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The words first paused for a while, and then a magnetic and unfamiliar young voice sounded "Uncle Jing"

Jingmuchen one leng
This sound … Yes?
"jiujiu is with me," the voice continued. "We agreed that I would not return to China or take the initiative to contact jiujiu in five years. Now that five years have passed, jiujiu will be ten years old. Should I be able to have a boyfriend?"
Say that finish a low smile and then the words were hung up.
Jingmuchen watched the phone screen gradually darken for half a day … and there was no response.
"Husband!" Su Ruo shouted twice late and finally pushed him violently. "What happened to you? Who called?"
Jingmuchen looked up at his wife for a second and pushed the door and car directly.
The parents of the students at the gate have dispersed almost. Jing Muchen strode past with long legs in a black suit, and the whole person looked at the school gate with bright eyes and kept talking with his mobile phone in one hand.
"Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily connected to sorryyou…… …"
After two calls, it will directly become "Sorry, the number you dialed is out of service …"
Jingmuchen "…"
This smelly little!
"Husband!" Su Re chased out on high heels late. "What’s the matter? What happened? "
Jingmuchen clutched his mobile phone for a long time before saying "smelly boy is back"
桑拿论坛Su Re late "…"
I have always regarded you as my girlfriend.
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Han Mobai directly pressed "machine" after hanging up.
Then he lifted his feet and walked out of the business hall.
The sunset outside is just right.
The golden sun shines on the white suv, and Jing Anjiu is holding the bag and being quiet there.
She was wearing a pure white short-sleeved shirt, revealing a slim white arm shirt with a pale yellow petal pattern. The slim waist and legs were outlined in the skirt, and her feet were standing on a pair of flat-bottomed white shoes. The net height was about 1.65 meters visually.
Although I still look thin, I already have a girl’s beautiful curve. At first glance, it is pleasing to the eye, and there is another kind … I can’t tell you how beautiful I am.
The little girl grew up …
Han Mo’s heart is moving, but he still doesn’t show the landscape. He walked over and said, "I called Uncle Jing."
Jing Anjiu looked up. When she saw this charming face in front of her again, she felt puzzled and felt like she was still dreaming …
Half an hour ago, after she finished the last exam, she walked out of the examination room easily. She just walked near the school gate and was blocked by a person.
I looked up and saw a boy in front of me.
Dressed in a casual white shirt, the sleeves are half-rolled, and she can’t see clearly because of the low head and the light behind her back. His facial features can vaguely see the angular outline and the thick eyelashes hanging half upside down, which faintly shows the handsome temperament.
At the age of ten, I already know that men and women don’t naturally know … what it means for a boy to do this kind of business.
But this kind of thing has not happened less in recent years.
JingAnJiu is slightly one leng then bowed their heads and want to go next to.
Who knows …
The boy continued to move aside and blocked her way again.
Jing’ an Jiu frowned slightly and looked a little unhappy.
She looked up and was about to speak …
The man "jiujiu" spoke first and called her nickname with a low voice, which was very nice.
Jing An-jiu’s eyebrows suddenly puckered tighter. The first feeling was that … This boy was too reckless. She didn’t know him, did she?
The former boys are very polite to call her "Jing’ anjiu classmate"
So she hugged her bag and lifted it. She was going to have a righteous refusal with him …
"Really forget me? Or … Don’t know me? " Han Mobai provoked a heavy eyebrow expression, but it seemed to bring some regrets in the ponder sound.