Small 2 at this time is careless, a pair of full sample also comforted her and said

Little madam, you can rest assured that Lu Shao will win.
Ten special forces can’t take the land, but there are four, although these four are quite strong:
Chapter 166 Beat the arch cabbage pig
Ten minutes later, all four people were lying down, and Lu Qing was still alive, but it seemed that he was barely hurt, and his eyes were like wolves. He stared at Jiu Ye intensely and said slowly.
Tao has always said that Nine Ye is very strong. Today I’d like to ask for advice \
Nine ye slow up didn’t look at him but look at the Qin Miao Miao light way
He’s going to challenge me. Do you think I’ll beat him half-disabled or disabled?
Qin Miao Miao resisted the urge to bowl. Why didn’t she see that her uncle was so bad?
Half-disabled or what?
She glanced at the angry Liu Qing also said a words slowly.
Uncle Jiu, he’s my husband. If you’re half disabled, I’ll be his crutch. If it’s disabled, I’ll watch him. Anyway, it’s up to you.
Nine ye fundus across a cold light.
You’re threatening me.
Qin Miaomiao bared his teeth and smiled brightly.
No, I don’t think losing is necessarily my husband.
After she said this, Lu Qing, who was furious to kill people, froze her. What did she just say?
All the anger was instantly extinguished, and he was ecstatic. Without thinking about it, he immediately walked quickly towards her and hugged her.
Baby, say what you just said again.
Ha. What did she say?
Recalling a cough and feeling embarrassed, I will never say it again.
She bit his ear and said
You’re stupid. You’re hurt like this. What if you fight with Uncle Jiu and get hurt again?
Lu Qing’s ears itch a little, and his heart itches more. Although it hurts a little, it makes him feel better. His kannika nimtragol finally knows that he is distressed.
No, your husband, I’m strong.
Cut a man’s self-esteem
Qin Miao Miao has smelled his blood and stared at those men. Those people are really cruel and don’t know to leave some hands.
Still lying down, second child, third child, fifth child, sixth child, broken heart, little ancestor, can’t you see that we are all lying down?
Don’t you see this broken arm and leg?
Qin Miao Miao single-handedly hugged his waist and a face of serious said to nine ye
Uncle Jiu is not allowed to fight today.
Oh, you feel bad for him, that’s even more important.
Chinese cabbage that has been raised for many years has been arched once, and now it is necessary to witness being arched for the second time. Jiu Ye said that he was very unhappy and looked at Lu Qing with a bad look.
Qin Miao Miao muttered
How can there be such a ninth uncle? You can’t take advantage of this.
Nine ye smiled, which seemed a little cold. This heartless Chinese cabbage actually helped an outsider, Lu Qing, straighten up and take a step forward, and restored the cold eyes with a little confident smile.
Since Uncle Jiu wants to fight, I will naturally play along.
You’re shameless. You followed Brocade to call Uncle Jiu so soon.
Nine ye skin to smile don’t smile to say
桑拿会所Don’t call me uncle. I’m not as big a nephew as you.
Since you are the husband and wife of Miao Miao’s uncle, you are always my uncle’s elder. Should you be polite or have it?