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"It’s okay to wean next month. It’s settled. Go and greet the guests with LaCrosse."

Lan Jingyi sat there staring straight at the master. Suddenly she smiled at Lome Wei’s child. She didn’t care whether she gave it to others or not. But she really didn’t trust her. She leaned over and picked up Xiao Qinyi. She stood firm and said, "Sir, you admit that I don’t have a small job, but my daughter must take me with me. I’ll go first." Holding Xiao Qinqin, she walked directly to Jiang Junyue’s master. If it was something else, she would really agree, but she wouldn’t agree to die.
"Live" master a cold drink with a dignified.
"Sir, unless you agree to take this child with me, I don’t need to stay." Lan Jingyi turned to be supercilious and insisted.
"What about Xiaoxi?"
"Xiaoxi, I can’t control it." Although she loves the child, the thought that the child is Jiang Junyue and Lomevi makes her heart ache. By the way, she has to find someone to ask why Lomevi will leave quietly and give Jiang Junyue the position of his fiancee to her.
At this moment, Lan Jingyi still feels strangely strong and possessive. Something must have happened just now. She just feels that everyone looks at her in a strange way, but she can’t figure out what it is.
"All right, then, let’s leave Xiaoxi here. It’s settled. Then you mustn’t regret it." The master smiled and believed that Jiang Han had just spoken. This woman didn’t know Xiaoxi was her son. I really don’t know how his grandson thought of this time, but he still kept it from Lan Jingyi. But one thing he admired was that this woman seemed to have a child who would rather not marry Jiang Gu. He liked it.
"Dad … Dad, Dad …" Watched Lan Jingyi holding Xiao Qinqin to leave Xiaoxi, shouting and shouting, and a little face turned red. "Flop" A little thing was so anxious that it tumbled. "Wow … Wow …" Even if it was normal, it didn’t cry much, but at the moment, the little thing just cried. One was painful, and the other was that it didn’t want Lan Jingyi and Xiao Qinqin to leave.
That crying tugged at Lan Jingyi’s heart was so painful that it stopped her. It was someone else’s child, but she couldn’t let go of Xiao Qinqin’s side. She quickly picked up Xiao Xi’s "good sister, don’t cry, come back to play with you."
Lan Jingyi coaxed Xiaodong Xijiang LaCrosse to be attracted by crying. What happened here just now? He has heard Jiang Han say that some things can’t be hidden anymore. "Does Yiyi want to know where our son is?" He asked softly, but Lan Jingyi turned his head so fast. "Where is he?" She is so eager to know that her son has been missing for more than a month, and more than 200 days and nights are neither too short nor too short, but they are full of her worries.
Jiang Junyue was about to speak. The master actually walked up to Lanjingyi and said lightly, "Give me Xiaoxi."
"Oh," Lan Jingyi was confused and handed Xiaoxi to the master’s family’s great-grandson, but she didn’t give birth to her. Is there any reason to hold this child for the master?
The little thing is very good. Don’t cry when someone hugs it. A pair of big eyes lie on the master’s shoulder and turn to look at Xiao Qinqin. Maybe it’s a twins. He has a special liking for Xiao Qinqin. "LaCrosse, I’m tired. Go back first. I’ll take this child back to my old house and the nanny will follow me."
"Grandpa, I’ll take the old child." Jiang Junyue just thought they were going to have a family reunion tonight. At the moment, the master said that he would take the child away, and he naturally didn’t want to.
"Why are you afraid that I will abuse him?"
"Grandpa is not, I am not worried about your health. Let the grandchild take it." Jiang Junyue followed the master as he walked to the hotel gate, pleading with him sometimes.
"If you are worried about me, go home and live with me and take care of it" but don’t want to see him again tonight.
"Grandpa …" Seeing that the master is out of the door, there are still so many guests behind him. Jiang Junyue’s mantra is that I really don’t want to give Xiaoxi to him. "Grandpa somehow shows Yiyi the child."
"It was she who agreed that the child wanted me to take her and said that she took Qinqin."
"Grandpa, she didn’t know that Xiaoxi was born to her. If she knew that she must loathe to give up the child, she was stolen by Luo. Grandpa, you …"
"Come on, don’t say goodbye to a woman’s mother-in-law. If you really want her to live with Xiaoxi, just bring her back together."
"Grandpa …" Jiang Junyue is really don’t want to go back to my old house, and I don’t want to be luxurious again.
But the master has been surrounded by two servants and walked briskly, and his bones seem to have improved a lot.
"Tilt …" Lan Jingyi held Qinqin and chased him up. "Tilt our son?" Just now, Xiaoqinqin peed, and she was late.
Jiang Junyue watched Lan Jingyi look forward to his eyes. At this moment, he never regretted it. He should have told her the fact that Xiaoxi was their son, but in order to give her a surprise result …
"Is there any news about the dumping …?" Lan Jingyi tried to ask out that his eyes were all eager to know the news, so he couldn’t help feeling distressed. With a gentle hug, he put his arms around Lan Jingyi’s daughter. "There will be news in the day." This night, he didn’t want to go back to his old house, so let him and her spend the night alone. It was inconvenient to go back there. He really didn’t like it.
"really?" Lanjingyi slightly lift up your little face and asked excitedly.
"Really" how could he have the heart to deceive her when he saw her with such a look? The day came to tell the whole story. "Come on, I’ll meet another guest and then we’ll leave."
"Good" Lan Jingyi smiled. Although the engagement party finally turned out to be her and him, she still didn’t like such an occasion. She would rather hold Xiao Qinqin to the corner of people. She likes quiet.
