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Just when the table words rang, Song Xiaoshou immediately waved and left.

Gao Xiaoxiao picked up the words and heard the sound of the front desk "Xiaoxiao’s front desk."
Come here. "There’s a young lady at Xiaoxiao’s front desk looking for you."
Miss Shi? Gao Xiaoxiao’s eyes suddenly jumped. Do you want to be so close to the north in the afternoon? This afternoon, Time Pu will come.
"Can I talk to you for a while? I’m not interrupting your work, am I?" Time Pu is wearing a white sweater with a radiation protection for pregnant women. At first glance, she is very kind and virtuous with a coat in her hand and a beautiful face.
But Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t recognize that she really came to chat with herself. She couldn’t forget that Time Pu had been trying to alienate Han Minxia again and again. Although she was a daughter, it was not a good thing, especially when she visited the north …
Wanted to think to take her into a small conference room.
After sitting in the chair, Time Pu looked around with her eyes on her belly and said, "Is your company new to this building? It’s hard to find a long time before I know it’s this one, but … It’s well decorated here. "
Gao Xiaoxiao looked around at the woman and said directly, "What can I do for you?"
Time Pu withdrew his eyes and said directly, "I heard that your company has a relationship with Gu, right?"
"Right?" Gao Xiaoxiao replied faintly.
Time saw Gao Xiaoxiao’s perfunctory attitude and suppressed his temper and said, "Well, I’ll tell you straight. I’m Gu Bei’s wife now. You may not know it. I just found out that I’m pregnant. Everyone in my family is very happy, and my husband is also very happy. We are all looking forward to the baby being born safely …"
"What does this have to do with me?" Gao Xiaoxiao suddenly interrupted her.
品茶As time went by, he immediately raised Ba’s expression and said, "I hope you won’t work here again and resign."
Gao Xiaoxiao quietly looked at her heart and suddenly wanted to laugh.
What’s the rhythm? The husband and wife just keep coming over to persuade her to resign.
Time Pu suddenly bowed his head and took out a check from his famous brand bag and pushed it to Gao Xiaoxiao. "I already know that five years ago, you were right, but your family did something wrong. Although you are married to Han Dage now, life is also very good, but anyway, things were also responsible for going north. Do you think it is enough for me to make up for breaking up with you in the north? If it’s not enough, I can make up the money again. I hope you’d better resign and not work here, okay? Han Dage is so rich that he doesn’t need you to come out to make money … "
Gao Xiaoxiao reached for it and looked at the check. A series of figures suddenly counted, totaling seven figures.
Time Pu looked at Gao Xiaoxiao’s eyes and quickly crossed a trace of contempt. It turned out that marrying Han Dage should be the money. It’s silly to be so obsessed with your first girlfriend in the north …
Who knows that Gao Xiaoxiao’s move has completely changed her expression.
Gao Xiaoxiao actually picked up the check and tore it into pieces. Before she could react, she got up and threw the scraps of paper into the trash can. "You go, I will pretend that nothing happened today."
Time’s face suddenly turned red and white again. She got up and looked at Gao Xiaoxiao, gnashing her teeth and said, "If you don’t have money or money, please don’t meet my husband again, okay?"
"In this case, you tell me that there is nothing wrong with you, so let Gu North stop running here!" Gao Xiaoxiao blurted out a way
"You …" Time Pu didn’t expect Gao Xiaoxiao to be so straightforward and blocked.
Gao Xiaoxiao was too lazy to ignore her and opened the door directly and left.
Time pu got up and wanted to chase it to the corridor and suddenly stopped.
Although she had an impulse to slap her in the past, reason kept her in control.
Anyway, Gao Xiaoxiao is from Korea now, and Han Guhe Yu’s family friends … but she’s so unwilling to hold her hands and refuse to go there all the time.
Past employees look at her from time to time, and finally, if Yu Xiyuan didn’t call to urge Time Pu, it is estimated that she would have to be there for a while.
Being harassed by this couple back and forth, Gao Xiaoxiao’s mood plummeted, and his work was out of mood.
I packed my things and left the company at 1: 30 to 5: 30.
When I got to the building, Han Yuche had not sent a message saying that she should wait for a while, so Gao Xiaoxiao simply went to a nearby decoration shop.
This area is full of high-end office buildings, while the ground floor is almost full of restaurants or boutique shops. When she comes out for dinner at noon, she will occasionally visit here.
After shopping for almost half an hour, Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t see anything. He was holding a pair of mobile phone cases to see it when the news came.
She simply took the pair of mobile phone cases to check out and then trotted to the side of the road.
After getting out of the car, Han Shu reached out and took a bag from behind "for you as a wife"
Gao Xiaoxiao took it and found a yellow skirt inside.
The depressed mood cleared up in an instant after a whole day. She touched the chiffon yellow gauze skirt and boasted, "It’s beautiful."
"Do you like it?" Looking at her face, Han Yan unconsciously brought a smile.
"Like" Gao Xiaoxiao nodded. "How did you think of buying me a skirt suddenly?"
"I passed a store just now and saw that it was beautiful, so I bought it."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
Is that why you’re late?
After Han Shao drove the car out, Gao Xiaoxiao suddenly thought of the phone case he had just bought and said, "I have something for you, too."
"…" Han Shu picked his eyebrows. "What a coincidence?"
Gao Xiaoxiao took out the two mobile phone cases. "Let me help you install them."
"Good" Han Shu nodded.
Contour Shinohara smiled when she installed both mobile phone cases.
His mobile phone case is white, he is black, and the pattern behind it is the same with love and stars …
Although it’s a complete set, I think it’s too girlish in any way, which doesn’t match the image of Han Shu on weekdays.
The thought of a big man talking with this mobile phone and surrounded by business elites and big bosses is so weird!
Han Shan took one look at the end of her eyes and didn’t say anything. Let her toss about.
After returning home, Gao Xiaoxiao took the skirt and tried it on with great interest.
The beige chiffon dress is very close to the skin color, and the style is also relatively slim, which highlights her slim and slim body line. At first glance, it is more flamboyant than usual.
Section 26
Gao Xiaoxiao thinks it’s a little too gorgeous. It’s not her usual dress style, but Han Shan is satisfied and nods frequently. "It’s fine. Let’s wear this to grandma Yu’s birthday."
Han Wei, it is also intentional to buy such a gorgeous skirt ~
It’s Mrs. Yu’s birthday soon, dear friends. Be calm ~
☆, 222 lend you a shoulder to lean on.
Gao Xiaoxiao thinks the dress seems a little too gorgeous, which is not her usual style of dressing, but Han Shan is satisfied and nods frequently. "It’s fine. Let’s wear it to grandma Yu’s birthday."
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao paused for a second. "Do I have to go?"
"Of course, who shall I take if you don’t go?" Han Shu got up and walked behind her, took the scissors and cut off the tag, and said, "Besides, Grandma, they all went there, and I have already prepared the gifts."
Gao Xiaoxiao lowered his eyes and looked at the eyelids quietly and didn’t talk there.
Han Shu reached out and held her hand and said, "What are you worried about with me?"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"