Shanxi deployment of water and drought disaster defense focus

On April 22, the province’s video conference on water and drought disaster defense work was held, and the focus of water -drought disaster defense was arranged and deployed this year. Last year, our province spent an extraordinary flood season. This year, our province will make every effort to face the preparations for more serious water and drought disasters, and take advantage of the effort to do a good job in key tasks of the prevention of water and drought disaster defense. First of all, to complete the water destroyed repair. Last year’s flood conditions led to damage to varying degrees of water conservancy engineering facilities in 87 counties in 10 cities in our province. At present, units and units should take strong measures to advance, further compact responsibilities, inverted construction periods, strictly control quality, and ensure that the water destroyed repair tasks are completed before the flood.

Secondly, it is necessary to step up the promotion of flood control capacity improvement projects in the Fenhe River Basin.

The 73 projects to start this year have been decomposed to relevant cities and counties. All cities and counties must coordinate the resources of all parties and comprehensively coordinate and promote it to ensure that various projects can be implemented as planned and form a flood prevention capacity as soon as possible.

Third, we must organize the "Qinghe" operation.

The heads of rivers and lakes at all levels must consciously carry the responsibility of the management and protection of river and lakes, and take the lead in organizing responsibilities to clean up the rivers and lakes to invade river channels, reclaim lakes, illegal breeding, illegal sand mining, and other prominent problems.

Fourth, we must attach great importance to the safety of the reservoir.

The province’s tertiary water conservancy departments must strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, strengthen the implementation of reservoir safety management measures, accelerate the improvement of infrastructure construction, and timely dispose of emergencies to ensure the safety of the reservoir.

Fifth, we must do a good job of flood disaster defense. Mountain flood disasters are the focus and difficulty of flood prevention in our province. The focus of the water conservancy department must do a good job in catching early warning forecasts, clarifying the bottom of the risk of mountain flood disasters, supervising and guiding planning drills, and the construction of flood disaster prevention projects. Sixth, we must do a good job in the safety of the ground dam. At present, the stasis dam and small silt dams that have not been reinforced in risk removal are the focus of flood prevention. All cities and counties should strictly implement the liability for flood prevention in the ground dam, strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers before the flood of the silt dam, strictly implement the "one dam, one plan" system, and strictly implement the "one dam, one person" management and protection system.

Seventh, we must do a good job of drought resistance.

Adhere to the preparation of flood prevention and drought resistance, and coordinate flood prevention and drought -resistant water storage. In accordance with the principles of "siblings, post -production", we must coordinate the needs of urban and rural life, production, and ecological water, and scientifically deploy water sources to ensure various types of water demand.

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