Ye Li’s expression became more and more ugly, urging Ye Xiangyuan to "let her leave now!"

"Grandpa" Ye Xiangyuan interrupted him. "I think this matter is very strange. Let’s listen to his uncle’s suggestion and check it out."
Ye Li said coldly, "What do you want to do?"
I also looked at him curiously.
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and said, "My uncle wants to know the truth, and I’m also curious. In that case, no one is allowed to leave tonight until things come out."
He imprisoned these guests in disguise.
The bystander in that corridor immediately stopped laugh.
Teng Jun quit, holding Ye Li’s wrist and saying, "Your grandfather hasn’t spoken yet. Are you trying to step in?"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled faintly and didn’t talk nonsense to her, but turned to Ye Wen, who had heard the news. "Do you hear me clearly?"
Ye Wen nodded, "White, I have called people to guard the gate."
"Well," Ye Xiangyuan nodded with satisfaction. "Who dares to rush and shoot directly?"
This made everyone change their faces.
Ye Li frowned. "What do you mean?"
"It’s very simple" Ye Xiangyuan smiled slightly. "Today’s banquet is invited by Li family cronies. Whoever framed my wife must be inseparable from Li family."
The original side was quiet. Li Qingqing finally responded. She stared coldly at Ye Xiang from afar. "Is it too hard for your wife to blame us for this shameless thing?"
Ye Sanye also has them. "Ah Yuan, don’t you even doubt your grandfather? Today, your grandfather personally agreed to this banquet."
品茶I saw Ye Li expression really dignified.
Ye Xiangyuan said, "I wonder who uncle knows better than to use grandpa as a shield."
Is about to see him look firm Ye Li crutch point a little bit of the floor, but not again also don’t know what to think.
And Teng Jun and Li Qingqing exchanged a look.
Li Yuyan looked down and didn’t see much, but when others didn’t pay attention, she gave Li Qingqing a wink.
I can’t help but feel cold in my heart when I have a panoramic view of the three of them.
I guess there are some follow-up tricks.
I’m a little worried about waking Ye Xiangyuanyi.
It happened that Ye Xiangyuan gently stroked my hair and judo "Don’t be afraid of me here"
My heart suddenly calmed down.
No matter what happens, I believe he can cope.
He insisted on keeping the guests. I guess he should have had a plan.
Just when I was glad, he suddenly leaned into my ear and whispered, "Nice skirt."
I didn’t expect him to talk about my clothes.
This gift is the first time to go to Xiaoyan’s birthday party. This is the second time to wear it.
He paused, "but you can’t wear it if you show too many wives."
My face turned red.
He ….. unexpectedly began to seriously play rascal.
Okay, everyone’s attention is not on us
At this time, Ye Wen has already begun to face the man in front of everyone.
The man’s leg was soon discharged and he cried out, tearing his heart out and screaming all over the villa.
It’s chilling to listen.
Then Ye Wen began to take people to search.
But here, after all, it is Ye Li’s territory, and these guests are Li’s cronies, so it is naturally impossible to cooperate.
Li Yu smoke directly let bodyguards with Ye Wen right.
The two sides were deadlocked when suddenly several policemen pushed through the crowd and came in and looked around and asked, "Who is Ding Shishi?"
I’m a little surprised that they came to see me?
All eyes fell on me.
The first policeman must have guessed that I went straight to me and took out two documents.
I looked at one, in which I confessed and the other was an arrest warrant.
The other party said, "Please come with us."
I can’t help looking at Ye Xiangyuan.
The second leaf smell has burned the confession. How can there be another one?
Ye Xiangyuan frowned slightly.
Didn’t he expect it?
Chapter 115 What’s your uncle’s name, please
If you don’t even know the situation of Ye Xiangyuan, it must be very troublesome.