Song Qingcheng came back from washing his hands and saw Yu Tingchuan drinking tea under an umbrella. I couldn’t help thinking that it would be nice if I could meet his business acquaintances here, so I could make headlines again sometime.

When she sits down, the dishes are coming one after another.
Looking at those chickens, ducks and fish, even if they are chic, the whole Song Dynasty can’t afford to eat. I feel very greasy and disgusting. She barely ate half a bowl of rice until the clerk brought a plate of tomatoes and scrambled eggs, and saw that Yutingchuan didn’t move chopsticks. It seemed that she had specially accompanied her to eat this meal.
After dinner, I left the courtyard and the sun was already west.
After the car, Song Qingcheng suddenly bowed his head and took out his men’s watch from his bag and put it on the instrument panel. "I wanted to return it before, but you always didn’t remember it."
Yu Tingchuan glanced at her wrist watch with deep eyes and then looked at her. "Always with you?"
Song Qingcheng didn’t have a summer-planting chat to see the street view outside.
All the way
Land Rover opens a wide road, Song Qingcheng looks at the retrogressive scenery on both sides. When the man’s joints are divided into big hands and gently puts her white thighs, she holds her fingers and tightens her legs. She feels that her skin burns badly and her thoughts are somewhat absent-minded
Some developments are not what she expected, nor are they planned.
As an egg mistress, she never considered …
The whole Song Dynasty tried to push away his sweaty little hand, but was firmly held by Yutingchuan, who brought some thin cocoons to make her heart beat more and more disordered.
Soon Song Qingcheng found that this was not the way back to Shen Che’s residence.
"I want to go home," she whispered.
Yu Tingchuan said, "Since you are going to get married, try not to spend the night with friends of the opposite sex."
The whole song dynasty heard trance and didn’t huanguo to god at the moment.
At this time, the car also stopped at the entrance of a high-end residential area, and the security guard brushed the card before releasing it.
Yu Tingchuan drove the car to the underground parking garage.
Following the thoughts of Song Qingcheng in front of an apartment building, I gradually gathered and stepped into the 150-square apartment. Looking around, the layout and furnishings were very elegant, and there were traces of exquisiteness everywhere. She looked at the sofa in the living room and there were several magazines, financial cars and so on.
Including the coffee table and some cigarette butts in the ashtray.
Give her the spare key. Yu Tingchuan received a message and left something.
The whole song dynasty looked foggy, and she sat stupefied with lights in the living room. Everything came too suddenly, although it was what she expected, the result still felt incredible.
When Shen Che’s words came, Song Qingcheng just sorted the magazines and poured cigarette butts into garbage bags.
"Why don’t you come back?" Shen che asked
Song Qingcheng didn’t hide "My City Star"
Where do the rich like to live in the fine community of the city star south city?
Shen Che asked, "Are you with Yu Tingchuan?"
"He just left on business."
"… what is he going to do with your baby?"
Song Qingcheng slowly said, "Is it surprising that he made me born and said he would marry me? I feel like a dream until now?"
However, the other end is silent.
桑拿会所Song Qingcheng smiled. "You won’t be happy and silly for me, will you?"
"I’m glad you’re too big." Shen Che almost died of vomiting. "God, a wily businessman like Yu Tingchuan is definitely not willing to do compensation business. Don’t you think it’s strange that you said he would agree to marry you?"
"As far as I am concerned, what can he calculate? He is more disadvantaged."
Shen Che asked after a while, "Are you going to move in with him now?"
"Without this suite, he rarely comes here near Hengyuan. Sometimes he works too late to sleep for one night." Song Qingcheng said and paused. "And I’m going back to Lujia tonight."
☆, Chapter 95 Heart-warming.

He gave her father 300 thousand, although she didn’t say it, but she really felt bad. She thought she had climbed him, and now she must feel bad that he gave her father money.

Although she didn’t say it, he could read her. He bowed his head and kissed her face gently. "Fool, everything I have is you, even I am you. You can do whatever you want with it."
A tear came out of the corner of her eye. Although she seemed to sleep quietly, she felt uncomfortable and didn’t sleep well. She woke up as soon as he spoke.
After waking up, she didn’t want to open her eyes. She didn’t know how to face him. She couldn’t help crying just after listening to his words. How can this man be so nice? He is infatuated with her and knows her so well as if he can know everything she thinks.
He saw her tears. He knew that she was awake and sighed lightly. "What a fool! How could you be so stupid? After being married for so long, you still don’t know that spending your husband’s money is a matter of course? "
Xia Yuyao opened his eyes and looked at him quietly. He was so handsome, he was so excellent, but he only liked her. How could she be so lucky?
If suffering before is the price she paid for being lucky today, then she is willing to bear those hardships.
Now with him, all the pain and suffering are no longer important, because she has him, and having him is like having the world.
She snuggled into his arms and murmured, "It’s good to have you in Mohan."
"I like it when you call me husband." He whispered in her ear.
"It’s good to have you, my husband," she said cleverly. At this moment, he wants her to say anything and listen, and she is willing to make him happy.
At this moment, Lele came out of the bathroom. When he saw his parents cuddling together, he couldn’t help grinning. "I told you I wanted a room by myself, but now it’s making me a light bulb, right?"
Xia Yuyao laughed at Lele’s words. "What light bulb? How can Mommy trust you to live in a room by yourself when you go out? Besides, it doesn’t matter much if we hug you. We can just ignore it."
Lele suddenly looked at Ling Mohan and asked seriously, "Daddy, have you found a very serious problem?"
Ling Mohan raised his eyebrows. "What’s the problem?"
"My mommy seems to be getting thicker and thicker." Lele laughed.
Xia Yuyao has a black line on her face. Oh, my God, she was so disgusted by her own son. Where is her thick skin? Just thin, okay?
"Ling Xuyang, your skin is itchy, right?" Xia Yuyao gritted his teeth. This little bitch dared to say that. She is getting bolder and fatter.
Lele laughed. "Mommy, don’t get angry. Think about the baby in your belly. If you get angry easily, it is estimated that he will have a bad temper later."
Xia Yuyao was completely defeated by him. What is this? Can he talk a little more childishly? He’s not cute at all.
约茶Ling Mohan rubbed Lele’s head and spoiled the tunnel. "Don’t bully your mommy. She’s a girl. We have to be graceful, okay?"
Lele nodded. "Well, I won’t bully Mommy. Mommy, I love you the most. I still love you even if you are cheeky."
Looking up to heaven, Xia Yuyao felt her belly judo. "Baby, you must be a girl. I can’t afford to have another one like your brother at home."
Lele laughed. "Mommy, we really are mothers. We all think the same thing. I also hope you are pregnant with a girl."
Xia Yuyao was really in distress situation and finally said, "Did you wash your face and brush your teeth? Get ready, go to sleep and hurry. "
Lele nodded. "Tell Mommy that I slept after brushing my horse."
Lele said obediently lying down in his bed.
A family of three is happy together. Xia Yuyao stroked his belly and suddenly felt very satisfied and happy.
All the unhappiness just vanished, and now she is so happy that she has to care about the past?
Ling Mohan treated 300,000 younger brothers as a charity. Let’s go with the wind.
A three-person hotel set off for home after a night’s rest.
Xia Yuyao didn’t say hello to her father. She was deeply concerned about the fact that her father had never been white and resented her stepmother.
Father always believes that what he sees with his eyes is that he doesn’t want his daughter to say that his woman is good to her by buying her good clothes. He doesn’t want to believe that that woman is sinister at heart.
Although she doesn’t want to care about the past, it doesn’t mean that she can open her heart to accept her father. Now that he has kicked her out of the house in those years, she doesn’t want to make too much friends with them. If her father encounters any difficulties, she may still help, but she will never be close to him.
Cold ling mo drove slowly away from the county seat and headed for the city.
The car is quiet and a family of three is driving on the mountain road. The atmosphere is very lively. Lele keeps talking like a small chatterbox, and occasionally tells jokes to make Xia Yuyao laugh. The family of three is happier than when they came.
Suddenly the car skidded and the speed slowed down when the car body shook.
Ling Mohan’s face changed, and his experience judged that the car would slip and should have been ejected.
The terrain here is easy to ambush. It seems that he was careless not to bring a bodyguard when he went out this time.
He glanced at Xia Yuyao and Lele somberly and whispered, "There is an ambush in Yaoyaoshan. You and Lele should take good care of the car. This car is bulletproof. I will solve them and call the police."
Xia Yuyao turned pale at the cold words of Ling Mo. She didn’t expect that the situation would appear in this kind of TV play and let her meet it.
She hugged Lele tightly for fear that Lele might have a little accident. Lele was also a little scared, but he still tried to keep himself calm. He looked at Ling Mo and whispered, "Daddy, you should be careful."
Ling Mohan nodded and looked at him approvingly. "It’s really not the kui that my son is calm when something happens. You are a male Han. You must be brave and wait for Daddy with Mommy."
"Mo Han, you must not have something to hear?" Xia Yuyao spoke only to find that his voice trembled a little.
Cold ling mo nodded "ok, I promise I won’t let myself have something"
He took a deep look at Xia Yuyao, then opened the door and jumped out of the car. He already had a black pistol in his hand.
At this time, a few people quickly jumped out of the jungle, and they rushed to this side with guns in their hands. Cold eyes and competitors had already rushed to listen to a few loud bangs and two big men fell to the ground.
Obviously, they didn’t expect Ling Mo Han to take a gun with him and see his companions. They quickly retreated into the jungle with a change of complexion.
Fortunately, there is a mountain on one side and a plain on the other. If there are mountains on both sides, it will be more convenient for the enemy to ambush, and he will be more dangerous. At this time, he can at least block his body with the help of the body.

