From this we can tell Love·How difficult is Dracula’s childhood。

After entering Brown University,Love·Dracula did not relax,Because he knows that he is not the kind of talented student。His success depends on his efforts,Not the aura of genius。
So he still lived as an ascetic for four years in college,Then he was admitted to the world’s top private research university in New York State at the graduate level——Cornell University。
The belief that has always supported him is to bid farewell to the cow dung.、Horse manure and other farms with unspeakable taste,There is no need to go back to the countryside of Arkansas to inherit the farms passed down from the ancestors。
He succeeded。
And well done,After graduating from Cornell University, he entered the National Science Foundation,All the way from a specially-appointed researcher to the current secretary general of the foundation。
Love·Dracula can stand up and say that he hasn’t relied on his father’s help in this life,Haven’t even attended a private elite school for a day before university,Completely relying on him to survive,So of course he is qualified to despise these big bellies。
Yes,Love·Dracula is a very proud man in his bones,But he hides it well,Be kind to others,I always have a gentle smile on my face,The more he faced the so-called social elites he dismissed,His smile became more humble。
And it’s not the kind of humility like a smiling tiger,It’s a way to despise you with my smile from the heart,And your ignorance makes you never see that I despise you“humble”。
This is probably Love·Dracula can go all the way,The reason for finally achieving the position of Secretary General of the Foundation。
Everyone likes Love,No matter what he despised,Or not despised。
When a person can face someone he despise with a perfect smile,Use sincerity to receive people he can value,Then he can mix well。
Love·Dracula waited for more than ten minutes,Then I slowly clapped my hands。
He looked at his palm slightly regretfully,I’m fifty-five years old in a blink of an eye,The skin on the palm has begun to appear slightly loose,I can even see a trace of wrinkles。
This makes Love, who has always paid special attention to his image,·Dracula feels a little unhappy,After all, no one wants to get old。And when his applause works,The smile on his face is more sincere。
“All right,Gentlemen,Everyone’s discussion was a bit intense just now,let me see,Is it because this meeting didn’t invite even one lady??Ok,This is a mistake in my work,very sorry。”
Love·Dracula made a joke casually,In exchange for a chuckle in the venue,Americans’ sense of humor is sometimes difficult to makeGETTo the point,But as long as these big guys can accept it, it’s enough。
The atmosphere finally calmed down。