Isn’t it? The fairy couple in the anchor world.

Compared with the lively atmosphere of the live broadcast, the red water friends all want to scold women at this time.
This Xiao Mu is so disgusting that he didn’t squat in the grass this time. Niu Kaixuan scolded 1.
It’s the first time I’ve heard that scolding people for not squatting in the grass is disgusting.
Isn’t it? Xiao Mu’s playing this lion dog is just like Tigger. I’m sure I won’t see a lot of blood and Sunny will cooperate with my roots. Bly also sighed that he was a demon Ji but was shown by the lion dog.
This is fucking embarrassing!
Yu Leke, regardless of whether Niu Kaixuan was embarrassed or not, saw Yu Le shouting in the live broadcast, Brothers and gentlemen, I asked about this wave of exercises. New friends subscribed to the wave, and old fans all rewarded the barrage and went for a wave.
Don’t book, don’t reward, don’t brush the screen
Don’t order, don’t reward, don’t brush the screen …
It’s like this all over the screen in an instant. It’s a black line. These guys
After successfully escaping, he manipulated the lion and dog to take away Blue Dad, and the rest was to go back to the city to supply equipment.
When returning to the city to replenish equipment, several messages suddenly popped up on the public screen.
Xiao Mu, please stop arresting me and give me a chance to abuse Lingtian! Cow triumph spider sent 1
That’s right, Xiao Mu. Let’s settle personal grievances with Ling Tian! Listen to the wind Ike also said
Seeing this, Yu Le replied, That’s not so good. After all, you have all rewarded my water friends.
桑拿论坛Appreciate the Buddha jumping over the wall …
Listen to the wind and cow triumph immediately seconds to understand the meaning of Yu Le, it is not impossible, but Buddha jumps over the wall …
They are all people who have seen the world, and everything can be solved. That’s nothing!
Xiao Mu, wait a minute. How about I reward you with two Buddha jumping over the wall? (listening to the wind)
Yes, I will also reward you with two (Niu Kaixuan).
The two men don’t talk nonsense. Their feud with Ling Tianen is no longer something that money can solve. We must hang the goods and let him know that it is awesome!
Seeing the barrage of two people, Xiao Mu immediately scolded the street and suddenly went to Ling Tianhua Flower Headphones.
Mom, who do these two guys take me for? Am I the kind of person who sold out his fans with money!
Yu Le’s expression was simply solemn and serious, and he said with indignation.
Immediately feel the ling day just holding Xiao Mu thigh snot dc.
Boss, I knew you wouldn’t abandon me!
At this time, Yu Le also went on to say indignantly, No, I must teach a good lesson. Listen to Feng and Niu Kaixuan actually treat me as that kind of person!
Speaking music has been scratching a string of words.
It’s so insulting. Am I Xiao Mu the kind of person who sees money?
What can you do without one Buddha jumping wall and one more Buddha jumping wall?
Everyone who knows me knows that I am a man with integrity and no money.
Besides, do you just reward me for jumping over the wall? Ling Tianhua Flower Gong, they all rewarded a bowl of water to make it flat!
I joined you to play a game of ordinary water friends. How can you be carried away by hatred?
The dotted stars are faint stars that fill the sea. It is a drop of water. You are all my fans. I can’t sell other fans who don’t have much money because of you, right?
Yu Le’s words immediately moved the fans of the live audience to tears. It is worthy that they have always loved the anchor.
Don’t care how many gifts fans are fans!
How can they not powder this anchor!
Even Ling Tianhe and Huahuagong couldn’t help but be moved after hearing it.
Li Qinger and Xi are already stareyed.