The words first paused for a while, and then a magnetic and unfamiliar young voice sounded "Uncle Jing"

Jingmuchen one leng
This sound … Yes?
"jiujiu is with me," the voice continued. "We agreed that I would not return to China or take the initiative to contact jiujiu in five years. Now that five years have passed, jiujiu will be ten years old. Should I be able to have a boyfriend?"
Say that finish a low smile and then the words were hung up.
Jingmuchen watched the phone screen gradually darken for half a day … and there was no response.
"Husband!" Su Ruo shouted twice late and finally pushed him violently. "What happened to you? Who called?"
Jingmuchen looked up at his wife for a second and pushed the door and car directly.
The parents of the students at the gate have dispersed almost. Jing Muchen strode past with long legs in a black suit, and the whole person looked at the school gate with bright eyes and kept talking with his mobile phone in one hand.
"Sorry, the number you dialed is temporarily connected to sorryyou…… …"
After two calls, it will directly become "Sorry, the number you dialed is out of service …"
Jingmuchen "…"
This smelly little!
"Husband!" Su Re chased out on high heels late. "What’s the matter? What happened? "
Jingmuchen clutched his mobile phone for a long time before saying "smelly boy is back"
桑拿论坛Su Re late "…"
I have always regarded you as my girlfriend.
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Han Mobai directly pressed "machine" after hanging up.
Then he lifted his feet and walked out of the business hall.
The sunset outside is just right.
The golden sun shines on the white suv, and Jing Anjiu is holding the bag and being quiet there.
She was wearing a pure white short-sleeved shirt, revealing a slim white arm shirt with a pale yellow petal pattern. The slim waist and legs were outlined in the skirt, and her feet were standing on a pair of flat-bottomed white shoes. The net height was about 1.65 meters visually.
Although I still look thin, I already have a girl’s beautiful curve. At first glance, it is pleasing to the eye, and there is another kind … I can’t tell you how beautiful I am.
The little girl grew up …
Han Mo’s heart is moving, but he still doesn’t show the landscape. He walked over and said, "I called Uncle Jing."
Jing Anjiu looked up. When she saw this charming face in front of her again, she felt puzzled and felt like she was still dreaming …
Half an hour ago, after she finished the last exam, she walked out of the examination room easily. She just walked near the school gate and was blocked by a person.
I looked up and saw a boy in front of me.
Dressed in a casual white shirt, the sleeves are half-rolled, and she can’t see clearly because of the low head and the light behind her back. His facial features can vaguely see the angular outline and the thick eyelashes hanging half upside down, which faintly shows the handsome temperament.
At the age of ten, I already know that men and women don’t naturally know … what it means for a boy to do this kind of business.
But this kind of thing has not happened less in recent years.
JingAnJiu is slightly one leng then bowed their heads and want to go next to.
Who knows …
The boy continued to move aside and blocked her way again.
Jing’ an Jiu frowned slightly and looked a little unhappy.
She looked up and was about to speak …
The man "jiujiu" spoke first and called her nickname with a low voice, which was very nice.
Jing An-jiu’s eyebrows suddenly puckered tighter. The first feeling was that … This boy was too reckless. She didn’t know him, did she?
The former boys are very polite to call her "Jing’ anjiu classmate"
So she hugged her bag and lifted it. She was going to have a righteous refusal with him …
"Really forget me? Or … Don’t know me? " Han Mobai provoked a heavy eyebrow expression, but it seemed to bring some regrets in the ponder sound.

Shuiyunjin saw that he had recovered to a heartless appearance so quickly, and his mouth smile deepened. "I didn’t expect him to be so affectionate."

"Then you may see that my mind is deeper than his." Huangfuda’s eyes are sticky with water clouds and beautiful faces, and her eyebrows are slightly raised.
Shuiyunjin looked back at him with a glance. "I’ve been with him for fifteen years. Are you sure you want to compare with him?" "Naturally, it’s better than but not better than being bitter." Huangfuda raised her eyebrows.
Shuiyunjin blinked, suddenly smiled and nodded heavily. With the strength of Huangfudi’s palm resting on his arms, the years were quiet and quiet.
After listening to the waterside pavilion for a long time, it was finally quiet. Shuiyun Park suddenly sighed, "I want to live in the waterside pavilion, too."
"Lovely, let’s move there when he gets tired of living." Huangfuda smiled softly.
"I moved there. You stick to Yunge. You can’t cross the border without permission, but it’s white." Shuiyun Park corrected the beautiful scenery of the waterside pavilion. She wanted to take over.
"White that is who also don’t move" HuangFuDa said tasikmalaya picked up ShuiYunJin goes to the room.
Shuiyunjin was dissatisfied with his perfunctory thinking that this man had entered her room openly and had not struggled. Several people had been carried into the room by him, and then an important exit was blocked. This man was really thinking about entering her room.
The next morning, the couple were having breakfast when someone reported that someone was coming to the palace and asked them to enter the palace immediately.
The original Shuiyunjin also plans to enter the palace today, but I didn’t expect that the two so anxious emperors naturally called her ZhuangGuiFei and naturally wanted to see Huangfuda, and the couple’s mind had to say that it was exactly the same.
In the carriage, Shuiyunjin leaned against Huangfuda’s arms and looked at him with a smile. "Is Zhuang Guifei too good for you and you have nothing to say?"
Huangfuda smiled shallowly. He never asked such a question himself. Zhuang Guifei is sometimes far better to him than her mother princess. Whether right or wrong, she will be towards herself, just like when she was a child, even if she overturned the palace, she would be happy to hold it.
But slowly, he found that this kindness was not love, but fear. She wanted him to live forever, sheltered her, and wanted to be inseparable from her and obeyed her very much.
What is the purpose of this hidden selfishness? Every time he thinks about it, he feels like a Jedi. From a very early age, he knew to hide his emotions. He still behaved as if she wanted to see what was wrong. In all these years, she never doubted that she would leave Beijing against her will. She must be dissatisfied. After all these years, she should also expose her purpose. He has been waiting.
"What did you think of again?"
"It’s not a royal secret, is it?" Shuiyunjin Gherardini.
Huangfuda frowned and rubbed her head casually. "I’ve seen too much recent history, right?"
"Don’t you think it’s strange that she doesn’t even trust herself, but she loves you dearly?" Shuiyunjin’s mouth smile is dim.
"There is no doubt that I am the second male of Lanwangfu."
Huangfuda raised her eyebrows. "Because of her, she is thoughtful and rigorous. Over the years, no one has ever caught anything wrong. She is deeply hidden and can be known. To say that she is selfish, I am afraid that only a grandfather can know a thing or two, but he has kept his mouth shut about this matter. I have also asked questions but it has never been successful. Over the years, Huangfuhang has been antagonistic. I know that he hates me. He may know the reason."
"What’s more? Then you haven’t asked the mother princess." Shuiyun Park felt that Huangfuda had something to say and that was what she wanted to hear.
Huangfuda’s mouth smiled, but he knew he couldn’t hide it from her. "The mother princess was too well protected by her grandfather and she wanted to hide it from her. How can she tell? I know that all this is caused by my father and my father is the most alike."
"Father, father, mother and princess are deeply in love. It is because of their love for father that Zhuang Guifei has to turn this heart to you. She is now an imperial concubine and her father has already had how much she is."
Shuiyunjin is also surprised. It doesn’t seem that there is much vibration. When she first entered the palace, she already saw some clues. This is the case. Zhuang Guifei suspected that she was crazy and married, but she was obsessed with the dead. With that enthusiasm, it would transfer.
"I have secretly tracked down everything about my father, mother, princess and her, but it seems that there is always someone who will erase all traces faster than me and let me start looking up." Huangfuda raised her eyebrows.
"Who do you suspect?" Shui Yunjin asked.
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Yao Yao da:
Chapter 35 Heart sinister
"Grandfather" Huang Fuda’s eyebrows are slightly condensed. "He knows everything but refuses to say anything, unlike deliberately being partial."
Shuiyunjin twisted her eyebrows and heard from her mother princess that she was happy when she was a child, and that her parents loved and worried. If so, then my grandfather had to hide what happened in those days. What is there to hide? It’s nothing more than that two daughters like the same man. More seriously, Zhuang Guifei’s identity is hidden in her heart, and she must not let the emperor know. Otherwise, no one can bear the consequences. Is it necessary to erase all traces?
Isn’t it more suspicious to have three hundred and twenty pieces of silver here? However, now that my father died early, everything dissipates with time. It’s so crazy since I checked it out. Can Zhuang Guifei be willing to hide for a generation? When will she want to control Huangfuda? Maybe this love is from the heart, but after all, it stems from her selfish desires. Huangfuda can’t stand it.
"Now there’s nothing we can do, so we can wait for her to mess up, grandfather and Huangfuheng, but there’s nothing to find out. Fortunately, there’s no hurry."
桑拿会所"I’m not in a hurry. You have to ask." Huangfu Dainai chuckled.
"I’m curious, aren’t I? Who knows there are so many involved?" Shui Yun’s eyebrows slightly raised and her tone slightly Chen.
"When you put me in your head and heart, I will be satisfied." Huangfuda rubbed her head again, and her eyes were full of spoil.
"I’m full of you now, and then I’ll pretend that I don’t even have my own land. This is a robbery." Shuiyunjin looked at him discontentedly
"Robber well" Huangfuda smile thick eyebrows slightly raised to see Shuiyunjin’s eyes very dangerous feeling that the carriage stopped. She immediately got up and got into the carriage without waiting for help.
Then Huangfuda lifted the curtain and came out with a pale face. Two people entered the palace door in tandem, and it was not long before they were blocked by the oncoming father-in-law.
"The old slave paid homage to the second princess, and the emperor asked the old slave to come out to meet her. This is not the right thing to do." Father-in-law Gan looked at the two men with a smile on his face. The princess is now very precious.

