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Tao zhi ling was dumbfounded, but she could also crustily skin of head and run after him.

"Hey, you are not very can play? Why not compete with them! " Tao Zhi Ling gasped as she ran, but she couldn’t remember how many years she hadn’t run like this.
Cai Tianqi didn’t good the spirit tunnel "please! Why do so many people fight? I’ve practiced my magic skill if I can’t win. This is the highest martial arts realm for martial arts learners! This time is the most appropriate. "
☆ Chapter 66 His first love
Run magic if you can’t win? Or the highest martial arts realm? What nonsense! However, no matter what, good men don’t suffer immediate losses. If they touch hard this time, maybe the final result will be to collect his body themselves.
After running for a long time, the gang stopped chasing them, and they stopped to breathe out. Tao Zhi Ling felt that her lungs were about to exhale.
Finally, I can stop. Cai Tianqi took it and added, "Momo Tao will accompany me to a place!"
"Where to?" Look at his sudden serious expression. Tao Zhi Ling swallowed nervously.
"You will know when you arrive!" Say that finish before TaoZhi twill have resistance Cai Tianqi a pull her forward.
He would ask himself to go back and get reinforcements, and then beat up those people just now. However, it was unexpected that he took himself to the box to sing and drink a lot of wine.
Is this man mad or not? Even now, you are still in the mood to sing?
"Hum hash quickly make nunchakus! Hum, hash, make nunchakus quickly. "
The tone is not voice heard TaoZhi ghatpot chicken skin all grow out, but he also thick-skinned tunnel "Momo peach I sing well! Applause quickly! "
Tao Zhi ling can only endure tunnel "please stop singing, will you sing so ugly that your fans won’t hear you?" I don’t even know how you won the prize for that song angel love last year? "
"haven’t you heard of spending money to buy a list? When recording, you need to find a better place. Andhadhun guarantees that crows can sing a heavenly voice. "
Tao Zhiling was startled. "What will you do if you want to sing live?"
"lip-synching asks you to walk around the stage alone-who cares if the sound is true or false?"
God! It seems that there are a lot of hypocrisy in this entertainment circle.
See her a face of incredible Cai Tianqi eyebrows suddenly interrupted a wrinkly "? Do you really believe that I am such a weak star? I’m kidding you. How could I be so poor? "
"But you sing really badly now!"
A listen to this Cai Tianqi eyes suddenly angry stare "dare I sing ugly? Then come and sing for me! I’ll beat you if I can’t sing well. "
Is this guy drunk? Why are you so unreasonable? It’s really crossed into the bone!
Tao Zhi Ling wanted to play devil’s advocate with him, but after thinking about it, he was in a bad mood today and didn’t care about it with him. He went over and picked up the phone and sang, "Accompany you to watch the meteor shower fall on my earth and make you cry on my shoulder."
"card! Who told you to sing this song for a change! The horse sings a song! "
Tao Zhi Ling gave him a look and thought about it, but she refrained from opening a song "You laugh at me for being stupid, and I admit that I have no talent for loving me".
"No, no, change another song!"
Take a deep breath Tao Zhi Ling suppressed her dissatisfaction and ordered another song, "It’s because I got into the play too deeply, but I ended up in the same place and I couldn’t change it. Who can understand how hurtful those vows are?"
"Kaka Kaka! I don’t like this song! "
"Hey!" Endure endure TaoZhi ghatpot a microphone to jilt to "you and I are a singer? Do you want to listen or not? " After that, she turned around and tried to grab the door, but Cai Tianqi pulled her back and said, "Are you angry so soon?"
Tao Zhi Ling didn’t give him a hard stare. Cai Tianqi handed a bottle of beer and said, "Don’t say so much about being brothers, just accompany me for two drinks."
"no! I won’t drink! "
"Don’t drink, just learn for me! Don’t forget that you are going to step into the entertainment circle in the future. How can you get along in this circle if you can’t drink? " Without saying anything, he stuffed the jar into Tao Zhi Ling’s hand. "Fuck!" Then he drank it in one gulp.
Tao Zhi ling gave him a plaintive look and finally closed his eyes and poured a glass of wine.
Wow! It tastes terrible! Bitter and astringent! I don’t know why these men love to drink this stuff so much!
"Ha ha ha! Not bad! " Cai Tianqi clapped her hands for joy and stuffed another can "come! Another drink! "
"Still coming?"
"Call you drink you drink! Cut the crap! "
Tao zhi ling saw his one eye and thought that he had helped himself and finally put his heart into a horizontal way "good! Drink and drink! " Say that finish grunted and dry a mouthful.
However, she couldn’t help but "wow" when she was only halfway through this can.
"Ha ha ha ha! Look at your poor capacity for liquor! " Cai Tianqi laughed and looked like a fool. There is no star to be graceful!
Tao Zhiling glared at him bitterly and was about to scold him back when he suddenly pulled his hand. His eyes were full of blurred tunnels. "Hehe, you’d better not make you angry again after me. Don’t be angry with me, okay?"
"Who is your dear? Don’t recognize your relatives here! " Tao Zhi Ling tried to push him away, but suddenly found that the light on Zhang Jun’s face actually had a "river flowing" footprint. Is that wine or tears?
At that time, Tao Zhi Ling was dumbfounded!
When the music is playing and the lights are shining, Cai Tianqi looks like a poor family.
Poor thing? Why did you suddenly think of such words to shape him? Even if he can’t die, ten thousand people hate Xiaoqiang, but I don’t know what this Xiaoqiang looks really pitiful, which makes people feel sad inexplicably.
Cai Tianqi didn’t seem to hear what she said just now, so she leaned her head against Tao Zhi’s shoulder.
"hey! You "this guy must be drunk by drinking to take advantage of yourself! No way.
At this time Cai Tianqi suddenly murmured tunnel "Wan Ting".
What? Wan Ting? Who’s Wan Ting? Is it his sweetheart seven years ago? After so many years, I didn’t expect him to forget that the infatuated man like him has long since become extinct. This is also a freak.
Suddenly TaoZhi ghatpot some to push him away.
Cai Tianqi gently raised his head and stared at her. At the moment, the distance between them was three or four centimeters, and Tao Zhi’s silk face warmed up as soon as it was brushed.
He doesn’t think of himself as his dream lover, does he? What does he want now?
When she became speechless, Cai Tianqi’s face suddenly got closer and closer. Poor Tao Zhi Ling had shrunk into the corner and could retreat and close her eyes in fear.
Section 3
Is he going to kiss me? What should I do now? Kick him away, but will it hurt his fragile heart?
What about when Wan Ting body double let him kiss himself?
桑拿☆, Chapter 67 Solitary men and few women coexist in one room.
No way! Boss, if you know, you have to pay him 1 million yourself!
What should we do? Is it kicking now? Still not kicking?
Brain instantaneous short circuit heartbeat also suddenly accelerated Cai Tianqi face indeed as expected closer together closer together but two lips almost touch a piece of time.
"Ah, I’m going to throw up!" He suddenly "wow" and spit it out!
Poor Tao Zhi Ling was stunned for a minute before she came to her senses. At this time, her body was already a filth vomited by Cai Tianqi.