Well, not so good. She pursed her lips and pulled her fingers.

Why not? The polyphony is raised a little.
Smell speech lu heart a horizontal neck suo suo way that made a little trouble
Well, it’s a big disaster. If Meng Shu hadn’t followed me, I would have picked you up at the entrance of the interrogation room. The man’s voice was light but not ugly, and every word seemed to knock on Lu Xi’s heart
She is stiff.
Suddenly looked up at Li Fu.
See a man a face of gherardini looked at his little face some startled way you know? When do you know?
Li Fu squinted her eyes and said slowly, You enter the door.
Smell speech her eyes unconsciously stare big some stare blankly at Li Fu.
Section 164
In a second, the little face began to turn red.
The wife is broken
He just deliberately pretended not to know, watching her struggle.
Chapter 95 What did you scold?
Looking at the little lady’s stiff face, Li Fu smiled and said, This coffee is particularly sweet today.
This is a word for word.
It’s creepy
Lu Jin’s little body froze again.
Know Li Fu this is beating around the bush stabbed her? Little face turned red in an instant, a little embarrassed.
Turn your eyes to see the coffee on the table.
There’s no pout. Then you’re clean.
I have to taste it. Remember, Li Fu raised his eyebrows and his eyes were cold.
You, you don’t get it.
Her fingers unconsciously circled her legs.
Smell speech Li Fujun’s face sank and his black eyes looked at Lu Xi’s thin lips tightly and said nothing.
Lu Jin waited for a long time but couldn’t hear Li Fu.
I couldn’t help lifting my eyes to see a man’s eyes. Some cold hearts suddenly sank.
Li Fu are you angry? I … I didn’t mean to get into trouble. You didn’t see Jiang Shier at that time, and she scolded me, otherwise I wouldn’t have.
品茶论坛The more you speak, the lower your voice becomes.
After all, it’s all her fault anyway.
Smell the man’s eyes cold cold.
And was scolded?
After such a big loss, I almost entered the interrogation room and didn’t tell him about such a big thing!
She turned her eyes to see Li Fu’s face cold.
I have some drums in my heart.
This Li Yan Wang
Since I married him, it has become more and more uncertain.
It’s going to be cloudy at least before it thunders and rains, isn’t it? He wants to be sunny just now, and Wan Li thunders directly in one second.
Lu Wei!
A long time after after li thin lips moved suddenly open.
She sat up straight and looked at Li Fu.