Sure enough, as Mourinho guessed, Ajax didn’t flinch because it was away and facing Real Madrid, but instead discharged the 433 crazy attack formation, Real Madrid fought against each other.

Real Madrid’s single midfielder is stronger than defending Xabi Alonso’s front waist, and the No.6 Lu Wenbin’s winger Luo, Kaka’s double strikers Higuain and Zema.
It can be said that Real Madrid also took out the strongest attack array Ajax to fight against each other.
The two sides didn’t even test it, but they opened it and attacked each other.
约茶As a result, Ajax completed a threatening attack in less than one minute.
Ajax No.21 striker Boerrigter defended Pepe outside the penalty area, gave the ball to his teammates on the wing and rushed into the penalty area himself.
Teammates put the ball into the forbidden area at the right time. Bo Riegert pushed Carvalho and volleyed the ball like a cannonball to the goal.
Many fans at the scene were shocked, and thousands of Ajax fans were excited to celebrate the goal.
However, Real Madrid captain casillas came out and responded quickly to save Boerrigter’s threatening volley from the forbidden area.
Otherwise, Ajax could really score a goal in the first minute.
Even so, many real Madrid fans were shocked into a cold sweat. Commentators from all over the world also gave Ajax a furious praise with different accents and languages.
For the media, they like to see close and fierce competitions, especially this kind of strong dialogue, and they also fight against each other. Media reporters and commentators like it best.
Lu Wenbin was also shocked and deeply realized that Mourinho asked him and his teammates to score goals and expand the score as soon as possible.
If Ajax’s momentum is not suppressed as soon as possible to make Ajax players play crazy, then Real Madrid may not be able to win the game at home.
After all, the football world does not necessarily win if it is strong.
Even Lu Wenbin started the game but lost the energy of the game.
It can be seen that Ajax is really a super rival today, and Real Madrid must score goals as soon as possible, so Ajax can’t be so crazy to attack.
Chapter 52 Unexpected Competition
In addition to the volley from the forbidden area in the first minute, Ajax No.9 striker Sigsohnsen took a long shot from the top of the arc in the forbidden area in the seventh minute.
The ball flew out of the bottom line against the column, which also scared the real Madrid fans at the scene.
What a bad angle! Many fans scored this goal.
Due to the withdrawal of a defensive midfielder Khedira and the addition of a striker, the defensive strength in the backcourt is insufficient.
After more than ten minutes of opening, Real Madrid has a tendency to be beaten by Ajax.
Fortunately, Ajax players can’t shoot at Lu Wenbin’s level, and the defense line composed of Ramos, Carvalho, Pepe, Marcelo and casillas also withstood Ajax’s opening three axes.
Otherwise, I’m afraid Ajax has scored several shots in the first ten minutes.
Even if there is no goal stand, the fans of Real Madrid look pale to death, while the fans of Ajax are in high spirits.
A bring up the rear-Netherlands youth team without any superstars actually went away to the Bernabeu to have three golden balls, namely Lu Wenbin, Luo and Kaka, and the three of them started the Galaxy battleship Real Madrid together in this game. Just watching this scene is enough to make them proud.
This is why coach Ajax has no away game.
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Choose the reason for contraction and death.
Only face-to-face confrontation can arouse the fighting spirit of these young players.
Contraction defense may lose less goals, but it is more likely to be passive, and there is no strength to fight back. All of them have been completely destroyed.
It is normal to lose in the face of such a strong enemy as Real Madrid, but if you score a few goals in a big fight, you will be famous if you get lucky and draw Real Madrid and beat Real Madrid.
Not only will the goal-scoring player benefit, but he will also benefit as a coach.
Apart from not scoring a goal, the situation was wonderful for Ajax for more than ten minutes.
Even Mourinho, a famous madman, is anxious on the sidelines and constantly yelling for Real Madrid to strengthen its attack and suppress Ajax’s offensive, which shows how bad the situation is for Real Madrid.
In the 15th minute, Carvalho banned the area line again, and hand ball almost caused a penalty.
Fortunately, the referee Ajax players stuck to their guns and sentenced Real Madrid to a penalty instead of a penalty kick.
There is no such master as Lu Wenbin in Ajax. The ball flew over the crossbar without even hitting the doorframe.
When casillas got the ball and prepared to open the ball, this time he didn’t give several defenders to let everyone move forward slowly, but waved his hands to let everyone press him forward to open his feet.
So Zema and Higuain directly pressed into the vicinity of the Ajax Forbidden Zone, Lu Wenbin, Luo and Kaka pressed into the frontcourt, Alonso, Marcelo, Ramos crossed the middle line, Carvalho and Pepe all approached the middle circle.
This formation is really pressed forward.
If you are countered by an opponent’s ball, maybe a straight plug will penetrate the whole defense of Real Madrid.
However, captain casillas, who was pressed by Ajax for more than ten minutes, was so anxious that he didn’t want to serve the ground ball slowly.
He wants to open his feet and let his teammates grab the ball in the frontcourt and attack Ajax’s goal directly.
Of course, this has to be snatched by the teammates in the front court.
It takes some luck, but casillas can’t care so much.
After looking at the position of his teammates in the frontcourt, he aimed at Lu Wenbin’s direction and kicked the ball out.
Among several teammates in the frontcourt, Lu Wenbin is not the tallest, but his physique, speed, ball running and heading are the best.
If this ball can fall near Lu Wenbin, casillas is sure to get the first point by Lu Wenbin.
That’s why he aimed at Lu Wenbin’s direction.
Kathy is also lucky that the ball didn’t fall sideways. It is really near Lu Wenbin.
Lu Wenbin rushed to seize the favorable position for the first time, waiting for the ball to fall from it. Ajax and Eriksson came to grab it and tried to squeeze Lu Wenbin to grab the landing point.
In particular, the constant push and pull of De Xiaodong is not very good, and all of them are slightly touched and retreat, which not only affects Lu Wenbin, but also is easily not found by the referee.