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"Company" Han Shao said calmly.

"Wocao not to say that at three o’ clock to sin night together? I’m here. "Yu Yuting frowned.
"Ha ha" Han Shao smiled twice. "Those two cowards dare not go. Why did I go?"
Yu Yuting "…"
But it’s a pity that he came and left, so he said, "Come and I’ll practice with you. It’s just that we haven’t had a drink together for a long time."
Who knows …
"You let me go, I will go to you. Who are you?"
桑拿  title=Yu Yuting "…"
After a while
"Ah, you really don’t come to me, but find out something to share with you. How about the elder brothers?
Sample elder brothers be loved, stay up late last night to help you check "Yu Yuting said.
There was a silence for a few seconds "waiting for the horse to arrive"
After hanging up, Yu Yuting was in a good mood and sent a text message in the "ambush" group, "Who is coming on the night of sin?" I want some wine. "
Yan Nansheng "Who are there?"
Yu Yuting’s "Me and Ah Shu"
Yan Nansheng "I won’t go without my sister!"
Yu Yuting "…"
At this time, Han sent a message, "Isn’t the proprietress a sister?"
Yan Nansheng "@ Lu Ziheng"
Lu Ziheng "…"
Before class, Gao Xiaoxiao just sent the plan to Liu Jingliu and received a text message from Han Wei, "My wife, I’ll have someone pick you up today."
"Good" she didn’t think much about it when he was too busy to catch up.
At 5: 30, Gao Xiaoxiao packed her things and walked out of the company gate with Chang Huanyan.
When the ladder arrived, they just walked in and heard a familiar woman’s voice "wait a minute, please wait a minute" behind them.
Uh … It’s Jiang Chuhui again.
Chang Huan Yan used to press the door as soon as he reached out his hand at the sound.
Gao Xiaoxiao was embarrassed, and then he saw Jiang Chuhui break in through the cracks and said to them with a smile, "That was a close call."
Chang Huan Yan angrily left the pie mouth without speaking.
"Xiaoxiao’ er" Jiang Chuhui gathered around her and asked eagerly, "How did Yu always reply to your message?"
Gao Xiaoxiao said kindly, "I asked him, but he couldn’t remember, so …"
"…" Jiang Chuhui face a little embarrassed can’t remember? It’s only been less than a day
She thought about it and said, "So … Xiaoxiao, are there any other single men with better conditions around you?"
Gao Xiaoxiao nai pulled his lips and looked at Chang Huanyan’s consciousness.
Chang Huanyan said, "Just say it. What do you want?"
"Conditions?" Jiang Chuhui blinked and immediately said, "There is nothing particularly demanding. It is better to earn more than me and have a house and a car."
"Well," Chang Huanyan nodded, "I know a few, but they are all older. Can you accept them?"
"No age is not a problem, but it’s better not to be too different."
"Well," Chang Huanyan picked his eyebrows, "then there’s nothing I can do. I know those men who are almost fifty years old and almost all divorced. The daughter is estimated to be almost two years old, but it’s really rich and meets your requirements. What do you think?"
Jiang Chuhui’s face turned ugly at once. "What do you mean by Huanyan?"
"It doesn’t mean anything. Didn’t you want us to introduce you? Why did you lose your temper when I told you this well?" Chang Huan Yan Yan Yan said
"You …" Jiang Chuhui bit her lip. "I’m looking for a mother who is my age and can be my father in her fifties. Do you think it’s appropriate?"
Chang Huan Yan smiled. "How do I know if it’s appropriate? But just now, it seems that I just want to find a rich man with the existing money. I’m so old, and I’m telling you the truth."
When the ladder arrived at the beginning of Jiang, Hui rushed out without calling.
Chang Huanyan sneered and said, "To deal with this kind of woman, you have to be so eager to introduce rich men to you every day. Do you want me to give her face?"
Gao Xiaoxiao was a little embarrassed and said, "Huan Yan, everyone is a colleague, and then I looked up and saw you …"
"What am I afraid of, Xiao Shou or her company? If you dare to trip me up behind my back, I will let Xiao Shou let her go!" Chang Huan Yan is unusually free and easy and said
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
I didn’t know I was going to a bar until I took Yang Ou’s car.
The bar is a little far from the city center, and there are no buildings around Fiona Fang. The dark outside still looks scary. If the driver is an acquaintance, Gao Xiaoxiao would have kidnapped it.
"Madam, please rest assured that it will arrive soon." Yang Ou may also see that she is worried about being busy and explained.
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled and took out his mobile phone to call his son. "Xiaobai, are you at grandma’s house?"
"Well, Uncle Xiao Yang sent me here and is now preparing for dinner." Gao Xiaobai said angrily.