Chengdu Chenghua District: BR is leading the new journey of high quality development in community governance

One Litang Community.

Chenghua District Commission, the community, the community rejuvenation, the new Yanquan governance, the service, the service, "the last kilometer" from "Waste Space" to "Memory Scene", from the "Government Bag" to "Building Cast Cast", In recent years, the Chenghua District Commission Committee adheres to the community party building leading, built a public service circle, resident autonomous circle, and social shacks, and promotes the progress and community development of residents. "Sing a song to the party, I will take the party more than the mother …" I have passed a burst of beautiful chorus from the party group service center in Yitang Community in China. It turned out that community residents were celebrated the party centuries. Performance rehearsal in the central theater space.

Here, in addition to the service window, not only the aesthetic space experience, but also integrate multifunctional areas such as the comprehensive treatment center, children’s education, reading rest. One Litang Community Party Service Center and the left neighborhood, the beautiful school hall, the panda station, the people’s dream workshop jointly build a seven quality space area of ??the three major functional districts of the Litang, combining sports, culture, leisure, neighborhood business The combination of composite functions, highlights the elegant and idleness of the Sichuan West Personnel.

In the 1990s in the 190s, a Litang Community is only a building disorder, and the environmentally messy demolition isas, and community residents lack public activity space.

Today, here is new. This change is beneficial to the Chenghua District Committee for the Ministry of Citizenship, through the construction of "street, community, community" three-level party organization architecture, formation of "Community Party Organization + Ownership Committee + Property Agency" three-way governance and service system, and make full use of demolition After the old idle space for aesthetic activation, the push window is shown to see green, open the door to see the garden, can touch the beauty of a Litang Park community. The overall improvement of community residents living environmental quality has won praise from many residents around. In recent years, Chenghua District Commission will plan the functions, resources, services, resources, services of many party and government departments in the mechanism level. In the social level, through the launch of a series of social innovation policies and project actively guiding the cultivation of social strength to participate in community development. Governance, forming a total society to build a total society, really opening up the "last kilometer" of the contact service, and strongly enhance the sense of happiness of the residents. At the same time, the Chenghua District Committee and the Ministry of Constitution also form a good radiation drive effect for the comprehensive system.

In a small community, there is a new path formed by the party construction leading the development of community development, and there is also a new temperature that is governed and developed with organic uniform. More is the happiness and feeling of residents’ continuous improvement.

The relevant person in charge of the Zhi District Committee of Chenghua District said that the next step, the Chenghua District Committee will further deepen the "party construction lead, double-line integration" reform, improve the "party committee leaders, double-line integration" mechanism construction, promote the center of gravity And effectiveness, coepending optimization of comprehensive structure, integrating community intelligence governance platform, continuously exploring new pathways in community development, striving to build high-quality harmonious and livable life communities, and build a total construction of sharing. (Editor: Zhang Hua Wei, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see client downloads.