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He gave her father 300 thousand, although she didn’t say it, but she really felt bad. She thought she had climbed him, and now she must feel bad that he gave her father money.

Although she didn’t say it, he could read her. He bowed his head and kissed her face gently. "Fool, everything I have is you, even I am you. You can do whatever you want with it."
A tear came out of the corner of her eye. Although she seemed to sleep quietly, she felt uncomfortable and didn’t sleep well. She woke up as soon as he spoke.
After waking up, she didn’t want to open her eyes. She didn’t know how to face him. She couldn’t help crying just after listening to his words. How can this man be so nice? He is infatuated with her and knows her so well as if he can know everything she thinks.
He saw her tears. He knew that she was awake and sighed lightly. "What a fool! How could you be so stupid? After being married for so long, you still don’t know that spending your husband’s money is a matter of course? "
Xia Yuyao opened his eyes and looked at him quietly. He was so handsome, he was so excellent, but he only liked her. How could she be so lucky?
If suffering before is the price she paid for being lucky today, then she is willing to bear those hardships.
Now with him, all the pain and suffering are no longer important, because she has him, and having him is like having the world.
She snuggled into his arms and murmured, "It’s good to have you in Mohan."
"I like it when you call me husband." He whispered in her ear.
"It’s good to have you, my husband," she said cleverly. At this moment, he wants her to say anything and listen, and she is willing to make him happy.
At this moment, Lele came out of the bathroom. When he saw his parents cuddling together, he couldn’t help grinning. "I told you I wanted a room by myself, but now it’s making me a light bulb, right?"
Xia Yuyao laughed at Lele’s words. "What light bulb? How can Mommy trust you to live in a room by yourself when you go out? Besides, it doesn’t matter much if we hug you. We can just ignore it."
Lele suddenly looked at Ling Mohan and asked seriously, "Daddy, have you found a very serious problem?"
Ling Mohan raised his eyebrows. "What’s the problem?"
"My mommy seems to be getting thicker and thicker." Lele laughed.
Xia Yuyao has a black line on her face. Oh, my God, she was so disgusted by her own son. Where is her thick skin? Just thin, okay?
"Ling Xuyang, your skin is itchy, right?" Xia Yuyao gritted his teeth. This little bitch dared to say that. She is getting bolder and fatter.
Lele laughed. "Mommy, don’t get angry. Think about the baby in your belly. If you get angry easily, it is estimated that he will have a bad temper later."
Xia Yuyao was completely defeated by him. What is this? Can he talk a little more childishly? He’s not cute at all.
约茶Ling Mohan rubbed Lele’s head and spoiled the tunnel. "Don’t bully your mommy. She’s a girl. We have to be graceful, okay?"
Lele nodded. "Well, I won’t bully Mommy. Mommy, I love you the most. I still love you even if you are cheeky."
Looking up to heaven, Xia Yuyao felt her belly judo. "Baby, you must be a girl. I can’t afford to have another one like your brother at home."
Lele laughed. "Mommy, we really are mothers. We all think the same thing. I also hope you are pregnant with a girl."
Xia Yuyao was really in distress situation and finally said, "Did you wash your face and brush your teeth? Get ready, go to sleep and hurry. "
Lele nodded. "Tell Mommy that I slept after brushing my horse."
Lele said obediently lying down in his bed.
A family of three is happy together. Xia Yuyao stroked his belly and suddenly felt very satisfied and happy.
All the unhappiness just vanished, and now she is so happy that she has to care about the past?
Ling Mohan treated 300,000 younger brothers as a charity. Let’s go with the wind.
A three-person hotel set off for home after a night’s rest.
Xia Yuyao didn’t say hello to her father. She was deeply concerned about the fact that her father had never been white and resented her stepmother.
Father always believes that what he sees with his eyes is that he doesn’t want his daughter to say that his woman is good to her by buying her good clothes. He doesn’t want to believe that that woman is sinister at heart.
Although she doesn’t want to care about the past, it doesn’t mean that she can open her heart to accept her father. Now that he has kicked her out of the house in those years, she doesn’t want to make too much friends with them. If her father encounters any difficulties, she may still help, but she will never be close to him.
Cold ling mo drove slowly away from the county seat and headed for the city.
The car is quiet and a family of three is driving on the mountain road. The atmosphere is very lively. Lele keeps talking like a small chatterbox, and occasionally tells jokes to make Xia Yuyao laugh. The family of three is happier than when they came.
Suddenly the car skidded and the speed slowed down when the car body shook.
Ling Mohan’s face changed, and his experience judged that the car would slip and should have been ejected.
The terrain here is easy to ambush. It seems that he was careless not to bring a bodyguard when he went out this time.
He glanced at Xia Yuyao and Lele somberly and whispered, "There is an ambush in Yaoyaoshan. You and Lele should take good care of the car. This car is bulletproof. I will solve them and call the police."
Xia Yuyao turned pale at the cold words of Ling Mo. She didn’t expect that the situation would appear in this kind of TV play and let her meet it.
She hugged Lele tightly for fear that Lele might have a little accident. Lele was also a little scared, but he still tried to keep himself calm. He looked at Ling Mo and whispered, "Daddy, you should be careful."
Ling Mohan nodded and looked at him approvingly. "It’s really not the kui that my son is calm when something happens. You are a male Han. You must be brave and wait for Daddy with Mommy."
"Mo Han, you must not have something to hear?" Xia Yuyao spoke only to find that his voice trembled a little.
Cold ling mo nodded "ok, I promise I won’t let myself have something"
He took a deep look at Xia Yuyao, then opened the door and jumped out of the car. He already had a black pistol in his hand.
At this time, a few people quickly jumped out of the jungle, and they rushed to this side with guns in their hands. Cold eyes and competitors had already rushed to listen to a few loud bangs and two big men fell to the ground.
Obviously, they didn’t expect Ling Mo Han to take a gun with him and see his companions. They quickly retreated into the jungle with a change of complexion.
Fortunately, there is a mountain on one side and a plain on the other. If there are mountains on both sides, it will be more convenient for the enemy to ambush, and he will be more dangerous. At this time, he can at least block his body with the help of the body.