and I don’t want to be luxurious again.
But the master has been surrounded by two servants and walked briskly, and his bones seem to have improved a lot.
"Tilt …" Lan Jingyi held Qinqin and chased him up. "Tilt our son?" Just now, Xiaoqinqin peed, and she was late.
Jiang Junyue watched Lan Jingyi look forward to his eyes. At this moment, he never regretted it. He should have told her the fact that Xiaoxi was their son, but in order to give her a surprise result …
"Is there any news about the dumping …?" Lan Jingyi tried to ask out that his eyes were all eager to know the news, so he couldn’t help feeling distressed. With a gentle hug, he put his arms around Lan Jingyi’s daughter. "There will be news in the day." This night, he didn’t want to go back to his old house, so let him and her spend the night alone. It was inconvenient to go back there. He really didn’t like it.
"really?" Lanjingyi slightly lift up your little face and asked excitedly.
"Really" how could he have the heart to deceive her when he saw her with such a look? The day came to tell the whole story. "Come on, I’ll meet another guest and then we’ll leave."
"Good" Lan Jingyi smiled. Although the engagement party finally turned out to be her and him, she still didn’t like such an occasion. She would rather hold Xiao Qinqin to the corner of people. She likes quiet.
A family of three went back to the hotel lobby and looked at Lan Jingyi holding Xiao Qinqin and Jiang Junyue together. Liu Wentao quietly tossed the wine in his glass. At this moment, his heart could not say a kind of taste, which was particularly uncomfortable.
"Would Wen Tao like a toast?" Devoted to light snow smiled and handed Liu Wentao a glass of wine. Looking at the wine, Liu Wentao took it without thinking.
"Ha ha regret it? Who told you not to cherish when you are with her? Liu Wentao, you are such a fool. You are no longer in my heart, but you still can’t let her love you. Do you love you or not? You prefer fools. "There seems to be some drunkenness, strangeness, light snow, and some incoherent whispers pointing at his nose.
The stupidest thing is that I have been husband and wife with her twice, but I have done nothing. He never kissed Lan Jingyi once.
Another glass of wine fell, but he didn’t drink enough and waved to the waiter not far away. "Wine …"
"Wentao, you’re drunk." Mo Xiaoxue helped Liu Wentao shake slightly. No matter how much he treats her, she still loves him. Even though abigail is more handsome and richer than him, she still can’t forget Liu Wentao. Does she owe him? So this generation is coming to pay him back.
"I’m not drunk, you go away." Liu Wentao waved his arms and devoted himself to light snow and had to let him go.
"All right, I’ll go Liu Wentao, and I’ll tell you that you will definitely find me tonight." I’m sure that when I finish, I will walk away in high heels with a pair of eyes full of amorous feelings, but the man who is really drunk doesn’t even look at her.
Jiang Junyue met with a senior city official again. After that, he turned around and called the MC, gave a few simple instructions, and then went directly to Lan Jingyi. "Let’s go," Lan Jingyi said. All the children gave birth to him and got engaged. This wife Jiang Junyue called it naturally.
Lan Jingyi didn’t say anything. There were many people watching Jiang Junyue in public. She didn’t want him to be embarrassed in such an occasion. But at this time, he was a’ wife’. She sounded really ironic. The Jiang family didn’t approve of her. "Let’s go." As he quietly left from the side door, the hall was still full of excitement. "How about dumping?" It’s a little bad that the host and the host sneaked away without greeting the guests.
Chapter 11 Let it go.
"It’s okay. I’ve already told the MC that he’ll take care of it. Let’s go home."
It’s good to go home. Lan Jingyi still didn’t say anything. He just hugged Xiao Qinqin and drove directly to the small apartment.
After driving for a while, Xiao Qinqin fell asleep. Lan Jingyi asked Jiang Junyue lightly. "Grandpa said that your engagement with me was a rescue. Tell me what happened to Lomewei? What will suddenly leave? " Jiang’s family doesn’t like her. She knows it’s just an engagement. It’s definitely not a simple matter for Lan Jingyi to enter Jiang’s family. She will have a long, long road ahead.
Jiang Junyue grabbed the co-pilot Lan Jingyi and her daughter in one hand. "She is her, you are you, you don’t care about her, you have to remember that you are my fiancee now and my wife in the future."
"Be gentle, don’t wake up the child." When he hugged her with great strength and leaned toward him, the child leaned toward her arms. At this time, the family of three was so close that Lan Jingyi was sweet.
Well, if he doesn’t let her take care of Lome Wei, then she doesn’t care whether the man is a man or a woman or a woman. Let the man worry about things, but there are some things she is still worried about, "Don’t you ask me why I left you in the first place?"
The word "know" should be lightly answered. He hugged her with one hand and tightened his strength.
"That you are not afraid of? Aren’t you afraid that someone will do you harm? And my mom. Oh, my God, is something going to happen to my mom now? Will someone do something to her? "
"Ha ha no" Jiang Junyue smiled and said with certainty.
