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Now Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun have to deal with not only Han Qingshan but also so many enemies.

I can’t help but look up and stare at Ye Xiangyuan tightly.
He also stared at me and suddenly reminded me of his lips. "Baby, you have to take an adventure with me again this time."
I put my arm around his neck and smiled at him "I do"
He gently stroked my face. "This time it’s more dangerous than ever, but I know that even if I let you go back to the imperial city, you won’t agree to take you with me."
I went to kiss his lip. "Well, you really know me."
He and my forehead are deep against each other, and there is a little light in his black eyes. "If I am still reluctant to part with you when the time comes, will you listen to me?"
I looked at him without saying anything.
He kissed my face. "Will you listen?"
Somehow my tears fell from the corner of my eyes.
I shook my head desperately.
His voice became deeper and softer. "I promise I will do my best to keep myself safe, but if I don’t keep my promise, you should be good."
I don’t talk, I hold his waist tightly and still shake my head.
He hugged my face and coaxed me into saying, "Xiao Chen still needs you."
I choked, "He needs you, too."
He was silent to hold me tight.
After a long time, he sighed "fool" in his eyes.
I brushed his shoulder, but I didn’t intend to change my mind.
On this trip to Mojiang, I know that there are many dangers and it is likely to kill me.
But I have decided to go to hell with him.
Yu Xiaochen
I’m really sorry to lose him like this.
But if Ye Xiangyuan falls in front of me, I think I will lose control of my emotions and will definitely die with him.
I couldn’t help sobbing in my arms.
I can’t bear to part with either of them.
I can now pray that Ye Xiangyuan will have a good accident.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me to my leg and kissed my forehead without saying much.
I think he must understand my determination and mood.
But I also know that he doesn’t agree with me by not persuading me not to stop me.
But that he has other ideas.
Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but grab his sleeve. "Ah Yuan, don’t lose me."
He didn’t answer, bowed his head and kissed me deeply.
He didn’t stick to my lip until it was over and said "good" in a low voice.
I was not relieved to get his promise.
Although he promised to do it, I can blame him for breaking his promise even if he pushes me away.
In order not to let myself think again, I changed the subject and said, "Ah Yuan, I met my fourth uncle and he gave me a gift."
It suddenly occurred to me that the box given by my fourth uncle seemed to be taken to the front room by me.
Later, I was taken away by Han Qingshan and the box was left behind.
I suddenly became anxious.
桑拿会所Anyway, it was Grandpa Ye who gave the gift. Before he was determined whether he was an enemy or a friend, he was a relative of Ye Xiangyuan. How could I lose the gift so carelessly?
I was annoyed that Ye Xiangyuan suddenly handed me a box saying, "Is this it?"
I looked at him in surprise.
He explained, "It was sent by Asun."
I didn’t expect Lu Xun to be so considerate and observant
When I took over, I opened the box and showed the contents to Ye Xiangyuan. "Fourth Uncle said grandma gave it to him."
Hear my grandma Ye Xiangyuan’s eyes dim.
He stared at the pile of candy paper and the pair of anklets for a long time.
Section 367
I quietly look at his look.
His face is a little tense, but there is nothing else. Don’t finish the reaction and you can’t see the laughter.
I dare not disturb him either.
After a moment, he gently box way "since it’s for you, take it."
I watched him carefully and said, "Why don’t I return it to my fourth uncle?"