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Gao Zhiqiu nodded.

"Sorry, my name is Huang Xiaoyu, and I want to discuss with you, but … you haven’t come over, so I moved here first."
Gao Zhiqiu blinked "Oh".
"Did you sleep in the bunk?" The girl asked again
People who reach out and don’t smile are even worse. She lives in a solid place. This is the first day of school and can’t affect the feelings of roommates.
So Gao Zhiqiu smiled and said "No"
Huang Xiaoyu immediately said, "That’s very kind of you. By the way, I’ll fix your mosquito net. I’ll help you clean up a lot."
"No," said Gao Zhiqiu.
She doesn’t want or like to trouble others.
"No, everyone is a roommate. Let me help you."
When packing, Huang Xiaoyu looked at the piano box in surprise. "Can you still play the sogeum?"
Gao Zhiqiu was embarrassed to nod "I am music"
"Wow, no wonder you are a talented woman in music because of your different temperament."
Gao Zhiqiu smiled and boldly asked, "What’s your major?"
"Oh, I am a journalism major. I want to be a news anchor in the future." Huang Xiaoyu smiled and asked, "Where are you from?"
"It’s a coincidence that I’m Fangjiang and I’m not far from worshipping the city."
Half a person of hometown suspected that the distance between the two people was closer. Gao Zhiqiu and she chatted and cleaned up, and soon everything in the east and west was well organized.
Near evening, others came back in twos and threes in the dormitory. It seems that they all went to visit the campus, and all faces were smiling.
We introduced each other for a long time, only to find that everyone in this dormitory has it. Except for her and Huang Xiaoyu’s major in literature and art, several of them are relatively cold in science and engineering … It is estimated that the school makes do with it.
"There will be military training the day after tomorrow. Have you all bought sunscreen?" Huang Xiaoyu suddenly asked
"I bought it."
"I haven’t bought it yet."
"Well, what brand do you buy?"
"I bought …"
Gao Zhiqiu listened and silently remembered that brand of sunscreen, although … she had never heard of these things.
"Zhiqiu, I’m going to go shopping outside with Lily at night. There is a big shopping mall next to the school. Why don’t you come with us and buy sunscreen?" Huang Xiaoyu suddenly said.
Gao Zhiqiu thought, "No, I’m not afraid of the sun."
"How can you not be afraid of the sun? You don’t know, this time we are all going to military training in the army. It’s mid-levels and the sun is shining. If you don’t wear sunscreen, you have to take off at least three layers of skin. "
Gao Zhiqiu was surprised. "Going to the army?"
Or mid-levels?
"Yeah, don’t you know? Oh, by the way, you didn’t even teach the Lord when he came at noon. "
Gao Zhiqiu took a sip of her lips, okay?
"How about going together and having dinner just late?" Huang Xiaoyu advised again
桑拿论坛  title=Gao Zhiqiu nodded and can go.
the other side
At five o’clock in the evening, Yu Jinchuan returned home from the army by car.
As soon as I entered the gate of Yu’s courtyard, I saw three little guys looking dignified and strong hiding in the corner, plotting something furtively.
He frowned, but the three men had seen him pull each other at once, and then respectfully and grandly began to shout.
"Hello, uncle"
"Hello, uncle"
"Uncle Yu is good."
Two shorter ones, wearing shirts and shorts of the same style and different colors, are his twin nephews Yu Chengyan and Yu Yuting, who just turned five 2.
Section 714
The other one, wearing a blue short-sleeved shirt with watermelon head’s facial features, is a good friend, Han Zheng Minger Han Shu, who is only six years old and just in the first grade of primary school this year.
Although everyone called him uncle, actually Yu Jinchuan was seventeen years older than Han Shu and ten years older than his twin nephew.
The reason for this situation is very simple. My brother Yu Dongchen is ten years older than him, and if he gets married early, his children will be born early. Especially when he is nine years old, his nephew is fourteen years younger than his uncle …
"What to do?" Yujinchuan looked at three people and didn’t forget that they were just sneaking around or posing as elders.
Yu Chengyan shook his little head desperately. "It’s okay."
"Yes, it’s okay. Bye, uncle." Yu Yuting also smiled and said.
Yu Hanzhen’s big-eyed grandmother asked angrily, "Is Uncle Yu fun as a soldier?"
Yu Jinchuan looked at him. "Did you do your homework today?"
Han Yan continued to blink his eyes and "finished"
Yu Jinchuan nodded. "Then go home for dinner."
"But the meal isn’t ready yet," Han Shu immediately added.
Yu Jinchuan also wanted to say something. Suddenly, there was a loud cry next door, "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, go home for dinner."
"Your mother called you home for dinner," Yu Yuting said at once.
Han Dong "…"
After Han Shao left, Yu Jinchuan walked into the gate with two radish heads. His father Yu Zhengzhong was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper and couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. "Why did you come back today?"
Yu Jinchuan said, "I’m going to report to the camp when the military training starts tomorrow, and I’ll just come back today."
In the middle of Yu Zheng’s speech, he pointed out that "you should keep an eye on nothing every day for this month"