桑拿网"Don’t worry, Aunt Qing really won’t have a thing, you won’t have a thing, I won’t have a thing, and our children won’t have a thing. It’s good to forget that thing from now on."
Lan Jingyi suddenly realized, "It’s Lomevi, isn’t it?" At this time, she realized that Lome Wei was the one who threatened her more than her mother, and she was spilled with paint to make herself diarrhea, but it was wrong. Lome Wei would even do it to herself and her mother, but what about Jiang Junyue?
"Sort of. It’s all over." Jiang Junyue concluded this sentence. He wanted to reassure Lan Jingyi, otherwise she would be in a bad mood all day long, and her good mood would also affect him, wouldn’t it?
"But tell me what caused you to have an accident?" Lan Jingyi broke Jiang Junyue’s arm, sat up straight, turned to look straight at his side face, and she decided to leave him because she was afraid that he would be in danger.
Jiang Junyue lips slightly sip face slightly dark to the reason he didn’t say?
"It was an accident. I accidentally hit someone else’s car while driving. Forget it. Just come home with me."
He still asked her to go home with him, but do they really have a future? Grandpa is so opposed to He Ling, and so is Jiang’s family. No one except Jiang Junjian is friendly to her.
Quietly thinking about what happened this night, Lan Jingyi seemed to be still in a dream, and those who were not real at all seemed to be "leaning …"
"After that, we will never be apart again, okay?" It’s good to have him. He will solve everything for her. When everything suddenly becomes clear, her heart finally settles down, but it’s still a pain in her heart.
"Will dumping innocence give me news?" When I think of it, I think of Xiaoxi. Although Jiang Junyue finally chose to get engaged to her, the child was him and Lomevi. This is a thorn in her heart. It hurts her, but I don’t know how to get him to help me pull it out.

Now Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun have to deal with not only Han Qingshan but also so many enemies.

I can’t help but look up and stare at Ye Xiangyuan tightly.
He also stared at me and suddenly reminded me of his lips. "Baby, you have to take an adventure with me again this time."
I put my arm around his neck and smiled at him "I do"
He gently stroked my face. "This time it’s more dangerous than ever, but I know that even if I let you go back to the imperial city, you won’t agree to take you with me."
I went to kiss his lip. "Well, you really know me."
He and my forehead are deep against each other, and there is a little light in his black eyes. "If I am still reluctant to part with you when the time comes, will you listen to me?"
I looked at him without saying anything.
He kissed my face. "Will you listen?"
Somehow my tears fell from the corner of my eyes.
I shook my head desperately.
His voice became deeper and softer. "I promise I will do my best to keep myself safe, but if I don’t keep my promise, you should be good."
I don’t talk, I hold his waist tightly and still shake my head.
He hugged my face and coaxed me into saying, "Xiao Chen still needs you."
I choked, "He needs you, too."
He was silent to hold me tight.
After a long time, he sighed "fool" in his eyes.
I brushed his shoulder, but I didn’t intend to change my mind.
On this trip to Mojiang, I know that there are many dangers and it is likely to kill me.
But I have decided to go to hell with him.
Yu Xiaochen
I’m really sorry to lose him like this.
But if Ye Xiangyuan falls in front of me, I think I will lose control of my emotions and will definitely die with him.
I couldn’t help sobbing in my arms.
I can’t bear to part with either of them.
I can now pray that Ye Xiangyuan will have a good accident.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me to my leg and kissed my forehead without saying much.
I think he must understand my determination and mood.
But I also know that he doesn’t agree with me by not persuading me not to stop me.
But that he has other ideas.
Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but grab his sleeve. "Ah Yuan, don’t lose me."
He didn’t answer, bowed his head and kissed me deeply.
He didn’t stick to my lip until it was over and said "good" in a low voice.
I was not relieved to get his promise.
Although he promised to do it, I can blame him for breaking his promise even if he pushes me away.
In order not to let myself think again, I changed the subject and said, "Ah Yuan, I met my fourth uncle and he gave me a gift."
It suddenly occurred to me that the box given by my fourth uncle seemed to be taken to the front room by me.
Later, I was taken away by Han Qingshan and the box was left behind.
I suddenly became anxious.
桑拿会所Anyway, it was Grandpa Ye who gave the gift. Before he was determined whether he was an enemy or a friend, he was a relative of Ye Xiangyuan. How could I lose the gift so carelessly?
I was annoyed that Ye Xiangyuan suddenly handed me a box saying, "Is this it?"
I looked at him in surprise.
He explained, "It was sent by Asun."
I didn’t expect Lu Xun to be so considerate and observant
When I took over, I opened the box and showed the contents to Ye Xiangyuan. "Fourth Uncle said grandma gave it to him."
Hear my grandma Ye Xiangyuan’s eyes dim.
He stared at the pile of candy paper and the pair of anklets for a long time.
Section 367
I quietly look at his look.
