After the league, Ajax’s first team flew to Monaco two days before they were ready to go.

April 21st
During the day, Qin Xiong not only waited for the evening game in the hotel, but also watched the friendly match in Barcelona by video.
China: 40 defeat at Barcelona Club.
Qin Xiong was deeply touched by this game.
In fact, Barcelona certainly didn’t do its best, which is a bit like a commercial competition.
After all, the season hasn’t ended yet. What’s the puzzle in a friendly match?
Qin Xiong thought of Ali Han chatting about the construction of China’s home team, including what style Ali Han hopes the national team will play in China’s national team by displaying his personal football concept.
Qin’s ambition gave rise to doubts.
Does China have the strength to pursue advanced football concepts and styles in the world football?
Even if the most advanced football concept represents its success, the realization of football style depends on fewer players, especially 11 players!
In other words, all coaches know that there is a football concept in today’s football that is the craziest and will be comparable if it can be realized.
That is, Dutch football once triggered a tactical revolution in the football world!
As michels said when explaining his football concept, I have a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and a striker! How can we not be strong?
But the core of the problem is how many players in the world can switch between the three roles of defender, midfielder and striker and their ability has reached worldclass level? Moreover, it is necessary to have one less player and be able to work together tacitly.
Once the theoretical state is put together, such players form a team, and they are undoubtedly the strongest in the world!
But the reality is impossible!
All the Dutch themselves will not pursue the ultimate offensive and defensive reality, and the ideal of not crossing the gap is not changed by people’s will.
Is it appropriate to transplant a technical and tactical formation that is the most common in European football and is taken for granted by fans to the China national team?
On the whole, football is not about defense and attack.
Can China’s national team put on the same technical and tactical body as the top five teams in the world ranking? Although football is not logical reasoning, it also has the most basic strength. It is an unshakable truth that the strong must win but win more.
Qin Xiong figured out one thing less.
桑拿会所He can pursue his ideal in his club career, play the football style he yearns for and choose the club, but in the national team, the double pressure of honor and responsibility, personal pursuit must be forgotten and promoted to the whole team. It seems that what is popular in the most advanced world may not be what the national team needs.
The national team lost a warmup match, and the loss will not bring Qin Xiong too much psychological influence. When his teammates went to Louis II Stadium by bus, he stopped thinking about the national team.
Louis II Stadium has a high standard, but it can’t accommodate nearly 20 thousand fans.
After Ajax arrived at the stadium, the players changed their clothes calmly in the locker room and entered the stadium step by step to warm up. There were almost no Ajax fans in the stands, and there were very few tickets for the visiting team.
After the warmup, the players returned to the dressing room. This is the first time this season that Ajax will be different before the strategy of taking the guests first in the knockout stage.
Coleman emphasized two things in his prematch training.
The first is the mentality, even if you lose the ball away from home, it doesn’t matter. Don’t panic.
The second is that Ajax will strive to win away from home! Even if you can’t win, you have to get a draw with a score.
This will bring greater advantages for them to return to the home game.
The firstteam players nodded calmly. Before leaving the dressing room, they cheered each other up, then with firm belief, they knocked on the dressing room door and strutted into the players’ aisle to wait for the Champions League semifinal! to be continued
[Text 197 Passion and Wild Monaco]
The French team did not play an important role in the history of the Champions League. Up to now, Marseille has won the top of Europe 11 years ago, and the number of times to reach the finals is very few.
Monaco belongs to the French team. Strictly speaking, Monaco is an independent country. Deschamps led Monaco to reach the semifinals of the Champions League, which can be said to be writing a new history of Monaco football.
It is conceivable that Deschamps and his team were supported, and even the royal family of Monaco came to the Louis II Stadium to cheer for the team.
When the players from both sides lined up at the scene, the live camera was aimed at the VIP box, where members of Monaco’s royal family were applauding.
The first leg of the semifinal of the 2324 European Cup is coming from Monaco in France to meet Ajax from the Netherlands at the home of Louis II Stadium!
Many conservative fans have lost their interest in the final stage of the Champions League season. Let’s take a look at Ajax, Monaco’s Porto La Coruna, the top four team in the Champions League.
There isn’t a big and powerful team in the contemporary top league!
But I think this is the charm of football. Football is not a game of comparison or logical reasoning.
Football needs fresh blood, new history and new roles to create brilliance and leave us with new memories.
No one was optimistic about losing 41 to San Siro La Coruna, but defending champion A Milan was beaten 40 by La Coruna on the road!
Should La Coruna be in the semifinals?
What is there to doubt?