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"I knew I wouldn’t die." Zhuang Guifei’s voice was hoarse.

Shuiyunjin looked at her coldly. "If I don’t come, you won’t find a physician."
"You won’t let his mother princess die easily because you have Adai in your heart." ZhuangGuiFei seems to know everything.
"She’s your sister, too." Shuiyun Park couldn’t help but raise it.
"The palace doesn’t have a younger sister like that. She is a base criminal minister and daughter. What makes the palace equal?" Zhuang Guifei’s pale face was furious.
Shui Yun-jin curled her hands tightly. Isn’t she her first sister?
"You think it’s strange. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your father, Huangfuqing, and you know it, but the palace is not white. She is humble and mean. Everyone is towards her. She deserves to die a thousand times, which is not enough to solve my heart hate." Zhuang Guifei’s face was deformed by anger.
Shuiyunjin knows that Huangfuqing is her father, but she doesn’t want to hear how wronged and resentful Zhuang Guifei is. "You hate her so much, but you haven’t made moves to her because of your grandfather and father, but now you don’t want to endure it. Is it me or not? You stabbed yourself, and the princess also hurt."
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Chapter 57 Vinegar
The whole bedroom hall echoed with Zhuang Guifei’s unbridled and arrogant smile, which contained too many emotions, ferocious, gloomy and scarred resentment, which meant destroying everything and making people feel cold and desperate.
"It’s too easy for the palace to let a person die, but isn’t it too cheap and too interesting to let her die like this?" At this time, Zhuang Guifei was almost crazy and the whole person fell into a kind of revenge pleasure
"What on earth did you do to the mother princess?" Shuiyun Park twisted her eyebrows. She always wondered what Zhuangguifei had done to the mother princess. The palace was not poisoned and not hurt.
Zhuang Guifei’s dim eyes suddenly shot a light. "This sounds familiar and seems to have been heard."
Shuiyunjin looked at her with a smile and a deformed face and frowned deeply. Suddenly, she felt that this woman had already gone crazy.
"The palace wasted so much effort and finally attracted you. I will tell you not to worry. Did you bring the painting?" Zhuang Guifei seemed to see that Shuiyunjin’s look finally stopped laughing so seepingly.
Shui Yunjin took out the painting from the table behind him and spread it out in front of Zhuang Guifei. Seeing her smug smile, Shui Yunjin put away the painting "Let’s talk about it now."
"The palace knows that you can’t wait for the palace to die in your heart, but today the palace will wake you up. The palace has hurt her and died. She will be buried with her, and she will suffer thousands of times more pain than the palace. Even if she dies, she will die a natural death." Zhuang Guifei’s eyes suddenly coagulate and her face is dark, and she can’t see the slightest smile.
Shuiyun Hibiscus is like listening to a vicious and bitter person, and Zhuang Guifei is the vicious demon. Even if she goes to hell, she will drag her mother princess with her. "What does that mean?"
"Have you ever heard of the twin mother method" ZhuangGuiFei heavy openings.
Shuiyunjin’s eyebrows are tight. She has never really seen the method. I heard that southern Xinjiang is rich in method insects and can be planted in human bodies. As the name implies, the method means that both the mother princess and her body are in the method and the mother method can control the method. Then she stabbed herself and felt the same way.
It’s a pity that she can do it by such vicious and cruel means. As she said, a person doesn’t even care about his own life. What can others beg her for?
"It’s because the mother princess was killed by you that even your grandfather took you for being so unforgivable to the world. Instead, he had to obey you in everything. You are really cruel to the medicine."
"You are very clever at this time, and you can still think of these things. It is many times better than Gong Na’s stupid and good-natured sister. I don’t waste the ghost door. My father really knew that even Huangfuqing knew that he couldn’t take me. Gong told him that he would regret it. Sure enough, he was angry and knew that the palace had poisoned his son, but he couldn’t do anything. He regretted that he forbeared me. I just wanted him to struggle painfully. The more painful he was, the more excited I became because he would be deeply white. It was his biggest mistake not to choose me."
