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The attack on Changsheng Genoa Airport became the focus of Italian media coverage that afternoon.

Violent attacks on football coaches, and it’s in public.
This shocked Italian football.
Soccer people have issued condemnation of nonindoctrination.
Even Lian Ping and Chang Sheng don’t deal with AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus … Even the Rome club has come out to talk about Chang Sheng.
Adriano Galliani, vice president of AC Milan Club, said, … this is a very bad criminal incident! Today, such a frenzied event happened in Italy! This is simply a shame for Italian football!
Roma coach Claudio Ranieri The football field confrontation can’t be solved in such a bad way! We must strongly condemn this kind of violence!
President of Inter Milan Moratti I’m sorry to see such a thing … it’s always right for Lazio to fight against extreme fans. If a team wants to make great progress, it has to throw away those bad things. It’s also necessary for a league to develop healthily …
I’m shocked! If we put up with such things, who will dare to say anything about purifying the football environment after that? This kind of crime must be severely cracked down!
Even the media always wins this time.
Gazzetta dello Sport is also always better at talking.
Of course, Pacheco kept silent …
Soon, not only the Italian media but also the whole European media paid attention to this matter.
Changsheng is not a pawn, and his influence in European football is increasing day by day, which is very important.
He is a coach who can win the championship and his football is very good.
Everyone knows that he is deeply appreciated by UEFA President Platini.
Nowadays, this young coach almost died on the away road!
This is not bad?
European football is all fried.
The major media articles lashed out at the incorrigible.
At the same time, it also criticized the Italian football environment by drawing down the unruly football hooliganism.
Many media have expressed that Italy has always been unable to get worse and worse for so many years.
Because there are too many such violent incidents.
What will be vertical?
People who are injured and killed are fans.
It’s different now. The injured and dead people may be the head coaches, general managers and presidents of all Serie A teams!
This is what they did to the fans’ riots and the violent incidents of football hooligans, which led to today’s incident.
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) specially made a special program to talk about this matter. They extended from the attack on the winning team to talk about the difficulties faced by Italian football and the solutions.
Of course, in the end, the British did not forget to laugh at an Italian.
The guests spread out their hands and said, We have said so much, and we all know that Italy will definitely not change … If it did, they would have changed! If we can change them, they are not Italy …
Platini also personally expressed his concern about this matter, and said in an interview with reporters, I am glad that I have not been injured often, otherwise it would not be the loss of Lazio fans, but also the loss of Italian football and European football! We hope that Italy can investigate this matter …
This overwhelming public opinion offensive has a feeling of dark clouds pressing the city.
Of course, this feeling belongs to the nonindoctrination school.
In fact, Toflo had heard the news long before the media condemned the incorrigible faction.
So he called all the managers to the headquarters for a meeting to discuss countermeasures.
The media have begun to condemn them.
However, what the media condemns? Everyone usually sees it too much and is not too relieved.
Toflo didn’t think it was good because he smelled danger.
Just like when the storm and rain are coming, there will be a little earthy smell in the air.
He asked his assistant Albiti, Let’s ignore the media reaction. We can go to Senator Alberto and he should try to help us …
Just then, another assistant, Pixiteli, came in, still holding a mobile phone in his hand.
Seeing him come in, everyone turned their attention to him.
Pity terry looked at the inside face some … Not so good.
What’s the matter? Toflo asked.
Pixiteli hesitated. General … I just got a message from Congressman Alberto that he …
He was suddenly speechless because he didn’t know how to tell the boss …
Come on, what happened to him?
约茶Tophro waved some impatiently.
Pixiteli swallowed water and began to say, Congressman Alberto, he … he asked us to solve this problem ourselves …
He didn’t go on because his face was wrong when he saw the boss.
The general fell silent.
Then, shaking his hands, he took off his nose bridge eyes and whispered, The regional commander stays with him … and goes out.
His tone is very calm.
People in the office looked at each other in succession, and many people opened the door and went out.
In the end, there were twelve people left in the office, and two of them were Toflo’s deputies, Albiti and Pixitri.
Everyone has gone out and the door is closed.
Tophro chair looked up at the group of middle managers and senior managers in front of him.
Many of them look grim.
Because the general did not fly into a rage after hearing the news, but his tone was unexpectedly calm.
What does this say?
This often says that the general is out of anger!
It’s before the storm, and it’s bound to be a storm!
Sure enough, Toflo broke out behind the door.
Alberto that old bastard abandoned us! Damn it! Do you realize the seriousness of the problem now? Attack often? Whose fucking idea was this? ! Do I have such an order? ! Did I? ? Find someone to attack that China at this time? Your brains are full of shit! This is not to give them a fucking chance! Asshole! Damn bastard!
Albiti had to interrupt Toflo’s words. The general may not be one of us. They planted us …

Otherwise, what would you do? Besides, you don’t know what kind of person your son is, Shao Qian said.

In that case, why are you being secretive and asking Xuan Xuan not to tell Xiao Ge that your brain was squeezed by the door? Looking at one side, Qiao Yueshan tried his best to wink at Shao Qian.
It’s not crowded. Shao Qian put a piece of pork ribs in Gu Ge’s bowl. It tastes good for my wife.
I just have to do it myself, Gu Ge said lightly.
You eat first, I’ll see if Xuanxuan wants to add rice. Then Qiao Yueshan got up and walked away.
Sitting there, Shao Qian took Gu singer’s chopsticks, then held her hand with both hands and looked at her with eyes fixed. Wife, do you believe me?
Just looked at him for a long time didn’t speak Gu Ge is nodded his head.
I knew my wife was the best. Then Shao Qian kissed her heavily on the forehead and handed her chopsticks again. Come and eat quickly.
I picked up chopsticks and ate it silently, but for the first time I felt what it meant to eat something that I didn’t know the taste, but I couldn’t feel a little taste when I chewed it in my mouth.
Wife, I accompany you shopping, ok? Shao Qian asked, looking at her.
What do you want to buy? Without looking up, Gu Ge asked lightly.
I’m going to clean up a nursery, and now it’s time to start preparing. It’s quite solid when I look at it, that is, it will pass in the blink of an eye, Shao Qian said
Well gu song nodded his head.
By the way, I heard that there is a new movie in the cinema tonight. How about going to see a movie after dinner? What kind of movie do you like?
No, I’m a little tired. I want to go back to sleep after dinner, Gu Ge said.
You’re still angry with me, aren’t you? Shao Qian looked at her and said, That woman named Lisa was my classmate when I was studying A in the United States. We haven’t seen her since I left the United States. I’ll introduce you to her some other day. She is a bit like Xin Tian.
Swallow the last bite of rice in the bowl. I’m full, you eat slowly. Then she turned and left.
Wait until Gu Ge left Qiao Yueshan and pulled open the door and came out. According to Shao Qian’s back, it was a hard slap. What did you say about your dead child? Tell me the truth. What did you do that day? Why did Xuan Xuan see it?
Mom even you don’t believe me Shao Qian frowned.
Then you say what did you do? Qiao Yueshan looked at him.
We had dinner together that day and then she accidentally sprained her foot on the steps, so I gave her a hand. Who knows how it happened that Xuanxuan saw it? Shao Qian said that she just didn’t swear.
You guys don’t let me worry about it one by one. Stop eating and go and have a look. Xiao Ge is pregnant now, and it’s time to be paranoid. Don’t let her feel any pressure, Qiao Yueshan said
Know and Shao Qian got up and went out.
In the living room, Gu Ge is watching a variety show in which people burst into laughter, but her face has no expression at all. If she doesn’t feel anything in her heart, it must be a lie. Even though there are more waves in her heart, her face is still light.
Does the wife eat fruit? How about I get you a fruit salad? Shao Qian, sitting next to her, asked with a flattering face, putting his arm around her shoulder.
You go to work, I’ll go to bed as soon as I see it, Gu Ge said. Don’t worry, I’m really not angry with you, I just want to sit alone.
Look at her, Shao Qian holds her face in both hands. If you are really not angry, smile for your husband.
Stop it. Get his hand off Gu Ge. I’m really not in the mood.
Every day, I say that I am narrowminded. I think you are narrowminded. Well, I swear that I will never see her again. Will all female creatures eliminate me one meter away from now on? Shao Qian vowed.
Come on, little poor. Gu Ge barely squeezed out a smile. I’ll take a shower first. You can take Xuanxuan later.
Well, you don’t care about the smelly little things. Looking at her, Shao Qian immediately followed up, encircling her waist and lips from behind and bringing thick heat to her ear. Do you want me to help you wash it?
Don’t Gu Ge shook his head.
Alas, I’m really disappointed to see the beauty coming out of the bath. It seems to be disappointing again, said Shao Qian and shook his head.
See his one eye Gu Ge turned to the floor.
Finger pressed between the eyebrows Shao Qiannai sighed, alas, it was really old, and even the man’s plan was gone. He took a look at the floor and sat down on the sofa. Forget it. It’s time to clear up.
The next Saturday, Shao Huaxuan got up early in the morning because Cheng Qianqian was going to participate in the competition. After getting dressed, he knocked on Gu Ge’s door. Mom is up.
桑拿网Smelly little what are you yelling about? Your mother hasn’t woken up yet. Come here. Shao Qian quickly came over and put a hand over his mouth.
Dad, did you make mom angry last night? Shao Qian Shao Huaxuan asked, looking at coming out of the room.
Do you know that you have finished washing more? Shao Qian asked.
Well, I have to hurry or I won’t be able to come later, Shao Huaxuan said.

I don’t know why these two aunts are cold. They think they have to ask when they look at others. They have to look at her.

