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Yan Nansheng’s "Ha ha" was clear and embarrassing, and the bottle was taken back.

"Wow, second brother, it seems that you are going to follow the example of eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law? How many are you going to have? " Feng Chen ‘an is young and Gao Xiaoxiao is shy, so he can say whatever he thinks.
Han Yan hooked his lip angle, and his eyebrows were proud, but he had to put on a modest gesture. "This kind of thing has to be two, three, four … I can do it."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
At the same time, in the balcony of Yuyan Hotel
Yu Dongchen’s 60th birthday should be a big party, but it’s the second child’s wedding in a few days, so he decided to simplify his birthday and invited his family and Korean family to have dinner together.
In other words, this is tantamount to a wedding banquet in disguise.
When Time Pu said that she would bring her boyfriend over, Yu Dongchen also agreed. Like the old lady Yu, she has always liked this excellent niece, and now she is getting married, and her heart is quite relieved.
In the middle of the meal, there was a beautiful gift box. "Uncle, this is a gift from me and the North. I wish you happiness as the East China Sea lives longer than the South Mountain."
Yu Dongchen took the gift box, glanced at the bronzing logo and nodded with a smile. "What are the Dumacheng family doing so politely?"
"These Four Treasures of the Study are all from the north, so I’ll give them to you. It’s also quite good to write in other ways. Oh, uncle, you can learn from him." Time Pu said that the corner of his eye was full of pride.
"Oh?" Yu Dongchen was surprised and raised his eyebrows. Looking at Gu northward, he asked, "I didn’t expect you to know the law in the north?"
Nowadays, in the internet age, there are not many young people who can use Chinese calligraphy. To tell the truth, he is really surprised, and he also appreciates Gu Bei more.
Gu Bei said with a faint smile, "I was ordered by my father to practice for a long time when I was a child, but I’m afraid I’m rusty now."
Time Pu frowned and told him that there was some dissatisfaction. It was a rare opportunity for my uncle to get close …
Yu Dongchen laughed. "No, no, none of my three sons are interested in Dharma. We can learn from each other when we find a time."
"Then I’d better do it respectfully." Gu promised to come to the north.
Time breathed a sigh of relief, looked after the north face and smiled more sweetly.
Han Minxia left the pie mouth and silently picked up a chopstick shrimp ball and bit it hard!
"Dad, this is a gift from Huanyan and me." Yu Yu also got up. It happened that he gave a good gift from Guangdong Province and Time Pu and Gu Bei, and some of them bumped into each other.
Yu Dongchen smiled and said, "Yo, why do you think of giving me this?"
Chang Huan Yan Yu met him quietly and didn’t speak.
Yu Yu directly said, "It’s a happy face."
Yu Dongchen looked at Chang Huanyan in surprise. "Do you still know this?"
Chang Huanyan smiled and said, "I don’t know how to ask the shopkeeper to help me pick out the hope that Dad likes it."
"…" Yudongchen specialty mat weight is enough to nod with a smile "good good all sit down"
Then the Korean family also sent gifts in succession, and naturally they included Gao Xiaoxiao and Han Shan’s share. Yu Minxia naturally had Yu Chengyan prepared the gift, which was a complete set of tea sets. Han Minxia didn’t understand it, but when Yu Dongchen smiled, he also smiled.
Yu Dongchen asked the servant to accept all the gifts, and the table behind him was happy from ear to ear.
Yang Xi could not help secretly topping Yuyuting’s arm and asked in a low voice, "Little Three, didn’t you?"
Mistress, didn’t you get your dad something? "
Yu Yuting took a sip of the wine, otherwise, "What gifts do I need when I’m here?"
It’s not like some people are hypocritical, flattering and filial!
"This child …" Yang Xi sighed and went with him for the most forbearing child.
After the banquet, Yu Yu took Chang Huan Yan directly and left by car first.
Several of his men drank a little wine one after another. It’s easy to have a driver, but no driver can find a driver or take a taxi.
Han Minxia drove the old ladies Han Zhengming and Zhong Yuhong away without drinking.
When the family and Gu went north, they also left in two trains.
So the last thing left is Yu Chengyan and Yu Yuting.
品茶论坛Before leaving, the old lady Yu specially said, "You two are not allowed to drive by yourselves. Come back with a taxi."
As a result, a taxi came and Yu Yuting strode past.
Yu Chengyan was just about to walk over and see what Yu Yuting said to the driver. The driver just stepped on the gas pedal and left.
"…" Yu Chengyan narrowed his eyes and disdained to sneer at a childish!
Yu Yuting, a taxi, glanced back at the entrance of the hotel. Yu Chengyan smiled and his mouth became a gourd ladle.