Recently, I have been well raised, and I like her better than the fragile figure before. Although I am still thin, I feel the flesh everywhere, and I feel very good when I touch it.

"…" As if a pot of cold water was poured on Gao Xiaoxiao, she felt too ashamed. For the first time, she had the cheek to declare that he was so flirtatious and ambiguous to feedback herself.
Reached out and knocked off his hand, straightened his clothes, got up and turned his back on him and said, "It’s getting late. I’m going back."
Han Han listened to her serious tone and her eyes smiled deeper. Then she got up and put her arms around her from behind and said, "What are you going to do?" Didn’t you bring me food? I haven’t eaten yet. "
"Go to heat yourself!" Gao Xiaoxiao didn’t good the spirit said
"…" Han Shan low cough a good gather together her ear and said "really don’t understand amorous feelings, I say … don’t be hungry"
Said somewhere with her real grinding.
Gao Xiaoxiao is like being roasted by fire, and his whole body is soft. With his eyes closed, he can spit out the words "shameless" with shame and annoyance.
"Ha ha" Han Shu chuckled behind her. "Look at you, I’ll ask you if you express your love to me, and you will lose your temper and ruin the good atmosphere."
Gao Xiaoxiao whimpered. Who ruined the atmosphere? Now you’re so shameless about sticking to yourself?
Han Shu gradually tightened her hands and pressed her thin hot lips against her neck. When she spoke, she vomited all the warm breath on her skin. "Wife?"
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
"Do you think that you can’t look at all the men in this world except me?" Han Shu shameless asked 1.
Gao Xiaoxiao felt a quiver in her heart, and her waist was tighter. Her thin lips slowly rubbed down her neck to her earlobe, and her deep and hoarse voice continued to ring "Say it."
"If you won’t say it, do it." Han Shao didn’t force it. Anyway, he heard it just now.
So Gao Xiaoxiao felt that the sole of his foot was in a daze and he picked it up and walked into the lounge.
Hua fu Rui yuan Jing Jia Lao Zhai yuan Li
"Xiaobai, I picked a very, very big strawberry for you." Grandma was angry with the little girl and the sound rang inside the greenhouse.
"No, you can put it in your basket. I’ve picked a lot." So the old boy’s voice rang.
"But … I want to give it to you." Jing’ an Jiu’s soft hands were holding a big red strawberry and blinking at the special injustice and pity.
"Well, then," Gao Xiaobai agreed.
I glanced at my small laundry list, which was already full of strawberries, but this silly girl kept putting her small laundry list here, and didn’t put a few in it. Didn’t she want him to help her pick it at the end?
"jiujiu jiujiu is ready to eat. Take your good friend back quickly." Hui Yi, a servant at the entrance of Dapeng, lit up his stereo.
"I see," said Jing Anjiu, who immediately went to Gao Xiaobai’s side. "Aunt Xiaobaihui called us to have lunch. Shall we continue to pick it in the afternoon?"
"Good" Gao Xiaobai also got up and put the last strawberry in his hand in the laundry list. "I’ll take this basket back in the afternoon and I’ll help you pick it together."
"Good" Jing Anjiu simply didn’t even want his own basket. He reached out and grabbed his laundry list handle. "Then let me help you. It’s too heavy."
Gao Xiaobai "…"
When the two little guys came back to the villa scene with a laundry list of strawberries, Saixixi had already washed well and was about to rush to the restaurant.
"Wow, so many strawberries! I want to eat them!" Small fat hands quickly picked up one and stuffed it into the mouth.
Jing’ an Jiuji’s face turned red. "Brother, this is to let Xiaobai take it back to Han’s uncle and aunt. You are not allowed to steal it."
"…" Jing Saixixi squinted and swallowed all the pulp to be naughty and vomitted to small tongue. "What should I do? I’m finished!"
"…" Jing ‘an Jiu’s mouth was flat. "Mommy, look at my brother. He bullied me again."
Su Ruo, who had a big belly, came over late and made a rounder. "No, my brother just ate one. Let my brother pick it for you after lunch later, okay?"
"Not good!"
Gao Xiaobai and Jing Anjiu both refused.
I don’t want light bulbs and troublemakers to go
Su Re late "er …"
When the assistant asks, do you want strawberries or monthly tickets?
Jing Saixixi wants strawberries.
Gao Xiaobai wants jiujiu.
Jing’ an jiuyao xiaobai
Assistant, these three bear children are here to smash the field!
桑拿This decision is good for everyone.
In the lounge, the thin velvet was tightly hugged by Han Shao, and she kissed Gao Xiaoxiao again and again. Her face kissed her face and neck all over, and finally she fell on her shoulder and loved and pecked lightly.
Gao Xiaoxiao is lazy and prone on his body with his eyes half closed, and his mind is still a little muddled.
Just now, someone was too fierce, which caused her to be scattered all over the body. A little strength made her cheeks even more abnormal, which had the charm of Cao Xueqin’s pen "tears are a little bit breathless"
Looking at it, I feel that she is so charming now. Clever, lie still in your arms and do whatever you want …
Beautiful and deep peach blossom eyes suddenly flashed with a new broom and a new broom. As soon as she turned around and pressed her waist again, she exchanged thin hot lips and kissed all the way along her neck, and at the same time, her big hand reminded her that she wanted to do it again.
"…" Gao Xiaoxiao frowned slightly, and his arm pinched a soft and charming voice and said, "Don’t I have no strength."

Now Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun have to deal with not only Han Qingshan but also so many enemies.