The normal situation is this. The abnormal situation is that Shang Tang Lotus Children’s Shoes are calm enough, and it is so natural to be stared at by two snake diseases.
Shang Tang lotus good advice, why are you looking at me so much?
Crash, Shang Tang Lotus just sat up and the children’s shoes fell down again. This is simply a dialogue between gods. This Shang Tang Lotus is really interesting.
Gu Liang, with a round face, didn’t have the same idea as everyone. When I heard Shang Tang Lian ask this question, Ma couldn’t hide herself. We really admire you so much. You are so amazing that you can learn it in one year. Oh, my God, are you talking about a genius?
Shang Tang lotus smell speech is smiled without being confused by the roundfaced girl’s words, but said, Most of my classmates are better than me. I’m just lucky. It’s not worth your admiration for me. There is still a lack of genius in our school. You flatter me.
Shang Tang Lian said this from the bottom of her heart, and it is also Shang Tang Lian. If it were not for her previous life foundation or her previous life, Shang Tang Lian would not be able to achieve such a good exam result in one year, and her previous life knowledge was broader than that of the children. She was able to do so well by living a generation longer than others.
There are children in the place, and they are all downtoearth step by step. There are also many achievements. The exam is very good and there is no difference between Shang Tang Lotus. This is really amazing. This is the real thing.
Unlike Shang Tanglian, there is such a sharp weapon because of disadvantages.
The one next to the roundfaced girl said, That’s not the same. They are geniuses, so you are just a genius. It’s really amazing to get this result in one year, and I heard that you skipped the grade before. You are only 16 years old today, right?
Yes, but what’s the difference between this? The older we get, the smaller the age gap becomes. Shang Tang Lian said lightly. Suddenly, she was impatient. Who kept pulling hatred for herself, even though she meant it, she would be impatient.
The girl with a good round face and the girl with a cool face are estimated to have seen it. Instead of talking about the performance of Shang Tang Lotus, she is enthusiastic about Shang Tang Lotus. Shang Tang Lotus, you don’t know me yet. My name is Yan Xian. My name is Yan Color. Yan Xian is a woman who is leisurely and carefree. She is called Yan Xian.
My name is Tang Tiantian. Tang is a Tang poem. Sweet is sweet. Tang Tian said.
Some people couldn’t help laughing when they spoke. No wonder these two people became good friends as soon as they appeared. Just by listening to their names, they knew that it was easy for them to be named by their parents.
There is a boy who is bold enough to shout out directly, Haha, we also know that sugar is sweet. Don’t talk about it, Yan Xian. Well, don’t talk about it, we also know that salt is salty. He laughed again.
Everyone can’t help laughing when they smell it. These two names are really funny. One is Tang Tian and the other is Yan Xian. Everyone knows that sugar is sweet and salt is salty. At the beginning, their parents didn’t know how to name them.
Tang Tian and Yan Xian looked at each other without being angry, but blushed slightly. Then Yan Xian shouted at the boy who spoke, Yes, yes, not only you know, but we also know what this says, saying that our name is philosophical.
Yes, yes, Miss Yanxian said it was too philosophical. Oh, I knew your parents must be great men when I heard your name. Otherwise, how could I have such a philosophical name? I really admire it. The boy staggered with joy
Even the others couldn’t help laughing. At that time, the class atmosphere began to be active.
Everyone’s dissatisfaction with Yan Xian and Tang Tian has also dissipated. You will know that these two gu Liang are generous except for two points.
Even Shang Tang Liandu couldn’t help smiling with her lips. She had never heard such an interesting name. She had heard people call her a little red, a dog left with a flower and so on, but she had never heard such an interesting name.
It’s not at all vulgar to say dirt. Let’s say it’s nice. Well, it’s really nice, but it’s easy to think of him. I don’t know how these two parents came up with such an interesting name.
Shang Tang Lian is also impressed by the performance of Tang Tian and Yan Xian. The two girls are not angry because of others’ teasing. Their temperament is not bad.
Shang Tang Lian smiled at them. Tang Tian and Yan Xian, right? Nice to meet you. My name is Shang Tang Lian.
Seeing Shang Tanglian like this makes them feel better. They are all excited to reach out and shake hands with Shang Tanglian and sigh, Wow, Shang Tang Lotus, I think you not only have good grades, but also have beautiful skin. Your hands feel soft.
Shang Tang Lian saw that Yanxian had to talk for fear that she would say something else. By the way, do you know which base to go to? Shang Tang Lian Shi didn’t really want to know which base even if he changed the subject.
Shang Tanglian said that her voice is not big, and it doesn’t mean anything in her world, except that it means that you have a loud voice and need a loud voice to cover it up. What she really rely on is that imposing person.
Yanxian shook his head. This is not clear. This time we went to the base and heard that it was very confidential. No one could find out.
Tang Tian also said, Yes, we inquired about it before. I heard that it used to be the 217 base, but this time it seems that the place has changed and it is still very mysterious.
At this moment, the boy just spoke and came to Shang Tang to ask questions. The other party didn’t hear him, but he heard Tang Tian talking to Yan Xian.
So I heard him say to Tang Tian and Yan Xian, Tang Tian and Yan Xian, do you want to know which base we are going to today? Hey, hey, I really know that you want me to tell you, but you have to tell me if you have any brothers or sisters.:
Chapter 46 Funny than parents
Shang Tanglian’s wonderful idea. What is the swelling of this kind of thinking?
It is said that Shang Tanglian feels that she can’t do without these children. If you want to think about it, you can’t think of it.
There are good and bad things in real life once again. It is good to go back in time and keep the experience, which saves people a lot of time and life. The bad places are also obvious. Even if the appearance changes the heart or the imagination, it will not really start again. Rich thinking has been fixed by rules and regulations.
桑拿会所Tang Tian and Yan Xian were curious at first, but when they heard each other’s back words, both of them faded, and the same two people gave them a bad look with some anger.
The fact is not only that this boy heckled Shang Tanglian. I remember that this boy named Li Aibian and that boy named Sun Bo Li Ai finished speaking, and Sun Bo followed suit. Yes, yes, hurry up and tell me if there are any brothers and sisters named sugar salty or salt sweet or what sugar is too sweet and salt is too salty.

I don’t know what the great significance of chivalry is, but Natsume thinks that winning in the end is the glory.

War is what makes all means win, and noble people don’t want to live easily on the battlefield.
The battle between the two knights is admirable, and Natsume also wants to see the final outcome of their duel, but his own time and plot don’t allow it.
Among people, Natsume took out a pack of cigarettes from his arms, pulled out a cigarette from the inside and put it in his mouth. Finally, he found himself without a lighter.
夜生活Forget it, in fact, even if I have myself, I won’t smoke.
He hates cigarettes.
It’s not because it contains harmful substances, but because the smoke from smoking makes people feel very bored.
Vague and illusory, things that disappear instantly are always disgusting.
Holding a cigarette butt is shouting a cigarette butt. Natsume saw a figure moving out of the darkness through a wheelchair.
He sat in a wheelchair, pushing the wheelchair with his hands, and at the same time, he set his eyes on the R and saber battlefields.
The whole person looks very depressed, but his eyes are mixed with excitement and an angry fireworks.
Kenneth held the edge of the wheelchair tightly with his hands, gnashing his teeth as if he had seen an enemy.
Natsume threw a stone in the past, and when Kenneth looked over, he stretched out his right hand and made a gesture of silence.
The left hand light machine gun was aimed at Sola’s head, and Natsume waved at him again, which was a good greeting.
Eyes wide open, expression became very angry. Kenneth was pointed at the gun in Sola, and it was quiet. The whole person gnashed his teeth like seeing a prey dog.
If you want to kill yourself, Natsume can be sure of this.
His body trembled with anger, and the veins stood out on his forehead. Kenneth raised his right hand to Natsume.
No, don’t hurt Sola.
That depends on your cooperation, Mr. Kenneth.
I threw the rolledup compulsory essay from my arms, drifted for a distance in the middle of it and was caught by Kenneth.
He hit it, focused on the face text, and then raised his head.
Is this’ selfenforced testimonysslfgeassroll’?
Selfimposed testimonysslfgeassroll’ is beneficial for its own magic engraving function to impose the curse of’ forced geas’ on the performer, and all principles and means can be used to cancel its effectiveness.
Once the magician signs the certificate and reaches the pledge conditions to make the certificate effective, even if the pledge is dead, even the soul will be bound after death if the magic engraving is to be inherited from one generation.
So Kenneth knew that once he agreed to this essay, he wouldn’t worry about the man killing himself and Sola.
Yes, it will be safe. I don’t worry about the safety of the two people, but the requirement is
Do you want me to let R kill himself?
Of course, you can save yourself and your wife with a command. That ghost who has long been bound in the past is socalled even if it is killed by you, magician.
Aft silence, Kenneth recalled that his purpose of participate in that holy grail war was to increase his popularity, but wouldn’t that mean giving up everything?
All the previous efforts and all his efforts will become garbage buried in the past, and this switch will be his own life and Sola’s life.
Natsume saw Kenneth staring at Sola, and his eyes were mixed with various emotions.
Wake up, Natsume waved the left gun and put the gun on Sola’s head.
What would you choose?
Kenneth sighed and leaned against the wheelchair as if he had lost his strength.
I promise this condition
Say that finish, Kenneth raised his right hand and said to the battlefield.
I, Kenneth AlMeloy Archibald, rr, make a curse to order R to kill himself.
That’s it, okay?
Natsume raised his gun and asked Kenneth to go to the scene with him.
There, as in the development, the famous Dilumudo Odina’s heroic red pike pierced his chest.

After the league, Ajax’s first team flew to Monaco two days before they were ready to go.

