I don’t know what the great significance of chivalry is, but Natsume thinks that winning in the end is the glory.

War is what makes all means win, and noble people don’t want to live easily on the battlefield.
The battle between the two knights is admirable, and Natsume also wants to see the final outcome of their duel, but his own time and plot don’t allow it.
Among people, Natsume took out a pack of cigarettes from his arms, pulled out a cigarette from the inside and put it in his mouth. Finally, he found himself without a lighter.
夜生活Forget it, in fact, even if I have myself, I won’t smoke.
He hates cigarettes.
It’s not because it contains harmful substances, but because the smoke from smoking makes people feel very bored.
Vague and illusory, things that disappear instantly are always disgusting.
Holding a cigarette butt is shouting a cigarette butt. Natsume saw a figure moving out of the darkness through a wheelchair.
He sat in a wheelchair, pushing the wheelchair with his hands, and at the same time, he set his eyes on the R and saber battlefields.
The whole person looks very depressed, but his eyes are mixed with excitement and an angry fireworks.
Kenneth held the edge of the wheelchair tightly with his hands, gnashing his teeth as if he had seen an enemy.
Natsume threw a stone in the past, and when Kenneth looked over, he stretched out his right hand and made a gesture of silence.
The left hand light machine gun was aimed at Sola’s head, and Natsume waved at him again, which was a good greeting.
Eyes wide open, expression became very angry. Kenneth was pointed at the gun in Sola, and it was quiet. The whole person gnashed his teeth like seeing a prey dog.
If you want to kill yourself, Natsume can be sure of this.
His body trembled with anger, and the veins stood out on his forehead. Kenneth raised his right hand to Natsume.
No, don’t hurt Sola.
That depends on your cooperation, Mr. Kenneth.
I threw the rolledup compulsory essay from my arms, drifted for a distance in the middle of it and was caught by Kenneth.
He hit it, focused on the face text, and then raised his head.
Is this’ selfenforced testimonysslfgeassroll’?
Selfimposed testimonysslfgeassroll’ is beneficial for its own magic engraving function to impose the curse of’ forced geas’ on the performer, and all principles and means can be used to cancel its effectiveness.
Once the magician signs the certificate and reaches the pledge conditions to make the certificate effective, even if the pledge is dead, even the soul will be bound after death if the magic engraving is to be inherited from one generation.
So Kenneth knew that once he agreed to this essay, he wouldn’t worry about the man killing himself and Sola.
Yes, it will be safe. I don’t worry about the safety of the two people, but the requirement is
Do you want me to let R kill himself?
Of course, you can save yourself and your wife with a command. That ghost who has long been bound in the past is socalled even if it is killed by you, magician.
Aft silence, Kenneth recalled that his purpose of participate in that holy grail war was to increase his popularity, but wouldn’t that mean giving up everything?
All the previous efforts and all his efforts will become garbage buried in the past, and this switch will be his own life and Sola’s life.
Natsume saw Kenneth staring at Sola, and his eyes were mixed with various emotions.
Wake up, Natsume waved the left gun and put the gun on Sola’s head.
What would you choose?
Kenneth sighed and leaned against the wheelchair as if he had lost his strength.
I promise this condition
Say that finish, Kenneth raised his right hand and said to the battlefield.
I, Kenneth AlMeloy Archibald, rr, make a curse to order R to kill himself.
That’s it, okay?
Natsume raised his gun and asked Kenneth to go to the scene with him.
There, as in the development, the famous Dilumudo Odina’s heroic red pike pierced his chest.