Facing the ground, the fierce fourlegged Qin array jumped directly with the ball without slowing down.

The waist retraction does not directly trip the two midfielders.
Stopped by four teammates, I couldn’t run after him any longer. Qin array could watch him raise dust and blast the ball into the gate.
The referee blew the final whistle 5956.
I spit out a hot breath from the sky, and my vision was full of white fog.
Qin array sprawled on the ground, panting heavily.
Everyone is relieved. The first move is not to leave or highfive each other, but to sit on the ground.
I looked around at the scenery of Zhao. I’m not familiar with it yet …
Are you leaving soon?

A little calm breath I saw the host Du Ji stepped on a mound everyone be quiet! Now it is announced that the final winner of the Zhao Football League is … er, a battalion, a brigade and a queue to invite Ma Daren to Taiwan.
I dialed the messy ends of my hair, gathered up my skirt, stepped onto the mound and looked around. The audience had not dispersed, and most of them were young faces.
品茶Please talk to Ma’s adult Du Ji seems to have the wrong word. There is no talk when awarding prizes!
I cleared my throat and said slowly, The soldiers of each camp and the villagers of Zhao have to thank you for your strong support before this event can be so successful and powerful. Two hundred thousand villagers in five counties under Zhao’s jurisdiction are extremely enthusiastic about this event … Although there is no reward, it is very unexpected to attract thousands of people to participate in my organizer …
Some people in Taiwan smile.
It’s no surprise that my team won the championship. After all, I played football for the longest time. Don’t think about it if you were defeated by my feet. I smiled and looked at a group of losers.
Qin array twist a head to avoid my eyes Xu Huang and Cheng Wu are untouched.
Gongsun Zan An Ruosu Pang Gan and Jia Mu are a face of nai.
Taiwan, most of you are my brothers in the barracks. I must have heard that I am going to be transferred to Liaodong to be a satrap. I slowed down a little and raised my voice to ensure that the audience can hear clearly. Liaodong is a bitter winter. There are many Huaisi brothers in our army. I’m afraid I can’t stand the winter there, so I will never force you to stay with my actual brothers for a year in the north. The name of Ma is already very grateful! After all, I didn’t give you a copper in a year … Brothers, please be worshipped by Ma Chao! The more I think about it, the more I feel that these brothers are really too kind to me. They bend over and give me a deep bow on the spot.
My Lord! Du Ji some’re to call a.
Master, get up!
Adults have broken brothers!
The noodles are also noisy and called into a ball.
I accepted the etiquette and continued to speak. The imperial court has also ordered the withdrawal of the banner of Tiger and Leopard Camp this time. If you want to go home, I have asked Du’s adult to count that each returning brother will receive two hundred yuan for two months’ rations … I will promise twice as much. You can take away the horses if necessary. I forcibly resisted the idea of detaining the horses.
Du Ji moved a step to me, and my eyes stopped him. Of course, if a brother respects me, Ma Chao is willing to stay and give me a hand. I am grateful, but as before, I have nothing to repay you. Maybe I can’t even guarantee 30 yuan a month, and I can’t be promoted … I suddenly feel that I really shouldn’t say this because I don’t even have my own confidence!
There is no sound on the TV, which makes me feel a little relieved.
I’m going to Liaodong, where I don’t belong to the big fellow. I quickly broke free from the tragic atmosphere and looked forward to a future. The north is different, where Gongsun Du has occupied three counties, and the military forces are less than 30,000 to 50,000. If I want to take office, I must settle him and take back the people of the big fellow counties. Therefore, there must be a fierce battle. Please be prepared first.
Brothers have 20 days to choose whether to leave or stay. I smiled at the Taiwan soldiers. I will return to Luoyang tomorrow and come back to Handan 20 days later. At that time, I will … lead my brothers to the north.
More than ten thousand people suddenly dispersed.
I feel my heart suddenly.
1 The army is so demanding.
In the evening, Du Ji kicked my door with a handful of bamboo slips.
Bohou? I pulled out a stout bone from my mouth and reached out to greet him. Surely you haven’t eaten yet? Why don’t you sit down and have a bite?
He put a roll of Jane in front of me. Adults should read this Jane first.
What is it? I tried to wipe the rag with two hands and took it.
The initial number of people returning home from each camp He also casually sat crosslegged and took the bowl and chopsticks handed by Xiao E to pick up the dishes directly from my casethis kind of thing happened less than twenty or thirty times in the last two years, so he was already a little uneasy.
It was counted so soon? I consciously licked my lips and looked at the rough bamboo slips.
The pen is like a knife, and the knife is engraved in my heart.
One battalion and one brigade are temporary; The second brigade is temporary; Ten people in three brigades; Four brigades and three people; Six people from five brigades; There are five people in the six brigades and twentyfour people in the right camp.