April 21st
During the day, Qin Xiong not only waited for the evening game in the hotel, but also watched the friendly match in Barcelona by video.
China: 40 defeat at Barcelona Club.
Qin Xiong was deeply touched by this game.
In fact, Barcelona certainly didn’t do its best, which is a bit like a commercial competition.
After all, the season hasn’t ended yet. What’s the puzzle in a friendly match?
Qin Xiong thought of Ali Han chatting about the construction of China’s home team, including what style Ali Han hopes the national team will play in China’s national team by displaying his personal football concept.
Qin’s ambition gave rise to doubts.
Does China have the strength to pursue advanced football concepts and styles in the world football?
Even if the most advanced football concept represents its success, the realization of football style depends on fewer players, especially 11 players!
In other words, all coaches know that there is a football concept in today’s football that is the craziest and will be comparable if it can be realized.
That is, Dutch football once triggered a tactical revolution in the football world!
As michels said when explaining his football concept, I have a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and a striker! How can we not be strong?
But the core of the problem is how many players in the world can switch between the three roles of defender, midfielder and striker and their ability has reached worldclass level? Moreover, it is necessary to have one less player and be able to work together tacitly.
Once the theoretical state is put together, such players form a team, and they are undoubtedly the strongest in the world!
But the reality is impossible!
All the Dutch themselves will not pursue the ultimate offensive and defensive reality, and the ideal of not crossing the gap is not changed by people’s will.
Is it appropriate to transplant a technical and tactical formation that is the most common in European football and is taken for granted by fans to the China national team?
On the whole, football is not about defense and attack.
Can China’s national team put on the same technical and tactical body as the top five teams in the world ranking? Although football is not logical reasoning, it also has the most basic strength. It is an unshakable truth that the strong must win but win more.
Qin Xiong figured out one thing less.
桑拿会所He can pursue his ideal in his club career, play the football style he yearns for and choose the club, but in the national team, the double pressure of honor and responsibility, personal pursuit must be forgotten and promoted to the whole team. It seems that what is popular in the most advanced world may not be what the national team needs.
The national team lost a warmup match, and the loss will not bring Qin Xiong too much psychological influence. When his teammates went to Louis II Stadium by bus, he stopped thinking about the national team.
Louis II Stadium has a high standard, but it can’t accommodate nearly 20 thousand fans.
After Ajax arrived at the stadium, the players changed their clothes calmly in the locker room and entered the stadium step by step to warm up. There were almost no Ajax fans in the stands, and there were very few tickets for the visiting team.
After the warmup, the players returned to the dressing room. This is the first time this season that Ajax will be different before the strategy of taking the guests first in the knockout stage.
Coleman emphasized two things in his prematch training.
The first is the mentality, even if you lose the ball away from home, it doesn’t matter. Don’t panic.
The second is that Ajax will strive to win away from home! Even if you can’t win, you have to get a draw with a score.
This will bring greater advantages for them to return to the home game.
The firstteam players nodded calmly. Before leaving the dressing room, they cheered each other up, then with firm belief, they knocked on the dressing room door and strutted into the players’ aisle to wait for the Champions League semifinal! to be continued
[Text 197 Passion and Wild Monaco]
The French team did not play an important role in the history of the Champions League. Up to now, Marseille has won the top of Europe 11 years ago, and the number of times to reach the finals is very few.
Monaco belongs to the French team. Strictly speaking, Monaco is an independent country. Deschamps led Monaco to reach the semifinals of the Champions League, which can be said to be writing a new history of Monaco football.
It is conceivable that Deschamps and his team were supported, and even the royal family of Monaco came to the Louis II Stadium to cheer for the team.
When the players from both sides lined up at the scene, the live camera was aimed at the VIP box, where members of Monaco’s royal family were applauding.
The first leg of the semifinal of the 2324 European Cup is coming from Monaco in France to meet Ajax from the Netherlands at the home of Louis II Stadium!
Many conservative fans have lost their interest in the final stage of the Champions League season. Let’s take a look at Ajax, Monaco’s Porto La Coruna, the top four team in the Champions League.
There isn’t a big and powerful team in the contemporary top league!
But I think this is the charm of football. Football is not a game of comparison or logical reasoning.
Football needs fresh blood, new history and new roles to create brilliance and leave us with new memories.
No one was optimistic about losing 41 to San Siro La Coruna, but defending champion A Milan was beaten 40 by La Coruna on the road!
Should La Coruna be in the semifinals?
What is there to doubt?

Facing the ground, the fierce fourlegged Qin array jumped directly with the ball without slowing down.

The waist retraction does not directly trip the two midfielders.
Stopped by four teammates, I couldn’t run after him any longer. Qin array could watch him raise dust and blast the ball into the gate.
The referee blew the final whistle 5956.
I spit out a hot breath from the sky, and my vision was full of white fog.
Qin array sprawled on the ground, panting heavily.
Everyone is relieved. The first move is not to leave or highfive each other, but to sit on the ground.
I looked around at the scenery of Zhao. I’m not familiar with it yet …
Are you leaving soon?

A little calm breath I saw the host Du Ji stepped on a mound everyone be quiet! Now it is announced that the final winner of the Zhao Football League is … er, a battalion, a brigade and a queue to invite Ma Daren to Taiwan.
I dialed the messy ends of my hair, gathered up my skirt, stepped onto the mound and looked around. The audience had not dispersed, and most of them were young faces.
品茶Please talk to Ma’s adult Du Ji seems to have the wrong word. There is no talk when awarding prizes!
I cleared my throat and said slowly, The soldiers of each camp and the villagers of Zhao have to thank you for your strong support before this event can be so successful and powerful. Two hundred thousand villagers in five counties under Zhao’s jurisdiction are extremely enthusiastic about this event … Although there is no reward, it is very unexpected to attract thousands of people to participate in my organizer …
Some people in Taiwan smile.
It’s no surprise that my team won the championship. After all, I played football for the longest time. Don’t think about it if you were defeated by my feet. I smiled and looked at a group of losers.
Qin array twist a head to avoid my eyes Xu Huang and Cheng Wu are untouched.
Gongsun Zan An Ruosu Pang Gan and Jia Mu are a face of nai.
Taiwan, most of you are my brothers in the barracks. I must have heard that I am going to be transferred to Liaodong to be a satrap. I slowed down a little and raised my voice to ensure that the audience can hear clearly. Liaodong is a bitter winter. There are many Huaisi brothers in our army. I’m afraid I can’t stand the winter there, so I will never force you to stay with my actual brothers for a year in the north. The name of Ma is already very grateful! After all, I didn’t give you a copper in a year … Brothers, please be worshipped by Ma Chao! The more I think about it, the more I feel that these brothers are really too kind to me. They bend over and give me a deep bow on the spot.
My Lord! Du Ji some’re to call a.
Master, get up!
Adults have broken brothers!
The noodles are also noisy and called into a ball.
I accepted the etiquette and continued to speak. The imperial court has also ordered the withdrawal of the banner of Tiger and Leopard Camp this time. If you want to go home, I have asked Du’s adult to count that each returning brother will receive two hundred yuan for two months’ rations … I will promise twice as much. You can take away the horses if necessary. I forcibly resisted the idea of detaining the horses.
Du Ji moved a step to me, and my eyes stopped him. Of course, if a brother respects me, Ma Chao is willing to stay and give me a hand. I am grateful, but as before, I have nothing to repay you. Maybe I can’t even guarantee 30 yuan a month, and I can’t be promoted … I suddenly feel that I really shouldn’t say this because I don’t even have my own confidence!
There is no sound on the TV, which makes me feel a little relieved.
I’m going to Liaodong, where I don’t belong to the big fellow. I quickly broke free from the tragic atmosphere and looked forward to a future. The north is different, where Gongsun Du has occupied three counties, and the military forces are less than 30,000 to 50,000. If I want to take office, I must settle him and take back the people of the big fellow counties. Therefore, there must be a fierce battle. Please be prepared first.
Brothers have 20 days to choose whether to leave or stay. I smiled at the Taiwan soldiers. I will return to Luoyang tomorrow and come back to Handan 20 days later. At that time, I will … lead my brothers to the north.
More than ten thousand people suddenly dispersed.
I feel my heart suddenly.
1 The army is so demanding.
In the evening, Du Ji kicked my door with a handful of bamboo slips.
Bohou? I pulled out a stout bone from my mouth and reached out to greet him. Surely you haven’t eaten yet? Why don’t you sit down and have a bite?
He put a roll of Jane in front of me. Adults should read this Jane first.
What is it? I tried to wipe the rag with two hands and took it.
The initial number of people returning home from each camp He also casually sat crosslegged and took the bowl and chopsticks handed by Xiao E to pick up the dishes directly from my casethis kind of thing happened less than twenty or thirty times in the last two years, so he was already a little uneasy.
It was counted so soon? I consciously licked my lips and looked at the rough bamboo slips.
The pen is like a knife, and the knife is engraved in my heart.
One battalion and one brigade are temporary; The second brigade is temporary; Ten people in three brigades; Four brigades and three people; Six people from five brigades; There are five people in the six brigades and twentyfour people in the right camp.

split line

After finding out about pregnancy, Nite was happy that Jingsa was naturally no longer worried about her condition and was sent back by her. It was this time that she almost killed Jingsa.
I want to take you to Jingsa for the family dinner today, ok?
Embrace JingSa waist suspection.i night put JingSa JianWo this man tube coquetry JingSa has been used to warm breath around her neck so that she can shrink her neck.
Family dinner. Your family has never heard you say it.
Smelling her body and smelling it well, he found that he was really getting more and more inseparable from this woman. It seemed to be the most beautiful thing in the world to hug her to sleep every night.
It’s not really a matter of family Jingsa white roses. Should you consider us?
They JingSa look at people in the mirror at that time but don’t know what to say.
You mean
I take you to this occasion just to tell others that you JingSa is my woman, and that you are my suspection.i night woman.
This man is really persistent. a href” arge”bnk Three Kingdoms Batman dominates the road.
桑拿按摩This birthright is so important.
She winked at him and smiled at him. Although she had a plan in her heart, she just insisted that Doby finish the calculation.
Of course it’s important to me.
JingSa turned around like a snake with his arms on his shoulder.
Well, since you want it so badly, I’ll give it to you.
Her answer is to let suspection.i night one leng.
Are you serious?
His arm around her waist was tight for fear that she would go back on her word. This interesting reaction made JingSa laugh.
What’s the matter? I said yes and it was wrong.
Looking at her smile suspection.i night at that time I don’t know how to react to him.
You finally promised me. You finally promised me Jingsa haha. I’m your man now, right?
Watching him smile like a child, Jingsa felt that his heart was warm and comfortable in the sun. This man really attached great importance to her. He was so happy when he heard this sentence. He looked like a fool.
I am so happy to be my man.
Holding her face, he was smiling from ear to ear, and he didn’t know what to do to express his joy. It felt so great that he was so happy for the first time, and he had never felt so happy and happy from the outside.
Of course, of course, I’m happy, Jingsa. I will be good to you. I will give you everything you want.
Although this sentence is not very melodramatic, it really doesn’t say anything. I love you to death. But it’s just a sentence that I will be kind to you, which has made Jingsa’s heart warm. If a woman like her is sincerely kind to her, it’s really a luxury and happiness. During this time, Huangfu does everything in her eyes, and she thinks that if she gives him another chance, it’s good to give herself another chance.
It’s hard for suspection.i. Night to get a chance from me. You should know that the most unbearable thing is not to believe me. No matter what happens in the future, it’s not easy for me to do it even if you threaten me with a knife, but I will never admit it. I want to tell you that I don’t want to be wronged. I hate others to wronged me the most in my life, you know?
Suspection.i night hug her, her body is sweet and soft embrace really comfortable.
Knowing that I won’t cheat, if I dare, I guess you will chop up my little penis and turn me into Li Lianying.
His words provoked JingSa to give him a powder fist.
I’m serious, don’t make a mistake. I don’t have a chance to cheat and cheat. And even if you have thousands of excuses and reasons, even if the truth comes out, I won’t forgive you, you know? I can’t stand the most disgusting thing. I’m definitely a woman who can afford it.
Every malicious word she said made Huangfu night’s mouth wide open, because it said that she accepted him from the heart, and the more she said that she paid more attention to it, the more happy he was to come.
Don’t worry, if you don’t like me, I will never do Jingsa. I will try my best to make you inseparable from men, whether in bed or elsewhere.
He whispered in her ear that JingSa pushed him away and then JiaoChen glared at him. a href” arge”bnk read the galactic boundary text.
Don’t talk so disgusting. Who needs me to prepare anything after eating late?
Nothing. I wish you had gone alone. One is my nominal father, the other is his wife and his son.
Well, it sounds like a small threeyearold family going to recognize their ancestors and return to their ancestors.
suspection.i night you
I know what you want to ask, but I don’t want to say anything disappointing on this beautiful day. I’ll tell you something later. Anyway, remember that there is no good person in this family except me.
Saya nodded after saying this. Well, it doesn’t matter what his origin is anyway, even if he is a murderer, he has already loved himself and has no tricks.
Will they eat me if I go?
Dare to eat them? A narrow eye reveals a sharp light.
If they dare to eat you, I will kill them.
Looking at him like a puppy, Jingsa giggled.
Well, I’m kidding. I’d be surprised if they were so bold. No one dares to bully me yet.
Jingsa didn’t know how uncomfortable this meal would make her tonight. It was like falling from heaven to hell.
Mrs. Tong in Tong’s duplex building hid out early when she knew that she was going to entertain Huangfu at night. She didn’t want to look at some unsightly place where she went.

