You … you wait for me! Meng Ting is always the enemy, but Shang Fei Yue is the most annoying government official. The news is at the time of performance appraisal. If … If he broke the news because of this incident, his dream of breaking into the imperial capital should be over. Finally, he can leave a malicious message and retreat out. The ward next door is Zhang Qiyun’s ward. Last night, Shang Fei Yue rescued Meng Xian. Soon, passersby found the injured Zhang Qiyun and kindly sent her to the hospital. After all, Zhang Qiyun’s injury was lighter than Meng Xian’s. I woke up at night, and then I called Meng Ting. Of course, when Meng Ting came, she happened to fall asleep again. The next morning, Meng Ting asked her what had happened, and she apologized to Meng Xian, but she was used as a shield by the other party. Of course, she also pleaded for Meng Xian. So Meng Ting was furious and found Meng Xian when she learned that he was in this hospital. Then what happened just now.

In the ward, Shang Feiyue looked coldly at the person lying in bed, while Meng Xian looked at Shang Feiyue with flashing eyes like a little anthomaniac.
When the doctors and nurses came in, they saw such a strange scene. The man was cold and the woman smiled and the room was warm.
Is there something wrong? Scalp pins and needles. The doctor looked at this and that. This was the little question.
no! Meng Xian said with a smile, what’s wrong with it? There is a handsome and tall look of her beauty in her eyes.
Shut up! Shang Feiyue glanced at her coldly and said that she turned to the doctor and said, The drip has been pulled out. Please help me get it again. There is a lot of blood left in the wound. Please ask the doctor to check it!
At this time, the doctor saw a big pool of blood on his sleeve, called the nurse to change the potion and examined Meng Xian’s wound. Fortunately, he didn’t break after sewing a needle last night. Did he still shed a lot of blood and washed the wound again? The doctor said, Please be careful not to touch the wound again!
Oh! Meng Xian nodded cleverly like a pupil with a strong smile on his face.
Everything was ready before the doctors and nurses left, but Meng Xian still smiled at Shang Fei Yue like a nymphomaniac.
Shang Fei Yue was a little annoyed by her and wanted to turn around and leave directly. However, when I thought that this person was alone, I thought that my mother was unconscious, my sister got lost, and my father didn’t want to recognize everything. I had to rely on myself to support the difficulties, my face was sad, my face was smiling and my heart was heartless. Maybe it was so similar, but I still didn’t leave her alone in the hospital. I thought that I had just bought breakfast and the rescue department was spilled all over the floor because of my anxiety! Shang Fei Yue sighed and always turned around to buy another one!
Ah … ah! Anxious people forget their own injuries. When they see where this person is going, they dare to continue laughing. They want to get up and shout at once, but they accidentally pull the wound, and a little face suddenly wrinkles into a monkey.
What are you going to do! Shang Fei Yue listened to her pain and turned to look at her. Suddenly she was angry. Can’t this fucking woman cherish her body a little? Are you yourself made of iron?
… Meng Xian wronged his little face, but he was still free to move, but his hand clung to Shang Feiyue’s sleeve. You can’t leave me alone!
… Shang Fei month looked at her for a long time.
You really can’t leave me alone! Meng Xian looked at him stubbornly and said, Think about it. That bastard old man tried every means to kill me. What if you leave and he kills me?
Hum! Shang Fei month cold hum a this is not to mention the old lady!
… Meng Xian pie mouth she’d like to say but who let you don’t like it?
Lie down and I’ll buy some breakfast! Looking at her unwilling little face, Fei Yue always hooks the corners of her mouth shallowly, but this little smile didn’t make Meng Xian see her turn around and said indifferently.
However, although I didn’t see the word buy breakfast with a smile, it naturally deeply pleased Meng Xian’s girl. Hehehe … Meng Girl giggled in bed and bought breakfast. She bought breakfast for her herself. Hahahaha … Meng Xian felt that instead of being strangled by Meng Ting’s old thing, she would be moved to death by Shang Mei!
