Cultural and hometown charm endless

Young cartridge draws oil painting in Jiangxi Leichuan.

Zheng Seagull Photographed Sichuan Daliang Mountain Drama Festival to promote the integration of Wenxiao, this newspaper, Wang Hao, very few people tied to the drama and Daliang Mountain, but a drama is constantly staged in Da Liangshan. In 2019, the Daliang Mountain International Drama Festival was launched by Li Cunyi, Li Ting, Wang Xiaoying, Li Bo, Zhao Wei and other literary and art workers, held more than 300 drama activities within 12 days. In 2020, the 2nd Grand Liangshan International Drama Festival held more than 400 drama activities within 24 days.

As the International Drama Festival in my country, Daliangshan International Drama Festival will usher in the third year, continue to carry out drama, drama forum, drama hatching, drama education, drama life, drama and cultivation, drama tourism, etc. What did the drama bring to Daliang Mountain? In addition to the drama show, drama forum, Daliang Mountain International Drama Festival, is also committed to incubation of original works and let the drama become normalized activities. Zhang Jianang, the Operation Director of Daliangshan International Drama Festival, said that the top two Daliangshan International Drama Festival hatched the melt "The other three dreams of Su", the stage drama "羿", the environmental drama "Spring blossoms" and other 10 original Play, many works launched a tour after theater festival.

For example, to explore the drama "Isolation" of people and people during the prevention and control, this year, this year, in Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Wuging, Dongxiang, Jiaxing, Nanjing and other places.

The Drama Festival drives local literary workers to form a strong creative atmosphere.

In recent years, the Liangshan literary workers have created the opera "Hear Soma", "红", and the sound of "warm group" "time", showing vigorous creative power.

The Yi musicians Mozi poetry integrate into the drama elements in the concert "voice", and integrate traditions and modern. The drama and the collision of the Dakoyan, there are still a lot of surprises.

Daliang Mountain International Drama Festival promotes local drama education.

Colleges and primary and secondary schools in Daliang Mountain have launched the drama education courses.

Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture officially signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, in terms of cultural academic research, public cultural services, beauty training, cultural industry promotion, excellent original creation construction, high quality creation resources mutual assistance, education and teaching practice base establishment, etc. In the Daliangshan International Drama Festival, the Central Drama Academy International Drama "Academy Award" in the fields, etc. Liu Kang, the chairman of the Liangshan Wenxiong Group, which is responsible for planning and performing the drama festival, said that the drama activities began to integrate with rural life, enhance people’s feelings, and enhance people’s aesthetics.

More importantly, Daliangshan International Theater Festival to promote the development of the text brigade integration. During the festival, for Beijing and Tianjin, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Chengdu and Chongqing Twins and other markets, Liangshan launched a charter form of drama, drama train, car drama, drama tourist buses and other drainage products.

The festival also introduced Qionghai wetlands Sunshine Tour, warm mountains tour, Shambhala dream trip and other "big Liangshan play tour" theme tours, the local Yi people’s income increase. In the cultural and creative aspects related to the development of cultural and creative theater festival derivative products, a rich source of income for the locals.

"Theater Festival stimulating the development of the whole industry chain integration of text brigade.

"Said Liu Kang, performing arts theater festival led to ecological, boosting the tourism industry, enrich the audience’s experience.

Theater had become normalized, so that local ensembles, orchestra profit growth.

Theatrical expression activation of non-genetic, non-genetic make better integrate into life.

These have contributed to the convergence of text brigade, continue to train the audience to cultivate the market, forming a virtuous circle. Third Daliangshan International Theater Festival held in November this year, continues to advocate the creation of socialized drama, drama enjoy popularity, and promote the development of text brigade depth of integration, explore the countryside and cultural development of the western region.

I believe the collision Daliangshan and drama, will spark more clashes.

Shanxi five villages to create "rural countryside complex" newspaper reporter ZHANG He accompanied a pink fence with black asphalt road winding extends to the mountains, end of the road, is a small village.

