Grandpa interrupted me with a smile. "We have long expected to lose the case. Don’t worry too much."

But I still feel bad
Today, the whole scene was controlled by He Xinlong, and we barely fought back. How can I be content?
Grandpa said, "Money is a foreign object. If it’s gone, it’s gone. It just means that things are not at the end of their tether."
It’s all false to hear grandpa comfort me and say that I’m not moved.
Besides, I can hear that my grandfather’s family is rich and must not take these compensations seriously.
But nobody’s money comes from the wind …
At this time, Sister-in-law patted me on the shoulder for judo. "Don’t think too much. You should have a good rest after a tiring afternoon."
Grandpa also said, "Let’s eat first. My other little great-grandson can’t be hungry either."
I looked at my grandfather and saw that he was really not unhappy, so I felt at ease.
When my eldest sister-in-law sent me back to my room after dinner, she discussed with me and asked Xiaojin to stay at home with her grandfather these days.
I think this proposal is very good. Grandpa likes Xiaojin very much. It should make him happier to have Xiaojin with him.
For the next few days, I waited for news from Lu Xun while going back and forth between home and the company.
Everything is difficult without evidence.
In Ye Xiangyuan, he must have known the results of the first trial.
Every night, he will video chat with Xiao Jin, and occasionally Xiao Jin will convey his regards.
But I never talked to him.
Chapter 246 ChuFeiPeng suicide
I haven’t been in touch with Ye Xiangyuan since I hurried back and left for so many days.
Sometimes I think about how to get along with him in the future.
We have a contract, and I have the obligation to help him, but I have also decided to perform my employment and keep my distance from him.
It was that time that he came to my side in the middle of the night and disturbed my heart again.
Sister-in-law said that he was not a romantic, but took practical actions to prove to me that he did try to get close to me.
Should I face it like this?
Just go back to the old relationship mode?
But when Nannan heard Gu Changyu talking to him, I thought you weren’t fake. I know Nannan can’t lie to me.
How will Ye Xiangyuan react? Are you glad that Gu Changyu took the initiative …
That’s why I’m struggling. I’ve been trying not to contact him
Two months after the examination and approval, it was just the Spring Festival and Ye Xiangyuan should come back.
In this way, it has won a lot of time
Originally, I had to wait for news from Lu Xun and wait for Ye Xiangyuan to come back and take charge of the overall situation. I didn’t know that this issue had a big event.
It was drizzling that day, and I had just finished breakfast when I received Ye Wen’s words.
His voice is a little urgent. "Something happened to Ding Jie."
I seldom see him asking "What’s the matter?" when he is so eager.
桑拿会所Ye Wen said, "Chu Feipeng committed suicide"
I sat up straight.
Chu Feipeng committed suicide?
I haven’t taken care of him since I interrogated him this time, and he still holds the position of general manager of Chu’s ship.
What caused him to commit suicide?
A good person can’t commit suicide by fate …
Ye Wen added, "It was discovered by the general manager’s office."
I’m even more surprised.