A family of three went back to the hotel lobby and looked at Lan Jingyi holding Xiao Qinqin and Jiang Junyue together. Liu Wentao quietly tossed the wine in his glass. At this moment, his heart could not say a kind of taste, which was particularly uncomfortable.
"Would Wen Tao like a toast?" Devoted to light snow smiled and handed Liu Wentao a glass of wine. Looking at the wine, Liu Wentao took it without thinking.
"Ha ha regret it? Who told you not to cherish when you are with her? Liu Wentao, you are such a fool. You are no longer in my heart, but you still can’t let her love you. Do you love you or not? You prefer fools. "There seems to be some drunkenness, strangeness, light snow, and some incoherent whispers pointing at his nose.
The stupidest thing is that I have been husband and wife with her twice, but I have done nothing. He never kissed Lan Jingyi once.
Another glass of wine fell, but he didn’t drink enough and waved to the waiter not far away. "Wine …"
"Wentao, you’re drunk." Mo Xiaoxue helped Liu Wentao shake slightly. No matter how much he treats her, she still loves him. Even though abigail is more handsome and richer than him, she still can’t forget Liu Wentao. Does she owe him? So this generation is coming to pay him back.
"I’m not drunk, you go away." Liu Wentao waved his arms and devoted himself to light snow and had to let him go.
"All right, I’ll go Liu Wentao, and I’ll tell you that you will definitely find me tonight." I’m sure that when I finish, I will walk away in high heels with a pair of eyes full of amorous feelings, but the man who is really drunk doesn’t even look at her.
Jiang Junyue met with a senior city official again. After that, he turned around and called the MC, gave a few simple instructions, and then went directly to Lan Jingyi. "Let’s go," Lan Jingyi said. All the children gave birth to him and got engaged. This wife Jiang Junyue called it naturally.
Lan Jingyi didn’t say anything. There were many people watching Jiang Junyue in public. She didn’t want him to be embarrassed in such an occasion. But at this time, he was a’ wife’. She sounded really ironic. The Jiang family didn’t approve of her. "Let’s go." As he quietly left from the side door, the hall was still full of excitement. "How about dumping?" It’s a little bad that the host and the host sneaked away without greeting the guests.
Chapter 11 Let it go.
"It’s okay. I’ve already told the MC that he’ll take care of it. Let’s go home."
It’s good to go home. Lan Jingyi still didn’t say anything. He just hugged Xiao Qinqin and drove directly to the small apartment.
After driving for a while, Xiao Qinqin fell asleep. Lan Jingyi asked Jiang Junyue lightly. "Grandpa said that your engagement with me was a rescue. Tell me what happened to Lomewei? What will suddenly leave? " Jiang’s family doesn’t like her. She knows it’s just an engagement. It’s definitely not a simple matter for Lan Jingyi to enter Jiang’s family. She will have a long, long road ahead.
Jiang Junyue grabbed the co-pilot Lan Jingyi and her daughter in one hand. "She is her, you are you, you don’t care about her, you have to remember that you are my fiancee now and my wife in the future."
"Be gentle, don’t wake up the child." When he hugged her with great strength and leaned toward him, the child leaned toward her arms. At this time, the family of three was so close that Lan Jingyi was sweet.
Well, if he doesn’t let her take care of Lome Wei, then she doesn’t care whether the man is a man or a woman or a woman. Let the man worry about things, but there are some things she is still worried about, "Don’t you ask me why I left you in the first place?"
The word "know" should be lightly answered. He hugged her with one hand and tightened his strength.
"That you are not afraid of? Aren’t you afraid that someone will do you harm? And my mom. Oh, my God, is something going to happen to my mom now? Will someone do something to her? "
"Ha ha no" Jiang Junyue smiled and said with certainty.
桑拿网"Don’t worry, Aunt Qing really won’t have a thing, you won’t have a thing, I won’t have a thing, and our children won’t have a thing. It’s good to forget that thing from now on."
Lan Jingyi suddenly realized, "It’s Lomevi, isn’t it?" At this time, she realized that Lome Wei was the one who threatened her more than her mother, and she was spilled with paint to make herself diarrhea, but it was wrong. Lome Wei would even do it to herself and her mother, but what about Jiang Junyue?
"Sort of. It’s all over." Jiang Junyue concluded this sentence. He wanted to reassure Lan Jingyi, otherwise she would be in a bad mood all day long, and her good mood would also affect him, wouldn’t it?
"But tell me what caused you to have an accident?" Lan Jingyi broke Jiang Junyue’s arm, sat up straight, turned to look straight at his side face, and she decided to leave him because she was afraid that he would be in danger.
Jiang Junyue lips slightly sip face slightly dark to the reason he didn’t say?
"It was an accident. I accidentally hit someone else’s car while driving. Forget it. Just come home with me."
He still asked her to go home with him, but do they really have a future? Grandpa is so opposed to He Ling, and so is Jiang’s family. No one except Jiang Junjian is friendly to her.
Quietly thinking about what happened this night, Lan Jingyi seemed to be still in a dream, and those who were not real at all seemed to be "leaning …"
"After that, we will never be apart again, okay?" It’s good to have him. He will solve everything for her. When everything suddenly becomes clear, her heart finally settles down, but it’s still a pain in her heart.
"Will dumping innocence give me news?" When I think of it, I think of Xiaoxi. Although Jiang Junyue finally chose to get engaged to her, the child was him and Lomevi. This is a thorn in her heart. It hurts her, but I don’t know how to get him to help me pull it out.