The steam castle had already fled here in an instant when Storm King appeared. More than 30 fleshandblood puppets were used as bait to finally make Storm King not pay attention to them.

With a wind blade like a giant door panel, the hardshell siege fighters and bloody warriors can stop the chains and even the flesh and blood puppets can escape.
The selfexplosion also made the chain shake slightly and restored calm.
This root method resists supernatural forces and soon reverses the defeat of mankind.
Unfortunately, due to the summoner’s strength, the storm king appeared in less than a few minutes and his body became unstable.
It may be a pleasure for him to stay in the main material world for a while, but there are a few regrets in his eyes when he looks at the stormy king with flashing runes crossing the fortress and chasing those halfdemons who have escaped.
I don’t know how many times more colorful it is than the pure element world.
Looking at the huge storm, the old witch struggled to hold herself up and prepare to fold the army.
ah! ! Adult, your face can also move with this alarm. Everyone’s sight falls on the old hag’s face and she takes a deep breath.
Blowing bombs can break delicate skin wrinkles, sallow and ugly skin forms a fresh contrast, because there are many damaged places in the camouflage mask of the old witch who just killed the enemy and forgot herself.
Just now, everyone was so busy that no one paid attention. Now they finally drove away the halfmagic man, and they immediately exclaimed.
The old witch quickly disappeared in front of everyone, burying her face in her face, but her white and ruddy face remained deeply in everyone’s heart.
Looking at the fortress, which was almost recovered, Master Shan also breathed a sigh of relief.
If this fortress, which has been expanding, is occupied by halfmagic people, the form will be very unfavorable to mankind and will have a bad influence on many plans of Master Shan.
Turn around and cast a glance. Master Shan, who has been trained, thinks he should do something.
Frost dragon, senior wizard, banshee, tenvictory stone statue and a large number of lowlevel arms.
I checked the situation of each building for a month, and the priest still had one day to finish the training. There was no big gain in the rest of the buildings, but the slaughterhouse found a chaotic soul with good strength
ding! Is it found that the chaotic soul body of intensity 22 is captured?
ding! Capturing the chaotic soul consumes 5 experience points!
Chaos soul body training abhorrence base element. A large number of corpses together can train * * with strong defense.
The body is easy to say. Master Shan has already set aside a piece of land in the forest to place the body.
However, after looking at the introduction, Master Shan found that he had never paid attention to the fact that the meat grinder also needed corpses and wood to be trained.
Besides being able to attack from a distance, the meat grinder can also carry a large number of bodies, which is a good means of transportation. After all, it is a little uncomfortable for Master Shan to always leave the bodies in the mountains.
Training two meat grinders, one hate
In the main system, he quickly bought highgrade wood, and Grandpa threw the bodies with more than 30 pieces into the slaughterhouse and waited patiently.
After a day, it has been quiet, and there is a sudden burst of loud and beautiful sacrificial songs in the base.
A beautiful image appeared in the center of the altar with the soulshaking sacrifice song.
The emerald elite light armor is wrapped in a large number of mysterious patterns, holding a hardwood long bow and a thick green bow. From time to time, how many Yingying droplets are blown up. How much is Aurora like a tall and ferocious white tiger behind him? Two amber vertical pupils are vigilant and look around.
Forming an instant priestess turns over the tiger. Even without saddles, the priestess still sits firmly on the white tiger’s broad back. The white tiger bows up and its feet flash across a layer of pale white aperture. It is the priestess who slams the aura.
Master! The priestess’s pale green eyes stared at Master Shan turning over and kneeling on the ground.
桑拿按摩The white tiger also hung its proud head and prostrated its forelimbs, showing enough ministers.
Looking at what the priestess Shan Ye looked at.
Thin eyebrows and red lips are somewhat like Aurora. She is tall and tall, and her long legs diverge at her belly button.
Get up! Master Shan saw the priestess’s attributes and skills as soon as his eyes were fixed.
Upgrade to one level and one more skill. The initial skill randomly chooses to slam the aura.
Moonlight arrow, tiger roar and big move, stars fall.
Feeling the halo effect of a strong blow, Shanye nodded with satisfaction. What’s your name? Slightly thoughtfully, Master Shan decided to call her Tigress, who let her ride a white tiger?
Name? What do you mean, be strong enough? You can call her Moonlight Goddess.
I took Tigress to familiarize myself with an environment and planned to talk to Tigress, so I gave her some past life experience and fighting skills.
Tigress was not dissatisfied with this country name, but accepted it gladly. It was really a code name for her.
I’m almost ready. Master Shan left the base with a large number of arms.
Instead of starting the worm, it turned into a purple black cloud and quickly went to the human fortress.
The old witch has just returned home and has not put on her mask again. A large number of human soldiers and several people have arrived at her home without battlemage.
Looking at that beautiful face, everyone was stunned and immediately crustily skin of head. A senior mage said, Dear Master Commander, please welcome! Sound with how many fluctuations obviously some apologies.
The old witch or Vivian frowned tightly. What do you want with me? Shouldn’t it be time to close the army and maintain law and order?
The senior mage lowered his eyes and dared not look at Vivian’s dazzling and delicate face. I’m sorry, my Lord, I’m an official and I don’t know why.
Vivian set her eyebrows and wore a new mask to follow the crowd away.
Vivian felt a little wrong halfway.
People around you look at their eyes full of complicated emotions, which makes Vivian a little surprised. When they arrive at the headquarters, this anxiety becomes more and more intense.
The tall and fat commander is negotiating with the vice president of Quick Province at this time. What expression seems a little tangled?
When Vivian arrived, they turned to face the heroine who almost saved the fortress.
What’s the matter? I want to restore my magic. If I have something to say, Vivian has always been highly effective, and her eyes have crossed.