Well, not so good. She pursed her lips and pulled her fingers.

Why not? The polyphony is raised a little.
Smell speech lu heart a horizontal neck suo suo way that made a little trouble
Well, it’s a big disaster. If Meng Shu hadn’t followed me, I would have picked you up at the entrance of the interrogation room. The man’s voice was light but not ugly, and every word seemed to knock on Lu Xi’s heart
She is stiff.
Suddenly looked up at Li Fu.
See a man a face of gherardini looked at his little face some startled way you know? When do you know?
Li Fu squinted her eyes and said slowly, You enter the door.
Smell speech her eyes unconsciously stare big some stare blankly at Li Fu.
Section 164
In a second, the little face began to turn red.
The wife is broken
He just deliberately pretended not to know, watching her struggle.
Chapter 95 What did you scold?
Looking at the little lady’s stiff face, Li Fu smiled and said, This coffee is particularly sweet today.
This is a word for word.
It’s creepy
Lu Jin’s little body froze again.
Know Li Fu this is beating around the bush stabbed her? Little face turned red in an instant, a little embarrassed.
Turn your eyes to see the coffee on the table.
There’s no pout. Then you’re clean.
I have to taste it. Remember, Li Fu raised his eyebrows and his eyes were cold.
You, you don’t get it.
Her fingers unconsciously circled her legs.
Smell speech Li Fujun’s face sank and his black eyes looked at Lu Xi’s thin lips tightly and said nothing.
Lu Jin waited for a long time but couldn’t hear Li Fu.
I couldn’t help lifting my eyes to see a man’s eyes. Some cold hearts suddenly sank.
Li Fu are you angry? I … I didn’t mean to get into trouble. You didn’t see Jiang Shier at that time, and she scolded me, otherwise I wouldn’t have.
品茶论坛The more you speak, the lower your voice becomes.
After all, it’s all her fault anyway.
Smell the man’s eyes cold cold.
And was scolded?
After such a big loss, I almost entered the interrogation room and didn’t tell him about such a big thing!
She turned her eyes to see Li Fu’s face cold.
I have some drums in my heart.
This Li Yan Wang
Since I married him, it has become more and more uncertain.
It’s going to be cloudy at least before it thunders and rains, isn’t it? He wants to be sunny just now, and Wan Li thunders directly in one second.
Lu Wei!
A long time after after li thin lips moved suddenly open.
She sat up straight and looked at Li Fu.

Tao zhi ling was dumbfounded, but she could also crustily skin of head and run after him.

"Hey, you are not very can play? Why not compete with them! " Tao Zhi Ling gasped as she ran, but she couldn’t remember how many years she hadn’t run like this.
Cai Tianqi didn’t good the spirit tunnel "please! Why do so many people fight? I’ve practiced my magic skill if I can’t win. This is the highest martial arts realm for martial arts learners! This time is the most appropriate. "
☆ Chapter 66 His first love
Run magic if you can’t win? Or the highest martial arts realm? What nonsense! However, no matter what, good men don’t suffer immediate losses. If they touch hard this time, maybe the final result will be to collect his body themselves.
After running for a long time, the gang stopped chasing them, and they stopped to breathe out. Tao Zhi Ling felt that her lungs were about to exhale.
Finally, I can stop. Cai Tianqi took it and added, "Momo Tao will accompany me to a place!"
"Where to?" Look at his sudden serious expression. Tao Zhi Ling swallowed nervously.
"You will know when you arrive!" Say that finish before TaoZhi twill have resistance Cai Tianqi a pull her forward.
He would ask himself to go back and get reinforcements, and then beat up those people just now. However, it was unexpected that he took himself to the box to sing and drink a lot of wine.
Is this man mad or not? Even now, you are still in the mood to sing?
"Hum hash quickly make nunchakus! Hum, hash, make nunchakus quickly. "
The tone is not voice heard TaoZhi ghatpot chicken skin all grow out, but he also thick-skinned tunnel "Momo peach I sing well! Applause quickly! "
Tao Zhi ling can only endure tunnel "please stop singing, will you sing so ugly that your fans won’t hear you?" I don’t even know how you won the prize for that song angel love last year? "
"haven’t you heard of spending money to buy a list? When recording, you need to find a better place. Andhadhun guarantees that crows can sing a heavenly voice. "
Tao Zhiling was startled. "What will you do if you want to sing live?"
"lip-synching asks you to walk around the stage alone-who cares if the sound is true or false?"
God! It seems that there are a lot of hypocrisy in this entertainment circle.
See her a face of incredible Cai Tianqi eyebrows suddenly interrupted a wrinkly "? Do you really believe that I am such a weak star? I’m kidding you. How could I be so poor? "
"But you sing really badly now!"
A listen to this Cai Tianqi eyes suddenly angry stare "dare I sing ugly? Then come and sing for me! I’ll beat you if I can’t sing well. "
Is this guy drunk? Why are you so unreasonable? It’s really crossed into the bone!
Tao Zhi Ling wanted to play devil’s advocate with him, but after thinking about it, he was in a bad mood today and didn’t care about it with him. He went over and picked up the phone and sang, "Accompany you to watch the meteor shower fall on my earth and make you cry on my shoulder."
"card! Who told you to sing this song for a change! The horse sings a song! "
Tao Zhi Ling gave him a look and thought about it, but she refrained from opening a song "You laugh at me for being stupid, and I admit that I have no talent for loving me".
"No, no, change another song!"
Take a deep breath Tao Zhi Ling suppressed her dissatisfaction and ordered another song, "It’s because I got into the play too deeply, but I ended up in the same place and I couldn’t change it. Who can understand how hurtful those vows are?"
"Kaka Kaka! I don’t like this song! "
"Hey!" Endure endure TaoZhi ghatpot a microphone to jilt to "you and I are a singer? Do you want to listen or not? " After that, she turned around and tried to grab the door, but Cai Tianqi pulled her back and said, "Are you angry so soon?"
Tao Zhi Ling didn’t give him a hard stare. Cai Tianqi handed a bottle of beer and said, "Don’t say so much about being brothers, just accompany me for two drinks."
"no! I won’t drink! "
"Don’t drink, just learn for me! Don’t forget that you are going to step into the entertainment circle in the future. How can you get along in this circle if you can’t drink? " Without saying anything, he stuffed the jar into Tao Zhi Ling’s hand. "Fuck!" Then he drank it in one gulp.
Tao Zhi ling gave him a plaintive look and finally closed his eyes and poured a glass of wine.
Wow! It tastes terrible! Bitter and astringent! I don’t know why these men love to drink this stuff so much!
"Ha ha ha! Not bad! " Cai Tianqi clapped her hands for joy and stuffed another can "come! Another drink! "
"Still coming?"
"Call you drink you drink! Cut the crap! "
Tao zhi ling saw his one eye and thought that he had helped himself and finally put his heart into a horizontal way "good! Drink and drink! " Say that finish grunted and dry a mouthful.
However, she couldn’t help but "wow" when she was only halfway through this can.
"Ha ha ha ha! Look at your poor capacity for liquor! " Cai Tianqi laughed and looked like a fool. There is no star to be graceful!
Tao Zhiling glared at him bitterly and was about to scold him back when he suddenly pulled his hand. His eyes were full of blurred tunnels. "Hehe, you’d better not make you angry again after me. Don’t be angry with me, okay?"
"Who is your dear? Don’t recognize your relatives here! " Tao Zhi Ling tried to push him away, but suddenly found that the light on Zhang Jun’s face actually had a "river flowing" footprint. Is that wine or tears?
At that time, Tao Zhi Ling was dumbfounded!
When the music is playing and the lights are shining, Cai Tianqi looks like a poor family.
Poor thing? Why did you suddenly think of such words to shape him? Even if he can’t die, ten thousand people hate Xiaoqiang, but I don’t know what this Xiaoqiang looks really pitiful, which makes people feel sad inexplicably.
Cai Tianqi didn’t seem to hear what she said just now, so she leaned her head against Tao Zhi’s shoulder.
"hey! You "this guy must be drunk by drinking to take advantage of yourself! No way.
At this time Cai Tianqi suddenly murmured tunnel "Wan Ting".
What? Wan Ting? Who’s Wan Ting? Is it his sweetheart seven years ago? After so many years, I didn’t expect him to forget that the infatuated man like him has long since become extinct. This is also a freak.
Suddenly TaoZhi ghatpot some to push him away.
Cai Tianqi gently raised his head and stared at her. At the moment, the distance between them was three or four centimeters, and Tao Zhi’s silk face warmed up as soon as it was brushed.
He doesn’t think of himself as his dream lover, does he? What does he want now?
When she became speechless, Cai Tianqi’s face suddenly got closer and closer. Poor Tao Zhi Ling had shrunk into the corner and could retreat and close her eyes in fear.
Section 3
Is he going to kiss me? What should I do now? Kick him away, but will it hurt his fragile heart?
What about when Wan Ting body double let him kiss himself?
桑拿☆, Chapter 67 Solitary men and few women coexist in one room.
No way! Boss, if you know, you have to pay him 1 million yourself!
What should we do? Is it kicking now? Still not kicking?
Brain instantaneous short circuit heartbeat also suddenly accelerated Cai Tianqi face indeed as expected closer together closer together but two lips almost touch a piece of time.
"Ah, I’m going to throw up!" He suddenly "wow" and spit it out!
Poor Tao Zhi Ling was stunned for a minute before she came to her senses. At this time, her body was already a filth vomited by Cai Tianqi.

