Core Value 100 Player Forum No. Forty

Liu Dongchao Professor, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, and Cultural Management Teaching and Research Director of the National Institute of Administration.He has served as Vice President, Professor, Professor, the Marxist College of Beijing University of Technology, is currently a professor of the Social and Cultural Teaching Department of the National Institute of Administration.

Social part-time: Deputy Secretary-General of the Administrative Committee of the China Administrative System Reform, the executive director of the Deng Xiaoping Theoretical Research Association, and the Beijing Philosophy.Part-time researchers such as "China Social Science" magazine.Long-term engage in traditional Chinese culture, contemporary thinking research, host and participate in a number of topics such as National Social Science Fund Project.

  Publishing monographs: "History of life – Feng Youlan Life Realm", "Sociological Analysis of Mental Health Problem of Chinese Contemporary Officer", "Study on Chinese Traditional Festival Culture – Qixi Festival", "Critique of Contemporary Chinese Ideological Culture"Chinese contemporary Confucianism criticism ", edited by" Confucianism and World Peace and Social Harmony "