Long time no see

At this time, the goodbye scene is somewhat embarrassing, but even so, Zhang Leran’s heart is full of joy and gratitude
Gao Shenran smiled Long time no see
Say that finish to Wang Yue huan three of them are partners since childhood, no reason cousin don’t know Zhang Leran.
It’s my eyes. Cousin looks a little strange.
Huan Jie
Zhang Leran called Wang Yuehuan a Huan elder sister, not young, but when three people played together since childhood, Wang Yuehuan was always very creative. That person showed respect and everyone was willing to call her a Huan elder sister.
This longlost name shows Wang Yuehuan’s spirit from the mouth of the man in front of him, and he is embarrassed to sip his lips.
Le Ran, long time no see
The women around Zhang Leran followed Zhang Leran from G city to D city for many years, and the years passed by their fingertips. She has heard more or less that Zhang Leran and Gao Shenran are comparable to stories, but they also have wonderful history.
After listening to her childhood friends, she later came to a key conclusion by her own speculation and psychosexuality. Wang Yue liked Zhang Leran, but Zhang Leran liked Gao Shenran.
So the three of them are doomed to be impossible to achieve a favorite couple.
What’s more, Wang Yuehuan got married early, Gao Shenran is getting married soon, and Zhang Leran’s side hinders him except his own heart.
She is much more at ease about this. She always thinks that sooner or later, he will turn around and find himself and discover her.
But when her mind was sharp, she suddenly felt that she had made a serious mistake. Wang Yuehuan secretly loved Gao Shenran without knowing it.
Gao Shenran noticed Wang Yuehuan’s eccentricity, but instead of poking him, he asked Zhang Leran politely about his marital status.
My name is Fang Qing Xiao Ran. Hello
Jessica Fong Ching was generous, but she didn’t answer from Congcong that she was Zhang Leran’s girlfriend. It was not good for her to offend Zhang Leran.
I heard that you are getting married. I don’t know if I am lucky enough to attend your wedding.
With Zhang Leran, his beloved married the groom, but it’s not the most painful thing for himit’s necessary to accompany her personally at this time.
Who knows Zhang Leran doesn’t appreciate a cold look? Jessica Fong Ching’s face is stiff and stiff with laughter.
Since you touched us to eat, have you eaten?
See you again after Wang Yuehuan broke the deadlock for many years. Zhang Leran is not as moved as he was when he was a child, but he feels at ease.
Probably because everyone grew up together and knew each other’s habits too well, but they felt like relatives that he was the kind of person who could give people strength and support.
Zhang Leran was driven out by his mother at noon to date Jessica Fong Ching. At three o’clock, he sat outside the cinema for a while, but he couldn’t reverse his emotions. He got up and left, but the ladder touched Gao Shenran.
Bad things turn into good things. He’s a little excited. No together?
Say that finish and tell Jessica Fong Ching to let her go first.
Gao Shenran stared in surprise and just wanted to say that she was not a girlfriend, but she just met someone new. Maybe in the future, their girls will become good friends.
But Jessica Fong Ching readily promised to block the original words.
Good Jessica Fong Ching smiled and promised to say goodbye to Wang Yuehuan and Gao Shenran in a particularly friendly way. Sister Xiao Ranhuan, we have a chance to see you again.
Gao Shenran
The biggest change of the three of them over the years may be Zhang Leran.
Wang Yuehuan didn’t speak, smiled and nodded Jessica Fong Ching.
Now that it’s a foregone conclusion, three people have found a place on the seventh floor to chat with each other. I haven’t seen you for years. Are you all right?
Thank you for voting, little angel. Why is there such an impulse to send Sister Huan and Brother Le Ran to the pile?
No is crazy
I’m nervous.
品茶论坛It was still a long time ago that Gao Shenran, the three of them, were all Wang Yuehuan’s penis.
Zhang Leran is gentle, kind and harmless. Gao Shenran’s cool words are not many, but he is very good at hitting the nail on the head, which often makes people angry and feel reasonable.
What Wang Yue can do to make friends with two people with such personalities is to welcome her to play the important role of balancing silence and chatter.
It’s still the same to see you again after many years. Setting up the identity of coordinator among Wang Yuehuan opened the topic for everyone.
Le Ran, how did you get to D city? I heard that G city is already a modest section chief. Why did you suddenly come to D city? Wang Yuehuan was curious about this.
Unlike Gao Shenran, who heard Zhang Leran personally say a long time ago that he would be transferred to D city after the eleventh, she had no idea about Zhang Leran’s many things.
Zhang Leran’s smile is as warm and gentle as it was many years ago, as if the other person was just cold and bored.
The class in our city has been three years.
When he answered, his eyes glanced at Gao Shenran.
Gao Shenran frowned, and Zhang Leran’s attitude made her feel a little sticky. She was already getting married, and two days after the wedding, didn’t he know?
And he knows that his cousin may have a crush on him regardless of the occasion. It is inappropriate for him to show his love for himself without hesitation.
Cousin, drink some peaches. Gao Shenran is getting closer to Wang Yuehuan. Some people are not only not enthusiastic but also a little indifferent to Zhang Leran.
Wang Yuehuan pursed her lips and smiled, You know me.
Gao Shenran laughed more heartily than her of course
What about you?
Obviously, Gao Shenran’s attitude towards Zhang Leran is a little cold and impolite, but the man is too difficult. Wang Yuehuan took the initiative to solve the embarrassment of not getting into the topic for him.
Zhang Leran’s eyebrow eye loss was so obvious that if it had been put aside many years ago, he would have been able to make Gao Shen move and sort out his own mistakes.
But now because of her decisive and neat personality, she really doesn’t like Zhang Leran, who is getting married. He seems to still have the feeling of Qian Qian.
It will make people misunderstand, and she is really, really annoying.
Zhang Leran took a sip of his lip. Remember?
No, it’s really answering Wang Yuehuan’s question, like asking two people and trying to make them feel the same as he did.
Gao Shenran’s heart breeds more impatient Wang Yuehuan, but secretly shakes her head. This girl is just too straighttempered and never knows how to detour with others.
Know the taste hasn’t changed
Wang Yuehuan rubbed her nose, and she was quite tired with Zhang Leran and Gao Shenran.