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Yi Chen awkwardly ducked and vomited an apology. "Don’t hit me. I’m sorry. We didn’t know she was your sister. We apologize …"

"I’m sorry … I’m sorry …" Jiang Wu also vaguely for mercy
He Lianyin saw that they were all black and blue and could not bear to confess that "you hit my injured hand"
He moved with HeLianYin propaganda, however.
All eyes were cold and pulled over her, leaving a sentence in her suffocation: "Chen Xi went to the guidance office to help her ask for leave and I took her to see a doctor."
It’s still quiet around
If there is anything left, it will be like pumping.
This one
He Lianyin and He Lianyin became famous.
He Lianyin’s name is nothing more than lifting the peak color. He has always been personable and noble. He Lianyin actually started a fight and said such swearing-greeting his mother.
Funny thing is that it didn’t affect the prestige of He Lianyin. Compared with Yi Chen and Jiang Wu’s evil dramas, more people think that He Lianyin didn’t do anything wrong. His arrogance and domineering is to safeguard his sister’s belonging to the justice guard, which fully conforms to the romantic fantasy of boys and girls about hero idols.
For a long time afterwards, the students talked about the war situation that day, and they were lucky enough to witness that the students braved the worship of stars to regard him as a rare "beautiful angel"
桑拿会所And Hector even Yin identity also opened with the campus …
It turns out that HeLianYin is his sister …
Chapter 17 put on guard
Out of the classroom, He Lianyin didn’t take a leave of absence. He used to climb over the wall at ordinary times and forgot the patient.
It was not until he was stopped by the guard’s uncle that He Lianyin reacted like a rude awakening. He told his uncle for a long time that he always disagreed with the rules of famous schools and acted strictly according to the rules. If there was no note, he would not accept all special circumstances.
Perfect from ruin type
He Lianyin’s face sank and he was angry at his ability. He wanted to sneer at a few words and was stopped by He Lianyin.
Her unhurt hand and his slender five fingers were tightly twisted with the sun, and her white face was blurred. She whispered, "Forget it, don’t go to the hospital."
He Lianyin didn’t agree with his jaw stretched tightly and took a look at the guard uncle. He looked cold. "You wait here for me to go back and get a leave of absence."
He Lianyin’s eyes were worried and he said softly, "Brother, I’m really all right. It hurt a little when I hit it just now, but it doesn’t hurt now. I don’t think it’s a problem."
He Lianyin was blown to the head by this brother, as if his ear had a thunder, and all consciousness was blown to pieces and floating in chaos.
After a long time, he also calmed down the thunder in his heart like ripples in circles.
She admits that she loves him, and it is precisely because of this that he can’t allow her to make mistakes.
"Bone injury is serious. We must go to the hospital."
"I’m really all right. If you don’t trust me, I’ll go to the doctor’s office."
He took a tough line and ordered Hector even Yin to wait aside, while he turned and ran away.
Soon he brought a leave of absence, and dragged He Lianyin to the hospital all the way. When the bandage was removed, his wrist was swollen. The little ghost of He Lianyin cunningly stuffed a red envelope for the doctor and went to the registration waiting.
See wrist swollen HeLianYin also some worry about the first large-scale hospital, she seems a little confused, angels in white from the side in a hurry to let her see too much.
The doctor touched her bone carefully and asked, "Is it painful or sour?"
"A little" Hector even Yoon answered calmly.
"Preliminary determination of inflammation" The doctor put her handwritten case list and handed it to He Lianyin. "Let’s take a picture."
He Lianyin looked confused. Didn’t the doctor say he was inflamed? What do you want to shoot? How much will it cost?
Her thinking fell into the eyes of He Lianyin and became a coy teenager. She didn’t have the patience to take away her case list. "Why are you still sitting? Go to the studio. "
She should be together with He Lianyin and come to the studio.
filament lamp
Silver medical instruments seem lonely.
The doctor in a white coat told her to lie down until the machine light scanned her arm and was photographed.
Back to the orthopedic surgeon, he carefully looked at the film and mused, "It’s nothing serious. It’s just inflammation. Have an infusion bag or bottle?" Otherwise it hurts. "
How can two children know that this is a means of cheating money in the hospital? Seeing more and more tests, is it so serious that He Lianyin’s heart is getting more and more guilty? Have done so many tests.
He Lianyin hesitated a little, but he didn’t resist.
She knows that He Lianyin’s temper, according to the constellation analysis, belongs to the lion, which is very overbearing and masculine, and is also very good. If you listen to him, you can get back his sincerity and gentleness. Her brother is so kind to her, and she doesn’t want to provoke him. Let’s wait until the right time.
Then it’s infusion
The nurse hung the bottle on the silver hook.
The needle went into the back of HeLianYin’s hand.
Permeable liquid flows quietly in the infusion tube.
There is a long waiting chair with Hector Lian Yin alone, and she is resting with eyelashes hanging down.
He Lianyin went to get the medicine
When I came back, the sunset glow had turned red.
At the end of his line of sight, a girl quietly looked at the front as if sitting in the spring, petals alienated, temperament half squinting, snow-white clothes, and a faint smile on her mouth seemed to be casual but beautiful, which made people look away.
He Lianyin stupefied with the wind blowing his skirts, and the sky was blue outside the window, and the world was extremely moving.
His faint smile eyes were dye black with absence.
He sat beside her gently and opened a can of plaster. Even Yoon froze and grabbed his arm.
"Are you hurt?"
On that day, he smiled at her obsequiously, but the slight frown and the imperceptible stagnation in the smile showed that he also endured the pain.
At that moment, He Lianyin felt that he was like a lonely child who was on guard against loneliness. The energy was secretly accumulated with the years buried in the bottom of those evil eyes, and finally generate became strange and beautiful.
Her heart beat suddenly.