His face is a little tense, but there is nothing else. Don’t finish the reaction and you can’t see the laughter.
I dare not disturb him either.
After a moment, he gently box way "since it’s for you, take it."
I watched him carefully and said, "Why don’t I return it to my fourth uncle?"

"Company" Han Shao said calmly.

"Wocao not to say that at three o’ clock to sin night together? I’m here. "Yu Yuting frowned.
"Ha ha" Han Shao smiled twice. "Those two cowards dare not go. Why did I go?"
Yu Yuting "…"
But it’s a pity that he came and left, so he said, "Come and I’ll practice with you. It’s just that we haven’t had a drink together for a long time."
Who knows …
"You let me go, I will go to you. Who are you?"
桑拿  title=Yu Yuting "…"
After a while
"Ah, you really don’t come to me, but find out something to share with you. How about the elder brothers?
Sample elder brothers be loved, stay up late last night to help you check "Yu Yuting said.
There was a silence for a few seconds "waiting for the horse to arrive"
After hanging up, Yu Yuting was in a good mood and sent a text message in the "ambush" group, "Who is coming on the night of sin?" I want some wine. "
Yan Nansheng "Who are there?"
Yu Yuting’s "Me and Ah Shu"
Yan Nansheng "I won’t go without my sister!"
Yu Yuting "…"
At this time, Han sent a message, "Isn’t the proprietress a sister?"
Yan Nansheng "@ Lu Ziheng"
Lu Ziheng "…"
Before class, Gao Xiaoxiao just sent the plan to Liu Jingliu and received a text message from Han Wei, "My wife, I’ll have someone pick you up today."
"Good" she didn’t think much about it when he was too busy to catch up.
At 5: 30, Gao Xiaoxiao packed her things and walked out of the company gate with Chang Huanyan.
When the ladder arrived, they just walked in and heard a familiar woman’s voice "wait a minute, please wait a minute" behind them.
Uh … It’s Jiang Chuhui again.
Chang Huan Yan used to press the door as soon as he reached out his hand at the sound.
Gao Xiaoxiao was embarrassed, and then he saw Jiang Chuhui break in through the cracks and said to them with a smile, "That was a close call."
Chang Huan Yan angrily left the pie mouth without speaking.
"Xiaoxiao’ er" Jiang Chuhui gathered around her and asked eagerly, "How did Yu always reply to your message?"
Gao Xiaoxiao said kindly, "I asked him, but he couldn’t remember, so …"
"…" Jiang Chuhui face a little embarrassed can’t remember? It’s only been less than a day
She thought about it and said, "So … Xiaoxiao, are there any other single men with better conditions around you?"
Gao Xiaoxiao nai pulled his lips and looked at Chang Huanyan’s consciousness.
Chang Huanyan said, "Just say it. What do you want?"
"Conditions?" Jiang Chuhui blinked and immediately said, "There is nothing particularly demanding. It is better to earn more than me and have a house and a car."
"Well," Chang Huanyan nodded, "I know a few, but they are all older. Can you accept them?"
"No age is not a problem, but it’s better not to be too different."
"Well," Chang Huanyan picked his eyebrows, "then there’s nothing I can do. I know those men who are almost fifty years old and almost all divorced. The daughter is estimated to be almost two years old, but it’s really rich and meets your requirements. What do you think?"
Jiang Chuhui’s face turned ugly at once. "What do you mean by Huanyan?"
"It doesn’t mean anything. Didn’t you want us to introduce you? Why did you lose your temper when I told you this well?" Chang Huan Yan Yan Yan said
"You …" Jiang Chuhui bit her lip. "I’m looking for a mother who is my age and can be my father in her fifties. Do you think it’s appropriate?"
Chang Huan Yan smiled. "How do I know if it’s appropriate? But just now, it seems that I just want to find a rich man with the existing money. I’m so old, and I’m telling you the truth."
When the ladder arrived at the beginning of Jiang, Hui rushed out without calling.
Chang Huanyan sneered and said, "To deal with this kind of woman, you have to be so eager to introduce rich men to you every day. Do you want me to give her face?"
Gao Xiaoxiao was a little embarrassed and said, "Huan Yan, everyone is a colleague, and then I looked up and saw you …"
"What am I afraid of, Xiao Shou or her company? If you dare to trip me up behind my back, I will let Xiao Shou let her go!" Chang Huan Yan is unusually free and easy and said
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
I didn’t know I was going to a bar until I took Yang Ou’s car.
The bar is a little far from the city center, and there are no buildings around Fiona Fang. The dark outside still looks scary. If the driver is an acquaintance, Gao Xiaoxiao would have kidnapped it.
"Madam, please rest assured that it will arrive soon." Yang Ou may also see that she is worried about being busy and explained.
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled and took out his mobile phone to call his son. "Xiaobai, are you at grandma’s house?"
"Well, Uncle Xiao Yang sent me here and is now preparing for dinner." Gao Xiaobai said angrily.