I can’t help but look up and stare at Ye Xiangyuan tightly.
He also stared at me and suddenly reminded me of his lips. "Baby, you have to take an adventure with me again this time."
I put my arm around his neck and smiled at him "I do"
He gently stroked my face. "This time it’s more dangerous than ever, but I know that even if I let you go back to the imperial city, you won’t agree to take you with me."
I went to kiss his lip. "Well, you really know me."
He and my forehead are deep against each other, and there is a little light in his black eyes. "If I am still reluctant to part with you when the time comes, will you listen to me?"
I looked at him without saying anything.
He kissed my face. "Will you listen?"
Somehow my tears fell from the corner of my eyes.
I shook my head desperately.
His voice became deeper and softer. "I promise I will do my best to keep myself safe, but if I don’t keep my promise, you should be good."
I don’t talk, I hold his waist tightly and still shake my head.
He hugged my face and coaxed me into saying, "Xiao Chen still needs you."
I choked, "He needs you, too."
He was silent to hold me tight.
After a long time, he sighed "fool" in his eyes.
I brushed his shoulder, but I didn’t intend to change my mind.
On this trip to Mojiang, I know that there are many dangers and it is likely to kill me.
But I have decided to go to hell with him.
Yu Xiaochen
I’m really sorry to lose him like this.
But if Ye Xiangyuan falls in front of me, I think I will lose control of my emotions and will definitely die with him.
I couldn’t help sobbing in my arms.
I can’t bear to part with either of them.
I can now pray that Ye Xiangyuan will have a good accident.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me to my leg and kissed my forehead without saying much.
I think he must understand my determination and mood.
But I also know that he doesn’t agree with me by not persuading me not to stop me.
But that he has other ideas.
Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but grab his sleeve. "Ah Yuan, don’t lose me."
He didn’t answer, bowed his head and kissed me deeply.
He didn’t stick to my lip until it was over and said "good" in a low voice.
I was not relieved to get his promise.
Although he promised to do it, I can blame him for breaking his promise even if he pushes me away.
In order not to let myself think again, I changed the subject and said, "Ah Yuan, I met my fourth uncle and he gave me a gift."
It suddenly occurred to me that the box given by my fourth uncle seemed to be taken to the front room by me.
Later, I was taken away by Han Qingshan and the box was left behind.
I suddenly became anxious.
桑拿会所Anyway, it was Grandpa Ye who gave the gift. Before he was determined whether he was an enemy or a friend, he was a relative of Ye Xiangyuan. How could I lose the gift so carelessly?
I was annoyed that Ye Xiangyuan suddenly handed me a box saying, "Is this it?"
I looked at him in surprise.
He explained, "It was sent by Asun."
I didn’t expect Lu Xun to be so considerate and observant
When I took over, I opened the box and showed the contents to Ye Xiangyuan. "Fourth Uncle said grandma gave it to him."
Hear my grandma Ye Xiangyuan’s eyes dim.
He stared at the pile of candy paper and the pair of anklets for a long time.
Section 367
I quietly look at his look.
His face is a little tense, but there is nothing else. Don’t finish the reaction and you can’t see the laughter.
I dare not disturb him either.
After a moment, he gently box way "since it’s for you, take it."
I watched him carefully and said, "Why don’t I return it to my fourth uncle?"

Yi Chen awkwardly ducked and vomited an apology. "Don’t hit me. I’m sorry. We didn’t know she was your sister. We apologize …"

"I’m sorry … I’m sorry …" Jiang Wu also vaguely for mercy
He Lianyin saw that they were all black and blue and could not bear to confess that "you hit my injured hand"
He moved with HeLianYin propaganda, however.
All eyes were cold and pulled over her, leaving a sentence in her suffocation: "Chen Xi went to the guidance office to help her ask for leave and I took her to see a doctor."
It’s still quiet around
If there is anything left, it will be like pumping.
This one
He Lianyin and He Lianyin became famous.
He Lianyin’s name is nothing more than lifting the peak color. He has always been personable and noble. He Lianyin actually started a fight and said such swearing-greeting his mother.
Funny thing is that it didn’t affect the prestige of He Lianyin. Compared with Yi Chen and Jiang Wu’s evil dramas, more people think that He Lianyin didn’t do anything wrong. His arrogance and domineering is to safeguard his sister’s belonging to the justice guard, which fully conforms to the romantic fantasy of boys and girls about hero idols.
For a long time afterwards, the students talked about the war situation that day, and they were lucky enough to witness that the students braved the worship of stars to regard him as a rare "beautiful angel"
桑拿会所And Hector even Yin identity also opened with the campus …
It turns out that HeLianYin is his sister …
Chapter 17 put on guard
Out of the classroom, He Lianyin didn’t take a leave of absence. He used to climb over the wall at ordinary times and forgot the patient.
It was not until he was stopped by the guard’s uncle that He Lianyin reacted like a rude awakening. He told his uncle for a long time that he always disagreed with the rules of famous schools and acted strictly according to the rules. If there was no note, he would not accept all special circumstances.
Perfect from ruin type
He Lianyin’s face sank and he was angry at his ability. He wanted to sneer at a few words and was stopped by He Lianyin.
Her unhurt hand and his slender five fingers were tightly twisted with the sun, and her white face was blurred. She whispered, "Forget it, don’t go to the hospital."
He Lianyin didn’t agree with his jaw stretched tightly and took a look at the guard uncle. He looked cold. "You wait here for me to go back and get a leave of absence."
He Lianyin’s eyes were worried and he said softly, "Brother, I’m really all right. It hurt a little when I hit it just now, but it doesn’t hurt now. I don’t think it’s a problem."
He Lianyin was blown to the head by this brother, as if his ear had a thunder, and all consciousness was blown to pieces and floating in chaos.
After a long time, he also calmed down the thunder in his heart like ripples in circles.
She admits that she loves him, and it is precisely because of this that he can’t allow her to make mistakes.
"Bone injury is serious. We must go to the hospital."
"I’m really all right. If you don’t trust me, I’ll go to the doctor’s office."
He took a tough line and ordered Hector even Yin to wait aside, while he turned and ran away.
Soon he brought a leave of absence, and dragged He Lianyin to the hospital all the way. When the bandage was removed, his wrist was swollen. The little ghost of He Lianyin cunningly stuffed a red envelope for the doctor and went to the registration waiting.
See wrist swollen HeLianYin also some worry about the first large-scale hospital, she seems a little confused, angels in white from the side in a hurry to let her see too much.
The doctor touched her bone carefully and asked, "Is it painful or sour?"
"A little" Hector even Yoon answered calmly.
"Preliminary determination of inflammation" The doctor put her handwritten case list and handed it to He Lianyin. "Let’s take a picture."
He Lianyin looked confused. Didn’t the doctor say he was inflamed? What do you want to shoot? How much will it cost?
Her thinking fell into the eyes of He Lianyin and became a coy teenager. She didn’t have the patience to take away her case list. "Why are you still sitting? Go to the studio. "
She should be together with He Lianyin and come to the studio.
filament lamp
Silver medical instruments seem lonely.
The doctor in a white coat told her to lie down until the machine light scanned her arm and was photographed.
Back to the orthopedic surgeon, he carefully looked at the film and mused, "It’s nothing serious. It’s just inflammation. Have an infusion bag or bottle?" Otherwise it hurts. "
How can two children know that this is a means of cheating money in the hospital? Seeing more and more tests, is it so serious that He Lianyin’s heart is getting more and more guilty? Have done so many tests.
He Lianyin hesitated a little, but he didn’t resist.
She knows that He Lianyin’s temper, according to the constellation analysis, belongs to the lion, which is very overbearing and masculine, and is also very good. If you listen to him, you can get back his sincerity and gentleness. Her brother is so kind to her, and she doesn’t want to provoke him. Let’s wait until the right time.
Then it’s infusion
The nurse hung the bottle on the silver hook.
The needle went into the back of HeLianYin’s hand.
Permeable liquid flows quietly in the infusion tube.
There is a long waiting chair with Hector Lian Yin alone, and she is resting with eyelashes hanging down.
He Lianyin went to get the medicine
When I came back, the sunset glow had turned red.
At the end of his line of sight, a girl quietly looked at the front as if sitting in the spring, petals alienated, temperament half squinting, snow-white clothes, and a faint smile on her mouth seemed to be casual but beautiful, which made people look away.
He Lianyin stupefied with the wind blowing his skirts, and the sky was blue outside the window, and the world was extremely moving.
His faint smile eyes were dye black with absence.
He sat beside her gently and opened a can of plaster. Even Yoon froze and grabbed his arm.
"Are you hurt?"
On that day, he smiled at her obsequiously, but the slight frown and the imperceptible stagnation in the smile showed that he also endured the pain.
At that moment, He Lianyin felt that he was like a lonely child who was on guard against loneliness. The energy was secretly accumulated with the years buried in the bottom of those evil eyes, and finally generate became strange and beautiful.
Her heart beat suddenly.

