Kaustria,Dead lock, summer,“Vulture,Are you thinking still??”
He did not fly,Just step by step to summer。
every step,The momentum http://www.bmhotels.cn climbs a section,Pressure is more than one point。
Every step is falling,The ground is trembled.。
At this moment, the full skills of the mid-term mid-China in the middle of the country.,As if a giant mountain moves。
The momentum,Not for outsiders,But the peripheral distance is close to,It is also all incorporated into the breath.。
This is the powerful situation in Linghai.。
Hook in the sky,Lower big pulsation,As if and heavens。
The four weeks are full of faces,A vibrates from the soul make them almost stand unstable。
Not an illusion,But it’s actual phenomenon,Only a calm pressure,They can’t breathe。
Hu Lun Master,Eye desperate,And then barely drum,“Wang Wei,Escape,I come……”
He wants to shoot out of the Olympics。
However,How can I have a spirit of a spirit?。
http://www.ydlec.cn Rumble!
Keao’s figure is moving forward,Tone with violent wind,Has arrived in summer。
He is spent,Can’t say anything,Dragonfly。
“啵啵 啵啵。”
The air seems to be exploded.,Airflow in high speed,Sending a lingering sound。
This fist,That is like a hill。
The strength of the strong people in the Ling Sea is fully reflected。
Don’t say it is a person.,It is a http://www.yihaoled.cn mountain to play a hole.。
Electro-optical flame,Summer is also moving。
If,Kay is a giant of a top sky.,So in the summer,Just like a volcano in sudden outbreak。
A white ray is released from him,Instantly tear the breath of Keyo locked。
Everyone feels that the heartbeat accelerates,Breathing stagnation。
Summer actually interested,Strong strike,The same greeted。
A punch,Huge。
Hard to hard!
This boy is crazy。
Various ideas flash in people’s minds,No time to think,Just listen‘when’Sound。
Two fists have no flowers together,I sent a thoroughty in Jin Iron,Like a deafening。
Surrounding many people’s ears drums,Brief deaf。