Long time no see

At this time, the goodbye scene is somewhat embarrassing, but even so, Zhang Leran’s heart is full of joy and gratitude
Gao Shenran smiled Long time no see
Say that finish to Wang Yue huan three of them are partners since childhood, no reason cousin don’t know Zhang Leran.
It’s my eyes. Cousin looks a little strange.
Huan Jie
Zhang Leran called Wang Yuehuan a Huan elder sister, not young, but when three people played together since childhood, Wang Yuehuan was always very creative. That person showed respect and everyone was willing to call her a Huan elder sister.
This longlost name shows Wang Yuehuan’s spirit from the mouth of the man in front of him, and he is embarrassed to sip his lips.
Le Ran, long time no see
The women around Zhang Leran followed Zhang Leran from G city to D city for many years, and the years passed by their fingertips. She has heard more or less that Zhang Leran and Gao Shenran are comparable to stories, but they also have wonderful history.
After listening to her childhood friends, she later came to a key conclusion by her own speculation and psychosexuality. Wang Yue liked Zhang Leran, but Zhang Leran liked Gao Shenran.
So the three of them are doomed to be impossible to achieve a favorite couple.
What’s more, Wang Yuehuan got married early, Gao Shenran is getting married soon, and Zhang Leran’s side hinders him except his own heart.
She is much more at ease about this. She always thinks that sooner or later, he will turn around and find himself and discover her.
But when her mind was sharp, she suddenly felt that she had made a serious mistake. Wang Yuehuan secretly loved Gao Shenran without knowing it.
Gao Shenran noticed Wang Yuehuan’s eccentricity, but instead of poking him, he asked Zhang Leran politely about his marital status.
My name is Fang Qing Xiao Ran. Hello
Jessica Fong Ching was generous, but she didn’t answer from Congcong that she was Zhang Leran’s girlfriend. It was not good for her to offend Zhang Leran.
I heard that you are getting married. I don’t know if I am lucky enough to attend your wedding.
With Zhang Leran, his beloved married the groom, but it’s not the most painful thing for himit’s necessary to accompany her personally at this time.
Who knows Zhang Leran doesn’t appreciate a cold look? Jessica Fong Ching’s face is stiff and stiff with laughter.
Since you touched us to eat, have you eaten?
See you again after Wang Yuehuan broke the deadlock for many years. Zhang Leran is not as moved as he was when he was a child, but he feels at ease.
Probably because everyone grew up together and knew each other’s habits too well, but they felt like relatives that he was the kind of person who could give people strength and support.
Zhang Leran was driven out by his mother at noon to date Jessica Fong Ching. At three o’clock, he sat outside the cinema for a while, but he couldn’t reverse his emotions. He got up and left, but the ladder touched Gao Shenran.
Bad things turn into good things. He’s a little excited. No together?
Say that finish and tell Jessica Fong Ching to let her go first.
Gao Shenran stared in surprise and just wanted to say that she was not a girlfriend, but she just met someone new. Maybe in the future, their girls will become good friends.
But Jessica Fong Ching readily promised to block the original words.
Good Jessica Fong Ching smiled and promised to say goodbye to Wang Yuehuan and Gao Shenran in a particularly friendly way. Sister Xiao Ranhuan, we have a chance to see you again.
Gao Shenran
The biggest change of the three of them over the years may be Zhang Leran.
Wang Yuehuan didn’t speak, smiled and nodded Jessica Fong Ching.
Now that it’s a foregone conclusion, three people have found a place on the seventh floor to chat with each other. I haven’t seen you for years. Are you all right?
Thank you for voting, little angel. Why is there such an impulse to send Sister Huan and Brother Le Ran to the pile?
No is crazy
I’m nervous.
品茶论坛It was still a long time ago that Gao Shenran, the three of them, were all Wang Yuehuan’s penis.
Zhang Leran is gentle, kind and harmless. Gao Shenran’s cool words are not many, but he is very good at hitting the nail on the head, which often makes people angry and feel reasonable.
What Wang Yue can do to make friends with two people with such personalities is to welcome her to play the important role of balancing silence and chatter.
It’s still the same to see you again after many years. Setting up the identity of coordinator among Wang Yuehuan opened the topic for everyone.
Le Ran, how did you get to D city? I heard that G city is already a modest section chief. Why did you suddenly come to D city? Wang Yuehuan was curious about this.
Unlike Gao Shenran, who heard Zhang Leran personally say a long time ago that he would be transferred to D city after the eleventh, she had no idea about Zhang Leran’s many things.
Zhang Leran’s smile is as warm and gentle as it was many years ago, as if the other person was just cold and bored.
The class in our city has been three years.
When he answered, his eyes glanced at Gao Shenran.
Gao Shenran frowned, and Zhang Leran’s attitude made her feel a little sticky. She was already getting married, and two days after the wedding, didn’t he know?
And he knows that his cousin may have a crush on him regardless of the occasion. It is inappropriate for him to show his love for himself without hesitation.
Cousin, drink some peaches. Gao Shenran is getting closer to Wang Yuehuan. Some people are not only not enthusiastic but also a little indifferent to Zhang Leran.
Wang Yuehuan pursed her lips and smiled, You know me.
Gao Shenran laughed more heartily than her of course
What about you?
Obviously, Gao Shenran’s attitude towards Zhang Leran is a little cold and impolite, but the man is too difficult. Wang Yuehuan took the initiative to solve the embarrassment of not getting into the topic for him.
Zhang Leran’s eyebrow eye loss was so obvious that if it had been put aside many years ago, he would have been able to make Gao Shen move and sort out his own mistakes.
But now because of her decisive and neat personality, she really doesn’t like Zhang Leran, who is getting married. He seems to still have the feeling of Qian Qian.
It will make people misunderstand, and she is really, really annoying.
Zhang Leran took a sip of his lip. Remember?
No, it’s really answering Wang Yuehuan’s question, like asking two people and trying to make them feel the same as he did.
Gao Shenran’s heart breeds more impatient Wang Yuehuan, but secretly shakes her head. This girl is just too straighttempered and never knows how to detour with others.
Know the taste hasn’t changed
Wang Yuehuan rubbed her nose, and she was quite tired with Zhang Leran and Gao Shenran.

Before Shuiyunjin, there were three dark-faced seven-year-old children lying on the firewood pile. Their eyes were closed and their breathing was weak, and their external faces, hands and feet were clearly visible. The abscess had festered and the infection was very terrible. Fortunately, the weather was not very hot, otherwise it would be really hopeless.

Shuiyunjin squats with both hands and caresses three children’s pulse. When food is insufficient, qi and blood stagnate and heat causes fire poison to form abscess, which is already so serious, but people pay attention to it. No wonder Huangfu Kai is so impulsive.
"How can they be saved?" Huangfu Kun took some urgency.
Shuiyunjin nodded and told the two men to act separately, while the three children cleaned up and changed clothes themselves.
It was not until it was dark that Shuiyun Hibiscus heaved a sigh and stood up and squatted. I don’t know how long it took her to get up and follow Gu Yan to help her quickly.
HuangFuYun looked at ShuiYunJin tired eyebrow eye corners of the mouth slightly pulled face a little uncomfortable "your medical skill is not bad, thank you this time."
Shuiyunjin saw that he was unnatural and smiled. "I have to work hard for you to give me that hat."
Writing this chapter is related to the fact that Shuiyun Park will meet a mysterious person who is the owner of Yousheng Pavilion in the introduction:
Chapter 47 Identify yourself
Huangfu Yun coughed shyly, "They are all right."
"Keeping the clean ointment and granulation powder applied continuously for ten days can naturally recover," Shuiyunjin replied.
Huangfuyun was still surprised. He found many doctors in the biggest shops in Beijing, either unwilling to come or casually grabbing some medicine for him. He felt that the three children would not live, but it was such a coincidence that he met her.
She looks like a girl of fifteen or sixteen years old, but she doesn’t look like this next year’s Yangcheng family. She is more cunning and clever than those delicate ceremonial women, and she has a lot more eyes than the average person. He couldn’t help wondering, "How come I have never seen you in Beijing?"
Shuiyunjin saw his one eye and walked away. "Since you have the heart to save people, pay more attention to their diet."
"Don’t worry little ye won’t starve them" HuangFuYun followed out of the room.
Shuiyunjin walked into the hospital and saw that it was getting late. She left the hospital without a pause.
"Where are you going so late? I can walk the whole city with my eyes closed. Do you want me to show you the way?" Huangfu Kuai quickly followed Shuiyun Park’s eyebrow eye and was obviously in a good mood.
Shuiyunjin ignored him and walked straight.
"Why don’t you treat me to dinner? I’m hungry anyway."
"Hey, I never invite people to dinner. You are really ungrateful."
"Just don’t eat, forget it, save it for little ye."
"Hey, what do you have with that waiting house?"
"What do you want to do with somebody else’s account?"
For a long time, there was a buzzing sound in the quiet alley, but I think he was angry again.
"You can’t find it if you don’t say little ye?"
"Stupid woman, you are so stupid that you can’t sneak out."
After walking for a long time, I finally saw some lights. At this time, the streets were still very busy, and the shops were crowded with people. Listening to the voice that kept going all night, Shuiyunjin finally couldn’t help but frown. "Have you been long-winded?"
"Don’t you dare to abandon small ye you you who let you ignore small ye" Huangfu Yang face is also discontentedly staring at Shuiyunjin.
"I helped you save people, and it’s even. Go ahead." Shuiyunjin’s eyes are light.
Gu Yan couldn’t help it long ago. I’ve never seen such a talkative and difficult person. Even he couldn’t help but want to shut Huangfu Yun up.
"Stupid woman, you are malicious." Huangfuyun took a hard look at Shuiyunjin with a calm face and turned and strode away
Shuiyunjin felt that the whole world was quiet when he left, and turned around and walked slowly.
After a long time, Gu Yan suddenly said, "The Lord is still behind."
品茶Shuiyunjin nodded, and she knew that it was not so easy to get rid of Huangfuyuan’s plan to go back to the office, and she changed her mind again.
When I came to Liuli Lake, the moonlight was refreshing, and the evening breeze was blowing gently. There were still many men and women clinging to the flowers in the lake on both sides of the lake. The boat was still rippling in the middle, and there was a gentle breeze blowing, and the moonlight shadow lights were scattered on the shore to decorate the luxury shops. The lights were thin and light, and the lights were exquisite.
"You really know where to choose, but the scenery here is the most worth seeing in Beijing."
The quiet glass lake suddenly became less beautiful because of this sound.
"It’s you again. You’ve been following us all the time. What do you want?" Before Shuiyunjin spoke, Gu Yan couldn’t help glaring at Huangfuyun.
HuangFuYun cold hum a "who want to follow you little ye is to enjoy the scenery, but it’s also a coincidence that little ye will take you on a night tour of Liuli Lake."