I’m still familiar with the environment, so I have to cross a few streets and walk ten miles south to get back to where I lived when I was a child.

But I have no mind to remember and recall.
I wonder where Ye Xiangyuan is. Is he still safe?
It would be nice to have him around to walk around here with me.
I tried hard to remember, but I still had no clue.
Section 361
What exactly is he implying?
Then I went back to bed and fell asleep in a daze.
I don’t know how long it took before dawn, and suddenly a gun rang out outside.
I woke up with a start
I have a female bodyguard and a female special police officer to protect me. I am definitely Ann in the room.
But Lu Xun and Zhou Yi are out.
I have no idea what happened, and I’m a little anxious.
The gun went off for about half an hour. Lu Xun and Zhou Yi came back.
It’s a little quiet outside, but there are still intermittent guns coming.
Lu Xun said, "It’s just a few scouts. It’s okay. Go to sleep."
Where can I sleep?
It’s been 24 hours since Ye Xiangyuan disappeared. If something happens to him …
Lu Xun gave Zhou Yi a nai expression in his eyes.
Zhou Yi came to persuade me, "Yisow, don’t worry, think about it. Second brother is so powerful that he can handle it abroad. What’s worse, this is our own territory, and we can still make Han Qingshan dig out the sky."
I know that he is comforting me, and I know that I can’t add chaos to them at this time, so I try to endure my worries and plan to go back to my room to rest.
I took two steps, but suddenly an idea flashed through my head.
The idea was so fast that I almost couldn’t catch it, but I still had a clue.
I excitedly turned to Lu Xun and Zhou Yidao "Institute!"
Lu Xun and Zhou Yi all looked over.
喝茶约茶I said, "There are many anti-caves around Panjiang, which were later converted into arsenals and research institutes. Han Qingshan must find a hiding place. I can think of these anti-caves except the mountains … My dad and their research institutes were the largest one in the south of the city, which is more than ten miles away from here."
Lu Xun thoughtfully.
I am quite sure, after all, although there are mountains and rivers in Panjiang, the terrain here is steep and undeveloped. There are countless poisonous snakes and beasts, and miasma and mosquitoes will be fatal if they are not careful. Han Qingshan can’t take his hands to die
At the same time, I’m a little annoyed that I didn’t think of this crop earlier.
Ye Xiangyuan is so far away that I may have sex with my dad besides myself …
Lu Xun quickly said during the meeting, "I’ll immediately have a department to come over with the layout of the anti-holes … but as far as I know, these anti-holes were closed ten years ago …"
He remembers it well. My parents retired around that time.
I also know what he means. Before, there were officers and men stationed here. After the closure, the officers and men evacuated and completely sealed the hole. They couldn’t get in Han Qingshan.
But … How can we be sure that our judgment is wrong without trying?
Good Han Qingshan didn’t hesitate for long, so he decided to explore the road.
I said, "Then I’ll give my dad a message and ask him for a map of the hole prevention department."

This remark to the capital is obviously a goad. At that time, all eyes are fixed on the Lan Wangfu. It seems that if anyone dares to fight, it is that he is afraid to fight and dare not meet them. Changyong is humiliated.

The root of this battle will no longer hit people’s hearts, and it will surely fail.
But now the old prince of Lanwangfu is old, and naturally he can no longer be armored. He has been weak since childhood, and his martial arts and archery are impassable. Only Huangfuda is left. Obviously Tianhong’s move is aimed at him.
On this day, Huangfuda entered the palace and didn’t return until evening.
First, he went to the old prince to accompany grandpa. I don’t know what to say. When he returned to the waterside pavilion, it was already dark.
There is no light burning in the room, but there is a little night in the bedroom, which is quiet and warm.
spa会所Huangfuda is dressed in white as snow. Elegance is outstanding and clear. The light eyebrows and eyes of Tsinghua’s ink jade color are better than his feet slowly entering the dormitory in the middle of the night
The dim night beads, water clouds and hibiscus are half lying on the soft bed. She is dressed in a nightgown, revealing delicate collarbone and fair skin. Her little face is beautiful and gentle, and her long eyelashes cast a shadow. She seems to be asleep.
Huangfuda gently walked over to the soft couch and settled for a moment. His mouth was slightly raised. For a moment, he caressed Shuiyunjin like a jade hand and lingered on his cheeks like porcelain.
Shuiyunjin didn’t open her eyes, but pushed her face with her hands.
"Why don’t you open your eyes when you’re not asleep?" Huangfudi looked at her with a warm and gentle smile.
"I was asleep and you woke me up." Shuiyun Park opened her eyes and gave Huangfuda a a look.
Huangfuda raised an eyebrow and sat on a soft couch and took Shuiyunjin in her arms. "You have to change your habit of sleeping on a soft couch."
Huangfuda’s casual love made Shuiyunjin’s heart tremble. She chose a soft bed because the bed smelled of him, but now it seems that she must change it.
"You’ve decided."
"It’s not a decision, but my brother Wang Fu should be conscientious." Huangfu Wendao said.
Shuiyunjin’s eyes suddenly darkened. When Tianhong’s words came out early, she knew that this day would definitely come, because it is already difficult to ride a tiger. If Huangfuda doesn’t go to this battle, Changyong will lose, and she will lose.
"Do you know that you have never been to the battlefield and never led a soldier? The battlefield is not a tournament, and no matter how high your martial arts are, it is difficult to stop hundreds of thousands of troops coming at you."
"I know that although I have never been to the battlefield, it is also the first time that my grandfather and father tasted the battlefield." Huangfuda insisted.
"Do you know that Tianhong has been on the battlefield for many years?" Shuiyunjin asked again.
"Familiar with the art of war is a necessary course for every royal brother. Even though he has been through many battles, he is more skilled than me in dealing with it."
"Do you know that Tianhong’s envoy dared you? He knew that Changyong’s honor and disgrace would definitely turn back. Do you know that he just set a trap for you or there are hordes waiting for you or he will never give you a chance to come back again?" Shuiyunjin looked straight at Huangfuda with sharp eyes.
Huangfuda finally became less determined. His arm slightly clung to Shuiyunjin in a low voice. "I know you said I know I’m not afraid of anything."
"I don’t say much about everything, but you still have to go because you have to go. Three hundred thousand troops are waiting for you. That’s what the emperor must mean. Even Grandpa knows how dangerous your trip is. He will still put up with all the worries and let you go, right?" Shui Yunxi said for Huangfuda that he didn’t speak.
Huangfuda sighed in a low voice, "I will definitely come back, I swear to you, I will definitely come back to see you."
"Then I also have a request." Shuiyunjin suddenly turned to a tone.
"What" Huangfuda Judo
"I’ll go with you to share weal and woe. This is what you said. A gentleman can’t keep his word." Shuiyunjin’s eyes are very serious and she doesn’t refuse to raise her face.
"Did you pretend to sleep until I came back?" Huangfuda asked.
Shuiyunjin nodded. "This is the only thing I can think of that is willing to let you go to France. Do you want to see me restless day and night and let me sleep on a soft couch every night?"
Huangfuda fondled Shuiyunjin beautiful and elegant with a soft eyebrow eye sound. "You know that the two armies should fight against danger, and I have to protect you from time to time. Besides, the army has never had family members to accompany it. If we all leave Lanwangfu, who will take care of the eldest brother and stay in bed for many years, there are many things that you can’t see clearly and thoroughly. Do you have the heart to leave Grandpa and them? Don’t forget."
"I can’t forget anything. You just don’t want me to go with you." Shuiyun Park interrupted angrily.
"Stay in the house and wait for me to come back. All the dark guards in the house will obey your orders and give you this home, so that I can feel at ease." Huangfuda softly coaxed.
Shuiyunjin left the pie mouth without saying anything. She just said that it was a delusion to know that it was impossible to know that this family had to keep one. She still hoped that Huangfuda would promise, regardless of how good it would be.
Huangfuda’s mind is white water, but he can’t. If the capital is dangerous, there is life and death, and all the dark guards in the house should be left. No one can hurt her.
"When will we start?" A long time ago, Shuiyun Park asked.
"Two days later," Huangfuda’s eyes locked tightly with Shuiyunjin as if to better reflect her heart.
Shuiyunjin’s heart must be pressed at this time, no matter how much she gives up. He is the younger brother of Lord Lan’s royal family, and he has his responsibilities, especially when the country is in crisis. But how can she not worry about being a wife, and she doesn’t know how many emergencies there are?
Shuiyunjin dare not think deeply. She leans on Huangfuda’s chest and sucks the clean and elegant taste that belongs to him.

