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Ling Guotai Ling Xiaoyao has been a brilliant mind for many years just because he can walk around and sit still. He is definitely a strong opponent.

Huang Fuda, on the other hand, gives people the feeling that he can’t see through it, can’t touch it, and has no bottom. This kind of talent is the most terrible, but it seems that he has the ability to shake the earth.
These people are friends, enemies and enemies. This suburban riding and shooting competition really wants to know how many things they have.
"The king of Lei County has not visited Lan Lao Wang when he first entered the capital. I don’t know if he will worry about the peace of the old Wang Ye." Jiang Yuqi looked at Huangfu Lei with a smile.
"Don’t be paranoid about the club." Huangfuda listened to ChuChengXuan’s rebuff before opening her mouth.
Everyone laughed in a low voice. This ChuChengXuan jealousy is quite strong. Since the palace banquet, he has been fighting Jiang Yu’s prayer.
"Chu world so you can lose your manners and visit the old report. This is also the best courtesy." Tianhong said a sentence in a seemingly fair way with her older age.
"What’s demeanor that I haven’t heard of" ChuChengXuan play the fool fully distracted that look quite koo.
There are not many people who don’t buy his account when Tianhong chokes, but there are no rules and manners in the eyes of Chu Chengxuan. He can look at Huangfu Da "I don’t know the king of the county."
"You have no reason to refuse to visit Grandpa County King." Huangfuda raised an eyebrow slightly.
"I don’t know if Qiuwu can have the honor to go together." Huangfuda said that Jiang Qiuwu quickly looked at Huangfuda with a pair of watery eyes.
When they heard this, they looked at Jiang Qiuwu again. This point was directed at Huangfuda.
"The harem goes to the backyard, the princess will know it. The backyard of Lanwangfu belongs to the princess of the county, but she didn’t agree with the king of the county." Huangfuda caught a glimpse of Jiang Qiuwu lightly.
Jiang Qiuwu suddenly turned pale, and at the same time argued that he had to be ashamed and resentful. There, Huangfu Lida was an evasive word, and he could not believe the king of the county even the backyard owner.
They looked at Jiang Qiuwu with shame and annoyance, but they still felt sorry for her. They just couldn’t understand the amorous feelings. Who is Huangfu Lida? That’s why women don’t let close-up alternatives before they get married. Besides, Jiang Qiuwu is not very beautiful, but the enchanting figure really makes people itch. If it’s not about her identity, it’s possible to marry back and play with that soft posture.
Huangfuda lifted her feet and left without looking at Jiang Qiuwu. Ling Xiaoyao and others naturally wouldn’t be embarrassed by Jiang Qiuwu, and they followed her feet and left behind.
"Be calm, your younger sister, and the king of the county asked the princess of the county for instructions. Maybe your younger sister’s mind can be achieved at one stroke." In situ Jiang Yu Qi also stood there and looked at Jiang Qiuwu’s eyes more and more gentle
Jiang Qiuwu raised his eyebrows and fixed his eyes.
Jiang Yu qi smiled and didn’t open his mouth and lift his feet to leave.
Jiang Qiuwu stood still and secretly vowed that no matter whether it was a knife mountain or a sea of fire, she would walk in aboveboard.
The front yard of the evening banquet naturally lasted for a long time.
Shuiyunjin kept the waterside pavilion and didn’t go to the front yard. Naturally, she felt that sitting and eating with some people like that would definitely lead to indigestion.
Shuiyunjin sat in the room for a long time to study the broken array. When she came out, the night outside was dark blue, the stars were shining and the moonlight was refreshing.
It didn’t take long to see Huangfudi and ChuChengXuan come side by side.
Huangfuda’s face was slightly red as jade, and her face was like a layer of clouds and roses, and her posture was leisurely and leisurely. As always, she was unhurried, and the thunder could not move. She wore a white dress like Bai Yueguang, and as he moved, she could not see a trace of pleats. He just walked slowly, like a ray of bright moonlight floating in nine days, picturesque and picturesque.
Shuiyunjin looked at Huangfuda’s watery eyes and condensed his body. He was quiet and focused on holding her in his arms before Huangfuda. Shuiyunjin finally found some sober "all gone".
Huangfuda whispered, well, he buried himself in Shuiyunjin’s neck. The voice sounded dumb and charming.
"How much did you drink?" As soon as Huangfuda got close to Shuiyunjin, she smelled his strong wine and listened to his lazy voice. She could imagine that he was leaning against her with his eyes closed and ready to go to sleep.
