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This hotel is likely to have their surveillance. "

"Ah?" Wang Zheng big eyes surprised and immediately turned around and checked around the house.
White night "…"
After sighing, Bai Ye got up and slowly lifted his feet and went out.
Suddenly, the footsteps stopped the boy, looked up and immediately shouted, "Big Brother, why are you going?"
I thought we agreed not to go out.
Throw a sentence "Go out for a walk" in the white night.
The door was touched by Wang. Forget it. He bent down to continue his work.
There are few people at the entrance of the hotel because of the late night.
Bai Yesi looked at his eyes and took out a cigarette and lit it before leaning on the column to smoke.
It’s the first time he’s been here in this city. It’s the end of February, but it’s still cold and bitter, and the streets and lanes have a faint atmosphere of Spring Festival.
After the first successful transaction tonight, what he has to do now is to sit tight here and wait for the money to arrive before making a second bigger transaction.
At that time, it was the best time to wipe out Wang’s drug gangs in one fell swoop.
Playing the ash in the white night, there was a sudden sound of a couple in the silent night.
"Huanyan Huanyan, are you sure you don’t want to stay?"
"Oh, well, well, don’t force you to look at it and scare you … can you kiss me?"
"Come on, go to sleep after the kiss. Then talk nonsense … I won’t come out to accompany you."
"I’ll go to your house if you don’t come out!"
"Don’t you dare!"
"How dare I? Anyway, you are my girlfriend … "
"Okay, okay, I really don’t say it. The bus is coming. I’m leaving."
"Don’t go …"
A flurry of footsteps passed in front of me, and after a white night, I looked up and saw a young girl in red rushing past my face, with long hair and waist, and there was a fragrance that seemed to be there.
Deep vision, she stayed for a second, and then he continued to lower his head and took out a second cigarette and lit it.
Just put it on his thin lips and took a drag. The young man’s voice sounded again and seemed to pick up the words.
"Tingting, can I help you?"
"Didn’t I tell you that I am now worshipping the city to accompany my girlfriend? Can I wait until I get back?"
"I’ve told you many times that our time was an accident. My favorite thing in my heart is smiling …"
The man’s voice faded away, and Bai Ye picked his eyebrows, where he finished smoking the last cigarette in his mouth before turning and walking in.
A month later, d city
After attending the celebration dinner in the bureau, Yu Yu finally went home after three months.
It was already more than nine o’clock in the evening, but the Yujia villa was still lit. As soon as I entered the villa door, I found that everyone was sitting on the sofa, and their eyes were full of all kinds of bitterness.
"The gentleman is back," Wu Sao reported loudly.
品茶"You still know to come back!" Old lady Yu shouted angrily, "Come to my room with me!" "
All "…"
Five minutes later, the first floor
Old lady Yu sat in a plush chair and took a sip of tea to moisten her voice before she said, "My horse will be ten years old this year."
The second brother Yu Chengyan is also a calm face, and only the third brother Yu Yuting blinks at once, and then his eyebrows are tangled and wrinkled.
Sure enough …
"Yes," said the old lady Yu, looking at Yu Yu’s mouth for the nth time. "When will you solve your personal problems?" Your grandmother Han said that if a man is over 30 years old, he will be a leftover man. Now you are 33 years old. You are a leftover man in a leftover man and a fighter! "
"poof!" Someone couldn’t help laughing.
"What are you laughing at!" Old lady Yu immediately stared at Yu Yuting. "You are 29 years old and your horse will become a leftover man. How dare you laugh at your big brother?"
Yu Yuting’s mouth was busy and said, "Grandma, I’m wrong. I’m wrong. I really don’t laugh. Go on talking about big brother."
Yu Yu "…"
Madam Yu is too white to look at Yu Yuting once again. "Yes, you are the oldest bachelor in our Yu family. Do you know that I am embarrassed to go out every day and tell others your name? I dare not look at it and even dare not hug it, otherwise people will say, Alas, old Yu, since you like children so much, why don’t you let your grandchild get married and have a baby at once? Aren’t you too old? Tell me how I can answer this question? "
Yu Yu "…"
The old lady Yu waited for a while and looked at Yu Chengyan and Yu Yuting. "You two are the same. When are you going to get married?"