"Company" Han Shao said calmly.

"Wocao not to say that at three o’ clock to sin night together? I’m here. "Yu Yuting frowned.
"Ha ha" Han Shao smiled twice. "Those two cowards dare not go. Why did I go?"
Yu Yuting "…"
But it’s a pity that he came and left, so he said, "Come and I’ll practice with you. It’s just that we haven’t had a drink together for a long time."
Who knows …
"You let me go, I will go to you. Who are you?"
桑拿  title=Yu Yuting "…"
After a while
"Ah, you really don’t come to me, but find out something to share with you. How about the elder brothers?
Sample elder brothers be loved, stay up late last night to help you check "Yu Yuting said.
There was a silence for a few seconds "waiting for the horse to arrive"
After hanging up, Yu Yuting was in a good mood and sent a text message in the "ambush" group, "Who is coming on the night of sin?" I want some wine. "
Yan Nansheng "Who are there?"
Yu Yuting’s "Me and Ah Shu"
Yan Nansheng "I won’t go without my sister!"
Yu Yuting "…"
At this time, Han sent a message, "Isn’t the proprietress a sister?"
Yan Nansheng "@ Lu Ziheng"
Lu Ziheng "…"
Before class, Gao Xiaoxiao just sent the plan to Liu Jingliu and received a text message from Han Wei, "My wife, I’ll have someone pick you up today."
"Good" she didn’t think much about it when he was too busy to catch up.
At 5: 30, Gao Xiaoxiao packed her things and walked out of the company gate with Chang Huanyan.
When the ladder arrived, they just walked in and heard a familiar woman’s voice "wait a minute, please wait a minute" behind them.
Uh … It’s Jiang Chuhui again.
Chang Huan Yan used to press the door as soon as he reached out his hand at the sound.
Gao Xiaoxiao was embarrassed, and then he saw Jiang Chuhui break in through the cracks and said to them with a smile, "That was a close call."
Chang Huan Yan angrily left the pie mouth without speaking.
"Xiaoxiao’ er" Jiang Chuhui gathered around her and asked eagerly, "How did Yu always reply to your message?"
Gao Xiaoxiao said kindly, "I asked him, but he couldn’t remember, so …"
"…" Jiang Chuhui face a little embarrassed can’t remember? It’s only been less than a day
She thought about it and said, "So … Xiaoxiao, are there any other single men with better conditions around you?"
Gao Xiaoxiao nai pulled his lips and looked at Chang Huanyan’s consciousness.
Chang Huanyan said, "Just say it. What do you want?"
"Conditions?" Jiang Chuhui blinked and immediately said, "There is nothing particularly demanding. It is better to earn more than me and have a house and a car."
"Well," Chang Huanyan nodded, "I know a few, but they are all older. Can you accept them?"
"No age is not a problem, but it’s better not to be too different."
"Well," Chang Huanyan picked his eyebrows, "then there’s nothing I can do. I know those men who are almost fifty years old and almost all divorced. The daughter is estimated to be almost two years old, but it’s really rich and meets your requirements. What do you think?"
Jiang Chuhui’s face turned ugly at once. "What do you mean by Huanyan?"
"It doesn’t mean anything. Didn’t you want us to introduce you? Why did you lose your temper when I told you this well?" Chang Huan Yan Yan Yan said
"You …" Jiang Chuhui bit her lip. "I’m looking for a mother who is my age and can be my father in her fifties. Do you think it’s appropriate?"
Chang Huan Yan smiled. "How do I know if it’s appropriate? But just now, it seems that I just want to find a rich man with the existing money. I’m so old, and I’m telling you the truth."
When the ladder arrived at the beginning of Jiang, Hui rushed out without calling.
Chang Huanyan sneered and said, "To deal with this kind of woman, you have to be so eager to introduce rich men to you every day. Do you want me to give her face?"
Gao Xiaoxiao was a little embarrassed and said, "Huan Yan, everyone is a colleague, and then I looked up and saw you …"
"What am I afraid of, Xiao Shou or her company? If you dare to trip me up behind my back, I will let Xiao Shou let her go!" Chang Huan Yan is unusually free and easy and said
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
I didn’t know I was going to a bar until I took Yang Ou’s car.
The bar is a little far from the city center, and there are no buildings around Fiona Fang. The dark outside still looks scary. If the driver is an acquaintance, Gao Xiaoxiao would have kidnapped it.
"Madam, please rest assured that it will arrive soon." Yang Ou may also see that she is worried about being busy and explained.
Gao Xiaoxiao smiled and took out his mobile phone to call his son. "Xiaobai, are you at grandma’s house?"
"Well, Uncle Xiao Yang sent me here and is now preparing for dinner." Gao Xiaobai said angrily.

Yan Nansheng’s "Ha ha" was clear and embarrassing, and the bottle was taken back.

"Wow, second brother, it seems that you are going to follow the example of eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law? How many are you going to have? " Feng Chen ‘an is young and Gao Xiaoxiao is shy, so he can say whatever he thinks.
Han Yan hooked his lip angle, and his eyebrows were proud, but he had to put on a modest gesture. "This kind of thing has to be two, three, four … I can do it."
Gao Xiaoxiao "…"
At the same time, in the balcony of Yuyan Hotel
Yu Dongchen’s 60th birthday should be a big party, but it’s the second child’s wedding in a few days, so he decided to simplify his birthday and invited his family and Korean family to have dinner together.
In other words, this is tantamount to a wedding banquet in disguise.
When Time Pu said that she would bring her boyfriend over, Yu Dongchen also agreed. Like the old lady Yu, she has always liked this excellent niece, and now she is getting married, and her heart is quite relieved.
In the middle of the meal, there was a beautiful gift box. "Uncle, this is a gift from me and the North. I wish you happiness as the East China Sea lives longer than the South Mountain."
Yu Dongchen took the gift box, glanced at the bronzing logo and nodded with a smile. "What are the Dumacheng family doing so politely?"
"These Four Treasures of the Study are all from the north, so I’ll give them to you. It’s also quite good to write in other ways. Oh, uncle, you can learn from him." Time Pu said that the corner of his eye was full of pride.
"Oh?" Yu Dongchen was surprised and raised his eyebrows. Looking at Gu northward, he asked, "I didn’t expect you to know the law in the north?"
Nowadays, in the internet age, there are not many young people who can use Chinese calligraphy. To tell the truth, he is really surprised, and he also appreciates Gu Bei more.
Gu Bei said with a faint smile, "I was ordered by my father to practice for a long time when I was a child, but I’m afraid I’m rusty now."
Time Pu frowned and told him that there was some dissatisfaction. It was a rare opportunity for my uncle to get close …
Yu Dongchen laughed. "No, no, none of my three sons are interested in Dharma. We can learn from each other when we find a time."
"Then I’d better do it respectfully." Gu promised to come to the north.
Time breathed a sigh of relief, looked after the north face and smiled more sweetly.
Han Minxia left the pie mouth and silently picked up a chopstick shrimp ball and bit it hard!
"Dad, this is a gift from Huanyan and me." Yu Yu also got up. It happened that he gave a good gift from Guangdong Province and Time Pu and Gu Bei, and some of them bumped into each other.
Yu Dongchen smiled and said, "Yo, why do you think of giving me this?"
Chang Huan Yan Yu met him quietly and didn’t speak.
Yu Yu directly said, "It’s a happy face."
Yu Dongchen looked at Chang Huanyan in surprise. "Do you still know this?"
Chang Huanyan smiled and said, "I don’t know how to ask the shopkeeper to help me pick out the hope that Dad likes it."
"…" Yudongchen specialty mat weight is enough to nod with a smile "good good all sit down"
Then the Korean family also sent gifts in succession, and naturally they included Gao Xiaoxiao and Han Shan’s share. Yu Minxia naturally had Yu Chengyan prepared the gift, which was a complete set of tea sets. Han Minxia didn’t understand it, but when Yu Dongchen smiled, he also smiled.
Yu Dongchen asked the servant to accept all the gifts, and the table behind him was happy from ear to ear.
Yang Xi could not help secretly topping Yuyuting’s arm and asked in a low voice, "Little Three, didn’t you?"
Mistress, didn’t you get your dad something? "
Yu Yuting took a sip of the wine, otherwise, "What gifts do I need when I’m here?"
It’s not like some people are hypocritical, flattering and filial!
"This child …" Yang Xi sighed and went with him for the most forbearing child.
After the banquet, Yu Yu took Chang Huan Yan directly and left by car first.
Several of his men drank a little wine one after another. It’s easy to have a driver, but no driver can find a driver or take a taxi.
Han Minxia drove the old ladies Han Zhengming and Zhong Yuhong away without drinking.
When the family and Gu went north, they also left in two trains.
So the last thing left is Yu Chengyan and Yu Yuting.
品茶论坛Before leaving, the old lady Yu specially said, "You two are not allowed to drive by yourselves. Come back with a taxi."
As a result, a taxi came and Yu Yuting strode past.
Yu Chengyan was just about to walk over and see what Yu Yuting said to the driver. The driver just stepped on the gas pedal and left.
"…" Yu Chengyan narrowed his eyes and disdained to sneer at a childish!
Yu Yuting, a taxi, glanced back at the entrance of the hotel. Yu Chengyan smiled and his mouth became a gourd ladle.

