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Song Qingcheng picked up Taotao and washed his hands.

The nurse just came back from chatting with someone on the fire escape. At this moment, she saw that the whole city of Song couldn’t help talking to the old man’s house and listening to the news of hexagrams. "Now, girls really need to watch out. Today, all the newspapers in Nancheng tell a story. A little girl in high school hooked up with the boss of a big company and even got pregnant, which is also a sin."
Through the door left unlocked, I heard the nurse talking. Song Qingcheng went to turn on the tap and moved it.
"Don’t the child’s parents care?" Grandma asked
"I think it’s not a serious family to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix these days." The nurse added, "The man is divorced and the children are very old. I heard that all have fiancee ready to remarry."
Grandma said, "That really shouldn’t be the case. A good couple shouldn’t get involved."
"Who said not? At what age, you should read your mind when you are seventeen. "
When the whole Song Dynasty washed the grapes and came out, the nursing staff had already eaten melons.
Grandma asked, "What did you want to say just now?"
"Nothing." Song Qingcheng smiled. "I just want to tell you that the grapes I bought today are imported and taste very good."
品茶论坛The nurse interjected "Granddaughter is really filial"
Grandma laughs
Then Song Qingcheng’s cell phone rang.
See to show that the whole Song Dynasty came out of the ward and went to a quiet corner to pick up the words.
Section 55
"Haven’t you had dinner yet?" Yu ting chuan yin lai
Song city well a gently.
At this time, she believed that it was true that they were getting married.
Some changes are still not suitable for her. Before the ice, Song Qingcheng casually asked, "Are you finished with your work?"
"Just finished the meeting preparation class"
The nurse in the aisle pushed the medicine cart past.
Yu Tingchuan asked, "No city star?"
"The hospital is with my grandmother"
"Which hospital?"
Song Qingcheng felt that there was no need to lie and truthfully said "City First People’s Hospital"
Yu Tingchuan said, "I used to pick you up for dinner."
"No" she refused.
When the words were exported, the whole Song Dynasty realized that it was too deliberate to return too quickly. "I have already bought a meal here to eat with my grandmother."
Yutingchuan didn’t say anything
Song Qingcheng held the finger of the mobile phone and clenched it slightly. "So … it’s nothing to hang up?"
"Let’s go eat."
Yu Tingchuan finished this sentence but didn’t hang up.
Song Qingcheng didn’t press the phone to stick his ears first. Listen, there’s a quiet tie. I’ll accompany my grandmother to eat at 7: 30 and I’ll wait for you in the inpatient building.
Back to the ward, grandma asked her who was calling
Song Qingcheng said he was a classmate.
Because of the words of the nurse, she couldn’t help Yu Tingchuan in front of her grandmother for the time being. Suddenly, she didn’t want her grandmother to have a bad impression on Yu Tingchuan because of those reports, and she didn’t want the old man to know that she was her granddaughter if she had no parents to take care of her children.
At 7: 10 pm, Song Qingcheng said goodbye to her grandmother and took the stairs.
As soon as she came out of the inpatient department, she saw the black Land Rover parked in front of the flower bed.
The comparison license plate is that of Yu Tingchuan.
Song Qingcheng began to slow down the small alarm clock in the ward and took out his mobile phone to watch it. It really hasn’t arrived at half past seven yet.
I walked over and found Yu Tingchuan in the car.
Drive the window down. He is smoking in his seat. He looks patient.