Zhuang Guifei’s expression is far away and her pale face overflows. She has never been angry and fierce.
Shuiyunjin looked at her and felt a twinge of chills. What kind of abnormal revenge is hidden behind her ferocious face?
"You’re wrong. Father regrets that he didn’t take care of his wife and children and put them in a desperate situation, but he felt pain because he couldn’t do anything. He didn’t recognize you as such a crazy person from the beginning."
"That’s like a palace. Like his father, he is blind and can never see who is the treasure and who is the mud. That palace will make them suffer inhuman torture and let them live like a palace. There will always be a thorn hidden in the dark heart. If you want to remove it, you will be bloody and miserable."
"Don’t you love your father? Why should he hate your guts?" Shui Yun’s voice was heavy.
"If there is love, there will be hate. He has eyes that despise me. What’s wrong with letting him hate me? But he died so soon and left nothing behind. I suddenly found that I don’t hate him. When he dies, he can no longer belong to that bitch. Do you think this is good? I always feel that he is so good around these years." Zhuang Guifei’s voice is unusually calm and his eyes are so obvious
"You’re crazy, and it’s hard to save the fairy. It’s really not worth it to let people like you hurt the mother princess and the world." Shuiyun Park looked at her voice and felt a little sad.
"It’s all that bitch’s fault. If you don’t go to her palace, how can you become fierce and vicious? It’s all her fault. She deserves to die."
Shuiyunjin gave her a faint look and lifted her feet to go.
"Living in Shuiyunjin Palace has told you so much that you can’t help but mean the White House." Zhuang Guifei stared at Shuiyunjin’s back and her eyes were as cold as poison.
"I’ve seen all your means, and it’s white. You have to keep this life well, or you’ll die if you rely on it again." Shuiyunjin didn’t turn back and the sound was extremely weak
"The palace will take good care of itself until you are all dead. You can rest assured that how can you reassure the palace?" Zhuang Guifei was aggressive.
"You just watch it." Shuiyun Park whispered.
"How long does it take for the palace to be impatient and wait for this injury? It’s not a year and a half. If something happens again," Zhuang Guifei said slightly.
"Don’t push me." Shuiyunjin suddenly turned and quenched her eyes and pointed them straight at Zhuangguifei.
"If you want to die, I will never stop you. It’s just that you and I value it."
ZhuangGuiFei face a tight soon laughed again "you won’t, you won’t let her die"
ShuiYunJin corners of the mouth pursed seems to never hide ZhuangGuiFei turned and strode out of the bedroom.
ZhuangGuiFei watched ShuiYunXi back disappear and her eyes narrowed. She was always in an invincible position, and no one wanted to ride on her head. Bitch can’t, ShuiYunXi can’t.
Shuiyunjin walked out of Lingfei Palace with her head down, as if her strength were failing, her legs were filled with lead, and her mind was as white as her soul’s out-of-body experience. She didn’t want to think about anything and felt that her heart had collapsed with cold.
Everything around has lost its color, and all the sounds have turned white.
Unconsciously, Shuiyunjin has walked out of more than half with familiarity. Suddenly, she bumped into a wall and looked up, but it was Huangfuhang’s face. At this time, she suspected that it was snow and frost. She glared at him in disgust and was about to cross him.
Huangfuheng, did she neglect to hold Shuiyunjin’s wrist with a big hand and pull her to the front? Her eyes were black as paint, and Shuiyunjin’s face was locked tightly. "What’s wrong with being so driven out?"
Shuiyunjin couldn’t earn his frown. "Are we familiar with Huangfuheng?"
"What did your mother princess say to you when you came out of Lingfei Palace?" Huangfuheng seemed unable to understand Shuiyunjin’s disgust.
品茶"I don’t care about you." Shuiyun Park really thinks that the mother and son are as annoying.