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"It’s good that you know, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s them who should be worried." Shuiyun’s eyes flashed sharply

"If we uncover the truth fifteen years ago, Prime Minister Liu Zongling, the first thing to deal with is that you, moreover, the emperor’s uncle, also has to take care of their present status. I’m afraid how many ministers have been secretly ensnared by their favor in the DPRK over the years, and the ministers in the DPRK will excuse them one after another. At that time, half of the courtiers will kneel at the golden palace and beg for help, even if the emperor’s uncle is angry, he can’t go against everyone’s wishes. How can he let you easily get rid of the three people who have supported him the most?" Huangfuda analyzed
Shuiyunjin frowned slightly, but she thought about everything, but she didn’t expect Huangfuda, the minister of the DPRK, to say that once the emperor had scruples, he wouldn’t be driven to extinction, which would make him even more ill-fated or let them give themselves away or kill each other.
Huangfuda looked thoughtfully at Shuiyunjin and knew that her heart was white. "Shuihuaiquan knew that it was Bu Rezi, and it was bound to think that everything was meant by Prime Minister Bu. The two people were separated and would never believe each other again."
"The estrangement is caused by Yi Shui Huai Quan’s cruel temperament. How can you swallow this tone? He is prepared for Prime Minister Lib to get rid of me. I want us to kill each other so that he can take advantage of it. He knows that Prime Minister Bu and I will definitely have one side to hurt each other, and he is willing to see either side." Shui Yunjin thought of Shui Huai Quan’s idea, and her heart was cold and turbulent
"He will be wishful thinking." Huangfuda’s eyes are deep.
"Who said it wasn’t? Before I went back to the office, I had asked Lin Han to throw a letter to the case of Prime Minister Bu, asking him to transfer Shuixinru as soon as possible." Shuiyunjin would like to see who is better than these two old thieves, even if Prime Minister Bu was so heavy that Shuihuaiquan would go on the rampage. After all, he is missing now, but his daughter.
Huangfuda’s heart is so simple, but it makes two people feel dark hatred. Only this little woman can think of it. Prime Minister Lieb can hide some things from him, and it will not easily let him know that he has become suspicious of him, so that Prime Minister Bu will let Shuixinru disappear completely, and it will not make public that Shuihuaiquan is doomed to be trapped this time. "So they will fight first."
Shuiyunjin picked her eyebrows and said, "One is dead, one is missing."
Huangfuda corners of the mouth tick tick slightly lower the head thin lip print Shuiyunjin Shuirun lips smile thick praise way "I am a smart woman".
Shuiyunjin left the pie mouth, not because she was clever, but because Shuihuaiquan was too arrogant. If he hadn’t been aggressive and had to calculate her at the end, she would definitely let him fight with Prime Minister Bu now.
"I want to sleep."
"You can sleep when it’s not dark." Huangfu Da smiled at Shuiyun Park.
桑拿会所"You don’t bother me, I can sleep naturally." Shuiyunjin gave Huangfuda a warning.
Huangfuda smiled in a low voice, like a continuous drizzle falling jade. "I won’t make any noise. Can you have dinner first?"
"If you are not good, you should sleep now." Shuiyun Park closed her eyes and sounded soft.
"It’s really like a child, but it’s cute. I like it." Huangfuda thinks that Shuiyunjin looks so soft that he can’t help but want to tire her.
"You grew up drinking honey, didn’t you?"
"What do you want to drink honey?" Huangfuda raised her eyebrows.
"Sweet mouth, you can say many disgusting words." There is a slap in the tone of Shuiyun Park.
Huangfuda smiled wryly. "You dare to make fun of me after I told you all my love stories."
"I’m praising you," Shuiyunjin said softly and casually.
"Then I have to thank you." Huangfu Dainai especially felt that Shuiyun Park’s beautiful little face expression was still vivid with his eyes closed, and he just looked at his heart and his love became stronger and hotter.
"It’s up to you, then. I didn’t force you." Shuiyunjin was already overjoyed.
"Little woman, this mouth really owes to tidy up." Huangfuda’s eyebrow eye fluttered and bowed her head, and her thin lip print was moistened and her mouth was bitten.
Shuiyunjin "hissed" for fear that this person would haunt her again. She quickly opened her eyes. "If you don’t want to sleep, you should go and find out what Liu Tongling Tianhong is plotting. They have a close personal relationship."
"Don’t want to move" Huangfudi closed his eyes and looked like he didn’t want to move.
"Then how can you have the strength?" Shuiyunjin looked at him funny.
"If you feed me, I will have the strength." Huangfuda is determined to carry Lai through to the end.
She doesn’t take him seriously, and he won’t really care anyway.
"It’s time for me to have no strength to feed you, so you still have no strength."
Said the water cloud park away Huangfu da.
Huangfuda conveniently slipped to the big hand and locked Shuiyunjin in his arms. Two people really closed their eyes and slept in the past. When they woke up, it was sunny again.
When they were still having breakfast, they listened to Ruqin and said that it was General Gu who came to visit with Gu Chenxi. At this time, he was sitting and talking in the old report court.
"ChuChengXuan" ShuiYunXi asked with a smile.
"Chu has long been with the past" Ruqin also smiled from ear to ear.
Huangfuda scoffed at the smile on the corners of her mouth. "It’s also interesting to ask Miss Gu to come and sit there and listen to Grandpa and General Gu."
"It’s a handmaiden. I’m going." Ruqin retreated briskly.
"Chu Wangfu is now a lot of peace." Shui Yunxi thinks that Chu Chengxuan also has Gu Chenxi’s warm and harmful treatment, and even his own father can get it.
"Tiger Wolf many first Chu Chengxuan is the only one, but there are more than a dozen rooms over there." Huangfuda was pale.
"King Chu is brave." Shui Yunjin sincerely admires women and children. Most of them don’t come. Can he serve them?
Huangfuda frowned slightly, which seemed to make him unhappy that Shuiyunjin praised other men for their bravery.
In a short time, I listened to the outside talk, and the husband and wife let go of the wet handkerchief and got up and walked out of the drawing room.
"Seen the county king princess" Gu Chenxi saw two people slightly blessed.
"Miss Gu doesn’t have to bother." Shui Yunjin’s words haven’t finished yet, but she saw ChuChengxuan help Gu Chenxi. "You’re welcome to make this place your home. Anyway, we are all one of our own."
Gu Chenxi’s face turned red
Shuiyunjin looked at Gu Chenxi’s eyes and inadvertently revealed what was white in his heart. "He’s right. Anyway, he has never been an outsider. Does Chenxi want to be a stranger?"
Gu Chenxi suddenly looked up at her eyes. It seems that she didn’t expect Shuiyunjin to call her Chenxi. She smiled and nodded.
"Let’s go and sit in the courtyard. Yunjin, aren’t you tired today? I brought my piano." Chu Chengxuan never forgot to learn from the phoenix.
Shuiyunjin smiled. "Then go."
ChuChengXuan proudly blunt HuangFuDa eyebrow.