Shang Feiyue bought breakfast, watched her put things into her stomach, looked at her smirking at herself, looked at her face and looked embarrassed. Sorry? Shang Fei Yue felt that she was wrong. According to Meng Xian’s personality, unless something terrible happened, she blushed and embarrassed. How could her face really appear?
That … people have three urgent, can you help … help me! When it was almost impossible to hold back, Meng Xian still spoke to Shang Meiren. However … she really wanted to die! What an embarrassing thing happened when I finally had a close contact with a business beauty! Hmm? God, aren’t I afraid of thunder and lightning when you play like this? Hmm?
Shang Feiyue finally understood what it was like, but her face was as picturesque as usual, but the tip of her ear was quietly red. First, she was lifted up from the bed and carefully avoided her left arm. When she sat down and put slippers on her feet, her feet just got up and held the infusion bag in one hand and helped her to go to hygiene. First, she hung the infusion bag on the wall, which made it difficult for her to say that … that you can’t … or …
Cocoa! Meng Xian’s face can’t be redder. Although she really wants to take care of herself, it’s really a 19yearold girl who is careless at ordinary times. It’s still a little unbearable when it comes to the key.
Well, I’ll be outside. Call me one! Shang Fei Yue said that he hastily turned and walked out, conveniently closing the door, but he was afraid that the door was dead. He couldn’t hear what was going on inside. After all, it was inconvenient for her. If … reasoning, Shang Fei Yue still opened the door slightly.
Section 236
Meng Xian looked at the corners of her mouth and sobbed involuntarily. If you don’t like me, don’t show me how well I behaved in front of me. How can I let it go?
Meng Xian, though a little troublesome, is still sitting on the toilet safely, thinking that the man has no sound insulation effect at the door. Meng Xian will not calm down in an instant. Does she have no good image in front of this person? Try to solve your physiological needs as quietly as possible and pack yourself up. Meng Xianfang didn’t come in until Fei Yue came in with an infusion bag and helped her to wash her hands before sending her back to the ward.
And Yan finally arrived late.
Hey, still alive! Yan sat beside the bed and poked Meng Xian’s little face for a while and poked Meng Xian’s arm for a while to make sure she was safe and ill. This just said.
Oh, hey, Yan Meiren, can you leave Xiao an escape? Lie in bed can’t move Meng Xian is very language said
You talk about it first. I’ll go back first. If anything happens, call me! Shang Fei month watching chat is huan two people said.
hey! Meng Xian nasty was about to get up when Yan pressed it back.
Go, go! Yan waved to his brother and watched Shang Fei Moon leave. When he turned around, he saw Meng Xian with a sad face. He couldn’t help but chuckle, You are so heartless. My brother kept you overnight and took an afternoon, so he didn’t let people go home and change clothes?
Are you serious? Didn’t she hallucinate last night? Ha ha ha……
Look at your little promise! Yan shook his head nai said
Yan accompanied Meng Xian in the hospital until the class was about to begin, and then Yan’s cell phone rang. It was Huangfuqing who hurriedly turned on the phone.
Yan Yan, I have something urgent to go on a business trip for a few days. Xiao Jingdong and others will put the children in the No.10 hospital with me. If you can’t take care of them at night, you can put them in the No.10 hospital or you can go to the No.10 hospital to live. If there is anything, you can find your brother and them!
A Qing!
boss, it’s time for the plane!
I will come back as soon as possible!
Chapter 16 I’m a little scared
Yan had a lot to ask, but when she heard the sound of urgency, Yan finally replied gently, Take care! When I consciously said this sentence, I almost didn’t reward myself with a slap. Okay, why should I say the word take care? Is it a business trip or a business trip? It’s some business talks, isn’t it?
… Words that end Huangfuqing leng rao is that he also has to admit that sometimes a woman’s acuity is really accurate and terrible, but there are some things that she doesn’t want to let her know at the moment. Although there are many things she wants to say, watching everyone boarding the plane, everyone is waiting for him to leave a message I’m leaving, and I may be very busy these two days without calling you! Remember to ask your brother if you have anything, whether it’s Alangye or Fei Yue, but you can’t find anyone to find your brotherinlaw!
Well, you can rest assured that I will take good care of my baby and myself! Yan Xiao said seriously, You should come back early!
hmm! Huangfuqing should always hang up.