You … you wait for me! Meng Ting is always the enemy, but Shang Fei Yue is the most annoying government official. The news is at the time of performance appraisal. If … If he broke the news because of this incident, his dream of breaking into the imperial capital should be over. Finally, he can leave a malicious message and retreat out. The ward next door is Zhang Qiyun’s ward. Last night, Shang Fei Yue rescued Meng Xian. Soon, passersby found the injured Zhang Qiyun and kindly sent her to the hospital. After all, Zhang Qiyun’s injury was lighter than Meng Xian’s. I woke up at night, and then I called Meng Ting. Of course, when Meng Ting came, she happened to fall asleep again. The next morning, Meng Ting asked her what had happened, and she apologized to Meng Xian, but she was used as a shield by the other party. Of course, she also pleaded for Meng Xian. So Meng Ting was furious and found Meng Xian when she learned that he was in this hospital. Then what happened just now.

In the ward, Shang Feiyue looked coldly at the person lying in bed, while Meng Xian looked at Shang Feiyue with flashing eyes like a little anthomaniac.
When the doctors and nurses came in, they saw such a strange scene. The man was cold and the woman smiled and the room was warm.
Is there something wrong? Scalp pins and needles. The doctor looked at this and that. This was the little question.
no! Meng Xian said with a smile, what’s wrong with it? There is a handsome and tall look of her beauty in her eyes.
Shut up! Shang Feiyue glanced at her coldly and said that she turned to the doctor and said, The drip has been pulled out. Please help me get it again. There is a lot of blood left in the wound. Please ask the doctor to check it!
At this time, the doctor saw a big pool of blood on his sleeve, called the nurse to change the potion and examined Meng Xian’s wound. Fortunately, he didn’t break after sewing a needle last night. Did he still shed a lot of blood and washed the wound again? The doctor said, Please be careful not to touch the wound again!
Oh! Meng Xian nodded cleverly like a pupil with a strong smile on his face.
Everything was ready before the doctors and nurses left, but Meng Xian still smiled at Shang Fei Yue like a nymphomaniac.
Shang Fei Yue was a little annoyed by her and wanted to turn around and leave directly. However, when I thought that this person was alone, I thought that my mother was unconscious, my sister got lost, and my father didn’t want to recognize everything. I had to rely on myself to support the difficulties, my face was sad, my face was smiling and my heart was heartless. Maybe it was so similar, but I still didn’t leave her alone in the hospital. I thought that I had just bought breakfast and the rescue department was spilled all over the floor because of my anxiety! Shang Fei Yue sighed and always turned around to buy another one!
Ah … ah! Anxious people forget their own injuries. When they see where this person is going, they dare to continue laughing. They want to get up and shout at once, but they accidentally pull the wound, and a little face suddenly wrinkles into a monkey.
What are you going to do! Shang Fei Yue listened to her pain and turned to look at her. Suddenly she was angry. Can’t this fucking woman cherish her body a little? Are you yourself made of iron?
… Meng Xian wronged his little face, but he was still free to move, but his hand clung to Shang Feiyue’s sleeve. You can’t leave me alone!
… Shang Fei month looked at her for a long time.
You really can’t leave me alone! Meng Xian looked at him stubbornly and said, Think about it. That bastard old man tried every means to kill me. What if you leave and he kills me?
Hum! Shang Fei month cold hum a this is not to mention the old lady!
… Meng Xian pie mouth she’d like to say but who let you don’t like it?
Lie down and I’ll buy some breakfast! Looking at her unwilling little face, Fei Yue always hooks the corners of her mouth shallowly, but this little smile didn’t make Meng Xian see her turn around and said indifferently.
However, although I didn’t see the word buy breakfast with a smile, it naturally deeply pleased Meng Xian’s girl. Hehehe … Meng Girl giggled in bed and bought breakfast. She bought breakfast for her herself. Hahahaha … Meng Xian felt that instead of being strangled by Meng Ting’s old thing, she would be moved to death by Shang Mei!
Shang Feiyue bought breakfast, watched her put things into her stomach, looked at her smirking at herself, looked at her face and looked embarrassed. Sorry? Shang Fei Yue felt that she was wrong. According to Meng Xian’s personality, unless something terrible happened, she blushed and embarrassed. How could her face really appear?
That … people have three urgent, can you help … help me! When it was almost impossible to hold back, Meng Xian still spoke to Shang Meiren. However … she really wanted to die! What an embarrassing thing happened when I finally had a close contact with a business beauty! Hmm? God, aren’t I afraid of thunder and lightning when you play like this? Hmm?
Shang Feiyue finally understood what it was like, but her face was as picturesque as usual, but the tip of her ear was quietly red. First, she was lifted up from the bed and carefully avoided her left arm. When she sat down and put slippers on her feet, her feet just got up and held the infusion bag in one hand and helped her to go to hygiene. First, she hung the infusion bag on the wall, which made it difficult for her to say that … that you can’t … or …
Cocoa! Meng Xian’s face can’t be redder. Although she really wants to take care of herself, it’s really a 19yearold girl who is careless at ordinary times. It’s still a little unbearable when it comes to the key.
Well, I’ll be outside. Call me one! Shang Fei Yue said that he hastily turned and walked out, conveniently closing the door, but he was afraid that the door was dead. He couldn’t hear what was going on inside. After all, it was inconvenient for her. If … reasoning, Shang Fei Yue still opened the door slightly.
Section 236
Meng Xian looked at the corners of her mouth and sobbed involuntarily. If you don’t like me, don’t show me how well I behaved in front of me. How can I let it go?
Meng Xian, though a little troublesome, is still sitting on the toilet safely, thinking that the man has no sound insulation effect at the door. Meng Xian will not calm down in an instant. Does she have no good image in front of this person? Try to solve your physiological needs as quietly as possible and pack yourself up. Meng Xianfang didn’t come in until Fei Yue came in with an infusion bag and helped her to wash her hands before sending her back to the ward.
And Yan finally arrived late.
Hey, still alive! Yan sat beside the bed and poked Meng Xian’s little face for a while and poked Meng Xian’s arm for a while to make sure she was safe and ill. This just said.
Oh, hey, Yan Meiren, can you leave Xiao an escape? Lie in bed can’t move Meng Xian is very language said
You talk about it first. I’ll go back first. If anything happens, call me! Shang Fei month watching chat is huan two people said.
hey! Meng Xian nasty was about to get up when Yan pressed it back.
Go, go! Yan waved to his brother and watched Shang Fei Moon leave. When he turned around, he saw Meng Xian with a sad face. He couldn’t help but chuckle, You are so heartless. My brother kept you overnight and took an afternoon, so he didn’t let people go home and change clothes?
Are you serious? Didn’t she hallucinate last night? Ha ha ha……
Look at your little promise! Yan shook his head nai said
Yan accompanied Meng Xian in the hospital until the class was about to begin, and then Yan’s cell phone rang. It was Huangfuqing who hurriedly turned on the phone.
Yan Yan, I have something urgent to go on a business trip for a few days. Xiao Jingdong and others will put the children in the No.10 hospital with me. If you can’t take care of them at night, you can put them in the No.10 hospital or you can go to the No.10 hospital to live. If there is anything, you can find your brother and them!
A Qing!
boss, it’s time for the plane!
I will come back as soon as possible!
Chapter 16 I’m a little scared
Yan had a lot to ask, but when she heard the sound of urgency, Yan finally replied gently, Take care! When I consciously said this sentence, I almost didn’t reward myself with a slap. Okay, why should I say the word take care? Is it a business trip or a business trip? It’s some business talks, isn’t it?
… Words that end Huangfuqing leng rao is that he also has to admit that sometimes a woman’s acuity is really accurate and terrible, but there are some things that she doesn’t want to let her know at the moment. Although there are many things she wants to say, watching everyone boarding the plane, everyone is waiting for him to leave a message I’m leaving, and I may be very busy these two days without calling you! Remember to ask your brother if you have anything, whether it’s Alangye or Fei Yue, but you can’t find anyone to find your brotherinlaw!
Well, you can rest assured that I will take good care of my baby and myself! Yan Xiao said seriously, You should come back early!
hmm! Huangfuqing should always hang up.
Yan looked at being hung up on the phone for a long time, but it was a pity that the man didn’t say anything, but her heart was seven and she shook her head and told herself that it would be okay. It’s just a business trip, isn’t it?
Hey, hey … Yan Meiren, what’s the matter with you? Lying in bed, Meng Xian looked at Yan and suddenly turned pale, and hurriedly asked about it.
Ah … Oh! God Yan Hui quickly smiled at Meng Xian and said, Nothing is that A Qing said he would be on a business trip for a few days!
Business trip? Meng Xian laughed at look at your little promise husband out of a poor scared face white? I don’t know what happened to people!
桑拿会所… Yan smiled but didn’t speak. She wanted to leave and sat down in a chair. She was in a state of panic. Yeah, it was just a business trip. What’s she worried about? However, she said that she didn’t worry about it. The man even said that she might be too busy to talk these days. This situation is so abnormal. Don’t tell her that she was poor after she was pregnant, and she didn’t come back at 9 o’clock at the latest, let alone after the birth of two small treasures. What kind of business will make him so busy that he didn’t even talk?
Oh, hey! Really good! Lying there, Meng Xian said, I don’t know how much you love him, and you don’t want him to be separated for a day!
You don’t want him to separate when I come! This time, Yan admitted generously, Even if I don’t have him around for one night, I will not sleep well!
Hey, beauty, can you stop abusing single dog like this? Lying in bed and unable to move, Meng Xian envied and hated, saying, When I sleep in Shang Beauty, it will be sweeter than you!
… well, I’ll wait for you to stare at you and sleep with my brother! Yan their language is very said
All right, all right, get out of here. It’s almost time for class! Meng xian drives people away
Well, can you do it here alone? Yan frown. She didn’t see the scene that happened early. She was worried that it would be inconvenient for her to lie here alone. She didn’t know what happened early. If she knew it, she would be even more worried. What’s more, the woman also lives in this hospital. Meng Xian is separated from a ward.
Don’t worry, what’s the matter? Meng Xian’s socalled wave ring the bell to find a nurse if something happens! Of course, she wouldn’t let it happen again a long time ago. What she didn’t resist at that time was to know that the man who used to be her father could be cruel to her. Now how can he be stupid after finally understanding it?
Well, I’m still not at ease! Yan said with a frown that when she came to Qing’s house, she could give the child to him to take care of herself. Now Qing is on a business trip, and she can’t lose two children, but she really doesn’t trust Meng Xian to go to the hospital alone, and then she always misses her brother and looks at Meng Xian with a cheap look.
Hey, hey … why are you looking at me like this? Meng xian was looked at by her and asked inexplicably.
I’ll call my brother to see if he has time to come and look after you! Yan swept her one eye and said with a smile
So Miss Meng’s eyes instantly turned into sparkling eyes, which made people look straight at Yan and nodded and praised her for this idea. This idea is good, this idea is good! Turned into a silly elder sister.
Yan Yu couldn’t help laughing after all. I’m calling my brother. I’m not sure if he wants to come over!
Well, you just have to make me miserable! Meng xian waved and said very calmly
Yan glanced at her and got up to call her brother outside. Then she saw that she was lying next door crying with Meng Xian’s father, Zhang Qi Yunlai, walking back and forth in the corridor. Yan was stunned. She didn’t know Meng Xian’s father. She saw Zhang Qiyun’s face that impressed her. Look at the man who hugged her and coaxed her. She naturally thought of Meng Xian’s father. Just now, she didn’t ask Meng Xian what would hurt her. She also had a punk who hurt her hand. Now she can’t help but frown when she sees this man. It seems that this matter still has his feelings!
Hey Yan Yan? Words that end think of Shang Fei month sound party is to drag yan reason to come back.
Well, brother! I have classes in the afternoon. Meng Xian is alone here. I don’t trust you … Yan asked carefully. After all, she is her brother. She also doesn’t want to make it difficult for him … If my brother really doesn’t like Meng, if my brother really doesn’t like Meng Xian, of course, how can you know if you don’t get along?

