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Kuankuo pedestrian street

forest of high-rises
Red milk tea juice
Balloon colorful dream
The number of children blowing bubbles, pink and blue colors, floating and semi-dreamy, filled the whole world.
Raised his head to Yin.
Some looked blankly at the bubbles.
This scene seems familiar …
Bubbles float dreamily all over the world.
A bubble floated before her eyes.
She can easily reach out and break the bubble. Her whiteness means that she looks back at He Lianyin with a slight leng.
He stopped in front of her.
The dark pupil emits a dull and lonely light.
And her thin face was so light in his eye.
That moment
It seems that she fell into a dream and saw a scene in which a teenager wore a red sweater and the acacia tree blew bubbles through her. He laughed at the evil spirit, so beautiful and pure.
Xiang Yin involuntarily closed his eyes and turned pale.
约茶Her eyelashes trembled slightly.
Head swelling and pain
"What’s the matter with you?" He Lianyin saw that her face was not quite right and helped her to the side of the road to rest in a chair for a while. After sitting down to Yin, she kept pressing her temple lip color as white as a layer of color that was knocked out.
Her body was shaking and her fingers were clenched.
"What’s the matter with you?" His hand just touched her arm and was startled by the cold touch. "Xiao Yin, why are you so cold? Are you uncomfortable? "
"Nothing," she replied with trembling eyelashes. She couldn’t let him know about her treatment. She clutched her handbag tightly and trembled like a dead leaf in the wind.
"What’s the matter? Your temperature is freezing like this. No, I have to take you to the hospital. "
"No …" She replied weakly.
For a second, she suddenly fell down with a stuffy hum. The veins stood out in Lianyin’s arms were constricted. "It hurts …"
HeLianYin stretched out his hand and caught her brow overflow worry "what hurts? Xiao Yin … Xiao Yin … "
She clutched his sleeve tightly and her head hurt so much that she couldn’t speak.
Chapter 194 Know the truth
City No.1 West Hospital
The sunset glow reflected the whole day.
At the gate of the hospital, a man entered the hospital with a pale woman in his arms. He put her in a snow-white hospital bed, held her hand tightly and followed the hospital bed to push her into the emergency room.
At this time, the woman was dying and sweaty, and her long hair hung quietly in the hospital bed. She was mentally pulled away from He Lianyin, holding her hand tightly, and her beautiful face had lost its former days from nobility.
"Dr. Lin? Where is he? Go and call him. "His stuffy stress came out of his chest.
The nurse knew He Lianyin, and quickly brought an oxygen bottle and pressed it to Yin’s mouth. "Dr. Lin’s horse is coming, Mr. He Lian, please don’t worry too much."
Xiang Yin turned extremely pale.
He Lianyin stretched his eyes and his pupils were dark. "Go and call him over."
"Yes" if the nurse is passive.
Soon the doctor came, and he asked the nurse to pull the curtain to lift the hospital bed to Yin. She shouted pain and pressed around her temple, and Yin breathed in slightly, and her face was pale.
"Take her to the brain department for a film," the doctor said to the nurse.
So Xiang Yin was pushed out of the emergency room and went to the brain department. During the whole process, He Lianyin accompanied her, put her hand on her shoulder and clenched her slightly. She hoped that she could give her refueling power.
Xiang Yin entered the room in a trance. At this time, she had no consciousness. She could see a few pieces of white clothes dangling in front of her eyes, which seemed to be busy. Then she was changed and scanned by a cold bed pusher. Then she lost consciousness and turned dark …
The afterglow of the sunset slowly dissipated.
Twilight four in one
There are two people, he and she, in the ward filled with sterilized water.
Lying in bed to Yin looked tired.
On her left is an infusion bottle.
On the right hand side is He Lianyin’s hand. He holds her hand tightly. The beautiful outline of the past is gaunt and beautiful and pale.
To Yin slightly opened his eyes.
At present, it is white.
Turn your head slightly
On the right is a sleeping face.
She looked at him in silence for a while and gently pulled her hand back.
Unexpectedly, this slight movement still woke up He Lianyin. His eyelashes shook slightly and raised his deep eyes, which were beautiful and complicated. He quietly looked at her for a long time.
"Have you had brain therapy recently?" His voice is tense.
As if being struck by lightning, Xiang Yin’s body suddenly stiffened, and her eye pupil looked at him blankly.
"Do you do memory therapy?"
Didn’t speak to Yin. Slightly curly hair, light shoulders and beautiful.
"No wonder you are hiding from me. You are hiding from Gao Ze’s room for secret treatment, right? Some time ago, we photographed Yu Ge outside Takazawa House. Is he your attending doctor? " He Lianyin froze her eyes, dark and fierce, full of complicated and difficult emotions.
To Yin low head twilight silhouette out her thick black eyelash radian.
She won’t say anything.
He Lianyin waited for a while to meet her, but she still didn’t want to tell herself with a sigh. She sent Song Jie the thermos, opened it, poured out the soup and handed it to Yin. "I don’t want to say forget it. I won’t force you Xiao Yin to have some soup. The doctor said that your brain has been under too much pressure recently, so you should rest more and eat more nutrition. After all, your brain is more tired than others’ coolies for three days."
Xiang Yin still didn’t move.
He Lianyin put the soup on the table and looked out the window. "I won’t force you after drinking. I’ll listen to you and make you happy."
Bite your lip to Yin.