Even in La Liga, when have they ever been treated like this?

The more impatient Villarreal players are, the more disorganized they are, despite their fierce offensive.
More often, when they found out that France had broken through Passareira, it was a longrange shot directly outside the restricted area
This longrange shooting threatens Pablo to guard the goal.
Villarreal players, who are getting impatient, simply put more troops into the attack in order to break Hertha’s goal. Their central defenders are almost in the middle circle, and the two fullbacks have directly become wingers.
Although Hertha was suppressed very hard, Chang Sheng saw what he wanted.
Villarreal is huge and vast behind him!
Fight back once is enough!
Harvey Sanchez doesn’t believe in evil. Today, he fought with that young rookie. He must break through this rookie and stomp on him completely, otherwise it will be hard to get rid of his hatred.
So he looked at his teammates and raised his hand to him for the ball. He took the ball and I don’t know how many times he rushed to Passareira.
Then he was intercepted by Passareira.
Passareira moves quickly and without violence, but his hands don’t move much, which is to get stuck in the position and force the attacker to delimit the scope of his activities, and then look at the right time to make a decisive kick, so the ball was stabbed off.
After breaking Harvey Sanchez’s ball, Passareira quickly overtook him to chase the football and gave it directly to his former friend Carlos Campo.
He has been in the first team for less than a week, and he is not familiar with many people. The only person in this team who has a tacit understanding with him is his good friend Carlos Campo.
Give Campo all his bases.
Campo let the football pass sideways, and the Villarreal player who was going to break the ball got stuck behind him, and then he didn’t hesitate to be one foot long!
Target is directed at frontcourt center Balado!
In a flash, Hertha changed from being beaten with her head into an assassin who stabbed the enemy’s heart with a sword!
The changes of these two images quickly make the onlookers feel dumbfounded!
As soon as Carlos Campo came to the backcourt at the same time to help the wingers defend, Popovich and Kaiku turned and ran to the frontcourt.
At this time, the two of them were specially strengthened in the training, and the effect was reflected.
Two people come quickly, Popovich [speed] is 75, while Keku is 70.
The two of them started to race against the football.
It was not long after Balado received the football that they all reached their positions.
Except for these three people, no one else in Hertha crossed the center line.
This scene is very strange in the eyes of spectators.
But now they don’t care to study this phenomenon, and all eyes are locked on the three people in the frontcourt.
Balado gave the football to meet Popovich.
Villarreal has two centrebacks left in the defence.
Three strikes two again!
Once the same situation appears, it is called accidental appearance twice. How can you say that this dog is lucky to appear three times?
Whether it’s Villarreal fans in front of the camera or Hertha fans in the stands, whether it’s reporters waiting to see Hertha jokes in the media gallery or surprised commentators, whether it’s the chaotic party in the stands that are exiled by the constant victory or the head coach of Villarreal.
At this time, they all remembered a game between Hertha and Osasuna …
Almost exactly the same!
Hertha fans shouted loudly that Popovich kicked the ball!
The football bypassed to defend him, and the Villarreal defender fell to another man defending Keku’s foot!
What comes next is simply too easy for a 75yearold striker!
Keku swung his foot and shot the football, which flew past the goalkeeper of Villarreal and hit the net!
Hertha shoots for the first time in the 23rd minute … Goal!