Of course,This is also a real means of tempering people,Hold you high,Wan Fu pointed out,It’s hard not to work hard。

Wei Xiaoxing figured out this truth earlier than everyone else,That’s why I frown,TookABut not happy。
Just when everyone’s eyes were attracted by Wei Xiaoxing’s suffering,The short student lying on the desk,Suddenly burst,Support the body with both palms,Kick out,While kicking the air,,He kicked Lu Menglin’s lower abdomen and chest hard。
This serial kick is very sudden,And very hidden,It happened to be the moment when Teacher Lu turned his eyes。
The students who saw this scene were shocked,I didn’t even have time to make a sound。
Gang Jin broke through the air,Cut like a knife,Powerful,No doubt,If Mr. Lu is kicked,Will be seriously injured on the spot。
Unexpectedly, this little dwarf is so vicious,This is a fight?What an enemy,What a grievance!
I don’t know that at the moment when the opponent’s legs are about to kick Lu Menglin’s chest,A hand appeared in the middle without warning,Seems to have been waiting for a long time,Hold this short ankle firmly,Lifted him upside down。
then,Lu Menglin shook his wrist,Like a snake catcher shaking a snake,Picking up the little dwarf and shaking,Shake him sore and weak,Feeling weak,I just know that I have big eyes,Looking down at each other in horror。
Da Ba
!Lu Menglin let go,The little one fell to the floor,It doesn’t hurt to fall,I was shaken out of my energy,Can’t wait for a while。
“You are the No. 009 freshman,He Bu?”Lu Menglin stands with his hands,Smile。
New student No.90 and No.9 He Bu nodded blankly,He doesn’t know how this Chinese martial arts teacher knew his student number。
“After class,You and Wei Xiaoxing stay,The two are responsible for cleaning the classroom。and also,Besides dealing with me,Don’t use Gang Jin to classmates!If you break my rules,I will abolish your strength。do you understand?”
When Lu Menglin spoke,Make a face,Invisible exuding a breath of killing,The students in the classroom trembled,Dare not even move。
Only the kid named He Bu stubbornly raised his head,Growl:“If you weren’t too good,I won’t hit you hard。”
“Ok!It’s because your flattery is really sincere,I will forgive you this time!He Bu,How about you be the monitor?”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Teacher Lu said this,The whole class was in an uproar again。
Because everyone is not willing!Can enter the martial arts class,They are all confident students,They all feel that they can still accept if they can’t beat the Chinese martial arts teacher,Let such an unbelievable little boy be the monitor,Everyone feels a little uncomfortable。
Although this little dwarf showed some strength just now,But it’s just not bad,Not necessarily better than others!