Ling Guotai Ling Xiaoyao has been a brilliant mind for many years just because he can walk around and sit still. He is definitely a strong opponent.

Huang Fuda, on the other hand, gives people the feeling that he can’t see through it, can’t touch it, and has no bottom. This kind of talent is the most terrible, but it seems that he has the ability to shake the earth.
These people are friends, enemies and enemies. This suburban riding and shooting competition really wants to know how many things they have.
"The king of Lei County has not visited Lan Lao Wang when he first entered the capital. I don’t know if he will worry about the peace of the old Wang Ye." Jiang Yuqi looked at Huangfu Lei with a smile.
"Don’t be paranoid about the club." Huangfuda listened to ChuChengXuan’s rebuff before opening her mouth.
Everyone laughed in a low voice. This ChuChengXuan jealousy is quite strong. Since the palace banquet, he has been fighting Jiang Yu’s prayer.
"Chu world so you can lose your manners and visit the old report. This is also the best courtesy." Tianhong said a sentence in a seemingly fair way with her older age.
"What’s demeanor that I haven’t heard of" ChuChengXuan play the fool fully distracted that look quite koo.
There are not many people who don’t buy his account when Tianhong chokes, but there are no rules and manners in the eyes of Chu Chengxuan. He can look at Huangfu Da "I don’t know the king of the county."
"You have no reason to refuse to visit Grandpa County King." Huangfuda raised an eyebrow slightly.
"I don’t know if Qiuwu can have the honor to go together." Huangfuda said that Jiang Qiuwu quickly looked at Huangfuda with a pair of watery eyes.
When they heard this, they looked at Jiang Qiuwu again. This point was directed at Huangfuda.
"The harem goes to the backyard, the princess will know it. The backyard of Lanwangfu belongs to the princess of the county, but she didn’t agree with the king of the county." Huangfuda caught a glimpse of Jiang Qiuwu lightly.
Jiang Qiuwu suddenly turned pale, and at the same time argued that he had to be ashamed and resentful. There, Huangfu Lida was an evasive word, and he could not believe the king of the county even the backyard owner.
They looked at Jiang Qiuwu with shame and annoyance, but they still felt sorry for her. They just couldn’t understand the amorous feelings. Who is Huangfu Lida? That’s why women don’t let close-up alternatives before they get married. Besides, Jiang Qiuwu is not very beautiful, but the enchanting figure really makes people itch. If it’s not about her identity, it’s possible to marry back and play with that soft posture.
Huangfuda lifted her feet and left without looking at Jiang Qiuwu. Ling Xiaoyao and others naturally wouldn’t be embarrassed by Jiang Qiuwu, and they followed her feet and left behind.
"Be calm, your younger sister, and the king of the county asked the princess of the county for instructions. Maybe your younger sister’s mind can be achieved at one stroke." In situ Jiang Yu Qi also stood there and looked at Jiang Qiuwu’s eyes more and more gentle
Jiang Qiuwu raised his eyebrows and fixed his eyes.
Jiang Yu qi smiled and didn’t open his mouth and lift his feet to leave.
Jiang Qiuwu stood still and secretly vowed that no matter whether it was a knife mountain or a sea of fire, she would walk in aboveboard.
The front yard of the evening banquet naturally lasted for a long time.
Shuiyunjin kept the waterside pavilion and didn’t go to the front yard. Naturally, she felt that sitting and eating with some people like that would definitely lead to indigestion.
Shuiyunjin sat in the room for a long time to study the broken array. When she came out, the night outside was dark blue, the stars were shining and the moonlight was refreshing.
It didn’t take long to see Huangfudi and ChuChengXuan come side by side.
Huangfuda’s face was slightly red as jade, and her face was like a layer of clouds and roses, and her posture was leisurely and leisurely. As always, she was unhurried, and the thunder could not move. She wore a white dress like Bai Yueguang, and as he moved, she could not see a trace of pleats. He just walked slowly, like a ray of bright moonlight floating in nine days, picturesque and picturesque.
Shuiyunjin looked at Huangfuda’s watery eyes and condensed his body. He was quiet and focused on holding her in his arms before Huangfuda. Shuiyunjin finally found some sober "all gone".
Huangfuda whispered, well, he buried himself in Shuiyunjin’s neck. The voice sounded dumb and charming.
"How much did you drink?" As soon as Huangfuda got close to Shuiyunjin, she smelled his strong wine and listened to his lazy voice. She could imagine that he was leaning against her with his eyes closed and ready to go to sleep.
"There are not many altars for each person" Huang Fu’s voice is not audible.
Shuiyunjin slightly raises her eyebrows. There are not many jars of wine per person. Does he think of himself as a barrel?
品茶  title="Are you drunk?"
"I’m drunk when I smell you," said Huangfuda, who was also fascinated by the thick dumb sound in Shuiyunjin’s neck.
Shuiyunjin was tickled by him, thinking that he was drunk and went back to sleep. She moved Huangfuda’s arm and tightened it. She was firmly fixed in Huangfuda’s arms. "Let’s go back to the room."
"Someone will come soon, and if we leave them here to fight, we will not sleep peacefully." Huangfuda’s voice is shallow, and it is hard to imagine that drunken people can speak so fluently and so unhurriedly.
I heard that Shuiyunjin’s eyebrows were set and stretched. She could guess who it was for the bearer, but Huangfuda said that the two men would definitely fight. "Are you uncomfortable? I’ll get you a glass of water."
"I don’t want you to let me hold it." Huangfuda rubbed her voice again, and she was a little childish with drunkenness, but it was quite cute.
ChuChengXuan sit aside elegance yan is full of disgust and spit on frown wrinkle two jars of wine can make HuangFuDa drunk, he also coax ShuiYunJin love dearly, by the way, to get some cheaper, he really can’t see the two men abuse bachelors, right?
Suddenly, there was a light sound, and there was already one more person in the courtyard.
Shuiyunjin looked at the bearer and suddenly turned a supercilious look toward the dark night. "It’s absolutely no problem to climb over the wall and be a thief."
Jiang Yu qi lifted his feet and gave a clean and handsome face. He unconsciously smoked Shuiyun Park and had a sharp tongue. He had seen the corners of his mouth for a moment before he used to smile.
"I’m still grateful to the princess of the county for seeing me. I didn’t expect me to be so unpopular." Jiang Yu qi said with a smile that people have arrived near, and I don’t know whether to ridicule myself or accuse Shuiyun Park.
Shuiyunjin naturally understood Jiang Yu’s prayer. He said that gratitude was either a palace banquet. He interrupted Jiang Qiuwu’s upcoming export of love and her coveted Huangfuda. "Pray for the king not to be a good person. She will ask for embarrassment. No one will stop her."
"It seems that I am sentimental, but the princess of the county is better to be careful." Although Jiang Yu’s smile is gentle, his mouth says that he is sentimental, but his face can’t find a trace of embarrassment and embarrassment.
Looking at Jiang Yu Qi, Shuiyun Park really thinks that he is just a smiling fox, and it is not easy to provoke him, but he has helped himself in a flattering way. His deep work must be "sit down"
Jiang Yu qi smiled and sat at the desk with dark eyes and turned a circle. It seemed that he was very satisfied with the decoration in this courtyard. Finally, he fixed his eyes on Shuiyunjin, or rather Shuiyunjin and Huangfu Da.
Huangfuda is holding Shuiyunjin and burying Shuiyunjin in his neck. You can see his white hair and Shuiyunjin sitting on Huangfuda’s legs. He looks like he always wants to come here. He has long been accustomed to this kind of love, but how to say that he is also an outsider. Is this really good before him? For a long time, he smiled happily and said, "The king of the county is drunk."
Shuiyunjin knows what Jiang Yu is praying for. She wants to see their husband and wife jokes. She definitely follows Huangfuda’s example and shoots the dead wind with one shot. "It’s not enough to pray for the king’s noodles to be natural."
Jiang Yu prayed to hook his lips. "I want to get drunk if I have the help of the princess of the county."
"Jiang Yu qi, you’ve said enough. If you don’t come to fun run, you just come to talk nonsense, right?" Chu Chengxuan couldn’t stand Jiang Yu praying for the sake of being angry.
"Chu’s impatience has been rising these days. Didn’t you see that the princess of the county is so calm?" Jiang Yu prayed for no hurry and didn’t panic, and Chu Chengxuan was flustered.
"To say calm is to pray for Wang Hang to do everything from coming to Beijing according to your mind. I never dare to compare this well-thought-out plan." There is no lack of teasing in the tone of Shuiyun’s eyebrows at Jiang Yu’s prayer.
"My mind I miss Gu" Jiang Yu qi smile thick.
"Jiang Yu pray you want to die" ChuChengXuan face a heavy strike table.

