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Grab the sofa coat and he strode out of the room!

Alice ran out and felt a deep grievance in her heart! Out of control, squatting on the side of the road and crying!
The driver david drove out of the hotel and saw the woman crying on the side of the road. She couldn’t help but say, "Sir, is this really not true, Miss Alice?"
The man shouted impatiently, "Drive your car!"
The woman in the slanting eyes squatted there with her shoulders stirred up.
Force yourself to look away and order "drive faster!"
After the car pulled out of the intersection, the driver could not help but speak again. "Sir, I watched you grow up together. I have never seen Miss Alice cry so sadly. Do you really care?"
David frowned but didn’t answer.
Is she sad about him? What’s wrong with him? He’s the one she designed, okay? !
Such a sinister woman, she is sad about him! ?
But what …
The driver in the ear kept talking about the part where the woman tried every means to please them after they quarreled as children.
Once the memory gate is opened, even if he doesn’t love that woman, he still loves her.
In case that woman can’t get over it, won’t he want the whole generation to owe her?
David finally closed his eyes and said, "turn around and go back!" "
The driver was ordered to immediately adjust to the U-turn section, but when he returned to the original road, the woman was no longer seen on the roadside!
David looked for the road between the car and the driver again and again, but there was no sign of him. He hesitated, but she lost her phone!
The man’s heart is faint and begins to feel uneasy!
Recommend "The Military Master Loves His Wife with Degree"/Round Call Small Meat Bag.
This is a cool, warm and overbearing military wedding! Kiss hard, pounce hard and don’t talk!
Three years ago, she resolutely divorced him. Three years later, she fell in love with him at first sight and chased him generously!
When the domineering side leaks, the military master touches the belly and is fascinated by the girl’s daughter, such as-
Ye Jinrong "Hey, why are all these things in your house? It’s far from my home. "
Ye Jinrong: "This thing has some history. It’s almost moth-eaten."
Ye Jinrong: "How long ago has this fairy tale been lost?"
Duan Qionglou: "Do you want to go home because you look down on it?"
"Who said this meant praising your nostalgia?" Ye Jinrong retorted, "You are a good person for me, and your place is good. I won’t pick it."
Duan Qionglou "…"
If you like it, go and collect it ~ Dear Mr. Li, you will benefit these two days ~
spa会所☆ 143 A man who learned the truth about his marriage and was turned over.
Alice called Lin Ya in grief and despair and took a taxi directly after knowing that she had moved back to Muchuan.
Western suburb villa
Lin Ya was really shocked when she looked at the people with red eyes and covered in embarrassment and the traces of her body!
"What’s the matter with you? !” Did she flash the worst in her mind and then grab the humanitarian "call the police?" !”
When she said this, Alice just stopped crying and couldn’t stop. She sat on the sofa and shook her head.
Tears flow uncontrollably with runny nose.
Lin Ya pulled out a paper towel and wiped it for her while anxiously asking, "What’s the matter?"
Well, Mrs. Mu went out to buy food with Xia He early this morning, or she wouldn’t know how to explain it if she saw Alice like this.
Alice took the tissue from her hand, wiped her nose and choked, "It’s david."
"Ah?" Lin Ya couldn’t help being surprised. According to david’s resolute attitude, how did they develop into this?
Alice began to explain intermittently, "We were all drunk last night, but he took the initiative and said I set him up!" "
"I love him very much, but Yaya, I swear I have never done anything like that! It is he who takes the initiative! "
Linya frowned and ignored what she said and then seemed to be white.
Get drunk and have a one-night stand …
God, this can happen. There is nothing more shocking than this news for these two people!