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Recently, I have been well raised, and I like her better than the fragile figure before. Although I am still thin, I feel the flesh everywhere, and I feel very good when I touch it.

"…" As if a pot of cold water was poured on Gao Xiaoxiao, she felt too ashamed. For the first time, she had the cheek to declare that he was so flirtatious and ambiguous to feedback herself.
Reached out and knocked off his hand, straightened his clothes, got up and turned his back on him and said, "It’s getting late. I’m going back."
Han Han listened to her serious tone and her eyes smiled deeper. Then she got up and put her arms around her from behind and said, "What are you going to do?" Didn’t you bring me food? I haven’t eaten yet. "
"Go to heat yourself!" Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t good the spirit said
"…" Han Shan low cough a good gather together her ear and said "really don’t understand amorous feelings, I say … don’t be hungry"
Said somewhere with her real grinding.
Gao Xiaoxiao is like being roasted by fire, and his whole body is soft. With his eyes closed, he can spit out the words "shameless" with shame and annoyance.
"Ha ha" Han Shu chuckled behind her. "Look at you, I’ll ask you if you express your love to me, and you will lose your temper and ruin the good atmosphere."
Gao Xiaoxiao whimpered. Who ruined the atmosphere? Now you’re so shameless about sticking to yourself?
Han Shu gradually tightened her hands and pressed her thin hot lips against her neck. When she spoke, she vomited all the warm breath on her skin. "Wife?"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
"Do you think that you can’t look at all the men in this world except me?" Han Shu shameless asked 1.
Gao Xiaoxiao felt a quiver in her heart, and her waist was tighter. Her thin lips slowly rubbed down her neck to her earlobe, and her deep and hoarse voice continued to ring "Say it."
"If you won’t say it, do it." Han Shao didn’t force it. Anyway, he heard it just now.
So Gao Xiaoxiao felt that the sole of his foot was in a daze and he picked it up and walked into the lounge.
Hua fu Rui yuan Jing Jia Lao Zhai yuan Li
"Xiaobai, I picked a very, very big strawberry for you." Grandma was angry with the little girl and the sound rang inside the greenhouse.
"No, you can put it in your basket. I’ve picked a lot." So the old boy’s voice rang.
"But … I want to give it to you." Jing’ an Jiu’s soft hands were holding a big red strawberry and blinking at the special injustice and pity.
"Well, then," Gao Xiaobai agreed.
I glanced at my small laundry list, which was already full of strawberries, but this silly girl kept putting her small laundry list here, and didn’t put a few in it. Didn’t she want him to help her pick it at the end?
"jiujiu jiujiu is ready to eat. Take your good friend back quickly." Hui Yi, a servant at the entrance of Dapeng, lit up his stereo.
"I see," said Jing Anjiu, who immediately went to Gao Xiaobai’s side. "Aunt Xiaobaihui called us to have lunch. Shall we continue to pick it in the afternoon?"
"Good" Gao Xiaobai also got up and put the last strawberry in his hand in the laundry list. "I’ll take this basket back in the afternoon and I’ll help you pick it together."
"Good" Jing Anjiu simply didn’t even want his own basket. He reached out and grabbed his laundry list handle. "Then let me help you. It’s too heavy."
Gao Xiaobai "…"
When the two little guys came back to the villa scene with a laundry list of strawberries, Saixixi had already washed well and was about to rush to the restaurant.
"Wow, so many strawberries! I want to eat them!" Small fat hands quickly picked up one and stuffed it into the mouth.
Jing’ an Jiuji’s face turned red. "Brother, this is to let Xiaobai take it back to Han’s uncle and aunt. You are not allowed to steal it."
"…" Jing Saixixi squinted and swallowed all the pulp to be naughty and vomitted to small tongue. "What should I do? I’m finished!"
"…" Jing ‘an Jiu’s mouth was flat. "Mommy, look at my brother. He bullied me again."
Su Ruo, who had a big belly, came over late and made a rounder. "No, my brother just ate one. Let my brother pick it for you after lunch later, okay?"
"Not good!"
Gao Xiaobai and Jing Anjiu both refused.
I don’t want light bulbs and troublemakers to go
Su Re late "er …"
When the assistant asks, do you want strawberries or monthly tickets?
Jing Saixixi wants strawberries.
Gao Xiaobai wants jiujiu.
Jing’ an jiuyao xiaobai
Assistant, these three bear children are here to smash the field!
桑拿This decision is good for everyone.
In the lounge, the thin velvet was tightly hugged by Han Shao, and she kissed Gao Xiaoxiao again and again. Her face kissed her face and neck all over, and finally she fell on her shoulder and loved and pecked lightly.
Gao Xiaoxiao is lazy and prone on his body with his eyes half closed, and his mind is still a little muddled.
Just now, someone was too fierce, which caused her to be scattered all over the body. A little strength made her cheeks even more abnormal, which had the charm of Cao Xueqin’s pen "tears are a little bit breathless"
Looking at it, I feel that she is so charming now. Clever, lie still in your arms and do whatever you want …
Beautiful and deep peach blossom eyes suddenly flashed with a new broom and a new broom. As soon as she turned around and pressed her waist again, she exchanged thin hot lips and kissed all the way along her neck, and at the same time, her big hand reminded her that she wanted to do it again.
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao frowned slightly, and his arm pinched a soft and charming voice and said, "Don’t I have no strength."