Grandpa interrupted me with a smile. "We have long expected to lose the case. Don’t worry too much."

But I still feel bad
Today, the whole scene was controlled by He Xinlong, and we barely fought back. How can I be content?
Grandpa said, "Money is a foreign object. If it’s gone, it’s gone. It just means that things are not at the end of their tether."
It’s all false to hear grandpa comfort me and say that I’m not moved.
Besides, I can hear that my grandfather’s family is rich and must not take these compensations seriously.
But nobody’s money comes from the wind …
At this time, Sister-in-law patted me on the shoulder for judo. "Don’t think too much. You should have a good rest after a tiring afternoon."
Grandpa also said, "Let’s eat first. My other little great-grandson can’t be hungry either."
I looked at my grandfather and saw that he was really not unhappy, so I felt at ease.
When my eldest sister-in-law sent me back to my room after dinner, she discussed with me and asked Xiaojin to stay at home with her grandfather these days.
I think this proposal is very good. Grandpa likes Xiaojin very much. It should make him happier to have Xiaojin with him.
For the next few days, I waited for news from Lu Xun while going back and forth between home and the company.
Everything is difficult without evidence.
In Ye Xiangyuan, he must have known the results of the first trial.
Every night, he will video chat with Xiao Jin, and occasionally Xiao Jin will convey his regards.
But I never talked to him.
Chapter 246 ChuFeiPeng suicide
I haven’t been in touch with Ye Xiangyuan since I hurried back and left for so many days.
Sometimes I think about how to get along with him in the future.
We have a contract, and I have the obligation to help him, but I have also decided to perform my employment and keep my distance from him.
It was that time that he came to my side in the middle of the night and disturbed my heart again.
Sister-in-law said that he was not a romantic, but took practical actions to prove to me that he did try to get close to me.
Should I face it like this?
Just go back to the old relationship mode?
But when Nannan heard Gu Changyu talking to him, I thought you weren’t fake. I know Nannan can’t lie to me.
How will Ye Xiangyuan react? Are you glad that Gu Changyu took the initiative …
That’s why I’m struggling. I’ve been trying not to contact him
Two months after the examination and approval, it was just the Spring Festival and Ye Xiangyuan should come back.
In this way, it has won a lot of time
Originally, I had to wait for news from Lu Xun and wait for Ye Xiangyuan to come back and take charge of the overall situation. I didn’t know that this issue had a big event.
It was drizzling that day, and I had just finished breakfast when I received Ye Wen’s words.
His voice is a little urgent. "Something happened to Ding Jie."
I seldom see him asking "What’s the matter?" when he is so eager.
桑拿会所Ye Wen said, "Chu Feipeng committed suicide"
I sat up straight.
Chu Feipeng committed suicide?
I haven’t taken care of him since I interrogated him this time, and he still holds the position of general manager of Chu’s ship.
What caused him to commit suicide?
A good person can’t commit suicide by fate …
Ye Wen added, "It was discovered by the general manager’s office."
I’m even more surprised.

A person like Lu Yuan is what she should look like if she has been hiding in her heart for a long time.

He and she wouldn’t have given him such an opportunity if he hadn’t slipped on the mountain many years ago.
How fortunate that fate gave him such an opportunity, and how regrettable that he missed a higher opportunity with such an opponent.
If it wasn’t necessary, he guessed that Lu Yuanlun would rather let herself die than let her see such a mess.
Muchuan chuckled and debuted. "Mr. Lu joked that I regard your brother as much as Lin Ya."
Smell speech Liu Yuan gratified smile "thank you"
There was silence.
The meaning that Lu Yuan wants to express has been expressed.
He made it clear that he had long since given up expecting her.
But Muchuan knew that he still meant her, otherwise he wouldn’t deliberately leave him alone and Lin Ya.
About an hour later, Lin Ya ran in with red face and hands.
Rao, it’s already three or four o’clock at the moment, but the sun is already blazing. Her original white face is red and her forehead is full of sweat.
After sitting beside Muchuan, she apologized, "I’m sorry I didn’t find it."
桑拿会所  title=Liu Yuan chuckled "It doesn’t matter"
Muchuan stretched out his hand and wiped the sweat from her forehead and smiled. "Send Mr. Lu back to rest. He also waited for an afternoon today and needed a rest."
Lin Ya nodded to Liu Yuan and asked, "Where do you live?"
Liu Yuan turned the wheelchair and said, "Just walk me out of the door and go back by myself."
"Good" she doesn’t insist.
Yes, I asked the address and said I would visit him sometimes.
Sent Liu Yuan Chemuchuan shook her hand and said, "Go home"
Lin Ya obedient was led by him to the car.
A car full of his hot kisses came up and kissed her face everywhere.
He kissed heavily and rudely, as if he had given vent to his recent depressed feelings. This long kiss.
After the kiss, she felt that her whole face was gnawed by him.
Dissatisfaction muttered "rude!"
Section 215
Then I was unwilling to bite his lips and wanted to double the pain she suffered. However, at the moment when her lips touched the corners of the man’s mouth, she was hugged by him and blinked, and he put her in the back seat.
Unlike the previous eagerness and rudeness, he gently kissed her forehead, nose and mouth, and her desire was so strong and intense.
However, in the clear sky, his parking position is not hidden, and she really has no desire to perform in public and tries her best to spare a little effort to push him.
The sound of being kissed is fragmented. "Go back or go back first … How hard it is to be seen."
However, it’s so easy for crazy in love men to say stop and stop!
The man chuckled and caught her ear bead and gasped, "What are you afraid of in front of me?"
From his tone, it seems that he is not going to let her go?
She can’t help but feel angry, but he really doesn’t seem to want to stop.
The passionate kiss soon defeated her, leaving only her reason.
A moment later, her low flattery sounded in the narrow carriage.
However, he was not satisfied with teasing her and teasing her.
He fell on her ear and gasped and called her "Ya Ya Ya …"
Lin Ya bit her lip and tried to stop those broken sounds from overflowing her teeth.
She was even more ashamed to say anything when she could vaguely hear the sound of a vehicle starting to leave outside the car.
It happened that this shameful man drove her out and forced her to call out.
She looked up and bit his shoulder through her shirt.
Fragmented for mercy "Muchuan go back, go back, ok …"
However, at this time, such a place seems to arouse other people’s excitement more.
In the end, there was nothing she could do. She blushed and climbed over him, straddling his legs and feet, and finally got him a short end.
However, this short time is really nothing to a man who has been without food for a long time.
She hasn’t packed her clothes yet, and he is eyeing her again.
Lin Ya looked at him with shame and anger. "If you don’t drive, I’ll … go back by myself!"
The man chuckled, stretched out his hand and hugged her and kissed her for a long time before he was unwilling to climb to the driver’s seat.
She was already asleep when the car stopped at the villa in the western suburbs.
He opened the door and carried her out of the car, holding her firmly all the way into the bedroom.
She woke up the moment she was put out of bed.
The man obviously keenly noticed this change and leaned over to ask her in an ambiguous tone, "Are you awake?"
You can guess the expression on his eyes without looking at her.
She has just had a good car toss by him, and she still has a backache.
Simply close your eyes and pretend to sleep without answering!
The man chuckled and began to unbutton her shirt one by one. "Still asleep?"
Lin Ya consciously shook his hand and opened his eyes. "I’m going to sleep …"

Song Qingcheng picked up Taotao and washed his hands.

