I can come out here and naturally I can’t fake the huge difference between advanced and superlative features and abilities. I want you to know that I don’t want to say more.

The head smiles to say
It will be much better to have the highest level of unity and ability to capture the castle. People with unity and ability will make contributions when capturing the castle. Naturally, many people will want to come to other consortia. They want to let their own people have the ability to capture the castle, but if the characteristics and ability do not reach the highest level, they will decide to choose Lyon.
Lyon if you can’t help it.
After a slight commotion in the conference room, the heads of various consortia have made a decision.
In fact, we can capture two or three castles in one breath if you want.
Lyon, head of the consortium smiles to say
Don’t be too greedy. Take a castle first.
Good. Don’t discuss things later.
In the face of this meeting, the head of the rest of the consortium is looking cold.
They’re not stupid. If we let Lyon capture more castles, almost all the contributions will fall on Lyon. They’ll waste their efforts.
The efficiency of the major consortia is not slow. After making a decision, more than 700 people gathered near Castle No.6 later on the same day.
Compared with all the major consortia, more than 700 people are really nothing.
品茶论坛But most of these 700 people know each other.
After getting together, many people nod and say hello to each other.
They got the same prop in Kirishima a few months ago before the silence.
With that prop, all of them gained a special ability called unity after three turns.
This is a special characteristic ability, and at the same time, the more people have unity ability, the greater the effect of unity characteristic ability.
And one person’s ability can be selected, which can mainly make many people use it, and can greatly increase the main person’s characteristic ability
By virtue of this ability, various consortia are developing quietly in the dark, thinking of laying a good foundation and recruiting three players to make a lot of contributions in one fell swoop when they finally capture the castle.
But people are not as good as the sky, but their plans are broken by the sudden appearance of ancient cities
Now they have to unite to make unity.
The main reason is that Lyon didn’t expect that guy to have raised his ability to the highest level.
Florence, bloody knight and Charles III get together and Charles III looks a little gloomy and says.
We have worked hard to get to the top, and there is still a long way to go. I don’t know how Lyon did it, but it’s a pity that even if we ask him, he can’t say.
The bloody knight thoughtfully.
If we can raise the unity ability to the highest level, it will be of great benefit to their future development, and the fighting capacity will increase by not a little bit.
Where do you need to ask Lyon? It is the Nordic Goddess Consortium. Except Lyon, even an advanced ability obviously makes the magic scroll class consume props.
Charles III cold hum said.
Charles III has a bad attitude, but Florence and others know that what he said should be good.
Everyone is almost here. Next, please try your best to cooperate when our major consortia capture Castle No.6!
He is Leon.
In the discussion, a young man walked out of the crowd and looked at the people with a cool expression and said
Stop talking nonsense and do it quickly!
Someone obviously dissatisfied with Lyon attitude hum a way
good! Unity ability!
Leon really didn’t talk nonsense. He was the first to activate the unity characteristic. A blue aperture appeared on his foot.
The rest of the 700odd consortium players saw this, which was also a sign of unity.
Apertures merge with each other after everyone’s feet appear and their respective apertures are connected with those of other players.
The ambassador applied!
After everyone started to unite, Lyon launched a skill instruction.
Aperture players agree one by one
In a flash, Lyon bloomed with a dazzling blue light.
More than 700 messengers of the highest unity characteristic ability don’t know how Lyon will change its attributes and abilities!
Looking at Lyon, which is shrouded in dazzling light, many people can’t help but think of it.
The unity characteristic ability not only enhances the player’s attributes, but also allows the player to temporarily acquire various powerful skills, even extra characteristic abilities.
There are more than 700 people, and he blessed Lyon. At this time, the attribute doubt reached a horrible situation!
The third is to be continued.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Castle No.9
Ha ha ha ha ha! This state! Too powerful!
Looked at the body that a variable | state attributes and skills Lyon carefree laugh wildly.
Threeturn skill death judgment!
The highest characteristic ability eternal blood!
The most advanced characteristic ability savage anger!
Threeturn skills thunder shadow!
The most advanced feature ability is sharp!
The most advanced characteristic ability destroys the hand!