Chen Yueqin sighed,Smiled slightly:“You are really an elm head,Dao’er may be right,He is going to celebrate the New Year with his girlfriend,This is a good thing。The boss doesn’t pay attention,Can’t the three of them ignore it?!“

Chen Yueqin’s words made Wang Degui feel a little more comfortable,He took a breath and said:“There are three unfilial piety,No success is big,You have to hurry up“
“This is not in a hurry,There are so many women who want to get married,You two boss don’t have to worry about this“Wang Youcai said,Took out his phone and took a look,He couldn’t help but say:”I have to go,Dated someone,I have missed time now“Wang Youcai said,Run away。
Wang Degui looked at Wang Youcai panicked,Said to Chen Yueqin with a little relief:“I am the least optimistic about this kid,I didn’t expect him to grow up,Still sensible,He is the one who cares most about the family“
“Humph!How many years was he ignorant,But he did not cause trouble for the family。The money spent is not a few,His two brothers add up,He didn’t lose as much“Although Chen Yueqin said so,But his face,Always have a faint smile。
In the private room of Dongfengyuan,Hu Huiru is charmingly dressed,She smiled slightly,Said softly to Wang Youcai who was sitting across from him:“Boss Wang!I wanted to invite your brother over,The three of us have a potluck together,But people are leaders,Many things,So I don’t care if I think about it“
“Ok!The end of the year,The government has a lot of things,I guess he won’t come if you ask。Moreover,He takes his feathers very seriously“Wang Youcai is smiling,He picked up the red wine on the table and raised it to Hu Huiru slightly。
Hu Huiru took a sip of red wine and smiled:“Ha ha!Boss Wang is really good at talking,Very appropriate。Your brother is indeed such a person,I know this well,Since he wants to go with us,We can only hide“
”It doesn’t matter,As long as we cooperate happily,I don’t have to worry about my brother“Wang Youcai is very confident。Men like to talk big in front of women,In fact, everything that Wang Youcai did in Pingdu,He is carrying Wang Youdao。But when people hear that he is Mayor Wang’s North brother,I still have to give this face。
Hu Huiru smiled,Took out a newspaper bag from the handbag,Pushing to Wang Youcai:“New Year approached,Buy some gifts for your family!“
Wang Youcai reached out and took it,Hesitated and said:“Thank you Mr. Hu!”This guy finished,I put this thing in my bag behind me。
Someone toasted again,Chatting while eating。Although they drink red wine,But drinking too much can also help。Wang Youcai’s two eyes,Sweeping around Hu Huiru unscrupulously。With infinite emotion in his heart,This woman is the real best。
Don’t say she is the boss,Just this face,And this charming figure,Among the women Wang Youcai met,There really is no such thing。Wang Youcai talked with Hu Huiru in his mouth,In fact, he’s already very happy。
“Boss Wang!You are not polite to look at women like this!”Hu Huiru knocked on the table,Reminded softly。
Wang Youcai laughed and said:“It’s not that i’m rude,But you are so charming,Even if it is a crime。As the saying goes,Death under the peony,Be a ghost”