The nurse just came back from chatting with someone on the fire escape. At this moment, she saw that the whole city of Song couldn’t help talking to the old man’s house and listening to the news of hexagrams. "Now, girls really need to watch out. Today, all the newspapers in Nancheng tell a story. A little girl in high school hooked up with the boss of a big company and even got pregnant, which is also a sin."
Through the door left unlocked, I heard the nurse talking. Song Qingcheng went to turn on the tap and moved it.
"Don’t the child’s parents care?" Grandma asked
"I think it’s not a serious family to climb the dragon and attach the phoenix these days." The nurse added, "The man is divorced and the children are very old. I heard that all have fiancee ready to remarry."
Grandma said, "That really shouldn’t be the case. A good couple shouldn’t get involved."
"Who said not? At what age, you should read your mind when you are seventeen. "
When the whole Song Dynasty washed the grapes and came out, the nursing staff had already eaten melons.
Grandma asked, "What did you want to say just now?"
"Nothing." Song Qingcheng smiled. "I just want to tell you that the grapes I bought today are imported and taste very good."
品茶论坛The nurse interjected "Granddaughter is really filial"
Grandma laughs
Then Song Qingcheng’s cell phone rang.
See to show that the whole Song Dynasty came out of the ward and went to a quiet corner to pick up the words.
Section 55
"Haven’t you had dinner yet?" Yu ting chuan yin lai
Song city well a gently.
At this time, she believed that it was true that they were getting married.
Some changes are still not suitable for her. Before the ice, Song Qingcheng casually asked, "Are you finished with your work?"
"Just finished the meeting preparation class"
The nurse in the aisle pushed the medicine cart past.
Yu Tingchuan asked, "No city star?"
"The hospital is with my grandmother"
"Which hospital?"
Song Qingcheng felt that there was no need to lie and truthfully said "City First People’s Hospital"
Yu Tingchuan said, "I used to pick you up for dinner."
"No" she refused.
When the words were exported, the whole Song Dynasty realized that it was too deliberate to return too quickly. "I have already bought a meal here to eat with my grandmother."
Yutingchuan didn’t say anything
Song Qingcheng held the finger of the mobile phone and clenched it slightly. "So … it’s nothing to hang up?"
"Let’s go eat."
Yu Tingchuan finished this sentence but didn’t hang up.
Song Qingcheng didn’t press the phone to stick his ears first. Listen, there’s a quiet tie. I’ll accompany my grandmother to eat at 7: 30 and I’ll wait for you in the inpatient building.
Back to the ward, grandma asked her who was calling
Song Qingcheng said he was a classmate.
Because of the words of the nurse, she couldn’t help Yu Tingchuan in front of her grandmother for the time being. Suddenly, she didn’t want her grandmother to have a bad impression on Yu Tingchuan because of those reports, and she didn’t want the old man to know that she was her granddaughter if she had no parents to take care of her children.
At 7: 10 pm, Song Qingcheng said goodbye to her grandmother and took the stairs.
As soon as she came out of the inpatient department, she saw the black Land Rover parked in front of the flower bed.
The comparison license plate is that of Yu Tingchuan.
Song Qingcheng began to slow down the small alarm clock in the ward and took out his mobile phone to watch it. It really hasn’t arrived at half past seven yet.
I walked over and found Yu Tingchuan in the car.
Drive the window down. He is smoking in his seat. He looks patient.

Kuankuo pedestrian street

forest of high-rises
Red milk tea juice
Balloon colorful dream
The number of children blowing bubbles, pink and blue colors, floating and semi-dreamy, filled the whole world.
Raised his head to Yin.
Some looked blankly at the bubbles.
This scene seems familiar …
Bubbles float dreamily all over the world.
A bubble floated before her eyes.
She can easily reach out and break the bubble. Her whiteness means that she looks back at He Lianyin with a slight leng.
He stopped in front of her.
The dark pupil emits a dull and lonely light.
And her thin face was so light in his eye.
That moment
It seems that she fell into a dream and saw a scene in which a teenager wore a red sweater and the acacia tree blew bubbles through her. He laughed at the evil spirit, so beautiful and pure.
Xiang Yin involuntarily closed his eyes and turned pale.
约茶Her eyelashes trembled slightly.
Head swelling and pain
"What’s the matter with you?" He Lianyin saw that her face was not quite right and helped her to the side of the road to rest in a chair for a while. After sitting down to Yin, she kept pressing her temple lip color as white as a layer of color that was knocked out.
Her body was shaking and her fingers were clenched.
"What’s the matter with you?" His hand just touched her arm and was startled by the cold touch. "Xiao Yin, why are you so cold? Are you uncomfortable? "
"Nothing," she replied with trembling eyelashes. She couldn’t let him know about her treatment. She clutched her handbag tightly and trembled like a dead leaf in the wind.
"What’s the matter? Your temperature is freezing like this. No, I have to take you to the hospital. "
"No …" She replied weakly.
For a second, she suddenly fell down with a stuffy hum. The veins stood out in Lianyin’s arms were constricted. "It hurts …"
HeLianYin stretched out his hand and caught her brow overflow worry "what hurts? Xiao Yin … Xiao Yin … "
She clutched his sleeve tightly and her head hurt so much that she couldn’t speak.
Chapter 194 Know the truth
City No.1 West Hospital
The sunset glow reflected the whole day.
At the gate of the hospital, a man entered the hospital with a pale woman in his arms. He put her in a snow-white hospital bed, held her hand tightly and followed the hospital bed to push her into the emergency room.
At this time, the woman was dying and sweaty, and her long hair hung quietly in the hospital bed. She was mentally pulled away from He Lianyin, holding her hand tightly, and her beautiful face had lost its former days from nobility.
"Dr. Lin? Where is he? Go and call him. "His stuffy stress came out of his chest.
The nurse knew He Lianyin, and quickly brought an oxygen bottle and pressed it to Yin’s mouth. "Dr. Lin’s horse is coming, Mr. He Lian, please don’t worry too much."
Xiang Yin turned extremely pale.
He Lianyin stretched his eyes and his pupils were dark. "Go and call him over."
"Yes" if the nurse is passive.
Soon the doctor came, and he asked the nurse to pull the curtain to lift the hospital bed to Yin. She shouted pain and pressed around her temple, and Yin breathed in slightly, and her face was pale.
"Take her to the brain department for a film," the doctor said to the nurse.
So Xiang Yin was pushed out of the emergency room and went to the brain department. During the whole process, He Lianyin accompanied her, put her hand on her shoulder and clenched her slightly. She hoped that she could give her refueling power.
Xiang Yin entered the room in a trance. At this time, she had no consciousness. She could see a few pieces of white clothes dangling in front of her eyes, which seemed to be busy. Then she was changed and scanned by a cold bed pusher. Then she lost consciousness and turned dark …
The afterglow of the sunset slowly dissipated.
Twilight four in one
There are two people, he and she, in the ward filled with sterilized water.
Lying in bed to Yin looked tired.
On her left is an infusion bottle.
On the right hand side is He Lianyin’s hand. He holds her hand tightly. The beautiful outline of the past is gaunt and beautiful and pale.
To Yin slightly opened his eyes.
At present, it is white.
Turn your head slightly
On the right is a sleeping face.
She looked at him in silence for a while and gently pulled her hand back.
Unexpectedly, this slight movement still woke up He Lianyin. His eyelashes shook slightly and raised his deep eyes, which were beautiful and complicated. He quietly looked at her for a long time.
"Have you had brain therapy recently?" His voice is tense.
As if being struck by lightning, Xiang Yin’s body suddenly stiffened, and her eye pupil looked at him blankly.
"Do you do memory therapy?"
Didn’t speak to Yin. Slightly curly hair, light shoulders and beautiful.
"No wonder you are hiding from me. You are hiding from Gao Ze’s room for secret treatment, right? Some time ago, we photographed Yu Ge outside Takazawa House. Is he your attending doctor? " He Lianyin froze her eyes, dark and fierce, full of complicated and difficult emotions.
To Yin low head twilight silhouette out her thick black eyelash radian.
She won’t say anything.
He Lianyin waited for a while to meet her, but she still didn’t want to tell herself with a sigh. She sent Song Jie the thermos, opened it, poured out the soup and handed it to Yin. "I don’t want to say forget it. I won’t force you Xiao Yin to have some soup. The doctor said that your brain has been under too much pressure recently, so you should rest more and eat more nutrition. After all, your brain is more tired than others’ coolies for three days."
Xiang Yin still didn’t move.
He Lianyin put the soup on the table and looked out the window. "I won’t force you after drinking. I’ll listen to you and make you happy."
Bite your lip to Yin.