Development of the whole domain tourism to help rural resolution

Ji Yunshan is located in the west of Dongjiahe Town, 35 km from Xinyang City, is one of the famous origins of Xinyang Maoji.

Due to the mountain peaks, often clouds set, so the name is Yunshan.

In recent years, with the development of tea culture tourism industry, the small village grabs the opportunity to create a "drunken tea village", which makes an ordinary tea village to become "net red card", come to the club’s touristsAbsolute.

In the angel wings, the college students who came to this tour told reporters: "We brushed to Jiyun Village on shake, and felt beautiful, he came to play with a few students, and came to the scene.Very suitable for taking photos.

"Today’s Jiyun Village, not only beautiful, but also driven all farm accommodation in the village and booming, nearby tea farmers produce two power, and the household earns a lot of money.