The village brown stone paving, green jujube shade of yellow cave with old house, old house with a cave as if stuck in the distant past, but went in with all the modern facilities reveals the new B & B style.

Just five years ago, this was still a ruins, Deserted ruins, and today this small village, the villagers become hope of getting rich, and had a romantic name: "sulcus Love."

Five years ago, photographer Zhang Guotian appointed by the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, as wuxiang poor team in five villages first secretary.

Zhang Guotian advantage of cultural workers, led the villagers hard work, forge ahead, to culture as the carrier, creating a "pre-ditch Love," "small farming village cultural experience base" "Hetian town" and other catering accommodation, leisure , cultural and creative as one of the "country garden complex" poverty alleviation projects.

Five villages from a poor and backward, small unknown village has become one of the cultural village, tourist village, rich village. Five villages, the cause of five natural villages named. A few years ago, this five-lying villages to move to a better foot ground, built a village, the mountain villages therefore abandoned. But in the eyes of Zhang Guotian, abandoned old village simple and unique, exudes the Taihang Mountains in the unique atmosphere of the local culture.

Zhang Guotian want to maintain the original ecosystem Deserted transformed into cultural tourism base, so that the resurrection of the old village, thriving, nurturing, five villages for the benefit of the people.

"Five villages sowing festival" came into being. Planting Festival at the same time promote the farming culture, love of the land summon society, concerned about the "three rural", to five villages started the brand, so that more people know the "five village is a good place to experience farming culture."

So far "Five villages sowing festival" has not even do five sessions, hundreds of photographers all over the country here as a base for the creation of folk songs, both inside and outside the province each year hundreds of students come here to carry out social practice.

The villagers substantial income by providing accommodation and catering, the sale of local agricultural products and so on.

Than the folks bulging pockets even more heartening is the spirit of the villagers change. Arrived in five villages, Zhang Guotian house to house investigations, found the villagers fear risk, lack of energy, ideas and so there is no problem, lack of motivation and confidence to become rich.

Zhang Guotian propose a chicken farm, chicken villagers that will be eaten weasel; Zhang Guotian propose to do joy, the villagers did not worry about the customer. Zhang Guotian once bought a lot of shoes from Pingyao to come back, I hope the villagers about the process, embroidered patterns, a pair of $ 40 shoes can sell 200 yuan.

But the villagers fear not sell, no one is willing to do, the shoe has been placed Zhang Guotian office.

"You did not start doing, know how dry is not it?" Zhang Guotian both depressed and worried.

"People have to be a little spirit!" Zhang Guotian said. He organized all party members to Dazhai five villages to visit, learn the fighting spirit of self-reliance; he put five initiatives as the "village of love day" each week, all together young and old hands cleaning, enhance the collective spirit; he led the folks quarrying road, planting trees and grass, repair the old village, village landscaping to enhance aesthetic sense …… these seemingly ordinary activities enhance the centripetal force five village party branch, and enhance the confidence of the villagers and create new life, to gather up a powerful driving force for business officers. Small farming village cultural experience base, "the former ditch Love" resident artists and features B & B, catering accommodation, shopping and entertainment in one of Hetian town and other projects, was successfully completed in the unity and cooperation of the villagers. Surface hardening, photovoltaic power generation, farms, millet processing base coming on stream, the village of 38 101 poor people out of poverty smoothly.

Wu Shude elderly poor households moved to say: "! Better times ahead of it" investment in the village opened millet coffee factory manager Wang Ziyu said: "! Millet good quality here, good village environment, I am confident investment" Today five villages and beautiful environment, a stable life with one to live and work, thriving scene. Wuxiang County is the headquarters of the Eighth Route Army, rich red and cultural resources, Changle Village, the famous battle took place in five villages. Zhang Guotian envisaged over the next five villages will vigorously develop cultural resources red, red tourism routes to build, so that culture continues to help revitalize the village, "village revitalization is inseparable from culture promotion, spiritual revitalization.