"There are not many altars for each person" Huang Fu’s voice is not audible.
Shuiyunjin slightly raises her eyebrows. There are not many jars of wine per person. Does he think of himself as a barrel?
品茶  title="Are you drunk?"
"I’m drunk when I smell you," said Huangfuda, who was also fascinated by the thick dumb sound in Shuiyunjin’s neck.
Shuiyunjin was tickled by him, thinking that he was drunk and went back to sleep. She moved Huangfuda’s arm and tightened it. She was firmly fixed in Huangfuda’s arms. "Let’s go back to the room."
"Someone will come soon, and if we leave them here to fight, we will not sleep peacefully." Huangfuda’s voice is shallow, and it is hard to imagine that drunken people can speak so fluently and so unhurriedly.
I heard that Shuiyunjin’s eyebrows were set and stretched. She could guess who it was for the bearer, but Huangfuda said that the two men would definitely fight. "Are you uncomfortable? I’ll get you a glass of water."
"I don’t want you to let me hold it." Huangfuda rubbed her voice again, and she was a little childish with drunkenness, but it was quite cute.
ChuChengXuan sit aside elegance yan is full of disgust and spit on frown wrinkle two jars of wine can make HuangFuDa drunk, he also coax ShuiYunJin love dearly, by the way, to get some cheaper, he really can’t see the two men abuse bachelors, right?
Suddenly, there was a light sound, and there was already one more person in the courtyard.
Shuiyunjin looked at the bearer and suddenly turned a supercilious look toward the dark night. "It’s absolutely no problem to climb over the wall and be a thief."
Jiang Yu qi lifted his feet and gave a clean and handsome face. He unconsciously smoked Shuiyun Park and had a sharp tongue. He had seen the corners of his mouth for a moment before he used to smile.
"I’m still grateful to the princess of the county for seeing me. I didn’t expect me to be so unpopular." Jiang Yu qi said with a smile that people have arrived near, and I don’t know whether to ridicule myself or accuse Shuiyun Park.
Shuiyunjin naturally understood Jiang Yu’s prayer. He said that gratitude was either a palace banquet. He interrupted Jiang Qiuwu’s upcoming export of love and her coveted Huangfuda. "Pray for the king not to be a good person. She will ask for embarrassment. No one will stop her."
"It seems that I am sentimental, but the princess of the county is better to be careful." Although Jiang Yu’s smile is gentle, his mouth says that he is sentimental, but his face can’t find a trace of embarrassment and embarrassment.
Looking at Jiang Yu Qi, Shuiyun Park really thinks that he is just a smiling fox, and it is not easy to provoke him, but he has helped himself in a flattering way. His deep work must be "sit down"
Jiang Yu qi smiled and sat at the desk with dark eyes and turned a circle. It seemed that he was very satisfied with the decoration in this courtyard. Finally, he fixed his eyes on Shuiyunjin, or rather Shuiyunjin and Huangfu Da.
Huangfuda is holding Shuiyunjin and burying Shuiyunjin in his neck. You can see his white hair and Shuiyunjin sitting on Huangfuda’s legs. He looks like he always wants to come here. He has long been accustomed to this kind of love, but how to say that he is also an outsider. Is this really good before him? For a long time, he smiled happily and said, "The king of the county is drunk."
Shuiyunjin knows what Jiang Yu is praying for. She wants to see their husband and wife jokes. She definitely follows Huangfuda’s example and shoots the dead wind with one shot. "It’s not enough to pray for the king’s noodles to be natural."
Jiang Yu prayed to hook his lips. "I want to get drunk if I have the help of the princess of the county."
"Jiang Yu qi, you’ve said enough. If you don’t come to fun run, you just come to talk nonsense, right?" Chu Chengxuan couldn’t stand Jiang Yu praying for the sake of being angry.
"Chu’s impatience has been rising these days. Didn’t you see that the princess of the county is so calm?" Jiang Yu prayed for no hurry and didn’t panic, and Chu Chengxuan was flustered.
"To say calm is to pray for Wang Hang to do everything from coming to Beijing according to your mind. I never dare to compare this well-thought-out plan." There is no lack of teasing in the tone of Shuiyun’s eyebrows at Jiang Yu’s prayer.
"My mind I miss Gu" Jiang Yu qi smile thick.
"Jiang Yu pray you want to die" ChuChengXuan face a heavy strike table.