Yan looked at being hung up on the phone for a long time, but it was a pity that the man didn’t say anything, but her heart was seven and she shook her head and told herself that it would be okay. It’s just a business trip, isn’t it?
Hey, hey … Yan Meiren, what’s the matter with you? Lying in bed, Meng Xian looked at Yan and suddenly turned pale, and hurriedly asked about it.
Ah … Oh! God Yan Hui quickly smiled at Meng Xian and said, Nothing is that A Qing said he would be on a business trip for a few days!
Business trip? Meng Xian laughed at look at your little promise husband out of a poor scared face white? I don’t know what happened to people!
桑拿会所… Yan smiled but didn’t speak. She wanted to leave and sat down in a chair. She was in a state of panic. Yeah, it was just a business trip. What’s she worried about? However, she said that she didn’t worry about it. The man even said that she might be too busy to talk these days. This situation is so abnormal. Don’t tell her that she was poor after she was pregnant, and she didn’t come back at 9 o’clock at the latest, let alone after the birth of two small treasures. What kind of business will make him so busy that he didn’t even talk?
Oh, hey! Really good! Lying there, Meng Xian said, I don’t know how much you love him, and you don’t want him to be separated for a day!
You don’t want him to separate when I come! This time, Yan admitted generously, Even if I don’t have him around for one night, I will not sleep well!
Hey, beauty, can you stop abusing single dog like this? Lying in bed and unable to move, Meng Xian envied and hated, saying, When I sleep in Shang Beauty, it will be sweeter than you!
… well, I’ll wait for you to stare at you and sleep with my brother! Yan their language is very said
All right, all right, get out of here. It’s almost time for class! Meng xian drives people away
Well, can you do it here alone? Yan frown. She didn’t see the scene that happened early. She was worried that it would be inconvenient for her to lie here alone. She didn’t know what happened early. If she knew it, she would be even more worried. What’s more, the woman also lives in this hospital. Meng Xian is separated from a ward.
Don’t worry, what’s the matter? Meng Xian’s socalled wave ring the bell to find a nurse if something happens! Of course, she wouldn’t let it happen again a long time ago. What she didn’t resist at that time was to know that the man who used to be her father could be cruel to her. Now how can he be stupid after finally understanding it?
Well, I’m still not at ease! Yan said with a frown that when she came to Qing’s house, she could give the child to him to take care of herself. Now Qing is on a business trip, and she can’t lose two children, but she really doesn’t trust Meng Xian to go to the hospital alone, and then she always misses her brother and looks at Meng Xian with a cheap look.
Hey, hey … why are you looking at me like this? Meng xian was looked at by her and asked inexplicably.
I’ll call my brother to see if he has time to come and look after you! Yan swept her one eye and said with a smile
So Miss Meng’s eyes instantly turned into sparkling eyes, which made people look straight at Yan and nodded and praised her for this idea. This idea is good, this idea is good! Turned into a silly elder sister.
Yan Yu couldn’t help laughing after all. I’m calling my brother. I’m not sure if he wants to come over!
Well, you just have to make me miserable! Meng xian waved and said very calmly
Yan glanced at her and got up to call her brother outside. Then she saw that she was lying next door crying with Meng Xian’s father, Zhang Qi Yunlai, walking back and forth in the corridor. Yan was stunned. She didn’t know Meng Xian’s father. She saw Zhang Qiyun’s face that impressed her. Look at the man who hugged her and coaxed her. She naturally thought of Meng Xian’s father. Just now, she didn’t ask Meng Xian what would hurt her. She also had a punk who hurt her hand. Now she can’t help but frown when she sees this man. It seems that this matter still has his feelings!
Hey Yan Yan? Words that end think of Shang Fei month sound party is to drag yan reason to come back.
Well, brother! I have classes in the afternoon. Meng Xian is alone here. I don’t trust you … Yan asked carefully. After all, she is her brother. She also doesn’t want to make it difficult for him … If my brother really doesn’t like Meng, if my brother really doesn’t like Meng Xian, of course, how can you know if you don’t get along?