The steam castle had already fled here in an instant when Storm King appeared. More than 30 fleshandblood puppets were used as bait to finally make Storm King not pay attention to them.

With a wind blade like a giant door panel, the hardshell siege fighters and bloody warriors can stop the chains and even the flesh and blood puppets can escape.
The selfexplosion also made the chain shake slightly and restored calm.
This root method resists supernatural forces and soon reverses the defeat of mankind.
Unfortunately, due to the summoner’s strength, the storm king appeared in less than a few minutes and his body became unstable.
It may be a pleasure for him to stay in the main material world for a while, but there are a few regrets in his eyes when he looks at the stormy king with flashing runes crossing the fortress and chasing those halfdemons who have escaped.
I don’t know how many times more colorful it is than the pure element world.
Looking at the huge storm, the old witch struggled to hold herself up and prepare to fold the army.
ah! ! Adult, your face can also move with this alarm. Everyone’s sight falls on the old hag’s face and she takes a deep breath.
Blowing bombs can break delicate skin wrinkles, sallow and ugly skin forms a fresh contrast, because there are many damaged places in the camouflage mask of the old witch who just killed the enemy and forgot herself.
Just now, everyone was so busy that no one paid attention. Now they finally drove away the halfmagic man, and they immediately exclaimed.
The old witch quickly disappeared in front of everyone, burying her face in her face, but her white and ruddy face remained deeply in everyone’s heart.
Looking at the fortress, which was almost recovered, Master Shan also breathed a sigh of relief.
If this fortress, which has been expanding, is occupied by halfmagic people, the form will be very unfavorable to mankind and will have a bad influence on many plans of Master Shan.
Turn around and cast a glance. Master Shan, who has been trained, thinks he should do something.
Frost dragon, senior wizard, banshee, tenvictory stone statue and a large number of lowlevel arms.
I checked the situation of each building for a month, and the priest still had one day to finish the training. There was no big gain in the rest of the buildings, but the slaughterhouse found a chaotic soul with good strength
ding! Is it found that the chaotic soul body of intensity 22 is captured?
ding! Capturing the chaotic soul consumes 5 experience points!
Chaos soul body training abhorrence base element. A large number of corpses together can train * * with strong defense.
The body is easy to say. Master Shan has already set aside a piece of land in the forest to place the body.
However, after looking at the introduction, Master Shan found that he had never paid attention to the fact that the meat grinder also needed corpses and wood to be trained.
Besides being able to attack from a distance, the meat grinder can also carry a large number of bodies, which is a good means of transportation. After all, it is a little uncomfortable for Master Shan to always leave the bodies in the mountains.
Training two meat grinders, one hate
In the main system, he quickly bought highgrade wood, and Grandpa threw the bodies with more than 30 pieces into the slaughterhouse and waited patiently.
After a day, it has been quiet, and there is a sudden burst of loud and beautiful sacrificial songs in the base.
A beautiful image appeared in the center of the altar with the soulshaking sacrifice song.
The emerald elite light armor is wrapped in a large number of mysterious patterns, holding a hardwood long bow and a thick green bow. From time to time, how many Yingying droplets are blown up. How much is Aurora like a tall and ferocious white tiger behind him? Two amber vertical pupils are vigilant and look around.
Forming an instant priestess turns over the tiger. Even without saddles, the priestess still sits firmly on the white tiger’s broad back. The white tiger bows up and its feet flash across a layer of pale white aperture. It is the priestess who slams the aura.
Master! The priestess’s pale green eyes stared at Master Shan turning over and kneeling on the ground.
桑拿按摩The white tiger also hung its proud head and prostrated its forelimbs, showing enough ministers.
Looking at what the priestess Shan Ye looked at.
Thin eyebrows and red lips are somewhat like Aurora. She is tall and tall, and her long legs diverge at her belly button.
Get up! Master Shan saw the priestess’s attributes and skills as soon as his eyes were fixed.
Upgrade to one level and one more skill. The initial skill randomly chooses to slam the aura.
Moonlight arrow, tiger roar and big move, stars fall.
Feeling the halo effect of a strong blow, Shanye nodded with satisfaction. What’s your name? Slightly thoughtfully, Master Shan decided to call her Tigress, who let her ride a white tiger?
Name? What do you mean, be strong enough? You can call her Moonlight Goddess.
I took Tigress to familiarize myself with an environment and planned to talk to Tigress, so I gave her some past life experience and fighting skills.
Tigress was not dissatisfied with this country name, but accepted it gladly. It was really a code name for her.
I’m almost ready. Master Shan left the base with a large number of arms.
Instead of starting the worm, it turned into a purple black cloud and quickly went to the human fortress.
The old witch has just returned home and has not put on her mask again. A large number of human soldiers and several people have arrived at her home without battlemage.
Looking at that beautiful face, everyone was stunned and immediately crustily skin of head. A senior mage said, Dear Master Commander, please welcome! Sound with how many fluctuations obviously some apologies.
The old witch or Vivian frowned tightly. What do you want with me? Shouldn’t it be time to close the army and maintain law and order?
The senior mage lowered his eyes and dared not look at Vivian’s dazzling and delicate face. I’m sorry, my Lord, I’m an official and I don’t know why.
Vivian set her eyebrows and wore a new mask to follow the crowd away.
Vivian felt a little wrong halfway.
People around you look at their eyes full of complicated emotions, which makes Vivian a little surprised. When they arrive at the headquarters, this anxiety becomes more and more intense.
The tall and fat commander is negotiating with the vice president of Quick Province at this time. What expression seems a little tangled?
When Vivian arrived, they turned to face the heroine who almost saved the fortress.
What’s the matter? I want to restore my magic. If I have something to say, Vivian has always been highly effective, and her eyes have crossed.

This hotel is likely to have their surveillance. "

"Ah?" Wang Zheng big eyes surprised and immediately turned around and checked around the house.
White night "…"
After sighing, Bai Ye got up and slowly lifted his feet and went out.
Suddenly, the footsteps stopped the boy, looked up and immediately shouted, "Big Brother, why are you going?"
I thought we agreed not to go out.
Throw a sentence "Go out for a walk" in the white night.
The door was touched by Wang. Forget it. He bent down to continue his work.
There are few people at the entrance of the hotel because of the late night.
Bai Yesi looked at his eyes and took out a cigarette and lit it before leaning on the column to smoke.
It’s the first time he’s been here in this city. It’s the end of February, but it’s still cold and bitter, and the streets and lanes have a faint atmosphere of Spring Festival.
After the first successful transaction tonight, what he has to do now is to sit tight here and wait for the money to arrive before making a second bigger transaction.
At that time, it was the best time to wipe out Wang’s drug gangs in one fell swoop.
Playing the ash in the white night, there was a sudden sound of a couple in the silent night.
"Huanyan Huanyan, are you sure you don’t want to stay?"
"Oh, well, well, don’t force you to look at it and scare you … can you kiss me?"
"Come on, go to sleep after the kiss. Then talk nonsense … I won’t come out to accompany you."
"I’ll go to your house if you don’t come out!"
"Don’t you dare!"
"How dare I? Anyway, you are my girlfriend … "
"Okay, okay, I really don’t say it. The bus is coming. I’m leaving."
"Don’t go …"
A flurry of footsteps passed in front of me, and after a white night, I looked up and saw a young girl in red rushing past my face, with long hair and waist, and there was a fragrance that seemed to be there.
Deep vision, she stayed for a second, and then he continued to lower his head and took out a second cigarette and lit it.
Just put it on his thin lips and took a drag. The young man’s voice sounded again and seemed to pick up the words.
"Tingting, can I help you?"
"Didn’t I tell you that I am now worshipping the city to accompany my girlfriend? Can I wait until I get back?"
"I’ve told you many times that our time was an accident. My favorite thing in my heart is smiling …"
The man’s voice faded away, and Bai Ye picked his eyebrows, where he finished smoking the last cigarette in his mouth before turning and walking in.
A month later, d city
After attending the celebration dinner in the bureau, Yu Yu finally went home after three months.
It was already more than nine o’clock in the evening, but the Yujia villa was still lit. As soon as I entered the villa door, I found that everyone was sitting on the sofa, and their eyes were full of all kinds of bitterness.
"The gentleman is back," Wu Sao reported loudly.
品茶"You still know to come back!" Old lady Yu shouted angrily, "Come to my room with me!" "
All "…"
Five minutes later, the first floor
Old lady Yu sat in a plush chair and took a sip of tea to moisten her voice before she said, "My horse will be ten years old this year."
The second brother Yu Chengyan is also a calm face, and only the third brother Yu Yuting blinks at once, and then his eyebrows are tangled and wrinkled.
Sure enough …
"Yes," said the old lady Yu, looking at Yu Yu’s mouth for the nth time. "When will you solve your personal problems?" Your grandmother Han said that if a man is over 30 years old, he will be a leftover man. Now you are 33 years old. You are a leftover man in a leftover man and a fighter! "
"poof!" Someone couldn’t help laughing.
"What are you laughing at!" Old lady Yu immediately stared at Yu Yuting. "You are 29 years old and your horse will become a leftover man. How dare you laugh at your big brother?"
Yu Yuting’s mouth was busy and said, "Grandma, I’m wrong. I’m wrong. I really don’t laugh. Go on talking about big brother."
Yu Yu "…"
Madam Yu is too white to look at Yu Yuting once again. "Yes, you are the oldest bachelor in our Yu family. Do you know that I am embarrassed to go out every day and tell others your name? I dare not look at it and even dare not hug it, otherwise people will say, Alas, old Yu, since you like children so much, why don’t you let your grandchild get married and have a baby at once? Aren’t you too old? Tell me how I can answer this question? "
Yu Yu "…"
The old lady Yu waited for a while and looked at Yu Chengyan and Yu Yuting. "You two are the same. When are you going to get married?"