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This remark to the capital is obviously a goad. At that time, all eyes are fixed on the Lan Wangfu. It seems that if anyone dares to fight, it is that he is afraid to fight and dare not meet them. Changyong is humiliated.

The root of this battle will no longer hit people’s hearts, and it will surely fail.
But now the old prince of Lanwangfu is old, and naturally he can no longer be armored. He has been weak since childhood, and his martial arts and archery are impassable. Only Huangfuda is left. Obviously Tianhong’s move is aimed at him.
On this day, Huangfuda entered the palace and didn’t return until evening.
First, he went to the old prince to accompany grandpa. I don’t know what to say. When he returned to the waterside pavilion, it was already dark.
There is no light burning in the room, but there is a little night in the bedroom, which is quiet and warm.
spa会所Huangfuda is dressed in white as snow. Elegance is outstanding and clear. The light eyebrows and eyes of Tsinghua’s ink jade color are better than his feet slowly entering the dormitory in the middle of the night
The dim night beads, water clouds and hibiscus are half lying on the soft bed. She is dressed in a nightgown, revealing delicate collarbone and fair skin. Her little face is beautiful and gentle, and her long eyelashes cast a shadow. She seems to be asleep.
Huangfuda gently walked over to the soft couch and settled for a moment. His mouth was slightly raised. For a moment, he caressed Shuiyunjin like a jade hand and lingered on his cheeks like porcelain.
Shuiyunjin didn’t open her eyes, but pushed her face with her hands.
"Why don’t you open your eyes when you’re not asleep?" Huangfudi looked at her with a warm and gentle smile.
"I was asleep and you woke me up." Shuiyun Park opened her eyes and gave Huangfuda a a look.
Huangfuda raised an eyebrow and sat on a soft couch and took Shuiyunjin in her arms. "You have to change your habit of sleeping on a soft couch."
Huangfuda’s casual love made Shuiyunjin’s heart tremble. She chose a soft bed because the bed smelled of him, but now it seems that she must change it.
"You’ve decided."
"It’s not a decision, but my brother Wang Fu should be conscientious." Huangfu Wendao said.
Shuiyunjin’s eyes suddenly darkened. When Tianhong’s words came out early, she knew that this day would definitely come, because it is already difficult to ride a tiger. If Huangfuda doesn’t go to this battle, Changyong will lose, and she will lose.
"Do you know that you have never been to the battlefield and never led a soldier? The battlefield is not a tournament, and no matter how high your martial arts are, it is difficult to stop hundreds of thousands of troops coming at you."
"I know that although I have never been to the battlefield, it is also the first time that my grandfather and father tasted the battlefield." Huangfuda insisted.
"Do you know that Tianhong has been on the battlefield for many years?" Shuiyunjin asked again.
"Familiar with the art of war is a necessary course for every royal brother. Even though he has been through many battles, he is more skilled than me in dealing with it."
"Do you know that Tianhong’s envoy dared you? He knew that Changyong’s honor and disgrace would definitely turn back. Do you know that he just set a trap for you or there are hordes waiting for you or he will never give you a chance to come back again?" Shuiyunjin looked straight at Huangfuda with sharp eyes.
Huangfuda finally became less determined. His arm slightly clung to Shuiyunjin in a low voice. "I know you said I know I’m not afraid of anything."
"I don’t say much about everything, but you still have to go because you have to go. Three hundred thousand troops are waiting for you. That’s what the emperor must mean. Even Grandpa knows how dangerous your trip is. He will still put up with all the worries and let you go, right?" Shui Yunxi said for Huangfuda that he didn’t speak.
Huangfuda sighed in a low voice, "I will definitely come back, I swear to you, I will definitely come back to see you."
"Then I also have a request." Shuiyunjin suddenly turned to a tone.
"What" Huangfuda Judo
"I’ll go with you to share weal and woe. This is what you said. A gentleman can’t keep his word." Shuiyunjin’s eyes are very serious and she doesn’t refuse to raise her face.
"Did you pretend to sleep until I came back?" Huangfuda asked.
Shuiyunjin nodded. "This is the only thing I can think of that is willing to let you go to France. Do you want to see me restless day and night and let me sleep on a soft couch every night?"
Huangfuda fondled Shuiyunjin beautiful and elegant with a soft eyebrow eye sound. "You know that the two armies should fight against danger, and I have to protect you from time to time. Besides, the army has never had family members to accompany it. If we all leave Lanwangfu, who will take care of the eldest brother and stay in bed for many years, there are many things that you can’t see clearly and thoroughly. Do you have the heart to leave Grandpa and them? Don’t forget."
"I can’t forget anything. You just don’t want me to go with you." Shuiyun Park interrupted angrily.
"Stay in the house and wait for me to come back. All the dark guards in the house will obey your orders and give you this home, so that I can feel at ease." Huangfuda softly coaxed.
Shuiyunjin left the pie mouth without saying anything. She just said that it was a delusion to know that it was impossible to know that this family had to keep one. She still hoped that Huangfuda would promise, regardless of how good it would be.
Huangfuda’s mind is white water, but he can’t. If the capital is dangerous, there is life and death, and all the dark guards in the house should be left. No one can hurt her.
"When will we start?" A long time ago, Shuiyun Park asked.
"Two days later," Huangfuda’s eyes locked tightly with Shuiyunjin as if to better reflect her heart.
Shuiyunjin’s heart must be pressed at this time, no matter how much she gives up. He is the younger brother of Lord Lan’s royal family, and he has his responsibilities, especially when the country is in crisis. But how can she not worry about being a wife, and she doesn’t know how many emergencies there are?
Shuiyunjin dare not think deeply. She leans on Huangfuda’s chest and sucks the clean and elegant taste that belongs to him.